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#churchtoo LaSisi weDreads @ElihlePumane🔁#churchtoo yho. I have no words shame. We live in a very dark dark world.
Rachel Held Evans @rachelheldevans🔁Following #churchtoo with a heavy heart. Thank you for telling your stories with such courage.
#churchtoo Barbara Roberts @NotUnderBondage🔁#churchtoo Raped, tracked, humiliated: Clergy wives speak out about domestic violence cryingoutforjustice.com
#churchtoo A Cry For Justice @_CryforJustice🔁#churchtoo Raped, tracked, humiliated: Clergy wives speak out about domestic violence cryingoutforjustice.com
Shannon Coulter @shannoncoulter🔁This 👇 appears to be about Pastor Bruce Jenkins, one of the 50 Alabama pastors who have publicly supported/defended twitter.com Roy Moore.
TIME @TIME🔁The religious community is speaking out against sexual violence with #ChurchToo ti.me
Christopher Stroop @C_Stroop🔁 Remember Tippecanoe and Tyler too?
Now we have #EmptyThePews and #churchtoo
Spread the word! twitter.com
Kali's Brood @kalisbrood🔁
Three men, including Pastor Muniandi sentenced to life imprisonment for raping minor girl in TN via
speakingtruthinlove @STILministries🔁First #MeToo, Now #ChurchToo: Sexual Abuse, Harassment, and Mishandling in the Church speakingtruthinlove.wordpress.com
Olaf @BhaaratFirst🔁Looking at the stories I suspect they are pumping in billions of $ into India coz we have bigger population to exploit, our courts are too slow and our police are too lenient towards the western predators.. - easy prey
DQ @CampaignCue🔁Christians, scroll through the hashtag. Weep with your brothers and sisters who have been hurt in what *should* be the safest place on earth. Then, do better and demand better.
제파니 @inahdrewyouin🔁My uncle, who is the pastor of our church, made me sit in his office during mid-week service because I was wearing s twitter.com horts that could give the men the “wrong idea.” I was 11 and hadn’t even hit puberty yet.
Sunshines blog @Miss_Chinney🔁Follow the hashtag to hear the firsthand stories of women who have been horribly mistreated by men in church settings. It's important, brave, & vulnerable.

CW/TW for descriptions of assault, harassment, manipulation, abuse.

Footy @ItsThabang🔁Only White people participating in this #churchtoo 🤔🤔🤔
Sunshines blog @Miss_Chinney🔁: when I was told that I shouldn't have gone over to his house by myself. Not that they were sorry. Not that his role would be changed. Just that I shouldn't have gone over there alone (wearing a dress) because it caused him to be "overcome by lust"
lynnlos @lynnmcloud🔁Thank you for sharing the hashtag and featuring some of my thoughts. Props to for starting this convo exposing assault & abuse in Evangelicalism, which ties into 's movement.
Olaf @BhaaratFirst🔁None of the stories surprise me in the least. Not when you let grown men blame 12 year olds in short shorts for their “lust”
Sunshines blog @Miss_Chinney🔁A trend I am noticing with : abusers are often charismatic, adored by a community, and in leadership positions. This is what keeps folks silent. It’s kept me silent too.
Michael Cowtan @MichaelCowtan🔁#ChurchToo is sickening, but not surprising twitter.com
ஏந்திழை @Maha_Krish🔁
Please read thread based on MSM stories. Please. Moving plight of kids. Foreign funded Org.
SlimShady @watsUrName_🔁While going through the stories, one realises how the Church has institutionalized this abomination through multi-layered cover-ups with the connivance of media, lawyers and those in power, whether in a society or in the administration.
Deborah @deborahtofte🔁There's a hashtag on Twitter right now called where people are sharing their stories of sexual harassment and abuse in religious (primarily Christian) settings.

It's a sobering, powerful, disturbing read.

Many thanks to the brave people sharing their stories.

Special Tee Tweets @SpecialTeeTwts🔁I grew up in a small town where 2 ministers preyed on young boys under the guise of teaching them music; they moleste twitter.com d many of my male friends & hv nvr been brought 2 justice
babajibaala @babajibaala🔁 #Churchtoo #India #Thiruvananthapuram Pastor arrested for sexually abusing minor boy english.manoramaonline.com
Caroline @skippy_c🔁Let's hope forces the Catholic church to stop sheltering paedophiles and let them face courts in the countries they twitter.com committed offences in.
Olaf @BhaaratFirst🔁The stories now surfacing are important. As with the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, stories of abuse and harassment must be aired for the sake of victims and survivors, as well as institutions. "There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed" (Lk 8:17).
Pulse of Music @PulseofMusic🔁#ChurchToo hashtag blows up social media to expose sexual abuse in religious communities fb.me
Adweya @kwoba_🔁So if your car breaks down dump it and get a new one? No. Fix it. Fix the church. Rid it of the predators and bring twitter.com them to book. Help victims and survivors to heal and don’t belittle their experiences
norman miller @normanmiller7🔁Thank you, , for highlighting and noting its connection to . FYI, I started after Charlottesville. It has a broader scope and is very much alive as a hashtag for exposing, protesting the Christian Right’s rot:

