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Matt Riley, CAE @ML_RileyπŸ”@themiceblogHQ And the award for most gif-filled #eventproftalk ever goes to... #eventprofs
#eventprofs Bizzabo @BizzaboπŸ”What you need to know about event apps in 2018: hubs.ly #eventprofs #marketers
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#eventprofs Tripleseat @TripleseatπŸ”If you want a positive life, you have to have a positive attitude. #quotes #mondaymotivation #eventprofs
#eventprofs Celtic Manor Resort @TheCelticManorπŸ”And the winner is......Best UK Hotel congratulations team Celtic #MITAwards2018 #EventProfs #Winners
Maxwell James Agency @MJASpeakersπŸ”We love what .'s son told him...I'm going to try until I faint! Do you exhaust all of your faculties and options to twitter.com achieve your goal? If not, why not?
QuickMobile @QuickMobileπŸ”BLOG: How Technology has Revolutionized the Attendee Experience goo.gl | #eventprofs #meetingprofs #attendeeexperience
Party Tables @partytablesπŸ”Simple. Elegant. Luxurious. We serve a wide range of clients from brides, catering companies, planners & florists to twitter.com universities & resort hotels. Learn more how we can help you >
Matt W @Ambo_MattπŸ”Ah I love planning events! Strange to plan a small local event and then a large one that takes a number of ambulances twitter.com and lots of staff!
MGDezigns @MGDezignsπŸ”Gilt Pink Agate Invitations Set weddingpaperlove.com twitter.com
Event Profs RUN @EventProfsRUNπŸ”If you want a positive life, you have to have a positive attitude.
Christine Martin @GES_ChristineπŸ” New Β£30m @Farnborough_Int Exhibition and Conference Centre has officially opened #eventprofs exhibitionnews.uk
Fleur Chalmers @Fleur_ChalmersπŸ” Loving the newest member of the team here at In2. Thanks @beckygarnett90 #eventprofs twitter.com
Leanne Calderwood @lcalderwoodπŸ”Afternoon coffee break idea. Instead of water cooler gossip, engage in a mind map activity and brainstorm steps to a twitter.com chieving your next big dream or goal
CadmiumCD @cadmiumcdπŸ”Here are some tips to make traveling a little bit easier for #eventprofs via @SmartMeetings
Weemss @useweemssπŸ”How To Eliminate Waiting Lines At Your Events.
Moneypennies @suzanneoliverπŸ” New #job: WAREHOUSE TECHNICIAN - EVENTS Location: West Midlands .. tinyurl.com #eventprofs #eventjobs
Lazy Gourmet @TheLazyGourmetπŸ”This desert rose themed banquet has us dreaming of warmer weather 🌡
Event by

Roseanna @TwintasticπŸ”I speak to help my community.

My guilty pleasure is the lead up to the talk, though.

I ❀️ the moment I am in a new room and it’s empty, That’s where my adrenaline starts to run wild. Go, go, go.

Midwest Meetings @MidwestMeetingsπŸ”β€œNo Boundaries is where the city meets wide-open spaces, with metropolitan amenities and a hometown atmosphere.” twitter.com
Event Profs RUN @EventProfsRUNπŸ”Event planner lost his biggest customer: Oprah. Here’s what he did next centredaily.com
The Event U @TheEventUπŸ”Ready to break into Corporate Events? Then you need this guide! FREE DOWNLOAD: 7steps.theeventu.com twitter.com
Darren W Johnson @DarrenWJohnsonπŸ”Event planner lost his biggest customer: Oprah. Here’s what he did next centredaily.com #EventProfs #EventPlanner
HMS Belfast Events @HMSB_EventsπŸ”Loving all this music today 🎢🎢 what a welcome onboard
PSAV Careers @PSAVCareersπŸ”PSAV is offering a $2,000 sign-on bonus for Technical Specialists hired into the Washington DC market through the mon twitter.com th of March! Apply today!

