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#copolitics Lynn Bartels @lynn_bartels🔁Here we go. Bente Bungum graduates from Skinner Middle tonight. #copolitics
#copolitics Denver Biz Journal @denbizjournal🔁ICYMI: Hickenlooper signs $26.8 billion budget for fiscal year 2017-18 into law. #copolitics
#copolitics Michele Patterson @mmcpatt🔁 Honoring our Veterans this Memorial Day weekend! #SD16 #COpolitics
#copolitics Tammy Story @Story4CO🔁Honoring our Veterans this Memorial Day weekend! #SD16 #COpolitics
#copolitics eVolucion @LodigoY1🔁The Republic has Fallen
#Venezuela #sos #sosvzla #copolitics @NicolasMaduro #VeteYa
#copolitics#copolitics#copolitics Kyle Clark @KyleClark🔁Here are Colorado Republicans being asked hard questions and not assaulting anyone. #copolitics #9NEWS
Brandon Rittiman @BrandonRittiman🔁ICE should let Lima-Marin go, says, since pardoned him. (Coffman preferred clemency)
David Sirota @davidsirota🔁BREAKING: Emails show Obama Interior Secretary Ken Salazar working for Anadarko after deadly explosion #copolitics
T.L. Crump @TaraWoF🔁The latest Woman of Feathers! Thanks to @v2aggie2 @progresvforever #marijuana #copolitics
Antonio Garcia Leal @tatarlak🔁The latest Politicos, political, politique,! Thanks to @denverpolitics @BGPolitics #cdnpoli #copolitics
Denver Politics News @denverpolitics🔁EPA chief looking “closely” at dropping storm-water lawsuit against Colorado Springs, says Rep. Doug…
Denver Politics News @denverpolitics🔁Colorado representatives try to rename peaks after climbers who died in avalanche #copolitics
Denver Politics News @denverpolitics🔁Just don’t call it “climate change”: Rebranding government in the age of Trump #copolitics
Joan of Arc Rises🗡 @ArcJoanof🔁@Evan_McMullin possible leaker of McCarthy’s Joke Abt Russia Paying #Trump | #copolitics #MAGA #Dobbs #Hannity #GOP
Reinvent Your Work @ReinventUrWork🔁Just like with the Boulder County lawsuit, doing the oil and gas industry's dirty work.
Obeid Kaifo @realObeidKaifo🔁We'll have our own #StateDept #RamadanDinner. Food will be better. Who can host? #muslimfriends #muslimfriendsingovernment #copolitics
Ernest Lee Luning @eluning🔁You realize that's a parody account, not the real gubernatorial candidate, right @schotts? #copolitics #coleg
Casey Biemiller @cbiemiller🔁@ProgressNowCO There are #Hundreds of items here. #copolitics
Charles Buchanan @CRobertBuchanan🔁#Trump's and @SenCoryGardner's America. #copolitics
Colorado Public TV @ColoPublicTV🔁Denver City Council approves changes to how petty crimes are handled. Did they take the right approach?
Denver Politics News @denverpolitics🔁If FBI wants to talk to Kushner, lawyer says he’s ready #copolitics
Tyler Sandberg @wtylersandberg🔁h/t to @RamseySentinel for this profile of courage

#edcolo #copolitics #coleg

schotts @schotts🔁Every week there is a new crisis in need of a protest

Even supporters have protest fatigue.

Charles Buchanan @CRobertBuchanan🔁I'm old enough to remember when you argued against a bill that would've asked "the people"

You seem too young to be so cynical.

