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#charlottsville CaucusCouple @SoDSM4Hillary🔁@realDonaldTrump this is on you. #charlottsville
#charlottsville rich rodriguez @richiepix🔁Make America Great Again. #charlottsville #25thThe45th
#charlottsville katelyn @katexon🔁 yo north korea, heres a map of the US, do your best. #charlottsville
#charlottsville Victor Giardina @siciliantaurus🔁 #WhiteSupremacy
Your people killed a woman today
@realDonaldTrump #charlottsville
#charlottsville LauraBabcock @LauraBabcock🔁"The roots of what happened in #charlottsville started in 1619 we need a cold, hard look at our country" #gps
#charlottsville Papa Mango @Blake2Awesome🔁 This what courage look like #charlottsville
Mary Beth Cunat @mbcunat🔁 Former white supremacists & how he overcame blaming others #amjoy #charlottsville

#charlottsville#charlottsville Hikaru Yamiko @MissTwitchy🔁 You can't tell me police treat white and black people the same in this country. #charlottsville
#charlottsville Jonathan Lifferth @soy_cuchara🔁 These guys clearly watched one too many pewdiepie vids #charlottsville
#charlottsville Jeremy Babineaux @Jbabs001🔁Welcome to my Facebook. Welcome to insecure white america.
Welcome to #charlottsville
#charlottsville pewdiepie @pewdiepie🔁These guys clearly watched one too many pewdiepie vids #charlottsville
wikipedia brown @eveewing🔁"These #charlottsville guys are losers. They don't have jobs/friends/girlfriends."

Stop making this out to be the fringe. It's not.

Danneel HarrisAckles @DanneelHarris🔁Well said Gov. McAuliffe! There is NO PLACE for white supremacy and nazi groups in our GREAT COUNTRY. #CondemnHate #charlottsville
James @James45trump🔁AntiFa scum that pepper sprayed Infowars camera man point blank. pol please identify.
Schel the "Don" @SchelWill🔁. My mind is on the young folks who put their bodies on the line for an America we have not yet become. Thank you.
ruralUSAasks @ruralUSAasks@GOPSenMajority @HouseGOP DO YOU STILL SUPPO🔁//" target="_blank">
davvvee @david_loukas🔁my respect to those who stood against those white nationalists today at . Once again prayers to those who passed; are injured
Hikaru Yamiko @MissTwitchy🔁As churns with hate & racism, I am grateful for 🇨🇦 inclusion.

But make no mistake: the same hate festers here and must end.

Susannah McGowan @susmcgowan🔁 “THE CHARLOTTESVILLE SYLLABUS” by UVa Graduate Coalition. #charlottsville #highered #cdnpse
AllyIowa @allyiowa🔁@VanJones68 When referring to the racists, instead of "carrying torches through streets," say "Tiki torches". Emasculating #Charlottsville
Martin Kelman @MartinKelman🔁“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” #charlottsville #HeatherHeyer #RIP
BBMSustainableDesign @BBMarchitects🔁People get upset when I tweet things not about science

The Nazi, White Supremacists assholes in are d-bags

sdf @🔔☎️ @scott_folsom🔁US soldiers execute Nazi guards in newly liberated Dachau concentration camp (April 29, 1945).
DonaldTrumpParenting @TRUMParenting🔁Teach your kids to stand up for what is right, like money and #whiteprivilege and fight injustices like inheritance tax. #charlottsville
Millennial Views @millennialviews🔁The entire fiasco is being used to score points on Trump.

I wonder who paid for it?

