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#devopsdays Jenessa White @JNessView🔁 “DevOps isn’t about tools. You’ll end up like this.”😂 @LaniceSims #devopsdays
#devopsdays#devopsdays Heidi @devopsdaysmsp @wiredferret🔁 Good advice from @rondoftw #devopsdays
#devopsdays Lanice Sims @LaniceSims🔁 I've been waiting for this talk! @LaniceSims owns this stage.

#devopsdaysmsp #devopsdays

#devopsdays Lanice Sims @LaniceSims🔁 Examining how companies fucked up. This is already amazing. @LaniceSims #devopsdays
Willy Lee @advicepig🔁Or maybe Hunger Games style Game Maker #devopsdays
#devopsdays SolutionDesignGroup @Solution_Design🔁Stop by and see us at #devopsdays!
Bridget Kromhout @bridgetkromhout🔁People make mistakes! It’s useless to say “but I didn’t mean to!” - it’s crucial to take responsibility and have a p twitter.com lan to improve.💯
Bridget Kromhout @bridgetkromhout🔁“I’ve been a programmer, back when the title was Programmer Analyst and not Software Engineer.” has serious operatio twitter.com nal chops - and values communication more than specific tech.
Bridget Kromhout @bridgetkromhout🔁“In diving, the best rescue is the one you didn’t have to do at all. The best incident response is when you prevent a twitter.com n incident. Heroics are a response to failure.”
Sonia Gupta @soniagupta504🔁So got a bit of a headache so needed to get some rest, BUT be around for Ignites tonight! I have a talk where I discuss my best project ever! 😍
inwardeye @inwardeye🔁@vauxia @bridgetkromhout Wow, sounds like I need to go to #devopsdays
Jenny Allen @MediaWithMoxie🔁What does and the hit T.V. show "Mad Men" have in common? Check out this by to find out: .
Altytwo Altryness, BS @whereIsTheSpai🔁“This might be the first tech conf in the history of the universe that has a wait for the mother’s room.” — 😂
John Lieske @johnlieske🔁. look who I’m having the privilege to see give their talk
Paul Cantrell @inthehands🔁Tech is for all of us. I believe that, and I work with others on to make it come true.
Dr. Erik Riedel @er1p🔁Shaking and on the verge of tears today. 20 years in tech left me feeling like I’m a totally wrong fit in this world and there’s no place for me. Thank you and for changing my views with an affirming and inclusive conference.
Bridget Kromhout @bridgetkromhout🔁Standing room only in @bketelsen & @ashleymcnamara’s k8s 101 at #devopsdays Minneapolis. ✨ twitter.com
rage overachiever @jinjurly🔁What's it say about culture that we ask about what happens if you are hit by a bus, but not if you just go on vacation?
Aggretsteno @stenYES🔁Unexpected benefit of the closed captioning at : I can catch up on the previous sentences after losing focus. Nice. Helps ADHD as well as hearing-impaired.
Jill Rouleau 🏳️‍🌈 @jillrouleau🔁Having trouble getting the hang of Thursdays? How about submitting a talk proposal to to get on track:

We'd love to hear your ideas for an introductory, advanced, or experience/fail session!

Ian Coldwater@devopsdays MSP @IanColdwater🔁 “Repeat after me: there is no security in Namespaces” —@bketelsen #weDid #Kubernetes101 #devopsdays
Sarah E Olson @saraheolson🔁 The next @CodeSwitchMN hackathon is September 22nd & 23rd! #devopsdays twitter.com
Bridget Kromhout @bridgetkromhout🔁Tech is for all of us. I believe that, and I work with others on #devopsdays to make it come true. twitter.com
SPS Commerce Careers @SPS_Recruiters🔁Sponsor ’s talking about the power of collaboration at
Willy Lee @advicepig🔁A pre-mortem, where day 1 is, if X fails, we do Y. The day 2, make X fail in production. #devopsdays
Lanice Sims @LaniceSims🔁 #devopsdays - First three keynotes, women technology leaders. Thank you! #WIT @SharonKennedyV @amypattonj @LaniceSims
InfluxData @InfluxDB🔁 MSP - come hang out (booth 40) and see how can help your demands. twitter.com
Ahsan Ayaz @Ahsan_ayz🔁If the most experienced person is leading, you leave someone behind. Alternatively, bring more people up through leadership and free up cognitive load for most experienced members
Willy Lee @advicepig🔁When are we making progress and when are we just playing a one upping game of "well actually" when we run disaster simulations. #devopsdays
Jan Ivar Beddari @beddari🔁@vauxia @pati_gallardo @bridgetkromhout As one of many many #devopsdays organizers this ... inspires me, thank you!
Heidi @devopsdaysmsp @wiredferret🔁Build-a-Bear needs to got to ... shuts down single-day 'Pay Your Age' sale: It was so successful, it failed.