Laura Chapin @LauraChapin🔁Holy crap. #copolitics
9NEWS Politics @9NEWSpolitics🔁The latest 9NEWS Colorado Roundup! Thanks to
Local Market 9NEWS @LocalMarket9🔁The latest 9NEWS Colorado Roundup! Thanks to @ElbertCountyOEM @avicral @DenChamber #copolitics #coleg
Richard Turnquist @RichardDaleT🔁Not so much. Ask for your money back! #copolitics #ProgressFailCO #Hundreds
Richard Turnquist @RichardDaleT🔁 That's up $1.6B from last year. Is he still calling it a "cut?" #copolitics #coleg
Richard Turnquist @RichardDaleT🔁Yes, in #leftyspeak, growth is still a "cut". Like #Hundreds of them #copolitics #ProgressNowMath #leftyspin
Richard Turnquist @RichardDaleT🔁Yeah. By the "Hundreds"! Wink Wink 😉 #copolitics #ProgressFailCO #Hundreds #leftylies
Richard Turnquist @RichardDaleT🔁Phew! No #ProgressNowMath in this silly graphic! #copolitics #Hundreds #leftylies
Jason Bane @jason_bane🔁 Wait, wait, wait...Jared Kushner did WHAT??? #copolitics #copols #trump
Richard Turnquist @RichardDaleT🔁Most peeps on and know that.
But the progressive petulant children pretend to not understand

Richard Turnquist @RichardDaleT🔁 This was debunked by @RichardDaleT, lame turnout #copolitics #AHCA
Seamus Thebear @chefmcc🔁New Firestone Findings, Second Explosion Deepen Gaspatch Crisis
Denver Politics News @denverpolitics🔁Legal experts are not aware of anyone in Colorado facing prosecution for violating open records acts #copolitics
Colorado Statesman @ColoStatesman🔁Cynthia Coffman, attorneys general ask Congress to preserve federal legal aid funding
PKolbenschlag @PKolbenschlag🔁#somuchwinning @foxnews can't keep up, so why bother? @chriswallace @brithume #copolitics
Colorado Pols @coloradopols🔁Wait, wait, wait...Jared Kushner did WHAT??? #copolitics #copols #trump
Indivisible CO-5 @IndivisibleCO5🔁. these r your constituents! U need 2 hear how the will harm us, our families & CO! We need to talk asap!
Stan Dempsey, Jr. @standempseyjr🔁 Rep Foote did not respond to a request for comment by Western Wire. #copolitics
Jim Engelking @JimEngelking🔁She's done an excellent job in the House #copolitics
MissingPundit @MissingPundit🔁My regular note that impeachment begins in House Judiciary Committee of which Buck is a member.
Casey Biemiller @cbiemiller🔁Will the people leaving learn their lesson and start voting differently? Probably not. #copolitics
PKolbenschlag @PKolbenschlag🔁Nails it. #copolitics
CO Peak Politics @COpeakpolitics🔁ABOVE THE RULES: This (Tillemann) Dick Thinks FEC Rules Are for Little People - #copolitics @nrcc
Colorado Statesman @ColoStatesman🔁Hickenlooper signs ‘Long Bill,’ applauds bipartisan collaboration on state budget
Lynn Bartels @lynn_bartels🔁I'm still at the Skinner graduation. We've just done awards. This is longer than my high school graduation. #copolitics
Amy Oliver Cooke @AmyOliverShow🔁 Story now updated, with additional comments by Councilmember Kreeger. #copolitics
Steve @Whoboois4🔁 Welcome to your boycott hell, morons.

#MAGA #Trump #tcot #copolitics #nra

Steve @Whoboois4🔁 Thanks for outing yourselves as Globalist America Haters.

#MAGA #Trump #tcot #copolitics #nra

MissingPundit @MissingPundit🔁Is @seanpaige going to tweet more pictures of FDR at Yalta? #COpolitics
Ella Canon 🇺🇸 @sgtmolly06🔁LOL know many of 'those people' on #copolitics yeppers.
Chris P. Bacon @CPBacon4CO🔁 Tune in to Devil's Adovcate w/ @JonCaldara at 8:30 on CO public TV 12. Guests @lauracarno and Dr. Dick Carpenter. #copolitics
Independence Inst @i2idotorg🔁Tune in to Devil's Adovcate w/ @JonCaldara at 8:30 on CO public TV 12. Guests @lauracarno and Dr. Dick Carpenter. #copolitics
James Viser @JamesViser🔁Connecticut Democrats just ran out of other people's money #copolitics #coleg #maga
Carolyn Ingebritson @cingebritson🔁The latest The Carolyn Ingebritson Daily! Thanks to @TheRyanParker @DenverSoutheast @TheaterDenver #copolitics
MusicPromo @AnonMusicPromo🔁Skitz - Escape by Skitz on

