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#edchat Pamela J. @GoodStuffToSee🔁Hominophobia is the fear of men. All my posters are 100% FREE! #edchat #education #science
#edchat The Connection Coach @tarambrown🔁 They sure do...

#edchat #teachchat

#edchat NCYI @NCYI🔁They sure do...

#edchat #teachchat

#edchat Chris Cline @chrisclinewcps🔁Great questions & thoughts by @tguskey Is there modest or extreme failure? #wcpsmd #edchat
#edchat Biljana Torbakova @btorbakova🔁 One of the best books I've read lately! All k-12 educators would benefit from this one! #edchat
#edchat Karen Koslow @kkoslow2🔁 3 virtues that all teachers should have: #edchat
#edchat Biljana Torbakova @btorbakova🔁 Who is right? #edchat
#edchat Biljana Torbakova @btorbakova🔁 Would you want to be a student in your class? #edchat
#edchat Biljana Torbakova @btorbakova🔁 Be Who You Needed! A great calling for all of us! #edchat
#edchat Biljana Torbakova @btorbakova🔁 The thing your students need most....#edchat
Martin Burrett @ICTmagic🔁Apple, Android & web app for instant feedback from class & presentations #ukedchat #edchat
#edchat Biljana Torbakova @btorbakova🔁 Print & post in every classroom of every school! #edchat
#edchat Matthew Lynch @Lynch39083🔁This Might Be the Most Important Job Skill for 21st-Century Students—But #edchat #edtech
#edchat Ana Tena @ana_ases🔁 How do you use Twitter for education? #edtech #edchat
#edchat Mel Riddile @PrincipalDiff🔁Students Less Likely To Drop-Out If Teachers Encourage Them #edchat #cpchat
#edchat Julián Candermo @JCandermo🔁 These countries have the most doctoral graduates #education #edchat
#edchat edutopia @edutopia🔁Don't let yourself fall into this trap: #edchat
#edchat World Economic Forum @wef🔁These countries have the most doctoral graduates #education #edchat
World Economic Forum @wef🔁You can now take a course at the world’s best universities for free. Here’s how that happened
CommuniTrainer @CelebrainLTD🔁 Focus group team-b uilding and icebreak exercises with app .com/i/web/status/848257189957554177" target="_blank">
Drew Hamlin, PMP @DrewHamlinEduc🔁To engage people need to have trust, hope, feel competent, and feel a sense of worth via
Maria Petreska @teachermarija🔁Video: “Origin of April Fools’ Day is still a mystery” #edchat via Larryferlazzo
StickyBear Software @stickybearware🔁The latest The StickyBear Software Daily! Thanks to @kellybrannock @isabeljmorales #cloud #edchat
Homeschool Base @HomeschoolBase🔁How to Use Public Domain Content in Homeschooling #homeschool #edchat
FreeSpiritPublishing @FreeSpiritBooks🔁ICYMI: @ericbraun shares FUN classroom activities for Financial Literacy Month: #education #edchat
How Might We @DesignThinked🔁How might we beset joint students in the next decade? #edchat
Appity Snacks @AppitySnacks🔁Just be who you are. Every day.
Reluctant No More @kmatracy🔁What causes creativity? ... by
David Peter, PhD @dpeter🔁The latest The David Peter Daily! Thanks to @maryn @pineslibrary #edchat #edtech
Kathy Harness @harness_kj🔁7 Essentials of Project-Based Learning (by & ) ... by
Jesse Miller @MediatedReality🔁The latest The Mediated Reality Daybook! Thanks to @penguinstorm @askpang @cultureodignity #vancouver #edchat
The Kind Leader @thekindleader🔁Just be who you are. Every day.
Biljana Torbakova @btorbakova🔁When a flower doesn't bloom...hint, hint: Shaming, punishing, & medicating it won't help!
Biljana Torbakova @btorbakova🔁 Completing an activity and understanding a concept are not always the same! #edchat
Tim Shelford @timshelford🔁Great Teachers Focus On... via
Heinrich Deinzer @DeinzerHeinrich🔁NEW! Now you can add Microsoft Forms directly into Online from the Insert menu
Tim Shelford @timshelford🔁Kids Don't Learn From People They Don't Like! RT
Dr. Kendra Strange @DrKendraStrange🔁If you want to boost learning in your classroom, then get your kids moving. via
Tim Shelford @timshelford🔁"6 Questions We Should Ask Our Students." RT
Biljana Torbakova @btorbakova🔁Call to action: spark learning with a question.
Raul Prada Baceiredo @RaulPradaVigo🔁The latest My TweetPaper! Thanks to
WriteToLearn @Write_To_Learn🔁The latest The WriteToLearn® Daily! Thanks to @vpiercy @MoyerAshley @MrsRass #edtech #edchat
Michal Ilani @ilani_michal🔁10 things students want their teachers and principals to know via
Brant Farris @brantfarris🔁EduTechie Daily is out! #bowieisd #edchat #edtech
Karen Koslow @kkoslow2🔁Good reminders:
1. We're all on the same team.
2. No job is too big or too small.
3. Leaders serve others.

Adam Simpson @yearinthelifeof🔁The latest The Year in the life of Daily! Thanks to @jorgesette7 @Priscilamateini @3ty3 #edtech #edchat
Tod Guilford @guilfordt🔁21+ Avatar Generator Ideas! Most are FREE!
Apps, Sites, & Examples!

Tim Shelford @timshelford🔁What You Do Makes A Difference! RT
Goodgame EduApps @eduappsandmore🔁How to make Google Search work for you #edtech #edchat
Kurtis Edwards @cartokurtis🔁@Skymazef3 I love these videos of yours, Heulwen #edchat 😄
Cathy CM @cjmusicgirl46🔁New Post:
The 50-50 Rule
of Technology Integration.
We MUST move BEYOND substitution!!

LAMP Education @LAMPeducation🔁The latest Learning At Maximum Potential Daily! Thanks to @lcccarrillo @LBSBaltimore @rmbtowner_tech #edchat #edtech
Naomi Harm @naomiharm🔁 “Sideways Dictionary” Explains Tech Through Analogies & Lets You Contribute Your Own #edtech #edchat
TM NewMedia @educ8able🔁The latest The Educ8able Daily! Thanks to @dfarren @nickfloro #edchat #edtech
Rosemarie Martens @Ms_R_Martens🔁The latest The Educational technology Daily! Thanks to @rmit_csit #edtech #edchat
Heulwen Sweet @Skymazef3🔁 #Values explored in a real ways with the littlies This was #happy #edchat
Ms. Barbour @tarie_barbour🔁Don't ask your students to learn, if you're not willing to continue learning yourself
Heulwen Sweet @Skymazef3🔁 #TalkMathsUp Do like a bit of good town planning and variables, oh how I love variables #edchat
Valerie Noll @ImagiRaven🔁The latest The Learning Explorer! #edchat #elearning
Tracee Orman @MrsOrman🔁The latest The Mrs. Orman Daily! Thanks to @EngChatUK @Miss_S_Carvalho @room46 #edchat #education
Anita Carlson @anita_carlson🔁 Inspiring learning is about investing yourself in your students. #satchat #edchat @PE4Learning🔁The latest The PE4Learning Newspaper! Thanks to @PEAndyD @mrcummingspe @MrBridge204 #physed #edchat
Stephanie Hime @MrsHime🔁 Applying for a job tip 9: No matter how bad it is, NEVER speak poorly of a current or past employer. NEVER. #hr #edchat


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