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#copolitics#copolitics Marshall Zelinger @Marshall9News🔁Making my non-@nexton9news debut on @9NEWS. Turn on! #9News #copolitics
#copolitics Kathy T @ColoradoNana6🔁 Our office received this today- #coleg #copolitics
#copolitics Blanche Kapushion @BlancheKapush🔁 Proud to have the endorsement of Jefferson County Commissioner Casey Tighe! #copolitics
#copolitics#copolitics Ariel Mata @ArielMata🔁 Making my non-@nexton9news debut on @9NEWS. Turn on! #9News #copolitics
#copolitics LibertyCentric @LibertyCentric🔁 Don't miss tonight's final show of Kelley and Kafer on 710 KNUS. #copolitics
Cam Edwards @CamEdwards🔁Weird. Colorado passed sweeping gun control laws just four years ago. #copolitics
Denver Politics News @denverpolitics🔁BREAKING: Ed Perlmutter to drop out of Colorado governor’s race, sources say #copolitics via @mkmatthews
Kyle Clark @KyleClark🔁Methinks Denver TV viewers aren't going to love this. #copolitics
Resistance Fighter @ResistFighter3🔁Then how about (NOT who elected ) give YOU by RETAKING THE SENATE
Andy Kerr for CO7 @Kerr4Co🔁Thank you, @RepPerlmutter - a friend, a mentor, Our Neighbor, Our Voice. #copolitics
PKolbenschlag @PKolbenschlag🔁This. #copolitics
PKolbenschlag @PKolbenschlag🔁How long will Republicans aid and abet? #copolitics
Andy Kerr for CO7 @Kerr4Co🔁"Colorado has a moral obligation to tackle climate change." praises 's climate action
Lynn Bartels @lynn_bartels🔁Amend. 27, which imposed ree-dick campaign finance limits on CO and drove $ underground, ensnared Perlmutter. #copolitics
Megan Verlee @CPRverlee🔁 ABA (by majority) says Justice Eid "well qualified" for Tenth Circuit seat. #copolitics
Carolyn Ingebritson @cingebritson🔁The latest The Carolyn Ingebritson Daily! Thanks to @MikeKlis @kevindale @coloradoan #copolitics #breaking
Lynn Bartels @lynn_bartels🔁 Disappointed to see @RepPerlmutter drop out of gov's race. One of the good guys of politics. #copolitics
Resistance Fighter @ResistFighter3🔁Meanwhile U IGNORE issue of committing & other acts of IF they're against
PKolbenschlag @PKolbenschlag🔁Trump campaign knowingly meets w Rus agent to undermine election.Will @cologop stand w US or lend hand to #TrumpRussia cover-up? #copolitics
Resistance Fighter @ResistFighter3🔁My latest - with a link to 's rap, "It's Hard Out Here for a Gimp"
Resistance Fighter @ResistFighter3🔁@SenCoryGardner If you don't wanna see MORE of this - VOTE #NO to #Trumpcare #CoPolitics
Night Watchman @WatcherKnight🔁#HeyNext Being rich has ALWAYS been a requirement for running for office. Golden Rule: He who makes the gold, makes the rules. #copolitics
Chris P. Bacon @CPBacon4CO🔁Veselnitskaya
w/ #FusionGPS
#DNC oppo research firm
that produced discredited fraudulent #TrumpDossier?
ANTISTUFF @antistuff🔁And FFS, Cory Gardner is a giant pussy. How long can he hide from Colorado voters? I mean, give me a break already. #copolitics
Chris P. Bacon @CPBacon4CO🔁Natalia Veselnitskaya
sitting with #Obama’s Amb to #Russia ...
8 days after cold-contacting Trump Jr.?
James Baird @jbairdjr🔁 Weird. Colorado passed sweeping gun control laws just four years ago. #copolitics
Erin Biggs @ebiggs2philly🔁Thank you for committing to uphold the goals of the in Colorado
Laura Chapin @LauraChapin🔁My latest - with a link to 's rap, "It's Hard Out Here for a Gimp"
Alan Franklin @alanfranklin🔁And the moral of the story is, George Brauchler is a sucky prosecutor. #copolitics #cogov
Colorado Tweets @COGovTweets🔁 High school journalist scores elusive interview with Mattis #copolitics
PKolbenschlag @PKolbenschlag🔁.@KenCuccinelli ducks and dodges in defense of Jr's intended collusion w foreign power working to poison American democracy #copolitics @cnn
DefendColorado @DefendColorado🔁Because , like tyrants, criminals and jihadis prefer unarmed victims. Good thing grownups are in charge.
🌟Lord Covfefe🍵🐘🌟 @DRay_80s_Child2🔁Charter Schools Are Advancing the Cause of Black Education in America:
PKolbenschlag @PKolbenschlag🔁What are your feelings on now that Junior's copped to working with foreign agent in hope to cheat US democracy?
PKolbenschlag @PKolbenschlag🔁"Whos paying?" "We Are!" @HouseGOP intros bill to stiff US Taxpayers for Putin's Puppet's wall. #copolitics
Diego Nava Martinez @madlobo🔁so you don't want to impose mandates on employers, but want to penalize individuals for being poor? #copolitics
American Capitalist @LibertyLuvin🔁Yep! Just don't tell anybody that Us Capitalists had to use force of the State to expropriate OUR land from those sav age natives
Chris P. Bacon @CPBacon4CO🔁If do not take seriously, very seriously, we will regret it.

