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Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁Super sweet, last time I saw the poster no one had been named...Yeah I get to learn from the best!
Cori Orlando @CoriOrlando1🔁It really depends on where they are. But it is not enough to just talk about failures...we need to talk about the ris e.
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁LOL, I am going to , so I will learn! Are you a possible Keynote? That's super exciting
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁LOL yeah me too! Great job moderating tonight as well! Excellent convo, as I'm catching up!
Cori Orlando @CoriOrlando1🔁You will just have to come to to find out :)
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁Oh interesting, I didn't think of that...i am really wondering which is more's a deeper well
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁Boom! So how might we light that path for Ss to uncover the way vs showing them the way and expecting them to follow?
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁LOL, love it, plot twists...isn't there a story element thing like that too?
Sandy Otto @sandyrotto🔁And a second thank you to those who stuck around tonight. Hope you took something away to use with/for Ss.
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁I think the proof is in the pudding, but I'm very excited about it
Cori Orlando @CoriOrlando1🔁I think they are both equally important. Hmm.... I may need to write on this. But I may have already.
Mandi Tolen @TTmomTT🔁How we handle it is MORE important but knowing that we fail is also important.
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁So failure is the content? I am building PD around this idea. Love it
Craig Klement @craigklement🔁Had this on my wall in my classroom: The best way to approach in problem is the try-angle
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁So true. Q: Do you think showing failure is important for Ss or how we handle failure?
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁That's why I don't tie my shoes, I'm always looking to fail forward...sorry couldn't resist and it's true
Cori Orlando @CoriOrlando1🔁OOOOhhhh.... can't wait to hear about it! I call those "plot twists"
Cori Orlando @CoriOrlando1🔁I may or may not be doing something w :)
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁Absolutely! I'm creating a training based solely on learning through mistakes...I think it'll be epic
Cori Orlando @CoriOrlando1🔁Provide low risk/fun activities first...lower affective filter. Talk about process...
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁Those are powerful methods, great series of ways to make learning happen
Mandi Tolen @TTmomTT🔁Also SHOW our failures. I point out to Ss when I fail and we talk about the process. It's less scary for them.
Craig Klement @craigklement🔁Perfection isn't the goal, learning is. We need to model failure to Ss and Ts
Cori Orlando @CoriOrlando1🔁Share our own failures, talk about the process & create a culture of risk.
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁So true, so how might we provide opportunities to make that happen?
Robert "Louie" @mr_middle_2🔁BA6. was just talking about curating via website empowerment resources to help parents build the learning bridge ho me!
Mandi Tolen @TTmomTT🔁We have to be ok sitting back & letting failure happen knowing it's going to happen. That goes against how we've been conditioned
Cori Orlando @CoriOrlando1🔁A6: Flatten walls of classroom. Invite in to OR provide opp to share out via , , , ,
Krista Harmsworth @zonie71🔁So many great ideas tonight - I can't wait to review it all again. Thanks everyone, especially and !!
Priscilla Heredia @MTL_TechHeredia🔁A3: Let them create based on the topic, can use to teach what they know, research to know more, let them decide
Robert "Louie" @mr_middle_2🔁BA6. Sorry to be broken record! I'm excited for the parent to classroom connections should bring to my classes!
Rayna Freedman @rlfreedm🔁BQ6. Email links to things, send suggestions, created Ps Google Site, newsletters in PDF with links, suggest events i n area
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁Absolutely. How might we make that happen more?
Mandi Tolen @TTmomTT🔁...for us and our Ss when many times that's what they and we need to learn more deeply.
Jeremiah Ruesch @mathkaveli🔁Nice! We did two 8th grade classes 1st day, and a 6th grade so far, trying to get our 5000 Ss to experience it this y ear
Robert "Louie" @mr_middle_2🔁Can't wait to "break out" during the first week of school!
Cori Orlando @CoriOrlando1🔁A5: I think just providing them w time & space to create,however they want. Once they decide how, we can provide tool s if needed.
Mandi Tolen @TTmomTT🔁So true. I had to keep reminding myself not to help during our today. It's hard for me too.


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