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#dsma Jennifer Maizel @jenmaizel🔁Loved seeing this displayed at my school tonight. #publichealth #healthcare #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁The flip side to that was my HS science teachers calling each of us by title and lastname. Still feels weird to me & I'm 57 #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁Have to see to dinner clean-up. Have a sweet year (and bgs in check, to boot!)! #dsma
#dsma Erin Gilmer @GilmerHealthLaw🔁 Loved seeing this displayed at my school tonight. #publichealth #healthcare #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁But I still don't call doctors by their first names, even though they call ME by my first name... #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁One of my weirdest "kid to adult" transitions was being allowed/encouraged to call adults by firstnames rather than titles + lastnames #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁@tmana @DiabetesSocMed @txdiabetic it really doesn’t. #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁@DiabetesSocMed @txdiabetic Goes to show that age doesn't matter as much as we think it does! #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁 Q4.1 My neuropathy and insulin resistance probably date back to about age 7. #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁 A4. Mental health and positive social support are hugely important #dsma
DiabetesSocMedAdvoca @DiabetesSocMed🔁@txdiabetic Wow! You’ve been participating in DSMA since you were in eighth grade? I remember when you first started tweeting with us. #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁@schomj FWIW, the low-sodium sheet (1000 mg/day) had 6 slices of bread (average: 150 mg Na). Really? NONSENSE in perspective #dsma
Lesley Kimball @poeticlibrarian🔁And now, to stay up waiting to see if hypo treatment for daughter is working, or if more is needed. Oh #diabetes #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁@schomj I was given an ADA exchange diet sheet and a low-sodium diet sheet and told to figure my way btwn the two #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁@ilanalucas That is very confusing and scary. #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁@poeticlibrarian I was able to put up with it for about half of the duration. Then it got real old, real quick. Roommate had it worse #dsma
Ryan Dane @ryanryeguy89🔁@DiabetesSocMed Be safe! #DSMA
D. Michael Massing @T2DRemission🔁CT: my new diabetes nutritionist refused to give me rules and instead assigned me to read this. Helpful so far

alicia gallant @_aliciagallant🔁 Time is the great educator in diabetes. Every day you learn something new about your diabetes. Every effing day! #dsma
Erin M Akers @ErinMAkers🔁Endos need to FOLLOW UP && ensure their patients actually find an adult doc. A lot of fall between the cracks during this time!
D. Michael Massing @T2DRemission🔁 CT: no matter how young, patient's thoughts/voice matters. listen to what they need. #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁@poeticlibrarian Agreed. Went through a traumatic hospital experience @ age 4, then had to endure another hospitalization @ age 5 #dsma
Stoned Kidney @stonedkidney🔁Q3: No insurance or access to a Dr. Insulin was still avail OTC, but I was flying solo most of the 90s. #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁Good night, everyone! Have a good evening. See you next week. #dsma
Erin M Akers @ErinMAkers🔁A4: Dont talk to me about consequences 20 years down the road, my brain's only developed enough to think about NOW. STOP THE LECTURES! #DSMA
Lesley Kimball @poeticlibrarian🔁@schomj Cool! Will check it out #dsma
Kelly / Diabetes @diabetesalish🔁YW. It's hard for children to always differentiate the anger/fear adults have re: BG's, insurance crap, etc. They are kids.
tagdef @tagdef🔁Wonder what #dsma means? Look it up on
Lesley Kimball @poeticlibrarianLOVE! 🔁 @poeticlibrarian Because ... #dsma ppl are smarter, kinder, more humorous, and better looking, of course.
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁I agree with Kelly @ninjabetic #dsma
Sneezy Jessica @schomj🔁It focuses a lot on being kind to yourself about eating choices, which after years of "diabetic diet" advice is so empowering #dsma
Lesley Kimball @poeticlibrarian🔁@tmana I don't know if "have to" is true for all, but it seems that they do whether they have to or not. Hard. #dsma
DiabetesSocMedAdvoca @DiabetesSocMed🔁@txdiabetic great advice. #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁CT: thanks for stepping outside the box to answer questions tonight. I was dx as an adult. I enjoyed learning from my ped onset peeps. #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁Mental healthcare can help these kids adjust to their "have to grow up quick" status, esp when beyond their endurance limits #dsma
Kelly / Diabetes @KellyRawlings🔁@poeticlibrarian Because ... #dsma ppl are smarter, kinder, more humorous, and better looking, of course.
T1D @txdiabetic🔁CT: no matter how young, patient's thoughts/voice matters. listen to what they need. #dsma
Randall Barker @randallb99🔁PWDs have it hard enough. Seek out the support that is out there and don't try to go at it alone. #dsma
D. Michael Massing @T2DRemission🔁Q4. As an adult I would have gone directly to an endo without passing GO and collecting $200.
