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Andrew Morris @andrewmorrisuk🔁 Awareness Video: "Amazing Things Happen"

The Trustforte Corp @trustfortecorp🔁The use of education technology should be embedded in teacher prep programs!
Jonathan Bisson @jonathan_bisson🔁Fresh off the presses: Annabel's last post in . "Tendril" far, dear Edge Maker.
TekieBoard @TekieBoard🔁A Road Map To Becoming A Better Teacher
TekieBoard @TekieBoard🔁Public universities are under threat – not just by outside reformers
TekieBoard @TekieBoard🔁 The latest The Kovescene Daily! Thanks to @Learnmetrics #edtech #edchat
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Ray Boyd @RayBoyd007🔁#edchat we found @Westbeechboro as the academics improved the class behavior improved #madesense
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翔和学園アカデミック・ギフテッドクラス @giftedshowa🔁Creativity is . . . homes chooling
Dr. T. Nelson IKEGUL @iykestat🔁 I ❤️ this teacher's organization. #edchat #teachergoals #teacherlife
Dr. T. Nelson IKEGUL @iykestat🔁 Bookmarking this for my #SummerReading. 📚 #litchat #edchat
Norskie Mom @erdaman🔁Why Teachers Suck ... via @BertFulks #edchat
Franca Genco @FrancaGenco🔁Our 8th graders are going to have a WILD graduation! Huge shoutout to our art teachers! 🌴🐊🐅🌲🦏☀️🐆🏔🏆
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Jennifer Pelko @mrspelko🔁5 Foolproof Tips for the Educational Offseason
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The Busy Teacher @TheBusyTeacher🔁The latest Teacher's Korner Daily! #edchat #edtech
Jacqueline Puuri @jlpuuri🔁Yes. 🙌🏻 Use ALL data to plan instruction and intervention. Best to look at all the pieces.
Celia H. Martinez @1_mommy_1🔁7 Things to Remember About Feedback 👥🤔💡🏆 (by )
lisafrase @lisafrase🔁The latest The teachingfriends Daily! Thanks to @enessman @teachersalary @YPPLaureate #edchat #kprc2
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BuildingCollegeDream @bildncolldreamz🔁What skills do employers value most in graduates?
vrdiod @vr_diod🔁 @ThingLink_EDU How exciting! Can't wait for other educators to try out our #vr experience. #edchat
Celia H. Martinez @1_mommy_1🔁28 Learner-Centered Instructional Methods 👥🤔💡🏆 (by )
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Awesome Island Game @Awesome_Island🔁The latest The Daily #Financial #Edchat! #edtech
@forprincipals @forprincipals🔁 See how the hashtag was came to be!
#JoyfulLeaders: A Hashtag is Born #edchat
Mary Langmyer @mlangmyer🔁NEW Brain Blast! How to Handle Classroom Speech

TekieBoard @TekieBoard🔁 The latest iPadtastic Learning! Thanks to @emilycarle @limbert65 #edchat #edtech
Lynn Walker @sportsmominMN🔁New blog post is up on the Minute!
joseymour @joseymour🔁The latest iPadtastic Learning! Thanks to @emilycarle @limbert65 #edchat #edtech
TekieBoard @TekieBoard🔁Have fun while learning to Subtract game


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