MGDezigns @MGDezignsπŸ”barn wood floral rustic country save the date magnetic card
weddingpaperlove.com twitter.com
#LA-Area #Events @areaurlπŸ”. has ideas for adding a savory touch to desserts for your next event! hubs.ly
GCB International @GermanyMeetingsπŸ” - feeling stressed lately? Rightfully so! Event coordinator was named the 5th most stressful jobs of 2017 by Magazi twitter.com ne. We offer 5 steps to avoid burnout.. you'll want to read this:
sensov/ event mktg @eventsenseπŸ”Live video is a great way to grow your community. Check out this article for guidance on how to get started twitter.com

The Events Bot @TheEventsBotπŸ”I'm @TheEventsBot - Generating Amazing Article Ideas For #EventProfs And #MeetingProfs. Now Booting --> Multi-Colored, Boring Caterers.
LSO St Luke's @lsostlukesπŸ”. events manager Mairi Gray offers her top tips for creating events in her latest blog for ! Take a look...
Justin J Peticolas @JustinPeticolasπŸ”Received a pretty cool & thoughtful care package from to tuck away in my bag when I head out on the road so I can . twitter.com (Love the Bluetooth speaker and the charging cables.) Thank you so much!
Matt Riley, CAE @ML_RileyπŸ”@themiceblogHQ Thanks for another great topic! The wait before my flight flew by! #eventprofs #eventprofstalk
snΓΆball.events @snoballeventπŸ”"Micro-influencers are people who have already built the audience a brand is looking for, and they’ve already establi twitter.com shed trust with them." Our role at snΓΆball is to activate the event micro influencers.

lizmazei @lizmazeiπŸ”Want to learn how you can help exhibitors collect and manage their sales leads at your next event? Download Bartizan twitter.com Connects' "The Event Organizer's Guide to Lead Retrieval" hosted on TSNN
Mr. Meetings @mistermeetingsπŸ”I’m researching ... interested in knowing what you hoteliers are doing for groups and what you planners are requesti twitter.com ng from hotels!
Matt Riley, CAE @ML_RileyπŸ”Thanks for another great topic! My key takeaway - you can't force content to go viral, but if you make sure you're in twitter.com the right place at the right time, you can often reap huge rewards!
Memetic Social @MemeticSocialπŸ”About a I attended
today featuring specialist entertainer from Greenwich - TY4 a great event! RT

Marley Majcher @ThePartyGoddessπŸ”Hey! Are you on Pinterest? Be sure to follow us! please twitter.com
Venues & Events Expo @venueseventsXpoπŸ”We are pleased to announce the are the head line sponsors of the Venues & Events Expo Southeast. Come & meet them on twitter.com the 31st May & see first-hand their amazing venue
EventPlannersTalk @themiceblogHQπŸ”Have a wonderful and productive week #eventprofs and we look forward to chatting with you next week!! #eventprofstalk
EventPlannersTalk @themiceblogHQπŸ”If you have any topic suggestions let us know and get involved #eventprofs!! #eventprofstalk
EventCurious @EventCuriousπŸ”Super proud of this year's winners...some of our favorite > twitter.com
LiveRecruitment @LiveRecruitmentπŸ”New #job: WAREHOUSE TECHNICIAN - EVENTS Location: West Midlands .. tinyurl.com #eventprofs #eventjobs
Irina Graf @themiceblogπŸ” Great discussion and key points. Until the next time. #eventprofs #eventprofstalk @themiceblogHQ @themiceblog
Matt Riley, CAE @ML_RileyπŸ”Agree w/ and - you can only create fertile ground and seed it with content, it has to grow organically. twitter.com
EventPlannersTalk @themiceblogHQπŸ”Let’s keep the discussion going here, on Facebook or Instagram, tag your posts with and join the Facebook group twitter.com
DetailsQuinn @DetailsQuinnπŸ”Great discussion and key points. Until the next time. #eventprofs #eventprofstalk @themiceblogHQ @themiceblog
EventPlannersTalk @themiceblogHQπŸ”That's a wrap , thank you everyone for joining us today. We hope that you have got some useful tips today for creatin twitter.com g viral content so now back to the drawing room to work on the winning content piece!
Matt Riley, CAE @ML_RileyπŸ”I planned conferences for stenographers, and typing speed is their everything. Staged a Guinness World Records compet twitter.com ition for fastest stenographer and got major attendance boost and even national media coverage!
Hubb @hubbdotmeπŸ”Do you work on your association's annual conference? Check out our newest ebook: hubs.ly


