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Anna Muessig @MrsMues🔁Have a great day, #bfc530!
#bfc530 eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁@RobinKRyan Yes that what its about !!!! #bfc530
kmichellehowell @kmichellehowell🔁Thanks my friends! You all make facing my day so much easier! #bfc530
#bfc530 eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁Well got to take a bite out of the day !! See ya Friday #bfc530
#bfc530 Josh Korb @mrjkorb🔁 Have another cup friends Week end is coming ! #bfc530
#bfc530 Ellen Deem @deem_ellen🔁Good morning most awesome educators! #bfc530 Happy Friday Eve!@ShiftParadigm
Sean Russell🍍 @seanrussell311🔁An excellent question! #bfc530
Office of Ed Tech @OfficeofEdTech🔁Successful digital learning transitions require strong leadership, solid IT infrastructure. Learn more: twitter.com
Brian Rozinsky @brianrozinsky🔁Morning, . Cultivate problem-solving moxie with students & frame standardized tests as another type of problem. Orien twitter.com t students re: what to expect on test. Emphasize how/why as students curate mandated who/what/when/where. (Got my 280 characters worth!)
Melissa Pilakowski @mpilakow🔁@mr_isaacs You are a rock star! Thanks for all you do! #games4ed #bfc530
Todd W Wells @bamaman45157🔁Nine powerful strategies to help raise the achievement of students living in poverty.
tagdef @tagdef🔁Wonder what #bfc530 means? Look it up on tagdef.com
Successdeb @Successdeb🔁What about projects that actually involve students in using the standards they are supposed to master?
🌼Sara McDaniel🌼 @mcdanielsara🔁Honest question... If ALL the research points to NO BENEFITS of homework, and our schools look to use “research based twitter.com ” solutions and strategies, why are schools/districts still allowing homework? 🤔🤔🤔
David Ivers 🇦🇺 @edu_ivers🔁@aleaglen This may interest you and highlight what I was saying. Enjoy! #bfc530 businessinsider.com
Jåßōñ Rūtgër @teacherace🔁I always made it clear to students that I wouldn’t mention the test if they didn’t mention the test. I knew what they twitter.com needed to know and trusted they’d be ready.
Starr Sackstein @mssackstein🔁@MrEandre @engineerteacher agreed. We need to teach kids to be better consumers of information, not blind memorizers of it. #bfc530
eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁 Ok well I was thinking "We shall see..." Anyway. I get kicked out of my lab:(
#bfc530 twitter.com
Teresa Stoupas @ TCS @StoupasTeresa🔁 Sound pedagogy that builds immersive skills prepares for life and tests #BFC530
John Fritzky @JohnFritzky🔁Good morning we are looking for educators who would be willing to be part of a unique experience as judges in our V twitter.com irtual Poetry Slam on 11/30. Sign ups are below.

Christina Greer @ReadWriteBlue2🔁 So when are we just going to start the #bfc530 school?
David Ivers 🇦🇺 @edu_ivers🔁It's a thing. Einstein did very few lab experiments but a lot of thought experiments. The classic being his thought e twitter.com xperiment on the effect of gravity on time. If establish the most basic premise and build from that logically, you'll arrive at a solution.
Elaine @ElemCoach🔁@iruntech Good morning Stacey! In Randolph? #bfc530
Taylor Newland @MsTaylorsPreK🔁Good day friends! It’s a new day, feel the wonder, see the beauty in our work & hear the laughter in our hallways
Kathy Iwanicki @kathyiwanicki🔁Absolutely! And being with all of you for the past couple of years has really helped me know the best research and be twitter.com st way to teach.
Señora Higgins @rhonhigg🔁Ss have to at least be familiar with the format of the test. I felt so bad for my Ss b/c they were used to learning twitter.com for learning & not taking a test that some froze during the common assessment.
Heather MacDougall @heather_macd🔁And I also just don’t really care if a growth model used for agricultural tells me if my Ss met growth as they are not crops. #bfc530
Robin Ryan @RobinKRyan🔁We have our Thanksgiving feast today. Families coming to eat lunch with their kids. Should be fun! Have a great day! #bfc530
eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁maybe, but then its organic and a natural flow of the teaching not a forced interruption #bfc530 twitter.com
Heather MacDougall @heather_macd🔁I focus on literacy because those are skills Ss need for the real world, but will also make them successful on test. #bfc530
Ms B @bohndrake🔁I love when new vocabulary comes up that we analyze - I suppose that is standardized test prep even when that's not our motivation #bfc530
eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁yes that is the key if we are going to have tests, create them to reflect & model the real learning going on in our c twitter.com lassrooms
Robin Ryan @RobinKRyan🔁Me too! And you know kids have all kinds of questions about everything. Teach them from the heart, explore with an op twitter.com en mind, and you can have rich learning experiences that aren’t measured by standardized tests!
eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁 @RobinKRyan Love when student tangents create opportunities to explore thoughts on such important topics. #bfc530
Lauren Porosoff @LaurenPorosoff🔁What if we prepare students for standardized tests by making the test itself the topic of critical analysis? Who crea twitter.com ted this test? What is its purpose? Who benefits from it? What kinds of actions might I take? has great resources.
eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁 Good to know!
They used to be so cute!
#bfc530 #motherhood twitter.com
eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁and you bro ! #bfc530 twitter.com
eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁 Always! You must be flexible.
Your students are luck to have you!
#bfc530 twitter.com
Señora Higgins @rhonhigg🔁Hmm..I'm torn with this b/c last yr I had to give my 1st common assessment & I "ignored the test. " My results were m twitter.com ixed.
Kevin Cullen @CoachKCullen🔁Have great day everyone. Im out! #bfc530
Debbi Sabatini @DebbiSab🔁Good to know!
They used to be so cute!
#bfc530 #motherhood twitter.com
Kevin Cullen @CoachKCullen🔁@RobinKRyan Love when student tangents create opportunities to explore thoughts on such important topics. #bfc530
Laura Wheeler @wheeler_laura🔁I make a full of past multiple choice questions from our test so they get used to MC which I don't use on my tests twitter.com . We play on shuffle ~10 questions per game.

