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#Brandemonium Q102 Cincinnati @WKRQ🔁Have you ever found a @CocaCola bottle with your name on it? #Brandemonium
#Brandemonium Seed Strategy, Inc. @seedstrategy🔁Kevin having a great time at Brandemonium. #SeedStrategy #WhereClarityGrows #Brandemonium @go2brandemonium
#Brandemonium She Persisted ✨ @ibe2unique🔁 Here we go! #Brandemonium
#Brandemonium Interbrand Cinci @InterbrandCinci🔁"Keep it simple, & make it personal" - Jaideep Kibe @CocaColaCo #brandemonium @go2brandemonium
#Brandemonium Interbrand Cinci @InterbrandCinci🔁Excited to hear from the hottest football club in the country - @fccincinnati at #brandemonium
#Brandemonium Martha France @Martha_France🔁Loving my #Brandemonium beer @HofbrauhausNWPT
#Brandemonium Heather Wright @HeatherWright1🔁#brandemonium drinks at the Hofbrauhaus with the special festival brew #newfriends #connections
#Brandemonium Kari Wethington @kariwethington🔁Great conversation with leaders from @EWScrippsCo @cintrifuse and @go2brandemonium #swcincy #brandemonium
#Brandemonium Brand Experience Mag @BXPMag🔁 "Keep it simple, & make it personal" - Jaideep Kibe @CocaColaCo #brandemonium @go2brandemonium
#Brandemonium Bohlsen Group @BohlsenGroup🔁"You have to create a culture where people are comfortable talking." - @Gomez_Rick #Brandemonium
#Brandemonium#Brandemonium#Brandemonium#Brandemonium EMI Research @EMI_Research🔁Had a great time yesterday at #Brandemonium
#Brandemonium Viber For Business @Viber4Business🔁Every brand needs to be a technology company @Adweek @jcoopernyc #Brandemonium
#Brandemonium#Brandemonium#Brandemonium Audrey jett @AudreyJett🔁@daveknox fired up at #Brandemonium conf in Cincy. “competition is broader than your competitors”
#Brandemonium Kristy Beagle @cinfullysocial🔁So excited to hear @helenstravels speak at @go2brandemonium. #go2Brandemonium #brandemonium #sociality2
#Brandemonium Heather Wright @HeatherWright1🔁 “If Fancy Feast cat food were for cats, it would be mouse-flavored.” -Seth Godin #Brandemonium
#Brandemonium NKU Visual Arts @nkuvisualarts🔁 Excited for our Gallery Talk at NKU InSight #Brandemonium
#Brandemonium Brand Experience Mag @BXPMag🔁 Great live session. #Brandemonium #Be Good.#Be Cool. #Be Brave. by Ryan Brazelton. #interbrand
#Brandemonium#Brandemonium#Brandemonium#Brandemonium EMI Research @EMI_Research🔁More great insights at #Brandemonium including pop up speaker from @MDLZ #mrx
Kelsey Kleine @KZKleine🔁Barefoot lessons on innovation, discussions on the power of myth, and an optimistic view on Gen Z. It's been a good d ay at
John Dutch @john_dutch🔁 'People only want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Trust takes time to build.'
John Dutch @john_dutch🔁Remember who your customers are and ask yourself - what are you doing to personalize their experience
Helen Todd @helenstravels🔁 We need to rethink communities as marketers. Go beyond likes and followers! #go2brandemonium #Brandemonium
Helen Todd @helenstravels🔁So excited to hear speak at .
Marci Selsberg @msels🔁#Brandemonium @go2brandemonium I want my next flight to be with Dhani Jones. Great keynote.
Marci Selsberg @msels🔁@DhaniJones Great keynote! Since you talk to people on the plane, when is your next flight so I can plan accordingly? #brandemonium
Heather Wright @HeatherWright1🔁#Brandemonium @DhaniJones 'People only want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Trust takes time to build.'
Brian Wilburn @bwilbs83🔁@DhaniJones "the breeze of opportunity can come from anywhere" #hashtagquotes #sorryhadto #Brandemonium
Heather Wright @HeatherWright1🔁#Brandemonium @DhaniJones creating #hashtagablequotes and keeping us all laughing. Most fun I've had at work all afternoon 😁
Heather Wright @HeatherWright1🔁 inspirational rocking a bow tie for a friend with cancer and making a difference. Respect.
84.51˚ @8451group🔁This afternoon at Michael Wilhite, 84.51° will discuss - From Personalized To Personal:The Digital Conundrum
Interbrand Cinci @InterbrandCinci🔁Check out our Brand Activation Experience from this last week - kick-off to at
Kristy Beagle @cinfullysocial🔁I need to find them!! Time to refuel. #go2Brandemonium #brandemonium
Kate L. Hand @EditorKateHand🔁"Facebook groups are the new forums." - Helen Todd, Sociality Squared #Brandemonium (lots of good stuff about community building)
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁#Sociality2 recommended reading: "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind!" #go2brandemonium #Brandemonium
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁We need to rethink communities as marketers. Go beyond likes and followers! #go2brandemonium #Brandemonium
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁Online should support and complement offline activities! #go2brandemonium #Brandemonium
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁Big takeaway from @helenstravels: think global, act local. #Brandemonium #go2brandemonium
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁It can also be overwhelming to be so connected and hard to actually choose. #go2brandemonium #Brandemonium
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁People are finding meaning outside of work. @helenstravels' uses 5Ks and races as an example of this. #go2brandemonium #Brandemonium
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁We are at the cusp of the biggest technological shift in human history. It will grow exponentially. #go2brandemonium #brandemonium
Advantage Software @gotoadvantage🔁In its inaugural year, #Brandemonium tackles transformation issues.
