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#EmotionAISummit Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁Ethics, Morality & Workforce panel kicks off @Affectiva #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit doug @fastboxster🔁Rana el Kaliouby on the future of AI And ethics, morality and the workforce. #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit doug @fastboxster🔁#EmotionAISummit Richard Yonck, Futurist & Author, "Heart of the Machine"
#EmotionAISummit Mark Sackler, APF @MarkSackler🔁Future of AI, ethics morality and workforce. #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit Melissa Power @MelissaTechPR🔁"#AI & #MachineLearning needs to be human-centered and intervened for fairness." #EthicsinAI #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁New opportunities will arise from our AI economy that don't exist today. #lifelonglearning #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit doug @fastboxster🔁#EmotionAISummit John C. Havens, Executive Director, The IEEE Global AI Ethics Initiative  @johnchavens
#EmotionAISummit Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁Ethics programming should be compulsory in CS @kaliouby #EmotionAISummit
SAFE @SarahAFE🔁 #emotionAI in action with @Affectiva's facial detection technology #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit SAFE @SarahAFE🔁 Ethics programming should be compulsory in CS @kaliouby #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit SAFE @SarahAFE🔁 Repercussion of our human-created technology: "Fair is not the default" #EmotionAISummit @Google
#EmotionAISummit Gabi Zijderveld @gabizij🔁.@Affectiva scientist and #EmotionAISummit photographer @MohMavadati !
#EmotionAISummit Uzair Adamjee @UzairAdamjee🔁 #Emotionalintelligence is future of #AI #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁Ethical choices may lower my ROI but that's ok as it matches my human values @ryonck #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit Mike Barker @BigBark44🔁Lightning Talk by (High School Student!) Erin Smith #Parkinson's research #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit doug @fastboxster🔁#EmotionAISummit Erin Smith, High School Student at Shawnee Mission West High School and Parkinson's Researcher
#EmotionAISummit Jacob @jagatfx🔁Chao Wang (Lead Scientist Amazon Alexa) discussing Conversational Interfaces #EmotionAISummit
#EmotionAISummit doug @fastboxster🔁#EmotionAISummit @stevenvannoy , PhD - Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston
#EmotionAISummit Trond A Undheim, PhD @trondau🔁Discussing AI & wellbeing #EmotionAISummit @MITSTEX @Affectiva
#EmotionAISummit doug @fastboxster🔁#EmotionAISummit @BrainPowerASD Ned Sahin, PhD - Cognitive Neuroscientist & CEO, Brainpower
#EmotionAISummit Arvel Chappell III @acthr33🔁#EmotionAISummit #Affectiva just announced #voice #emotional binary detection #AI
#EmotionAISummit doug @fastboxster🔁#EmotionAISummit Yuval Mor, CEO, Beyond Verbal Communication @mor_yuval
#EmotionAISummit doug @fastboxster🔁#EmotionAISummit @jkvedar   Dr. Joseph C. Kvedar, MD - Vice President of Connected Health, Partners Healthcare
#EmotionAISummit Affectiva @Affectiva🔁 .@Affectiva scientist and #EmotionAISummit photographer @MohMavadati !
#EmotionAISummit#EmotionAISummit Nadia Fischer @NadiaZuerich🔁 The darker side of AI. Unconscious bias that exists in our algorithms. #EmotionAISummit
Rana el Kaliouby @kaliouby🔁Wow. Unconscious bias: People who thought the baby was a girl thought she was afraid; angry if they thought it's a b aby boy
Rana el Kaliouby @kaliouby🔁How and her team accidentally discovered how physiological sensors detect seizures, now sold by
Rana el Kaliouby @kaliouby🔁Up next: Chao Wang speech scientist alum. Aweosme to see a woman scientist on the forefront of
Imtiaz Ahmed @tiazahmd🔁Seriously the awesomest talk today - Erin Smith, high school student using to identify Parkinsons 💪
Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁Consistent message today among panelist that's a huge relief, let's augment and not replace humans! #EmotionAISummit #humanity #EthicsinAI
Purpose-into-action @KTRivoire🔁90 mins to start of first-ever -what an amazing ecosystem participating in this! Will be a day of great content.