R. McLelland-Crawley @Bec_Chirps🔁@engineerteacher @MsCommins108 💯 PBL all the way. #bfc530
Robin Ryan @RobinKRyan🔁@DebbiSab It gets better, Debbi. I remember liking my sons again when they were in 8th grade. 6th & 7th were awful! #bfc530
Debbi Sabatini @DebbiSab🔁Always! You must be flexible.
Your students are luck to have you!
#bfc530 twitter.com
Bridget Adam @bridget_adam🔁Have a great day, everyone. Stay patient and purposeful. #bfc530
R. McLelland-Crawley @Bec_Chirps🔁Empower kids with the skills to master standards. The world desperately needs problem solvers, collaborators & communicators. #bfc530 #PBL
Carla Meyrink @carlameyrink🔁You're all welcome to join me - what an awesome team that would be!! #bfc530 twitter.com
Robin Ryan @RobinKRyan🔁Yesterday was supposed to be about Southern colonies. When the S ques “Why did people think it was ok to own people?” twitter.com the plan changed, and we had a great discussion about real world things instead. Not on a test but more important.
David Ellena @TCMSPrincipal🔁Make it a great Thursday! Go out & make a difference for someone today! #bfc530
Stacey Lindes @iruntech🔁Feeling the irony as my son's district just recognized and celebrated the 12 students who got a perfect score on PARC twitter.com C last night at the BOE meeting.
Emmanuel Andre @MrEandre🔁Also, memorization is not a skill we use as much anymore. We need to consider how these tests represent real life. twitter.com
kmichellehowell @kmichellehowell🔁@LibraryLadee You too, Neena! #bfc530
Susan Kotch @susankotch🔁 Prioritize the skills/ info. needed for the test but in a practical way that is teaches strategies for acquisition of knowledge.
Ben Owens @engineerteacher🔁I have an open door policy in that respect. Anyone is welcome anytime to come in and they will see 100% engagement. T twitter.com hat environment produces powerful learning & growth.
eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁 That is my plan so I hope so:)
#bfc530 twitter.com
Carla Meyrink @carlameyrink🔁@kathyiwanicki Yes, I think it must be much harder on inexperienced Ts who still don't trust themselves. #bfc530
eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁 #bfc530 When we teach #students #criticalthinking skills, we prepare them for anything, standardized or not.
Kathy Iwanicki @kathyiwanicki🔁Have a great day everyone! #bfc530
eric fieldman👊✌ @mrfieldmanchs🔁Got it Hope all goes well #bfc530 twitter.com
David Ellena @TCMSPrincipal🔁Count me in. Working in a place filled w/passionate educators who "get it"? Where do I sign? #bfc530 twitter.com
Susan Kotch @susankotch🔁 has experience starting a school... and it's in a tropical place, too. Sounds like I'd vote for her! Sign me up! twitter.com
Kathy Iwanicki @kathyiwanicki🔁@bridget_adam I love your reflection! That is us right? How can we do it better? Good luck! I am good! #bfc530


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