Heidi @devopsdaysmsp @wiredferret🔁Love how there's been two speakers who have told the crowds to reward successes and not heroism (which is in response to failure).

Willy Lee @advicepig🔁Next career idea: dungeon master for IT table top simulations. roll D20 for network. #devopsdays
Heidi @devopsdaysmsp @wiredferret🔁Don’t wait for failure to practice your reactions to a crisis; preparation requires familiarity. Empower others to lead.
Heidi @devopsdaysmsp @wiredferret🔁Stress overloads your brain. When diving, you over use oxygen resources. When on call, you delay resolution. Training is key.
Heidi @devopsdaysmsp @wiredferret🔁 Human beings are terrible at predicting how stress can overload our puny brains #devopsdays @rondoftw
Zack Z. @eanx🔁 : (One of the SEAL divers in Thailand said “we fail to the level of our training, not rise to the occasion”)
Audio Accessibility @audio_a11y🔁Like captions at and wonder how they work? Learn more about different types of captioning and communication access f twitter.com rom an experienced accessibility consultant & speaker who is deaf:
Hugmaster General @otfrom🔁“In diving, the best rescue is the one you didn’t have to do at all. The best incident response is when you prevent an incident. Heroics are a response to failure.”
CristyTreat @CristyTreat🔁We tend to think failure happens because someone did something wrong. points out that a single failure shouldn’t lead to catastrophe.
Kim Crayton 🏢 💻🎙 @KimCrayton1🔁 Great talk by our own @LaniceSims at #devopsdays!💥 twitter.com
Willy Lee @advicepig🔁What if we actually ran our fire drill in prod? #devopsdays
Heidi @devopsdaysmsp @wiredferret🔁I don’t normally do a lot of stickers, but very into these two that talked me into taking from the Great Bag of Stickers.
Sharone Zitzman @shar1z🔁Thank you for gold sponsoring DevOpsDays Tel-Aviv, again! Register to hear more about the latest updates and news on Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana:
Veni Kunche @venikunche🔁😱 The city of St. Paul has a BLACK WOMAN as it’s CIO...HOT DAMN! 🎉


Sarah E Olson @saraheolson🔁When was the last time you bought pizza for your team and sent them home early because everything went right?
Katie Morrissey @kmo_katiem🔁Learn how to create a design doc for a project with our . Attend her session "Iterative Technical Decisions" at Minneapolis tomorrow, 7/13, at 10:50am CT.
gscottwalters @gscottwalters🔁“Repeat after me: there is no security in Namespaces” —@bketelsen #weDid #Kubernetes101 #devopsdays
Alecia @alecia_atw🔁 Today's schedule for open spaces is ready! #devopsdays docs.google.com
Lanice Sims @LaniceSims🔁People make mistakes! It’s useless to say “but I didn’t mean to!” - it’s crucial to take responsibility and have a plan to improve.💯
Willy Lee @advicepig🔁What's it say about culture that we ask about what happens if you are hit by a bus, but not if you just go on vacation? #devopsdays
Amy Codes @TheAmyCode🔁 Can’t make it to #devopsdays MSP. Watch it live now:


samba bandi @samba_bandi🔁Real success is a job well done quietly without incident. Our culture rewards heros responding to failure. Reward the boring safe successes.
gscottwalters @gscottwalters🔁Paused the K8s workshop to sing Happy (early?) Birthday to @ashleymcnamara #devopsdays. Blame @bketelsen
samba bandi @samba_bandi🔁 Watch @devopsdaysmsp NOW which is one of the largest #devopsdays being streamed LIVE. 💪🤓❤️⚙ twitter.com
devopsdays MSP @devopsdaysmsp🔁Today's schedule for open spaces is ready! #devopsdays docs.google.com
Anthony Lukken @AnthonyLukken🔁Collaboration through shared KPIs among Dev & Ops:
- App Uptime
- Days since last deploy
- Deployment success rate
- Incidents in last 90 days
- Mean Time To Recovery

This should be foundational to any conversation between Dev & Ops. Thx

Jessica Schalz @jessica_schalz🔁Everyone at #devopsdays Minneapolis, come say hi! I'm up for some intense friend-making today.
Hakaishin Hokutosei @jeanepaul🔁 Minneapolis attendees: Join me for a whirlwind 90 minutes of container security and troubleshooting with during my workshop later today at 3:30, Duluth room. I promise you’ll learn at least one thing or your money back!
Jenessa White @JNessView🔁IT’S HAPPENED




Merls @ DevOpsDays MSP @merwin817🔁That's my baby on stage proposing a session for youth getting into tech, and this mama couldn't be more proud. 😍💕
Benjamin Ortega @substars🔁I'm attending a @docker orchestration workshop, and my #DockerCoins mining rig is crunching 4.5 hashes/second! W00T! #devopsdays


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