Western Wire @WesternWireNet🔁Story now updated, with additional comments by Councilmember Kreeger. #copolitics
Denver Politics News @denverpolitics🔁Russian ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Kremlin #copolitics
Colorado patriot @COPi314🔁When are where are you meeting us during Congressional recess? We demand accountability.
Con Man Cory @ConManCory🔁I prefer to think of it as "playing your favorite song on repeat." #copolitics #cosen
Colorado Politics @colo_politics🔁, Colorado Rep. Leslie Herod told Elle, ‘We need more voices here, more kinds of voices’ |
Mark Cavanaugh @MarkCavanaugh3🔁Fun read indeed. Five great Govs and great guys too. Lucky to work for several of them. Thanks for memories !
parns @bparnell🔁@MayorHancock why doesn't Denver have an aggressive 2035 100% renewable energy plan? #copolitics #coleg
Lynn Bartels @lynn_bartels🔁I'm at my niece Bente's graduation from Skinner Middle School. She'll go to North in the fall. (She's on the right!)
PKolbenschlag @PKolbenschlag🔁Sending BIG Colorado THANKyou to : Welcome Outdoor Retailers!
Philip Leabo @JPleaboCO🔁 The spending bill wasn't without its road bumps, but it's in the books. #copolitics
PKolbenschlag @PKolbenschlag🔁#Utah anti- #PublicLands pols shoot themselves in foot, send tens of M$ to Colorado. @OutdoorAlliance #copolitics
Sal Christ @decriture🔁: If you thought you knew in , you should see her now.
Colorado Tweets @COGovTweets🔁ICYMI: LGBTQ advocate & West Slope resident Heidi Hess is BACK on the CO Civil Rights Commission.
Chris P. Bacon @CPBacon4CO🔁Jacob Schwartz
#DeBlasio employee & Prez of #Manhattan
Arrested for child pornography
VotingFemale @VotingFemaIe🔁Well Alrighty Then!

#MAGA #Trump #tcot #copolitics #nra

VotingFemale @VotingFemaIe🔁That Would Be The End Of Fat Kid and He Knows It.

#MAGA #Trump #tcot #copolitics #nra

KC @keepingitstr8t🔁Gotta hand it to 'em
Even 's weren't THIS persistent

EID Mountain States @EIDMtnStates🔁Key Colorado Voices Support AG’s Decision to Appeal “Kids’” Anti-Fracking Lawsuit #coleg #copolitics
Colo. Motor Carriers @ColoTrucking🔁Trucking groups take issue with Trump’s proposal for highway privatization #coleg #copolitics @ooida @Land_Line
parns @bparnell🔁Leaks, leaks, and more leaks @davidsirota @GovforCO #copolitics #coleg
Clay Sharps @ClaySharps🔁WHAT?

I thought the role of government was to take care of us. What kind of country is this?


Joey Bunch @joeybunch🔁I am proud to support Monica Duran as the next Dem Rep. for HD-24! A tireless champion for Jeffco.
Joey Bunch @joeybunch🔁#ICYMI: If you thought you knew @leslieherod in @ELLEmagazine, you should see her now. #coleg #copolitics
Jesse Aaron Paul @JesseAPaul🔁Hickenlooper vows to “take any necessary action” following deadly Mead oil tank explosion
Denver Politics News @denverpolitics🔁Hickenlooper vows to “take any necessary action” following deadly Mead oil tank explosion



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