ATN Event Staffing @atnpromoπŸ”: Training your staff is critical if you want your event to be successful.
hubs.ly twitter.com
David Clifford @davidecliffordπŸ”New Β£30m Farnborough_Int Exhibition and Conference Centre has officially opened  … (ExhibitionNews) exhibitionnews.uk
FMAV @FMAVCanadaπŸ” is honoured to be nominated for 'Best Audio Visual Design for an Event' at the upcoming Awards. A special thank y twitter.com ou to our peers in the live events industry for nominating us for this years award.

Melissa @MelFG1402πŸ”Totally agree with on this. Millennials are so transparent - if anything quality or exotic foods are experiences, wh twitter.com ich is something more that millennials are interested in. Personally I put high value in the event experience & what's on offer
Matt Riley, CAE @ML_RileyπŸ”This is also guaranteed - in future people will want to make sure they're in the room when the next viral moment hap twitter.com pens
Corporate Event News @CorpEventNewsπŸ”Do you have a communication strategy for the various types of potential security incidents at your event? twitter.com
Evia @EviaEventsπŸ”What’s your power color? More than aesthetic, your color sets the tone for your brand and your event ( anyone?) We ar twitter.com e excited to see what guru has to say on the subject @MPICascadia
Kristin J. Arnold @KristinJArnoldπŸ”Need to put together a powerful ? Use these character profiles to find your panelists: twitter.com
Beth Kormanik @thewordistaπŸ”Busy week for LA #eventprofs. #AwardSeason twitter.com
Irina Graf @themiceblogπŸ” @themiceblogHQ If everything is special, then nothing is. #eventprofs #eventprofstalk
DetailsQuinn @DetailsQuinnπŸ”So true. This is basically the ROE (Return of Experience) that all want for a program. Once this is done an ROI is twitter.com always around the corner.
Evia @EviaEventsπŸ”These are shattering ceilings and becoming BOSSES. After all that work, stop by the table and REVIVE with s twitter.com ugar
Strategic Events @BethneyRuggieroπŸ”A conference sponsorship program can not only bring valuable revenue to your event, it can really add to the attendee twitter.com experience. Here is how to attract top brands and top dollars to your next event.
Remarkable! Speakers @bookyourspeakerπŸ”"was able to provide the perfect speaker for our event"

Click the link below to see our perfect speakers. twitter.com

Anna Dvorakova @AnnyDvorakovaπŸ”As a millennial, I must say that food and drinks are not the reason why go for events. I don't remember what I ate b twitter.com ut who I met and how were the speakers. ALTHOUGH if I starved, that would be definitely the only thing I'd remember!
Remarkable! Speakers @bookyourspeakerπŸ”Looking for the perfect venue for your next event? Below are some tips on how to pick the right place!


EventPlannersTalk @themiceblogHQπŸ”Q6: To what extent can content producer determine whether the piece of content goes viral or not? #eventprofs #eventprofstalk
Michael Flavin @michaelflavinπŸ”Let's add some ! "19 Ways To Incorporate the Pantone Color of The Year Into Your Event" twitter.com
Elegant Event DJs @ElegantEventEntπŸ”The latest The Elegant Event DJs Daily! paper.li #oscars #eventprofs
Caterease @catereaseπŸ”Planning an event on a budget? No problem! nace.net
#eventprofs #eventplanning #eventmanagement


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