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T-Bob Hebert @TBob53🔁ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM make my heart go Coomes Coomes my super nova girl #LSUBaseball
Coomes Cecile @thesignlady2🔁@nick_coomes grandparents THE BEST! #GeauxTigers @LSUbaseball
Coomes Allison Coomes @allison_coomes🔁Cheering on the new fam! @ru_athletics @RadfordVB #NCAABaseball
Coomes Kung-Fu Mitch @Mitch_Coomes🔁 Think on this... Since 1984, every NBA champion has had a former teammate of Shaq on its roster
LSU Baseball @LSUbaseball🔁It’s DOWN! Coomes drops a 1B into shallow RF to drive in Freeman. The Tigers have the bases loaded for Beau Jordan.
TSU 7, LSU 6
LSU Baseball @LSUbaseball🔁We will take it! 👍! @mpappy14 sends a fly ball to right field, and Coomes tags up from third to give LSU the 9-7 lead.
LSU Baseball @LSUbaseball🔁Pap with the single through the left side to drive in @nick_coomes and cut into TSU’s lead.
TSU 3, LSU 1
Angela Coomes @angela_coomes🔁Download the @GetGiftz app to get Free Gift Cards. Use my invite code for 50 free coins: littlesexy44
Emily Coomes @em_coomes🔁Why do I gain 6 pounds every time @Chase_Buck comes in town.
Susan @Suzee623🔁Tammie Coomes has bn my waitress since Dec 2007 but she stl wn't tl ppl tht I'm Susan Gomez & chat w her all the tm
Kung-Fu Mitch @Mitch_Coomes🔁Klay: "Man I'm not playing well today.."

Mike Brown: "who cares? You're on the Warriors!"

Klay: "oh yeah"

Ashley Boenig @xxBOENIGxx🔁 We will take it! 👍! @mpappy14 sends a fly ball to right field, and Coomes tags up from third to give LSU the 9-7 lead.
Lar Sosaaa @larissadaviss🔁@Coomes_Colten25 too late now whatevs 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Colten Coomes @Coomes_Colten25🔁@larissadaviss No kidding...
Lar Sosaaa @larissadaviss🔁@Coomes_Colten25 Wow really should have thought that through lmao
Colten Coomes @Coomes_Colten25🔁Eating a foot long is your element?
lex🌴 @wanderlusxt🔁 Jake Slaughter is batting for Coomes.
lex🌴 @wanderlusxt🔁 It’s an intentional walk. @Greg_D07 takes his four pitches to load the bases. Coomes is up with no outs.
Daniel @dan_coomes🔁@bushontheradio @JackoWright I had that game, bloody excellent!!
Jack D @jdeslatte89🔁@ridge_roussel Coomes belongs in a dumpster
Adam Henderson @AdamATVS🔁Jake Slaughter pinch hit for Nick Coomes and drew a leadoff walk
LSU Baseball @LSUbaseball🔁Jake Slaughter is batting for Coomes.
Hannah Martin @hmartinTDR🔁Mid 8th | #LSU: 13, TSU: 7

Three up, three down.

Coomes, Jordan and Smith due up for LSU.

Bri:)) @b_nicole00🔁TAKE COOMES OUT
WWLSEC@SECintheCity @TheSECintheCity🔁 Coomes flies to right. Tigers strand a pair.

#LSU leads TSU 9-7 through six innings

Eric Hart @erichart15🔁Woes in regards to Dup/Deich/Coomes/etc killing rallies with weak fly balls to shallow outfield. they're out in front and dropping shoulder
Brandon Adam @badam_TDR🔁END 6 | Nick Coomes pops out to right field. Tigers leave two men on base.

#LSU 9, TSU 7

#WHODAT4LIFE @LanceJames1020🔁Nick coomes is horrible
James Moran @SmartestMoran🔁Coomes flies to right. Tigers strand a pair.

#LSU leads TSU 9-7 through six innings

Chris Melancon⚾️⚜️ @CajunChris🔁Two outs now for Coomes. #LSU
Brandon Adam @badam_TDR🔁Duplantis and Deichmann both pop out.

Coomes batting with Robertson on second, Freeman on first with two outs.


