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Taylor Barela @taybarela🔁 #buildabear employees when they got to work this morning
#buildabear Gio © @wizzbomb🔁 #buildabear #TrumpVisitUK

This build a bear thing is getting out of hand now

Mike Kaye @mike_e_kaye🔁 It’s madness! MADNESS I tell you!

Assignment today = The great #BuildABear craze of 2018 😅

#buildabear Adam Curry @adamc80🔁Meanwhile @buildabear
#buildabear Chuck E. Cheese's @ChuckECheeses🔁Didn’t get to #BuildABear? Come in on 7/13, pay your child’s age, and they’ll get 30 minutes of #AllYouCanPlay! 🎮
Matt pinner @Matt_Pinner🔁This is absolute bonkers. Reports say that there is a 9-hour wait at some Build-a-Bear stores.

Dear Son,
I'll buy y twitter.com ou one at full price later.

CBS News @CBSNews🔁BUILD-A-BEAR-ICADE: So many people lined up for 's "Pay Your Age" deal today that stores across the U.S. were forced twitter.com to close, abruptly canceling the promotion and turning thousands of customers away.
Sandra @2Sandie1🔁"I've never seen anything like it" said one shopper in Telford 🐻
MēMē Call Paul 🌊 @MemeCallPaul🔁I wish people lined up to vote like they line up for build a bear pay your age day.

Bonus: voting is free.

Chris Guizlo @chrisguizlo🔁Sometimes I go on TV and talk about #BuildaBear promotions gone wrong and crisis communications planning. kiro.tv
KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁After #buildabear closed lines all over the country, #chuckecheeses is now hosting a "Pay Your Childs Age" event.
MēMē Call Paul 🌊 @MemeCallPaul🔁Parents: Not getting a “pay your age” Build-a-Bead today will not be the end of the world. We were in Cuba last week & those kids eyes lit up when you gave them a box of cereal. You and your child will survive the disappointment.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Jet Set Tad 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @bindvdn🔁Shopper in London finds out #buildabear are doing pay your child's age deal again! #TrumpUKVisit twitter.com
Danielle Harker @ddog10132🔁Has anyone else noticed how #BuildABear pay your age day and #7ElevenDay were on the same week....
Richard 🇯🇲 @Starolympic🔁@CNN The price for a popular bear can range from 60-85. I can understand the long lines. #buildabear
Melanie Onn MP @OnnMel🔁 @jamcreencia That #BuildaBear has a lot to answer for.
kro kid @krokid2012🔁It's Friday the 13th, so let's get savage.

Today is "Build a Beer" day in the taproom. Pay your age, we'll provide ingredients for you to create your very own stuffed bear - oops I mean Beer.

Ms.Liz @MsLiz04🔁Didn’t get to ? Come in on 7/13, pay your child’s age, and they’ll get 30 minutes of ! 🎮
DoleyWoley @deolynne🔁IHOP: We have developed the most disastrous, yet successful marketing campaign of 2018!

Build A Bear: Hold my bear...

Monica Medina @monicasayshey🔁What happened with #buildabear was the same thing that happened at #Tanacon🧸😆
MarketSnacks @MarketSnacks🔁Clever (albeit true fiasco of an) attempt to revive the brand. They refreshed the name & product in the mind of consumers who otherwise haven’t given them thought in years. In today’s society, be it business or political, wreckless is winning (good or bad) = + Sales
AffiliateMarketplace @rmgm9006🔁 Can't get Check out my
Snugs the Snow Bear by Suzy Davies via
Paul De Lozier @PaulDeLozier🔁Since pay your age Day was a bust before we even left lol! We’re going to maybe they will be calm since everyone is waiting in line for their bears 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. Going be filming a vlog while we’re out today!
The Queen of Cardio @jsismee🔁It that’s undisputable BUT ... could have planned this out better. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ got the mass all hyped up only to turn away customers before or shortly after store opening hours 🤦🏻‍♀️
Paul De Lozier @PaulDeLozier🔁 is offering parents to pay their child's age for 30 minutes of 'All You Can Play' TODAY (only) after the fiasco! Are you taking your kids? Sound off in the comments!
Muse Communications @MuseCommLLC🔁 Catch me on @morningdosetv @cw33 tomorrow discussing #buildabear crisis twitter.com
Steve Sager @Steven_Sager🔁For those that missed out in #HoCoMD yesterday.

