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🌸 @highoffnayyy🔁 idk where this video came from but i appreciate this man SO MUCH #charlotesville
#charlotesville#charlotesville Tariq. @sarcastariq🔁 So a car is responsible for people's deaths when a white man is driving It? lol


Rod Van Dam 🔋 @RodneyyJ_🔁 idk where this video came from but i appreciate this man SO MUCH #charlotesville
#charlotesville#charlotesville Not your average Joe @joeyarchibald🔁Teams wear uniforms. #Trump #Charlotesville #magafail
#charlotesville#charlotesville#charlotesville 🐸 Frogxit ∇ @frogxit🔁 #CharlotesVille Of course this is not racism - this is diversity of thoughts, amIrite? 🤔
tofu bitch @deathnoteshawty🔁 Stay woke #charlotesville
#charlotesville Dee Ambrosini @dee_ambrosini🔁 This is the face of #terrorism in the United States. #charlotesville
#charlotesville VoteVets @votevets🔁This is the face of #terrorism in the United States. #charlotesville
Craig Melvin @craigmelvin🔁It would seem the first act of domestic terrorism under this President won't be at the hands of radical Muslims after all. #Charlotesville
Jacob Eassa @JacobEassa🔁What happened in is repugnant to the human heart. Neo-nazis have no place in America today. Praying for the families.
Maria @MariaDiwane🔁This has absolutely nothing to do with anything relating to the specifics of #charlotesville lmao I h8 this man.
Shainy @shain_h🔁 Looking at shocking images on TV of #charlotesville you realise this problem of white supremacists is domestic terrorism.
|ocpin 🏴 @papianon🔁Heres the Nazi who killed , his name is James Alex Fields - Taking this seriously, yet?

Robbie Kimball @robbie_kimball🔁How many of us have seen tweets of people encouraging people to run over protesters? #Charlotesville
Jonathan Manafo @jonathanmanafo🔁Hate, it has caused lots of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.
Laila Lee👽🍕🖤 @ConnorxClayton🔁Things like this for the next 3 1/2 years because after this riots I'm #charlotesville it's still not gonna be enough to impeach him.
Danny @DManthetruth🔁Be in #Charlotesville the cops leave and let Neo-Nazi's (can't believe I said that) fight amongst blacks and other BLM sympathizers?
Josephine Digregorio @heavensentjo🔁 No one Wants to talk about the Nazis? all this hate is Trumps fault. He needs to go now
aliyscia chanelle @ofixally_allie🔁One is non violent the other is. Now class I want you to guess which one is which
Colby Kern @colbykern🔁2,200 National Guard deployed on Ferguson peaceful protestors. National Guard on "stand by" in as folks are killed by cars.
Vith @MilkSepautism🔁Muh leaderless. Inherently leftist idea, chaotic and nonhierarchical. violated a federal court order and that's good for us.
Gloria de los Reyes @gloriathecat🔁@_Snape_ Yeap. And our souls have no color, so everyone's at risk. #charlotesville
TruthyDeniro#freetax @TruthyDeniro🔁@CNN wont call these mfs thugs #charlotesville #CharlottesvilleVA
Peter F @PFurmo🔁Imagine thinking a legitimate "centrist" position is equidistant between Nazis and anti-Nazis! #defendcville #charlotesville
CSM @johnmich44🔁🆘
The FBI has released a sketch of 2 men sought in connection to the Terrorist Attack
Top Bugg @bugg_ray🔁 Anyone out there capable of collecting #Charlotesville images, posting them, & asking public to identify these people? #AMJoy
Rick Ragan @Rick_Ragan🔁

I think it's time to introduce some laws to keep the hatred out of politics...

Derek O'Neill @derekconeill🔁So, here's a little reminder of what's in the UK's Far Right
ConcernedCitizen @US_Awake🔁It's times like these it would help to have a real president.
#FakePresident #Charlotesville #thisisnotus #oneside #Trump #CharlottesvilleVA
Rav Vadgama @TVRav🔁Irony 101: the white supremacist men too spineless to join the army so playing big-boy dress-up instead
Kate💋 @katedematteo_🔁We are stronger than becuz LOVE is stronger than hate. So take care of your ❤️ & send love into the world. And stay strong.
Me. @RickRollin_🔁 Robert E Lee statue stood in #Charlotesville for 105 years and it offended no one. Why now?
JaeLaRae @joannelarae🔁I am sick of being put into the same 🗑 as white supremacists and Nazis! The MSM fuels this idea. does not represent
try2findus @try2findus🔁All of you trump/duke supporters own this. If you voted for tRUMP, that blood IS ON YOUR HANDS. YOU OWN IT 😡😡
tRUMP=HATE #charlotesville
Carolina @_misslinalee🔁I'm glad my grandfather is not able to see all the nazi activity going on in the US. #Charlotesville
Tay. @PwincessTaaay🔁God I pray that the people in #charlotesville get some peace soon 😩
P.A.C.E. Project @paceprojectuk🔁Trump stops short of condemning Nazi's. Of course, he is one, along with the Klan he has in the WH
Cheri Kentucky 🐸 @Cheri_Kentucky🔁WATCH!!!!!! The first video CLEARLY SHOWS the first two cars rammed people first!!!!!!! WOW.
Crusader @badger14🔁 smells like to me - A staged media setup to discredit / justify violence against Trump supporters? hmmm
RileyL @rileytheroyal🔁 People saying Trump endorses KKK? You do realize Hillary's MENTOR was the Master mind of KKK. Learn history idiots.
Austin Slater @kijabekid🔁We are supposed to be brothers and sisters in Christ. #charlotesville is not how we show love. The church is diverse like we are diverse
Get Schwifty @DickSamples🔁@amjoyshow how is it that only 3 people were arrested during the #charlotesville rally? Why isnt anyone talking about this double standard?
Christopher Siksa @cjsiksa🔁I hope someone screencaps these faces, and searches for their social media for some public shaming, they deserve it #charlotesville
Logan d'Orléans @ThePrinceLogan🔁 Make no mistake: The violent white supremacy of #Charlotesville is empowered by @realDonaldTrump
Jon Hartnett @JondiBlon🔁What is wrong with America? #charlotesville #trump
Larry Levitsky @LarryLevitsky🔁 “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe #charlotesville #HeatherHeyer
Kelvin SNP @SNPKelvin🔁As I read about sick far right proud to hav in my area who make positive contribution 2 our diverse communities.
Alland Byallo @allandbyallo🔁Thanks to , it is well documented exactly what Trump has done to bring out this hatred.
SunnyT @SunnyAtTheGulf🔁Chuck is blind to the hate and violence coming from his side, from the hard left.

Trump correctly condemned all of it.

David Lublin @DavidLublin🔁Maybe let's ask @WilliamShatner what they are saying about #charlotesville on @4chan.
Modern Bushido @RobotBushido🔁To be a vanguard of this Great Expiriment, be of a steady mind, strive for greatness among each other, seek out love #Charlotesville 3/3.
Renee @ReneeBrown1🔁If black protesters were dressed in army fatigue and strapped with guns would the police have allowed the protest to start #charlotesville
Tanzil Chowdhury @Tchowdhury88🔁We have to also seriously question the acquiescence of the police at fascist gatherings across Europe and the US

Ariane Zurcher @arianezurcher🔁American Terrorists - Emboldened...because now they have a voice in the White House.


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