Sneezy Jessica @schomj🔁CT: my new diabetes nutritionist refused to give me rules and instead assigned me to read this. Helpful so far #dsma
Lesley Kimball @poeticlibrarian🔁@poeticlibrarian @iamsqueeisback And practice for daughter includes nutrition, mental health as well as medical care #dsma
Kelly / Diabetes @KellyRawlings🔁@ninjabetic Seeing you more here would be lovely, whatever your A1C. #dsma
D. Michael Massing @T2DRemission🔁 @DiabetesSocMed Q4. More mental health support, particularly regarding stress & diabetes. #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁The thing I suspect we've all NOT said here is that kids w/ D have to mature more quickly than their peers - accept dx. tx, etc #dsma
DiabetesHeroSquad @DiabetesHeroes🔁CLOSING: Young or adult. T1 or T2. Diabetes sucks. It's up to you, your healthcare team, and your loved ones to make it suck less. #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁CT: Thank you for participating tonight. Sometimes be creative in how we answer questions that we “think” don’t pertain to us. #dsma
Lesley Kimball @poeticlibrarian🔁@iamsqueeisback @poeticlibrarian Yes - I was lucky to get connected with therapist who specialized in chronic illness right away 1/2 #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁@randallb99 @nickinichols21 There's a certain level of "kid, u gotta grow up sooner than expected and deal with it" needed, too #dsma
Lesley Kimball @poeticlibrarian🔁CT: I have really missed #dsma - thanks for always being here, making tough topics a little easier, and bringing a sense of humor!
Emilie T @SweetHiyachica🔁CT: Always glad to have the chance to participate. Thanks everyone! #dsma
Bec @sweetandsourt1🔁Thanks for having me! Transition support is so important. Check out for a rundown of what we do in NSW Aus #dsma
Ryan Dane @ryanryeguy89🔁@DiabetesSocMed What? Closing thoughts already? Well, it's been another great Wednesday, and I always look forward to the next! #DSMA
longpointgirl @shlymbicky🔁#DSMA great discussion. Night all!
T1D @txdiabetic🔁q4. community #dsma
Gautam Narang @hylozoists🔁#DSMA. Even though I interacted for a short time, it still rejuvenates just by connecting with others of the same type. Thank you.
Rick Phillips Ed.D. @LawrPhil🔁CT) there is no good time to get diabetes, but never is best. #DSMA
George Simmons @ninjabetic🔁Closing: Sorry I am late. Sorry I am not around much. I am gonna try because my A1C reflects my absence from the DOC. #dsma
StephenS @StephenSType1🔁Thanks @SweeterCherise! Get some rest... #dsma
D. Michael Massing @T2DRemission🔁 I wish there were better transitions for people who are misdiagnosed w/ type 2 and really have type 1 #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁There are a lot of transitions in diabetes management: age, changing/mis diagnosis, mgmt changes. We nd a better system to manage them #dsma
Jenn C @JennMamaBear🔁CT: There is a lot more now than before, but we've still a long ways to go to help all newly dx'd and transitioning from kid to adult. #dsma
Abby @Abby_Moschell🔁CT: Wait what it was just 8:15 like 5 min ago! where did the time go! Thank you guys for this great study break it really helped! #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁@randallb99 right?!?! lol #dsma
Randall Barker @randallb99🔁@nickinichols21 @tmana Yes and as parents accept if the kid doesn't want the tech. #dsma
Mindy Bartleson @mindy_bartleson🔁We have a few minutes for it is time to wrap things up…Closing thoughts?
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁Exactly! #dsma
StephenS @StephenSType1🔁Closing: So glad I could stay up for this discussion. This topic, these questions deserve a lot more attention #dsma
Lesley Kimball @poeticlibrarian🔁@iamsqueeisback OMG - struggle so much with anxiety about disordered eating/body image for my daughter. #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁@SweeterCherise If family isn't educated, they can't support - and become the WRONG type of diabetes police (or high-bg enablers) #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁 4: That, "don't eat sugar or ketchup," is not enough education as far as diet goes. #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁I agree. #dsma
George Simmons @ninjabetic🔁4: That, "don't eat sugar or ketchup," is not enough education as far as diet goes. #dsma
Randall Barker @randallb99🔁@SweeterCherise Just picture the meme "Sorry for what I said when I was low." #dsma
Mindy Bartleson @mindy_bartleson🔁 also, family should be included and receive education as well. #dsma
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁@SweeterCherise No. It's important. How many stories have we read on TuD and dLife abt ppl w/complications b/c of mis-dx? #dsma
StephenS @StephenSType1Could not agree more 🔁 also, family should be included and receive education as well. #dsma
DiabetesSocMedAdvoca @DiabetesSocMed🔁 Q4) perfection does not exist, don’t blame. #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁also, family should be included and receive education as well. #dsma
Heidi (R.N.) @ShellsNMyCheese🔁Q4) perfection does not exist, don’t blame. #dsma
D. Michael Massing @T2DRemission🔁Q 4.3 "Mom, Dad, Doc, I just might be eating so much because I'm literally starved for energy." #DSMA
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁sorry…low rant. I’m done.
Brenda Bell @tmana🔁@shlymbicky @candyp4 Would it be easier if, instead of same age/same type, it were varied age/same type/similar mgmt goals? #dsma
DiabetesHeroSquad @DiabetesHeroes🔁@playboyblonde They should have had family members inject water into themselves and you could say, "Now do you get it!!!?" #dsma😉
Abby @Abby_Moschell🔁@MichLitch @poeticlibrarian I feel like care conferences should just come along w/ health care of a chronic disease. #patientcentered #dsma
Cherise/LADA @SweeterCherise🔁getting enough info and care for those with T1 who do not have access to an endo- PCPs should be educated on the complexity of T1 & T2 #dsma


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