James Moran @SmartestMoran🔁Duplantis flies to shallow left. Deichmann pops up on the infield.

It's up to Coomes

TheDeaconSpeakin @psmccusker🔁TSU will intentionally walk Deichmann to load the bases.

Perhaps that's why they threw home? I don't know

Coomes up with no outs

Bobby Kennedy @BkShowYaRight🔁 LSU back in the lead after a Nick Coomes RBI single and Josh Smith RBI double, 8-7. This has been a wild, wild game.
Brandon Adam @badam_TDR🔁Papierski hits a sac fly to right, Coomes scores and Smith moves to third.

Watson at bat w/ 2 outs

#LSU 9, TSU 7

James Moran @SmartestMoran🔁Pap lifts a sac fly to right. Coomes motors home

#LSU leads 9-7

Glenn Guilbeau @LSUBeatTweet🔁LSU takes 8-7 lead in the 5th on RBI single by Nick Coomes, sac fly by Beau Jordan and RBI double by Josh Smith. 1 out, 2 on and new pitcher
Chris Hagan @ChrisHaganTV🔁LSU back in the lead after a Nick Coomes RBI single and Josh Smith RBI double, 8-7. This has been a wild, wild game.
Tiger TV Sports @TTV_Sports🔁Bases loaded with 0 outs for LSU. Coomes hits a single into right to score Freeman. Box is rowdy. SF tied...

Bot. 5 | 1 out
#LSU 8
#TSU 7

Brandon Adam @badam_TDR🔁Smith hits a double to wall, Deichmann scores from second and Coomes moves to third.

#LSU leads 8-7

Alex Hickey @bigahickey🔁Coomes needs to be benched tomorrow. Or prescribed Ritalin? Head looks nowhere near this game.
Dave LeBlanc @RichHomieDave22🔁Bruh what was Coomes doing? I don't even know why he was off the bag. Almost cost us an out
Zach @zrau🔁ah ah ah ah ah ah not one of coomes' better games
Tiger Rag @Tiger_Rag🔁Score update, presented by @BTRairport

Bot 5th | TSU 7, #LSU 7

Coomes RBI single. Jordan sac fly

Ruark Hotopp @ChineseBandits7🔁@ByLukeJohnson This tells you how much opposing teams think of Deichmann as much as it does what they think of Coomes
Hannah Martin @hmartinTDR🔁Coomes' RBI single lands right inside the RF line and puts the Tigers just one run away.

B5 | #LSU: 6, TSU: 7

David Grubb @DMGrubb🔁Bloop single into right field by Coomes scores a run. #LSU with the bases full and nobody out trailing 6-7. #sportsNOLA
Dandy Don LSU Sports @dandydonlsu🔁Coomes flairs an RBI 1B to right field to plate a run & hustles back to 1B before getting pegged out. LSU withing 7-6. Bases loaded, 0 outs.
Christopher Dabe @cmdabe🔁#LSU loads the bases with nobody out, and a run scores on Nick Coomes' flare to right that cuts Texas Southern's lead to 7-6 in the fifth.
Brandon Adam @badam_TDR🔁Coomes drops a single down the RF line, Freeman scores.

Jordan at the plate.

#LSU cuts the lead to 7-6

Luke Johnson @ByLukeJohnson🔁Coomes was incredibly lucky not to be thrown out at 1B. Wandered way too far off the bag.
Nick Suss @nicksuss🔁Nick Coomes singles in a run. #LSU trims lead to 7-6. Bases still loaded.

Other stuff happened too, but it was very silly and on-brand.

James Moran @SmartestMoran🔁Coomes took way too big a turn and should've been out at first.

That's when #SWACtion happened

James Bewers @JamesBewers🔁B5 | TSU 7, #LSU 6

Coomes bloops an RBI single into RF.

Bases still loaded for Beau Jordan. No outs.

Adam Henderson @AdamATVS🔁Coomes flares one into right. A run scores, and Coomes gets caught in no man's land. Despite the throw beating him, he's safe

7-6 TSU

Kristian Garic @KristianGaric🔁Little Texas league single against Texas Southern for Coomes #LSU gets a run still down 7-6


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