katelyn @katexon🔁 Turns out, we don't need N. Korea. We're perfectly capable of destroying ourselves....
Foolish Wizard @gbabyspaceship🔁nazis of today at and the world over view black, brown, queer, jewish, and disabled ppl as subhuman. = complicity
The Former LadyGlock @AlizaySteinberg🔁Oh, hey , shavua tov! Hope you had a great Shabbat. Any thoughts on the nazis in ? Your dad had nothing.
Ramble Ramble @RambleRamblePod🔁My co-host Marie has been tweeting about #charlottsville I don't have the energy. We will talk about it on the pod and bring a diff. spin.
Lynn de Rothschild @LdeRothschild🔁We will all need to join you ;we are seeing the Good Rs and Ds finally come together for
Richard Collins @richcol99🔁@itscollegebabes @FAMlLYGUYSCENES Looks like a better place to go than #charlottsville
Sue Allen @SueAllenMusic🔁Dear journos: your editors asking you to reach out to white "community leaders" for reax to , yet?Thought not.
Vader67 @Vader671🔁@FoxNews @RepTomGarrett We all knew what #MAGA meant. #charlottsville
BJ Maack @bjmaack🔁It would be great if every pastor at every church this morning condemned #charlottsville Every person in that church in fact.
Shawn McCaughey @semcc2🔁Remember not just for the tragedy it is but as the reason WE have to stop the dressed up racism of alt-right nationalism.
Anya Hilpert @HilpertAnya🔁Terrorism: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. #charlottsville
Donald Fauxtrump @Donald_Fauxtrum🔁We must fight the bigotry against Nazis (my voters) so I can complete our transition to a white nationalist government!
Kryschelle @Phasirious🔁If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppresser.
☀️Lars Boelen @LarsBoelen🔁 From the President of the United States of America, still no condemnation of white supremacist terrorism #charlottsville
Cyrus Farivar @cfarivar🔁this article is good, but the pic on top is v violent so here's kittens to block loading
julie wear @jawear🔁 Obama never spoke out against. Violent racist hate groups, he invited them to the WH.
R Rank @Blackprint_15🔁@tariqnasheed said weeks ago that this would happen in #charlottsville
music man @musicman256🔁Why aren't you including BLM and antifa in the discussion? Aren't the domestic terrorist? So much for fair and balanc ed.

MASHFanficChick @MASHFanficChick🔁"These guys are losers. They don't have jobs/friends/girlfriends."

Stop making this out to be the fringe. It's not.

Real Covfefe @ClintWroteThis🔁There are demons in this country... #charlottsville and the President leads them all. Repugnant response from the petulant POTUS
JB @VinoTavolo🔁@CSGV @NRA NRA: All sides are to blame. Except our side, of course. #NRA #charlottsville #2A
ekatenas @EKatenas8🔁If you're blaming Trump for , but didn't blame Obama/Dems/Hillary for R senator shooting, you're a disingenuous lying hack!
Lauren Bill @laurenbill3🔁 Clear as a bell. #charlottsville
Noa M. @iNoa_girl🔁I pray for those in #Charlottsville fighting for justice and equality, in the face of hate and Evil.
Mark Eisner @MarkEisner5🔁Pause for a moment and pray for the people of as they deal with the terrorism taking place there & yes, that's what it is.
Sarah Hay @SarahxHay🔁events in the US, don't even know what to say really. Where are these kids getting radicalised & how? #charlottsville
☢️ Nuclear Nerd ☢️ @NuclearNerdFR🔁I see someone who has trouble to see himself in a mirror this morning ! U made your bed, u sleep in it.
Minka K @Minka_k4🔁@Sen_JoeManchin Dont accept appt. as Energy Secretary in Trump administratn. Dont join neo-nazis, racists and anti-semites. #Charlottsville
Trump Support @Trumptothetop🔁The people calls "counter-protesters" in . ignores real violence and terror inflicted by the left.
🍀Lexi LaMontagne @alexisy95🔁 @RepJoeKennedy We should team up and make sure that things like #charlottsville won't happen again. It's so disgusting.
Lana Montalban @LanaMontalban🔁Please #RETWEEET the mayor of #charlottsville words.
Pamela Chavers @PamelaChavers🔁The individual as the Rep. describe that killed a young woman in had a accomplice the Republican Party &
🍀Lexi LaMontagne @alexisy95🔁@RepJoeKennedy We should team up and make sure that things like #charlottsville won't happen again. It's so disgusting.
Feather McMillan @FeatherMcMilla1🔁#Charlottesville
Ck your hashtags they are trying 2 divide threads
Andrew Chappelle @andrewchappelle🔁 An update on #charlottsville and a forensic look at the white supremacists in the US on #AJNewsGrid. See you there
tara @treeranch🔁@realDonaldTrump Condemn white supremacists. Tell them you don't want their support. Or do the right thing and resign. #charlottsville
Matt Johnson @Mattjohnsons🔁It's so sad reading about the horrific terrorism in #charlottsville US.
I love America and I hate what's happening to it at the moment
Latisha H. Caldwell @TishCaldwell🔁My Pastor said the world needs what we have! It's all love @ElevationChurch! #elevationchurch #charlottsville
Kosta Linardakis @KostaLinardakis🔁We condemn the acts of hatred, bigotry & violence perpetrated by white supremacists/neo-Nazis in . No place for it in the US.
depp @Nole4life02🔁@jaketapper @VanJones68 refuse to disavow #Antifa said they aren't violent.they ignore people getting hit with bike locks #charlottsville
Cathy #DemForce @ivesoncj🔁 These are #Trumps armies. He has created this. #ImpeachTrumpNow #charlottsville #DavidDuke


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