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Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁Q7: What mistakes are deal-breakers for guest blog/contributed content submissions? #contentchat
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁@sudoyle Thanks Su! I appreciate you stopping by! #ContentChat
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁@alcrump12 So glad you came! See you next week! #ContentChat
Arielle Tannenbaum @ariellemargot🔁Next week on we're joined by from for Designing Exceptional Community Experiences. See you there!
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁@MarijanaKay @michelelinn So glad you could join us. Come back next week! #ContentChat
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁@allisonryder Thanks and I'm so glad you made it! #ContentChat
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁@JWB519 So glad you could make it! #ContentChat
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁@MaureenOnPoint This looks like a great topic! #ContentChat
Flying Cork @flyingcorkpgh🔁@MaureenOnPoint A4: elevator pitch of who you are, what you do and why they should care. #ContentChat
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁@MarijanaKay @CMIContent Happy to send you an intro to our editor @cmicontent! #ContentChat
Flying Cork @flyingcorkpgh🔁A3: offer value first. Provide them with something without asking for anything in return. Build a relationship to sta rt.
Flying Cork @flyingcorkpgh🔁@MaureenOnPoint A1: guest blogging is a great way to tap into a larger/different audience. Also, great means for earned links! #ContentChat
allison ryder @allisonryder🔁Think I did pretty well multitasking and dealing with slow internet. Great moderation today by .
Express Writers @ExpWriters🔁Thanks for today's chat! Have a great week! #ContentChat
Marijana Kostelac ✏️ @MarijanaKay🔁@MaureenOnPoint This was awesome! Thanks for hosting, @MaureenOnPoint, and for awesome answers @michelelinn! 👌 #ContentChat
Su Doyle @sudoyle🔁@MaureenOnPoint Thanks for being today's #ContentChat content catalyst! Great discussion.
Alex Crump @alcrump12🔁Thanks for hosting @MaureenOnPoint, this was a great chat! #ContentChat
tagdef @tagdef🔁Wonder what #contentchat means? Look it up on
YourWebContentWriter @WebContent4U🔁@MaureenOnPoint @michelelinn Thanks for taking on hosting Maureen. Thanks for all the great info Michele. Great chat today. #contentchat
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁Bye friends! Have a great day! #ContentChat
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁Wouldn't miss it! #ContentChat
Joanne Masterson @attnmachines🔁@MaureenOnPoint A8 What do #contentmarketers here think of guest posting on @copyblogger? #contentchat
Erika Heald @SFerika🔁Next week on we're joined by from for Designing Exceptional Community Experiences. See you there!
Su Doyle @sudoyle🔁It can feel a bit funny though when writing for Aerospace Manufacturing, Just Style & RFID 24-7 in the same month! #ContentChat
SRB Communications @SRBComm🔁Bookmarked! #ContentChat
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁A8: Well, #cmworld, obvs. @SpinSucks takes contributions... @semrush, and @WordStream #ContentChat
Marijana Kostelac ✏️ @MarijanaKay🔁One of my dreams is to get published . Haven't pitched yet - I'm building toward it (background, other work, etc.)❤️
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁@michelelinn Thanks so much Michele! It's been such a pleasure having you with us! #ContentChat
Joanne Masterson @attnmachines🔁A8 Guest post on for mental hea lth, relationships too.
Su Doyle @sudoyle🔁A8. Have had luck w/ vertical publications. Always looking for case studies, best practices, how-tos, & they love g raphics!
Tajah Brown @Tajah_Brown🔁@MaureenOnPoint A7: stealing ideas and focusing too much on promotion is a deal breaker #ContentChat
YourWebContentWriter @WebContent4U🔁@michelelinn Great list. Thanks #contentchat
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁@MaureenOnPoint And if you think of any questions after this chat, ask anytime! #ContentChat
YourWebContentWriter @WebContent4U🔁@Jonas419 @JasonSchemmel @ap_bullard @MaureenOnPoint Exactly. Lately it seems to be happening a lot though. #contentchat
Express Writers @ExpWriters🔁@alan_fleming Very true! People want to work with those they can trust and rely on. #ContentChat
SRB Communications @SRBComm🔁Do your research on what outlets make sense for the content you want to contribute and for the audience you want to r each.
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁A8. This is a nice list of blogs that accept guest writers from #shoutmeloud: #ContentChat
Alan Fleming @alan_fleming🔁@michelelinn True. It is fully dependent upon what your writing and who you're writing for. #ContentChat
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁A8. Shameless plug, but if you are in the content marketing space, consider @cmicontent. We look for advanced topics. #ContentChat
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁I think it's the way it's worded in your email. You can usually tell the intent . But, yes, the bio is always fine.
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁I think you're right. =D #ContentChat
SRB Communications @SRBComm🔁tag, tag, and also... TAG! The originator will love it and you won't look like a thief. #contentchat #blogging
YourWebContentWriter @WebContent4U🔁@michelelinn @JasonSchemmel @ap_bullard @MaureenOnPoint Right. Don't make more work for the editors. #ContentChat
Su Doyle @sudoyle🔁100% Do it 4 the right reasons.

But you're crazy not to: they may be flattered to be quoted & provide more publi city.

