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#Elecciones2018#Elecciones2018 C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁 Interesting times ahead for my country. #Elecciones2018
Friend⚡️ Ar Electric @friendsrelec🔁 Gangs of New York (2002), Martin Scorsese
#Elecciones2018 #EleccionesMexico
#Elecciones2018 NOWHERE MAN @10NOWHEREMAN🔁Tal parece... #Elecciones2018
#Elecciones2018 C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁 #Mexico turns to the left, except for Guanajuato. #Elecciones2018
Duncan Tucker @DuncanTucker🔁It will be interesting to see what Kumamoto and the milennial Wikipolitica movement do next. They've led a fascinatin twitter.com g experiment in democracy in Jalisco state over the last three years.
Rosa O'Hara @RosaO_Hara🔁López Obrador deserves the benefit of the doubt after earning an astonishing election victory. But the question persi twitter.com sts: where will Mexico turn next if its new president fails to work his magic? for
Maja Kocijančič @MajaEUspox🔁The EU looks forward to working with the President-elect and with the future government to further our strategic p twitter.com artnership, which is based on shared values and interests 🇪🇺🇲🇽
caroline wolf @wolf2naturec🔁Hashtags for cash in Mexico🇲🇽.

Bots for hire are pushing partisan election messages. The bots appear purely mercenary, promoting hashtags which attack all sides.

Our latest / 🤖 ahead of :

Antes me llamaba Sherbet @lactonerd🔁Where in the world is Toño Esquinca? #Elecciones2018
Gerónimo Ávalos @geroavalos🔁International Observers still working in Puebla as things heat up after a violent election day in that state. We call for the Mx gvmnt to ensure pacific resolution and legality.

The Nation @The_Nation🔁ECP dismisses references filed against ex MNAs and MPAs of MQM-P
Bubba Muntzer @fwconway🔁 wins Mexico's presidency: The rejected the 'rotten' system, and in Nahuatzén, Michoacan groups told authorities they wouldn’t allow booths in their communities. These communities elect their own leaders."
Panama Today @panamatodaynews🔁Lopez Obrador called it a historic day after the National Electoral Institute attributed him at least 53% of the vote twitter.com s in a quick count of a sample of 7,700 ballots
The Nation @The_Nation🔁Army’s deployment to complement efforts for peaceful conduct of polls: PM
Gigi greenstein @greenstein_gigi🔁@Shareblue @PrettyBeaches #Elecciones2018 people stand up!!!!
Shahzaman Khan @Fortress747🔁Pictures of Army Chief and Chief Justice on the election poster of a PTI candidate in Punjab. A clear sign of political engineering in this engineered election

Zulfi Rao @ZulfiRao1🔁Going by how PTI has dealt with and delivered in KPK, this is how it will try to fix issues at national level if it f twitter.com orms gov in the center.

siena @InsdataInter🔁The EU looks forward to working with the President-elect and with the future government to further our strategic partnership, which is based on shared values and interests 🇪🇺🇲🇽
Hennie Kriel @LittleManKriel🔁🇲🇽Mexico's Presidential election saw leftist Andrés Obrador secure the Presidency in a landslide win. Obrador came close in a controversial 2006 election and failed in 2012. This time, his support surged from the mid 30s to over 50% support. 🇲🇽
C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁Happy with the results! Hopeful. 😊 I disagree in a couple of things but main topics are on a good path. It when better and better through the campaign.
What a party Mexico City was last night! 🙌🙌🙌
Patricia Castellanos @TrishPhotoPress🔁Mexican citizen of the Zapoteca ethnic group cast their votes in San Bartolome Quianala, Oaxaca State during general elections on July 1, 2018
Patricia Castellanos @TrishPhotoPress🔁A Zapoteca ethnic group woman casts her vote during general election, in San Bartolome Quialana, Oaxaca State, Mexico on July 1
C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁AMLO won yesterday. Today, we need to start working on fixing our country and make the fourth national transformation a reality. Yes, we celebrate (and pretty hard, by the way), but we must see and work on the many challenges ahead.
C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁It will be interesting to see what Kumamoto and the milennial Wikipolitica movement do next. They've led a fascinating experiment in democracy in Jalisco state over the last three years.
C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁One day after.
C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁people who feel the need to be violent towards others, that threaten and insult to defend their candidate is a sign of weakness and lack of faith in him, people who act that way to get a point across seem to not have a good point to defend to begin with. (2/2)
C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁On Jun26, a PRI candidate for Governor of Chiapas falsified support from Zapatista communities. Pre-election harassment included military helicopter overflights, unwanted voting stations & election pretexts used to militarize region.
C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁...or worse. Cambridge Analytica had a CDMX office, worked for PRI & disappeared Jan2018. MX elections use paper ballots. Tallies are sent digitally to INE, an exploitable vulnerability.

What does know? Did a rigged election fail?

C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁At 11:00 last night, INE declared Lopez Obrador as president elect of Mexico. Unofficial vote tallies reflect his support by 53.8% of registered voters. Official vote tally is due today.

AMLO's win proved 's report of a PRI/Meade possible win as hyperbole...

C.RickHurdleHopkins @budhoppy🔁My first four tweets on my feed are about 's new President Andres Manuel !

🇺🇸🌊🌹🌻 @SolidarityLover🔁Presidential candidates Ricardo Anaya, Jose Antonio Meade, and Jaime Rodriguez “El Bronco,” conceded defeat in today's elections, recognizing 's victory.

BonyRabbit @bony_rabbit🔁What 's State Department wanted to know about 's new president-elect ANDRES MANUEL ()


Mizar @Mizar7🔁Wow... when @HamillHimself is actually following the #Elecciones2018 makes you feel loved twitter.com
Salvador Olvera @Cronopio60🔁Mexico's president-elect and Donald Trump share 'respectful' phone call #Elecciones2018
#AndrésManuelPresidente theguardian.com
Salvador Olvera @Cronopio60🔁The Guardian view on Mexico’s new president: there is an alternative #Elecciones2018 #AndrésManuelPresidente theguardian.com
Erickovski Rumpelstinski @Erickovski🔁Sublime

#Elecciones2018 #AMLO twitter.com

Salvador Olvera @Cronopio60🔁Change is coming to Mexico. This time, no blood will be shed #Elecciones2018
#AndresManuelPresidente theguardian.com
TheBadHombreAccount @inkonspicuo🔁VIVA MEXICO! 13 years ago the Mexican political establishment tried to jail Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador aka “AMLO,” for using funds to create roads to hospitals. TODAY THE MEXICAN PEOPLE ELECTED HIM PRESIDENT! 👏

The Toxic Guy @thetoxicguy🔁Her-mo-so
#Elecciones2018 #EleccionesMéxico twitter.com



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