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁The future is female! Feminine traits like empathy and collaboration will become more accepted. #go2brandemonium #brandemonium
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁The magic happens when you meet in person! That's why we value getting together at #Sociality2. #go2brandemonium #brandemonium
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁Emotional intelligence first appeared in the 1960s. - @helenstravels #go2brandemonium #Brandemonium
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁What is the meaning of life? That is @helenstravels "easy" question to ease people into interviews! #go2brandemonium #Brandemonium
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁We think a lot about communities here #Sociality2! @helenstravels is about to kick-off her talk at #go2brandemonium. #Brandemonium
Kristy Beagle @cinfullysocial🔁Follow my live tweeting at to see what has to say about the future of communities!
Sociality Squared @Sociality2🔁If you're at , head to Jr Ballroom C at now to hear talk.
Interbrand Cinci @InterbrandCinci🔁Attention is the key to branding. Ads & content should feel seemless" - @jonahgoodhart, SVP @Oracle #brandemonium
84.51˚ @8451group🔁Coming up at Brandemonium: Mandy Rassi, 84.51˚ will join a panel in discussing knowledge expansion & the religion of research
Vya, Inc. @vya_systems🔁Shopper marketers say they spend 49% of their time on back office administrative activities - Olga Yurovski #brandemonium
Martha France @Martha_France🔁Successful marketing gives ideas instead of ads - @mktgwithmeaning #brandemonium
Jordan Overton @jordanoverton🔁Just the founder of getting sprayed with liquid Nitrogen. Wasn't expecting this today. Very cool brand!
Kate L. Hand @EditorKateHand🔁I feel like I'm spying on the B to C world to get B to B recon. #Brandemonium
Vya, Inc. @vya_systems🔁Marketing is understanding how people work and how to make something better for them - @mktgwithmeaning #brandemonium
Brian Petro @SAAPetro🔁Starting with @Target and @Gomez_Rick discussing inclusivity in #marketing. Excellent, well polished presentation. #Brandemonium
Martha France @Martha_France🔁Foster an environment where team members feel comfortable speaking up - @Gomez_Rick #brandemonium
Vya, Inc. @vya_systems🔁Data is not a substitute for the human touch - wisdom from @Gomez_Rick #brandemonium
Kate L. Hand @EditorKateHand🔁"Data is not a substitute for the human touch." - Rick Gomez, CMO, Target #Brandemonium
Kate L. Hand @EditorKateHand🔁Talk by the CMO of Target is getting me almost teary. As if I didn't already want to buy ALL the things there! #Brandemonium
Kate L. Hand @EditorKateHand🔁Excited to see a forward-thinking conference bringing big ideas about branding to a city I love #Brandemonium
Kate L. Hand @EditorKateHand🔁Listening to Rick Gomez talk about Target's #nofomo campaign #Brandemonium
Logisticwar @LogisticWar🔁Phenomenal speakers at the kickoff -Reimagining Brand Communication. And what a venue!
BW Papersystems @BWPapersystems🔁Take a seat with us & see how GP Digital Print Solutions can help you think outside the “box” at !
Andrea Hubler @AndreaHubler🔁And I can say I was there and witnessed it happen. Great day overall. 10/10 #Brandemonium
Mike Canan @Mike_Canan🔁LIVE: hosting a special happy hour edition of for .
Andrea Hubler @AndreaHubler🔁"Keep it simple and make it personal" It's all about people, purpose and building community. #Brandemonium inspired today!
Austin Fast @a_fast🔁LIVE: hosting a special happy hour edition of for .
davidebowman @davidebowman🔁So I got to shake hands & talk one on one with Seth Godin for a few minutes today. Then sat front row for his present ation.
Jesse Gill @jg_CincyChop🔁My coworkers said @fccincinnati was the only bright spot of #Brandemonium
Karen Cheser @FTISSuper🔁Huge week in Cincinnati for marketers. We are excited to be attending both and .
Karen Cheser @FTISSuper🔁 Great quote to hear early in the morning “sometimes you win and sometimes you learn” #Brandemonium
doug hill-harriss @doughh2🔁Bob Welch and Cara Pratt of 84.51° discuss personalizing the customer experience at Brandemonium
Steve Pacheco @StevePacheco🔁How Brands Can Fend Off Disruption Threats and Ultimately Survive #Brandemonium
Martha France @Martha_France🔁Data doesn't make decisions people make decisions - @DougZarkin #brandemonium
She Persisted ✨ @ibe2unique🔁 participants welcome to Cincinnati. I hope you meet, hear and see inspiring stories to help you grow your brand.
Interbrand Cinci @InterbrandCinci🔁We’re at interviewing leaders and inspiring entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more!
OhioGanja @OhioGanja🔁 If failure is not an option, then neither is success. -@ThisIsSethsBlog #Brandemonium
Helen Todd @helenstravels🔁Marketing today from 's: People like us (do things like this).
WordsworthPR @WordsworthComm🔁Being at reminds me that Cincinnati marketers know a thing or two. And I do adore the brains around me daily.
Andi F @andifergu🔁Being at #Brandemonium reminds me that Cincinnati marketers know a thing or two. And I do adore the @WordsworthComm brains around me daily.
Andi F @andifergu🔁.@Sethrogen at #Brandemonium accidentally teaching me that I'm untribal.

Wait a minute, that's Untribal ©.

Kari Wethington @kariwethington🔁 and of talk about power of & audio storytelling to connect w audiences
Heather Wright @HeatherWright1🔁#brandemonium Inspirational @SethGodinsTribe master storyteller. #getofftheplane. Love this!!!'


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