Alan Fleming @alan_fleming🔁@ExpWriters And, going back to previous ?, not meeting deadlines will cause other opportunities to quickly disappear. #ContentChat
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁A8. The publication you pitch will depend on who your audience is, so the answer is (the unfortunate), “It depends.” #ContentChat
Alex Crump @alcrump12🔁Totally agree! because they will ask and will remember that you slowed them down/didn't provide the right info.
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁Q8: What are some publications that accept contributed content that content marketers should consider pitching?
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁Contracts are sketchy. If someone is going to screw you, they're likely going to screw you with or w/o a contract. =D
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁This also makes the editor's job easier because s/he does not need to go back to you and ask!
Alexia P. Bullard @ap_bullard🔁@allisonryder @sudoyle @michelelinn @MaureenOnPoint @CMIContent It definitely can be. #ContentChat
allison ryder @allisonryder🔁It's also a delicate dance when you review a contract, if there is one
Express Writers @ExpWriters🔁@alan_fleming Yes! It's especially important to meet deadlines. Other people are counting on you. #ContentChat
Alexia P. Bullard @ap_bullard🔁I always have a contract, even when I wrote simply for exposure. It covers all the bases, including legal aspects.
Shawn Paul Wood @ShawnPaulWood🔁soooooooooo THIS! #ContentChat
YourWebContentWriter @WebContent4U🔁Passing somebody else's brilliance off as your own is a definite dealbreaker.
Javier Sanabria @SanabriaJav🔁@michelelinn This touches on @MaureenOnPoint's view concerning self-serving content. #contentchat
Alexia P. Bullard @ap_bullard🔁When I first started out (about 3 years ago), I wrote for exposure. If that's agreed on, that's what the contract inc ludes.
Su Doyle @sudoyle🔁Have had a mix of contract / no contract. For industry pubs, usually need to confirm that they retain rights to the article.
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁@JasonSchemmel @ap_bullard That kind of collaboration is going to be way better for your relationships than stealing. #ContentChat
Alan Fleming @alan_fleming🔁A7: Not following through on what you say you will do - subject, timing, using new work not published elsewhere.
Joanne Masterson @attnmachines🔁@MaureenOnPoint A7: Self-promotional content would be a total deal breaker for me. #Contentchat
Jason Schemmel @JasonSchemmel🔁YES! For the love of God source where you pulled information, visuals, assets, etc. Give credit where credit is due!
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁A7. Deal breaker #3: Forgetting that you are not the only author to submit. Editors get A LOT of email, so be respectful #ContentChat
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁A7. Deal breaker #2: You ask for backlinks in your post. This signals you care about the link, not about helping readers. #ContentChat
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁@ap_bullard @MaureenOnPoint @CMIContent Got it. Often our writers write for exposure. #ContentChat
Marijana Kostelac ✏️ @MarijanaKay🔁@michelelinn @ap_bullard @MaureenOnPoint @CMIContent Never had such situation! #ContentChat
Su Doyle @sudoyle🔁So true. Hard for marketers 2 switch gears sometimes betw promotional copy & content. Have had to rework many comm ercials!
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁Always a no-no. #ContentChat
Marijana Kostelac ✏️ @MarijanaKay🔁@michelelinn @JasonSchemmel @MaureenOnPoint Precisely! :) #ContentChat
Alexia P. Bullard @ap_bullard🔁I always have a contract in place for anyone I work with. It includes details such as payment, rights, deadlines, etc .
SRB Communications @SRBComm🔁Great question, need to know the "dont's" as well as the "do's" #ContentChat #blogging
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁A7. Deal breaker #1: The topic is not laser-focused for that specific blog. Generic pitches never succeed. #ContentChat
Javier Sanabria @SanabriaJav🔁@MaureenOnPoint A7: Submitting content that veers away from what was agreed upon. #contentchat
Express Writers @ExpWriters🔁A7: If you don't follow the guidelines of the website you're guest posting for, that's a deal breaker. #ContentChat
Alexia P. Bullard @ap_bullard🔁@MaureenOnPoint A7:
Marijana Kostelac ✏️ @MarijanaKay🔁@sudoyle So glad it helps! ☺️ #ContentChat
Martin Lieberman @martinlieberman🔁@MaureenOnPoint A7 SO many self-promotional links and mentions. Add value, not a commercial. #contentchat
Joanne Masterson @attnmachines🔁A6 Blog pitch a go yay! Next
Make it helpful
Polish it ()
title ()
Promo te it
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁Curious: Do most guest bloggers need to sign a contract for guest blogging? We don't do that at
YourWebContentWriter @WebContent4U🔁@MaureenOnPoint A7. Content that is completely self-serving. #contentchat
Alexia P. Bullard @ap_bullard🔁A7:
Incorrect name
Clearly copy + paste email (not genuine)
Missing the deadline
Not editing + proofreading
Being of f-topic

Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁Words to live by. #ContentChat
Jason Schemmel @JasonSchemmel🔁Very true, which is my goal for 2018. I want to expand as a content marketer & professional. More speaking, too!
Su Doyle @sudoyle🔁@MarijanaKay Posting this above my desk! Thanks :) #ContentChat
Maureen Jann @MaureenOnPoint🔁@MarijanaKay @JasonSchemmel @michelelinn I tend to be more conversational. It serves me well most of the time. #ContentChat
Michele Linn @michelelinn🔁Yes! Like someone said, embrace your voice. But have structure to your piece as well so it's clear what a reader sho uld do :)
Su Doyle @sudoyle🔁@michelelinn Yes. Everyone's busy. Respect their time! #ContentChat


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