Purpose-into-action @KTRivoire🔁Twenty years ago launched affective computing as a legitimate discipline
Security Testing @sectest9🔁Is Apple Face ID the next step towards consciousness?

LIFT EMOTION @LiftEmotion🔁Is Apple Face ID the next step towards #AI consciousness?
#emotionAI #EmotionAISummit #BigData #ML #iPhoneX #IoT
saamer @sherifamer🔁 @kaliouby just announced the capability of detecting emotion in speech at the #EmotionAISummit
Susan Linn @DrSusanLinn🔁At #emotionaisummit and reading Chelsea Manning: The Dystopia We Signed Up for Oh the irony!
Gabi Zijderveld @gabizij🔁Amazing uses of #EmotionAI in healthcare: autism support, suicide prevention, detection of CAD - #EmotionAISummit led by @jkvedar
Rana el Kaliouby @kaliouby🔁Inspiring panel on Emotion AI in mental health moderated by
Beyond Verbal @BeyondVerbal🔁Voice> finds vocal patterns >signal or
Dennis Huang @dennis_wn🔁Detect risk of Parkinson's in facial biomarkers & heart disease through tone of voice. Power of Emotion AI in Healthc are
Gooby @GoobyCooper🔁and stops the live here by today so now its just lateral thinking m8 #EmotionAISummit
Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁Helping ppl with autism using decoders to better read emotions improving human to human interaction
Javier E.T. @jesquivel91🔁Snapchat for good! Erin Smith on how tech platforms can expedite mental health care .. pls accept her to MIT
Beyond Verbal @BeyondVerbal🔁NEW 📹: Experience @BeyondVerbal -
Using #voice 2 #save lives #medtech #DigitalHealth #EmotionAISummit
Beyond Verbal @BeyondVerbal🔁Did U know that yr #voice carries #biomarkers that can track yr #health? @BeyondVerbal ? ?
Beyond Verbal @BeyondVerbal🔁"The collects & translates yr bad physical health, yr emotional worries, your personal troubles.
Matt Maher @mattmaher14🔁Erin Smith is a high school senior and has done more good for the world than the entire ad industry. She's amazing.
Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁Vocal bio marker might be an early insight into many diseases @mor_yuval #EmotionAISummit #remotehealthcare
Jacob @jagatfx🔁Eric Schurenberg (Inc Magazine) with the best panel moderation I’ve ever seen Future of AI: Ethics, Morality, Workfo rce
George Moore @georgemoore🔁Inspiring talk, High School student Erin Smith on her work identifying emotion biomarkers for onset of Parkinson's D isease.
Rana el Kaliouby @kaliouby🔁Snapchat for good! Erin Smith on how tech platforms can expedite mental health care .. pls accept her to MIT
Allegra Burnette @allegraburnette🔁Very impressive hs senior talking about her research using facial recognition to help w/ early detection of Parkinson's #EmotionAISummit 👏🏻
🤖✨ Mitu Khandaker @MituK🔁Whoa, favourite talk of today is by Erin Smith, a high schooler/researcher using AI techniques for Parkinson's diagno sis.
IoTJuice @iotjuice🔁What can do? 25,000+ skills by 3rd party developers.
Richard Yonck @ryonck🔁Excited for the next panel on AI, ethics & morality and moderator
Rana el Kaliouby @kaliouby🔁Seriously the awesomest talk today - Erin Smith, high school student using to identify Parkinsons 💪
Dan Miller @dnm54🔁 "Voice emotion analysis hugely important to us in analyzing customer care calls" @RobbeeMinicola @Wunderman #EmotionAISummit
Elaine Sedenberg @Elaine_Said🔁Panelist asked"who knows what the GDPR refers to?"& virtually no hands were raised except me+ @luke_stark @bethmsemel Whoa😮 #EmotionAISummit
Allegra Burnette @allegraburnette🔁"We as people are not at the center of our data." @johnchavens of IEEE Global AI Ethics Initiative on great #EmotionAISummit panel
Melissa Power @MelissaTechPR🔁#Ethics training should be compulsory in #AI and #MachineLearning studies. #EmotionAISummit #EthicsinAI
Affectiva @Affectiva🔁: AI and Emotion AI will ultimately improve the world - we have to show and educate the world how
Melissa Power @MelissaTechPR🔁#AI revolution may make large parts of current workforce obsolete, there will be new work opps people can't yet imagine #EmotionAISummit
Matt Maher @mattmaher14🔁@kaliouby puts it simply: universities that offer data science/related fields, put ethics courses in your curriculums. #EmotionAISummit
SAFE @SarahAFE🔁Check out . at . Great wearable technology to assist people with brain-related challenges
Mike Barker @BigBark44🔁"I think ethics should be compulsory part of any computer science program" -- @kaliouby @andyhousiaux @nicholaszufelt #EmotionAISummit
SAFE @SarahAFE🔁Who knew you could BUY YouTube Views!? Want your videos to have 1M views?