How to Stuff Your Own Damn Teddy Bear for Cheap offspring.lifehacker.com


downtown sasquatch 🛸 @alien_beans🔁It appears that severely underestimated the amount of poor parents in America who are pretty determined to get deals and opportunities for their kids that they otherwise wouldn't have access to.
🎩HatterChatter🍿 @gingerteahatter🔁 If I wait 8 hours in line for a stuffed animal it had better be stuffed with drugs #buildabear
Perez Hilton @PerezHilton🔁 Thanks for featuring my plight, @ThePerezHilton. I survived #buildabear 2018. mobi.perezhilton.com
BaileytheTherapy Dog @baileytherapy13🔁@foodandwine Hope it works out better than pay your age at #buildabear
OlderGeeks.com @GeekOnTheLoose🔁People wanting to pay to complete final assembly of a product an 11 year old was paid fifty cents to start. twitter.com
Cory Howard @CoffeeCory🔁Thinking about selling these shirts I made and only charging people their age. What could go wrong? twitter.com
Love Bomb Cushions @Lovebombcushion🔁Who wants to be a bear🐻 when you can be a Unicorn🦄🦄 Avoid the queues at Build A Bear today with our 30% off voucher on our Unicorn range!!

🦄 Use Code: UNICORN to redeem this offer 🦄

Annie *have you tried essential oils* Bonany @Annie_Morris27🔁A psychological phenomena happened yesterday. It wasn't about the money. It wasn't about the tacky bear. I don't unde twitter.com rstand it...but I volunteer for the research. 2018.
Annie *have you tried essential oils* Bonany @Annie_Morris27🔁I trusted woman I'd only known for a few hours with my child. Those women trusted me with theirs. I held, chased and twitter.com mothered children I didn't know, but felt like they were in some way mine. 2018.
big s @_sheanicole3🔁I’m glad me and thousands of other parents stood in line for hours just to get the SAME coupon in our email today! ? twitter.com ?🙌🏼 Way to go to the troopers who made this possible for all! 😉
Nerdbot Media: Nerdbot-Con Tix Avail Now! @nerdbotmedia🔁Here’s proof that the #BuildaBear #scam was exactly that.
Rantomime @MrFilmich🔁Hey Build-A-Bear customers... build yourselves some tolerance. #buildabear
YBF CHIC @TheYBF🔁 is offering parents to pay their child's age for 30 minutes of 'All You Can Play' TODAY (only) after the fiasco! A twitter.com re you taking your kids? Sound off in the comments!
Tyriqua Bates jr @TyriquaJ🔁 . @ChuckECheeses offering #PayYourAge deal today a day after the #BuildABear fiasco cbsloc.al
Ash @redricanshorty🔁Children and families all over the world suffering today with poverty, war and horrendous injustices of every kind. Meanwhile, Americans completely lose their shit over not being able to save a few bucks on a stuffed bear.
Che Burnley @cheburnley🔁LISTEN: & spoke about how caused an absolute stir this week on this week's episode of

Plus, how much did the dads spend on their engagement rings? Were they cheapstakes?

Full episode here:

Lizzie Craddock @lizzieacraddock🔁. offers her thoughts on the ensuing 'chaos' that Build-A-Bear's recent 'pay your age' promotion triggered in our latest blog post...

noni @sumanuna🔁the is even bigger than crowd , and crowd . they really dont like him in twitter.com
Miller Finch Media @MillerFinchSM🔁Wow. This was a monstrously bad idea. Mobbed with customers and overwhelmed with security issues, Build-A-Bear shut twitter.com down the event halfway through the day.
Teddy Brewski @SirTeddyBrewski🔁 A bunch of bears were built yesterday- 🐻⬇️ #buildabear
Radio City Talk @RadioCityTalk🔁LISTEN: & spoke about how caused an absolute stir this week on this week's episode of

Plus, how much did the da twitter.com ds spend on their engagement rings? Were they cheapstakes?

