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ACLU Massachusetts @ACLU_Mass🔁Tell your state representative: new surveillance powers shouldn’t be tacked on last minute to a bill meant to address twitter.com mass incarceration.
ADL New England @ADL_NewEngland🔁. & MHLAC talk disproportionate impacts of school discipline & exclusion and why should address. Listen here--> twitter.com
Progressive Mass @ProgressiveMass🔁Let's get it up to 's $1500 (still too low: TX-- T.E.X.A.S. --is $2,500). This isn't controversial. Conservative outf twitter.com its like ALEC and Reason advocate raising the threshold. Let's be as progressive as... Texas and ALEC?
ACLU Massachusetts @ACLU_Mass🔁Demand that your MA state representative vote to strengthen the House criminal justice bill and reject amendments to twitter.com expand government surveillance.
ENDTHEBACKLOG.org @ENDTHEBACKLOG🔁TY House Minority Leader Bradley Jones, Rep. Carmine Gentile and for your leadership and continued support for surv twitter.com ivors. Next up, the Senate!
Progressive Mass @ProgressiveMass🔁WITHDRAWN Amdts=on our link.💡💡 Ask yr Rep point blank:
✅ WHY were these GOOD amdts withdrawn?
✅ What 🐎 was it tr twitter.com aded for?
✅ Did you, Rep, FIGHT for them? Why/not?
Get an accounting. Ask for receipts.

#mapoli, Vote #NoOn2 @RWwatchMA🔁PewTrustsOrg: Oklahoma raised their Felony Theft Threshold 1000%. Since 2000, at least 37 states have raised their f twitter.com elony theft thresholds, including nine that did so twice
#mapoli, Vote #NoOn2 @RWwatchMA🔁The Effects of Changing Felony Theft Thresholds: More evidence that higher values have not led to increased property twitter.com crime or larceny rates via
Madge of Honor @madgeofhonor🔁Yesterday, many people called to prevent prosecutors from getting the power to wiretap people who use drugs & other i twitter.com nvasive unnecessary surveillance. Nice work. Remember their priorities when they're running for office in 2018.
The Peace Institute @LDBpeaceInst🔁If this becomes law, we’ll be a model for the rest of the country! We won’t have to deny families reimbursement for m twitter.com odest funeral costs because of the circumstances surrounding their loved one’s murder.
Progressive Mass @ProgressiveMass🔁appalling, cruel, abusive. Why do we want to damage persons who will be returning to our midst more broken, traumatiz twitter.com ed--at OUR hands? Does this make any sense beyond serving vengeance? Vengeance isn't justice.
The Peace Institute @LDBpeaceInst🔁Today we’re feeling very grateful to the the MA Legislature for recognizing the unique needs of survivors of homicide twitter.com victims and affirming that we all deserve to lay our loved one’s to rest with respect & dignity.
Madge of Honor @madgeofhonor🔁Long day yesterday. Thanks to leadership on Primary Caretakers, this critical legislation will still be considered b twitter.com y the conference committee. Community-based sentences for parents will reduce trauma + suffering caused by incarceration.
Progressive Mass @ProgressiveMass🔁To be clear: there ARE plain, clear reasons Why so few (tl;dr: don't want 'em, accountability, YadaX2). ASKING tho twitter.com can be imp't: it says, "It's 2017: RULES HAVE CHANGED. I'm PAYING ATTENTION".


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