Colorado Politics @colo_politics🔁District Judge Larry E. Schwartz has set a conference to discuss next steps for 9 a.m. July 17. #copolitics #Maketa
GeorgeAthanasopoulos @gjathanas🔁If #Republicans do not take @RepJaredPolis seriously, very seriously, we will regret it. #Blueprint

#copolitics #coleg #cologop

Alyssa Roberts @alyssaaroberts🔁Whether on healthcare or natl monuments, glad we have @SenBennetCO pushing Trump to listen to Coloradans #copolitics
Jennifer Hope @grmlkin🔁How it 'looks?' Call it what it is: US election hijacked by Russian spies w/ Trump campaign's collusion.
Michael Lott-Manier @mlottmanier🔁. Avoids situations that highlight conflict with constituents. Seems to want appearance of pleasing everyone.
Catherine Leventhal @CatherineNBarde🔁✅TRUE Thanks .!! Your local news with a side of bias.
Amber K @BambiKay22🔁Oh, so you don't like your elected officials doing everything possible to literally save the planet's life? I'm ok wi th it 👍
Denver Politics News @denverpolitics🔁Protests did not prompt Cory Gardner to cancel private Steamboat meeting, spokesman says #copolitics
Blanche Kapushion @BlancheKapush🔁Health care is about more than just policy. It's a statement of our values and how we treat one another.
Colorado Senate GOP @ColoSenGOP🔁Hickenlooper Climate Orders Get Cold Shoulder From Senate GOP
Christopher Jackson @COAppeals🔁ABA (by majority) says Justice Eid "well qualified" for Tenth Circuit seat. #copolitics
Rhonda Fields @senrhondafields🔁How it 'looks?' Call it what it is: US election hijacked by Russian spies w/ Trump campaign's collusion. #copolitics
Joe St. George @JoeStGeorge🔁Email pitch to cover Conservative Summit -- and will be having a dance off
R. Shannon @OArjuna🔁 "Gardner's political future doesn't look so good" #copolitics
Persil @Source_Persil🔁 It's for the kids.#copolitics
Laura Chapin @LauraChapin🔁"Gardner's political future doesn't look so good" #copolitics
Manuel Lopez del Rio @mlopezdelrio🔁Me in Oct of 2016: H-Dawg wins. Hick to Cabinet. Lynn Gov and (re)elect. Perlmutter V Gardner. Might not end up too differently. #COpolitics
Alan Franklin @alanfranklin🔁Soon we'll know the fate of Colorado's Shirtless Sheriff. #copolitics
Jason Salzman @BigMediaBlog🔁.@knus710 @kelleyandco retires. Great career despite recent struggles, he said. & his & @KristaKafer show ends #copolitics
Resistance Fighter @ResistFighter3🔁AND those who have credit/debit cards have credit ratings which R IN SHAMBLES because THEY WERE AT 1 POINT on
Ron Michel @rontmichel🔁Nothing will get better for our party and country until Trump steps aside.

#copolitics #tcot #GOP

Manuel Lopez del Rio @mlopezdelrio🔁Only other public servant that gave me this feeling was Ray Kogovsek. So down to earth. Rare to find Congressmen as h umble
Abby Leeper @abbyleeper🔁Disappointed to see @RepPerlmutter drop out of gov's race. One of the good guys of politics. #copolitics
Colorado Tweets @COGovTweets🔁 "Prior to the ACA, the sustainability of @DenverHealthMed was in question." #copolitics #coleg
COindependent @COindependent🔁Ed Perlmutter on his exit from the Colorado governor's race: "Jared’s entry accelerated everything"
MileHi Deplorable @ngjarhead🔁I'm impressed the #HowdyDoody staff could keep him vertical for that long...
Resistance Fighter @ResistFighter3🔁@SenCoryGardner VOTE NO on #Trumpcare or #PackYourBags 😡 #CoPolitics
Con Man Cory @ConManCory🔁I wasn't scared of constituents, really. It was a ROGUE STAFFER. No, no, not him. Another one. #copolitics #cosen
Tom @BoreGuru🔁 When freedom doesn’t work, all they have left is force. #copolitics
Charles Buchanan @CRobertBuchanan🔁And by "force" you mean duly elected leaders exercising their right to govern as established by decades of precedent?
Nick Coltrain @NColtrain🔁. on NYT story -- "concerning," faith in Mueller/SIC investigations


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