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eUnited #SoaRGhost #SoaRRC @Ghxstn_🔁@CoffeeMeltss For real look he brought eUnited down with him tisk tisk nah but forreal
David @DexmeisterGG🔁Sad to see Eunited go out the way they did.
eUnited Dexerto Call of Duty @DexertoIntel🔁>@Luminosity's lower bracket dominance continues with revenge against @eUnitedgg

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eUnited Samuel @Swpah🔁 Had this prepared hoping for a EUnited vs FaZe match up
Seth Abner @OpTic_Scumper🔁Playing FaZe for top 3 after the nV/Eunited series. So gassed.
Jordan Kaplan @JKap415🔁Possibly the craziest series I've ever been a part of. GGs to eUnited, we now play the winner of OpTic/FaZe tomorrow in Winner's Finals!
Serge @ItsPatriot7🔁 Playing FaZe for top 3 after the nV/Eunited series. So gassed.
miguel tejada @_wolfmiguel_🔁>'s lower bracket dominance continues with revenge against

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KARMA_the_G.O.A.T @naf_stropse🔁@Maven You're shit at ceo of cod esports. I wanted eunited VS faze....
lachlan @itsvizzyyy🔁I'm not an eunited fan but if they close out maps they are one of the best in the world which ranks them above LG and NV imo
Jawad Jaddaoui @Jaws_16🔁U mean the eUnited that placed 6th? I was soon on scared of them.
Brandon @SPIRAL_BP🔁I feel SOOOO bad for EUnited. I feel they really deserved a top 3 finish after this year. Great things ahead for all four of them!
Hateful @Hatefxl🔁 GGs eUnited won 3-0. Proud of the team. We play Rise/FaZe for t3 tomorrow 🍼
Daniel V @danielv0818🔁@Hook_sLays @i2Nelly @gamingbarbie @Clayster @Arcitys @Prestinni @SlLLY eunited***
Gabriel Henrique @GaLaXy_Spidey🔁. talks about the crazy series vs Eunited and our team's mental during that 2nd half comeback!
Daniel V @danielv0818🔁why just choked. nV just had better composure tbh. well eunited will just have to learn from this and move on for nex t year
Julian Aguilera @Insurance4848🔁@MyNamesSinner @Arcitys What happened to eUnited?
A.G @basketballfan79🔁I am? They've yet to play nV, LG, or Eunited. They're very fortunate they didn't have to play Eunited
De̶an|Gishwhes 💚🖤 @ChucksVessel🔁eUnited is out. That's not something I expected.
Netflix God. @TheObey🔁Can we talk about how eUnited got fucking MOPPED? Lol
Gabriel Henrique @GaLaXy_Spidey🔁 I wanted FaZe vs eUnited so bad :(
Gabriel Henrique @GaLaXy_Spidey🔁 That series against eunited was one of the craziest series I've ever played. Now t3 and play optic tmrow for finals
Anthony @KingOfKnowhere🔁As a fan of and I shall forth the notion to send him off to
Rholane Ncubuka @rholxne🔁WOWOWOWOW That was a fun match, glad to be apart of that comeback 😁 Ggs to eUnited, great team. We are now top 3 and play winner finals tm!
Comolli @TheComolli🔁. continue their Losers Bracket run & send home from !

Gabriel Henrique @GaLaXy_Spidey🔁. just showed us why they're World Champions.

They defeat 3-1 on

Kasero #C2C @Kxsero🔁@mikeymike204 @eunited LMFAO
👽 @VintageEspinoza🔁Couldn't be any proud of @eUnitedgg and the boys you played one hell of a season. Next year will be the year of Eunited watch! #StandUnited
Lil Uzi Mert @Mertalics_BtH🔁kinda want gunless to beat rise and tweet the eUnited guys "good try pals"
AntiVirus @AntiVirus093🔁@SPECWINGERRRRR whelp EUnited is Eliminated ...
F/A @Cahlamity🔁@TreiZer0 Hey, eUnited just got raped and got knocked out in the worst way possible... atleast you won S1
AD @AD__Cod🔁@Parasite @Clayster What tf is this guy on eUnited were one of the favourites going into the tournament fool
Th3 Turpenator @TheTurpenator🔁Wow i was so wrong about Eunited winning #CODChamps2017. LG are looking naughty in losers bracket.
Aaron Bryce @Hook_sLays🔁@EnVy_SlasheR If they had to "comeback" on eunited both games. They not beating OG. Only team in this event that had a chance was EU
JetPacker Beach @OhhBeachh🔁 LFG!!! So proud of the team today. GGs eUnited we won 3-0! Can't wait to play tomorrow! LETS GET IT
Aaron Bryce @Hook_sLays🔁@Arcitys Just think if they close out that uplink and HP to Nv. Smfh. Eunited had this in their hands
Phoria Rage #SoaRRC @gamingbarbie🔁@SlLLY @Arcitys @Clayster @Prestinni EUNITED IS LOVE
🚮 @MitchlsTrash🔁eUnited choked huge leads in games 3 and 4 against nV then got 3-0d in loser bracket. You'd have to see it to really get how bad it was
KickCOD @KickCOD🔁Wow just caught the news that eunited is out of the tourney and optic is still in after the 3-0 on faze
Travy T! @TravisTrawick🔁So proud of @Clayster, can't wait to see the damage he can do in BOTG with this insane squad. #eUnited
Fidelity @FidelityUS🔁I was expecting more out of FaZe and eUnited, Champs is getting interesting.
CoDChampsHype @loGicPsychosis🔁And for the reference, eUnited WERE the best team at that moment, just as OG WERE the best team at BO3 Champs until t hey lost
Blane Kinney @therealblane🔁► 's praises Allegiance - 'One of the best teams we've played since I joined eUnited.'

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CoDChampsHype @loGicPsychosis🔁Yeah I felt terrible for him, I love that eUnited squad, they deserved so much more, got robbed of main stage after O pTic
KARMA_the_G.O.A.T @naf_stropse🔁@Octane_ Fuck you. You ruined eunited VS faze! I wanted no NEEDED eunited to shit on them in iw!
🐐 @Jebski_🔁 EUnited blew a 10-0 lead in 1 half...
Pr1me Tim3 @Prim3_T1m3🔁eUnited swept GCU....good thing no one else also saw this coming #loldfs
Alex ™ @Whatnow_ALEX🔁Dude I wanted to see FaZe play Eunited so bad in Losers bracket
Sjoerd Noordermeer @CheCliche🔁The breakout team of this year. Eunited and these players are a top dog within a year (!) . Great job Matt. This is a hoge success.
Austin Vogel @ParadiseVFX🔁 If eUnited wins champs I’ll give everyone who rts this 10$.
Dieseve @Dieseve_🔁The stage is set...

vs for a spot in the Grand Finals

Top 6 finish.

That run...

Jawad Jaddaoui @Jaws_16🔁@JayBiRD030 @basketballfan79 @T1Swap @CODWorldLeague @ScufGaming @OpTicGaming @eUnitedgg Well looks like I was right. eUnited are weak lol


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