Special Tee Tweets @SpecialTeeTwts🔁I was afraid to tell the ppl @ church that I had been sexually assaulted @ college; I feared being judged as a "bad" girl #churchtoo
Hane Godwyn @HaneGodwyn🔁Sexual Abuse - A Whole Person Holocaust hanegodwyn.wordpress.com via @hanegodwyn #churchtoo #metoo #trauma
Injustice @Injustice🔁: abuse survivors speak out about harassment in their religious communities via vox.com
Special Tee Tweets @SpecialTeeTwts🔁I was told by an older preacher that he would "date" me if he was a few decades younger; this same leader frequently twitter.com inquired abt my sex life askin if I was "pure"
Sushmita Shankar @SushShankar🔁Reading stories- those sexually assaulted in churches, by men in power- men the church protected. Parents:don’t set foot into church b/f learning how they handle reported assault.No more blinders, no more deference.The church is NOT God.
Sushmita Shankar @SushShankar🔁Following the hash with interest. Many stories at the hands of the church. And me? I was made to sign a purity contract at age 11. And witnessed a man confess from the pulpit having sex w/a child. Praised for his bravery. No further action.
Rev. Peter Preble @frpeterpreble🔁The hashtag is needed. It’s also a reminder that the pseudo-celebrity culture of Christian publishing and conferences too often protects bad behavior.
Rob Pettipas @dgbretrogames🔁Want to ruin your day? Read some #churchtoo tweets, that'll sour you up real quick. #anger
fcra_analyst @by2kaafi🔁
Three men, including Pastor Muniandi sentenced to life imprisonment for raping minor girl in TN via twitter.com
Caroline @skippy_c🔁Please have a look at and note that those telling stories of abuse by Catholic clergy have their own . twitter.com
HAB @nilleo007🔁 (UK Charity No: 272411) (India FCRA No: TN/76030277) Church of England vicar accused of sexually assaulting 15 yr old boy in India via
fcra_analyst @by2kaafi🔁#Churchtoo #India #Thiruvananthapuram Pastor arrested for sexually abusing minor boy english.manoramaonline.com
👑 Babazani Bo! 👅 @KamogeloM_🔁Those courageously tweeting :

I am a white man. I am privileged. I may well have been part of the problem without ever knowing or intending to be. And I am sorry.

What can I and others like me do today which will help bring real change? How can we do better?

your favorite auntie @creaslean🔁I was just thinking about how toxic the Catholic and Christian Churches and religious culture in general can be, and twitter.com then I see this dialogue happening. Wow. The gendered oppression and abuse that happens under the guise of salvation is truly a plague.
Hannatu @FayveRight🔁Non-Christian people of faith: Don’t be smug about . Acknowledge that *all* religions have this problem, and do something about it.
👑 Babazani Bo! 👅 @KamogeloM_🔁 The most infuriating one of all: The man who raped me is now a pastor in Oklahoma. #churchtoo
👑 Babazani Bo! 👅 @KamogeloM_🔁 A teacher and a esteemed member of the baptist church in grew up in was caught with a student. 4th grade. Others came forward. The church protected him. My best friend was one of his victims. She committed suicide in HS.
🇷ohit jain @RohitJain700🔁#churchtoo It only tells that pastors have not experienced life in its richest dimension & they are using a spare part to fill the void.
Bill D @bosoxbill🔁 horrified. If you’re in a church situation only because nobody has told you God isn’t real, I’m happy to be the guy. twitter.com Humans made God, not vice/versa. Religions, at best, are communities of good people who support great work (Sistine chapels, drug/alcohol recovery, etc)
Bulma @fatgalsarah🔁 : here’s an issue that I feel passionate about.

I was sexually & physically abused by a bf who was also a member of my church.

When I went to my church leaders for help the discouraged me from going to the police & encouraged me to give him another chance.

Foreign Baby @galscoutzkukiz🔁 Following #churchtoo with a heavy heart. Thank you for telling your stories with such courage.
Foreign Baby @galscoutzkukiz🔁This thread is so heart-breaking and enraging at the same time. Like WHAT?!!!!

Nahhh, the church needs to do bette twitter.com r. WE need to do better!

Nagaraj #GiveUpAMeal @nagarajanvanaja🔁Stories and events in are horrible beyond belief! More remarkable is Indian media’s OMERTA code of never reporting on this issue.
Zero Budget Farmer - శూన్య అయవ్యయ హాలికుడు @wtfex🔁 In almost all RoL Organization abuse stories reported from , the Org is foreign funded This aspect hasn't got the attn. it deserves. Were a similar crime to happen in a India-funded Org, donors would get aware & can stop future donations. But not in former
Bulma @fatgalsarah🔁. I was about 13 or 14 and at church Summer camp. The minister leading the camp was harassing one teenager girl from his church and she asked us all to protect her. One day he chased her into the girl's bathroom where girls were showering and changing. A group of 1/
Staxxx tha vibe @StaxxTooLit🔁Maybe this #churchtoo thing affects only white people.search the # and see for yourself.
TaLynn Kel @TaLynnKel🔁 hashtag aims to bring attention to sexual assault in religious communities: trib.al
Bulma @fatgalsarah🔁 is when Black girls learn their worth and value by sermons that talk about Eve being ordered to submit to her husband, Mary Magdalene being a whore, and Bathsheba tempting David.


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