Full episode here:

MelanysGuydlines ® @Melanyb12🔁A bunch of bears were built yesterday- 🐻⬇️ #buildabear
Sarah Sell @sfsell🔁If you didn't get your #buildabear yesterday #PayYourAgeDay there's this in today. @wzzm13 twitter.com
Why @AliciaOwens672🔁People are really calling for a boycott of now? Fuck em they dont like it they can go!!! They can leave!!! No one is stopping them bro!!
Ashley Roberts @fitmommyashley🔁Props to you brave moms who did it...

Crowds + heat + anxiety = a hard no.

Now, if they were doing complimentary m twitter.com imosas, I would’ve entertained the idea.


I’ll take anyday. 😍

Bridgitte Goosen @BridgitteLesley🔁Heartbroken that Cherry Hill NJ cut the line shortly after the store opened up. Like many, we didn’t made the cut. This was supposed to be a surprise for my 8 month old’s 1st birthday ... what a SURPRISE indeed. 😭 Definitely not a great experience.
Edson Evers @EdsonEvers🔁. offers her thoughts on the ensuing 'chaos' that Build-A-Bear's recent 'pay your age' promotion triggered in our lat twitter.com est blog post...

981thebreeze @981thebreeze🔁A promotion caused all stores nationwide to shut down yesterday! Were you one of the many affected? twitter.com
WKYC Channel 3 News @wkyc🔁Were you one of the lucky people who got a yesterday amid the crazy lines for day? Show us your pics of the experi twitter.com ence!
Michael Minnick @SacraMINNICK🔁I can’t even count the number of Facebook posts about yesterday. It’s making me wish I spent more time thinking abo twitter.com ut Trump at . 🙄 🐻
θβάστρο 🌟⚖ @RocktoberSky🔁Oh My!!! 🐻 #BuildABear twitter.com
Coupon Dad @Coupon_Dad🔁New deal: (Build-A-Bear Coupon - Get $15 Off) has been published on Coupon Dad: Coupons, Promo Codes, Deals and Redbo twitter.com x Codes -
One Nerdy Momma @OneNerdyMomma🔁This. To all the people blaming the parents for disappointing their kids. This is why this whole experience was such twitter.com a messy disappointment for EVERYONE

World of wonder @Petersrock33🔁Are you sure it’s not #buildabear line? 🙄 twitter.com
🏳️‍🌈WeJustKeepWinning🇺🇸 @WokeFormerLib🔁Build-a-Bear really screwed the pooch on this one. I seem to remember some racket Red Lobster did a few years back t twitter.com hat nearly bankrupted the company. Companies, cities and nations must recognize what people are willing to do for free shit.
Geri @gerig52🔁The fiasco. WTH? No wonder our society is screwed up. Children crying because they didn’t get a bear?
What happe twitter.com ned to ?

Our society thinks they are entitled and not realistic. Socialism won’t fix it.

Kara Kelly @Kara43607397🔁People are wondering why parents are upset over the handling of the Pay Your Age event at Build-a-Bear?

ilina ewen @ilinaP🔁Hey, , how about giving people a coupon for a $6 bear after they vote on November 6? If only people lined up to vote twitter.com like they do for a toy. You can make a real difference.

CBS Philly @CBSPhilly🔁. @ChuckECheeses offering #PayYourAge deal today a day after the #BuildABear fiasco cbsloc.al
EM @ESManning🔁If anything this thing should be helping parents teach their kids that life isn’t always fair and you don’t always g twitter.com et what you want. But here we are...instead they’re demanding what they think they’re “entitled” to...bitch no one owes you ANYTHING.
Crash Burn @CrashBurnSports🔁 I thought build a bear was a thing of the past. Once we got our kids theirs they fell apart quickly. Paying your age twitter.com is still overcharging for that garbage
TheDustSettles @TheDustSettles🔁Flipped the 🐣 by today for being a working mom. Told to leave at 5:30


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