doug @fastboxster🔁"EmotionAI increases, not decrease, our humanity" ... ok we can all go home now :)
Interprose @interprosepr🔁How do we ensure #AI benefits don't just go to the wealthy? Excellent question raised at #EmotionAISummit
Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁Economic disparity is our reality but we could create AI tools that close these gaps if we are intentional about it. #EmotionAISummit
Matt Maher @mattmaher14🔁He didn't say it exactly like this, but here's my catchy (cheesy) synopsis: "They're not robots, they're co-bots!" -@ryonck #EmotionAISummit
Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁Co-working with robots is something we need to consider in the new AI economy @ryonck #EmotionAISummit
Natalie Monbiot @natlikethat🔁@kaliouby: Yes, AI will make many jobs obsolete. AI will also enable lifelong learning, to mitigate against unemployment #EmotionAISummit
Gabi Zijderveld @gabizij🔁What if CEOs report about their revenue AND about the "depression" metrics of their workforce ... @johnchavens #EmotionAISummit @Affectiva
Gabi Zijderveld @gabizij🔁"AI and #EmotionAI can democratize access to mental healthcare and education" @kaliouby @Affectiva on Future of AI panel @ #EmotionAISummit
Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁Our economic system restructuring will accommodate the changes that AI will bring. The transition will be bumpy! @ryonck #EmotionAISummit
Gabi Zijderveld @gabizij🔁If your data is biased even unitentionally, your algorithm will be unjust. We need to be more thoughtful.
Gabi Zijderveld @gabizij🔁@Affectiva is recording most of the #EmotionAISummit talks and will make these available in the next week.
Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁AI is supposed to make 38% of the workforce obsolete! @EricSchurenberg Sounds like an economic crisis is brewing! #EmotionAISummit
Matt Maher @mattmaher14🔁Life & death decisions can't be completely owned by AI. The need for a #HumanInTheLoop is as strong as ever. -@johnchavens #EmotionAISummit
George Moore @georgemoore🔁Interesting discussion on the ethics challenges surrounding artificially intelligent and emotionally intelligent agents at #emotionaisummit
Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁Life and death decisions and AI in the military are challenges that are at our door. #EmotionAISummit #ethics #robots
Natalie Monbiot @natlikethat🔁Great panel with and
Alex Romanovich @alexromanovich🔁Man vs Machine - Ethics, and Morality: - star studded panel
Matt Maher @mattmaher14🔁@Kaliouby, who serves on the Future Global Council on AI, stresses the difficulty in aligning on standards across the 🌍 #EmotionAISummit
Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW🔁I'm a journalist, I'm used to having folks dodge my questions to @johnchavens in response to the "trolley" scenario #EmotionAISummit
Pablo Salazar Rojo @PabloSalazarR🔁. hits the stage with amazing co-panelists
Affectiva @Affectiva🔁Great panel starting: "The Future of AI: Ethics, Morality, amd the Workforce" moderated by .@EricSchurenberg #EmotionAISummit feat @kaliouby
doug @fastboxster🔁 Eric Schurenberg, Editor in Chief & President, Inc. Magazine moderating ethics, morality and the workforce.
Gabi Zijderveld @gabizij🔁Excited for the next #EmotionAISummit panel on AI, ethics & morality @johnchavens @ryonck @kaliouby and moderator @EricSchurenberg
Spirit AI @theSpiritAI🔁It's me and trying out some of those pesky "emotions" at the MIT Media Lab.


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