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#BeThere Damarys Rodrigues @SlytherinReady🔁 Mark it down. #BeThere
#BeThere Melissa McHarg @MelWellVets🔁 #MHSummit17 #BeThere In The Company of Soldiers: A Chronicle of Combat In Iraq
#BeThere Melissa McHarg @MelWellVets🔁 #MHSummit17 #BeThere Red Platoon : a True Story of American Valor
#BeThere Melissa McHarg @MelWellVets🔁 #MHSummit17 #BeThere Lethal Warriors: When the New Band of Brothers Came Home
#BeThere SMAUG @smaugatuwm🔁Doors open with #smaug #bethere #museums #free #smaugatuwm #doorsopen
#BeThere RockyMountain MIRECC @RMIRECC🔁#MHSummit17 Final panel for the day: Facing the #opioid crisis #BeThere
#BeThere David Darcy @D_Darcy2🔁 editing before bed, god i am so boring in RL
#BeThere Duane K. L. France @ThCounselingVet🔁 #MHSummit17 Final panel for the day: Facing the #opioid crisis #BeThere
#BeThere RockyMountain MIRECC @RMIRECC🔁#MHSummit17 addressing the pain challenge in VA requires a collaborative approach across many disciplines #BeThere
#BeThere RockyMountain MIRECC @RMIRECC🔁#MHSummit17 this quote brings it home #opioidcrisis #BeThere
#BeThere RockyMountain MIRECC @RMIRECC🔁#MHSummit17 timeline of VA initiatives to improve opioid safety #BeThere
#BeThere RockyMountain MIRECC @RMIRECC🔁#MHSummit17 some numbers on the impact of the opioid safety initiative #BeThere
#BeThere RockyMountain MIRECC @RMIRECC🔁#MHSummit17 just released: new VA/DoD clinical practice guidelines for opioids #BeThere
Dr. David J. Shulkin @SecShulkin🔁 is my top clinical priority at , and I need you to help us for
Sen. Al Franken @SenFranken🔁We can help prevent suicide. #BeThere for a veteran/service member in crisis this #SuicidePrevention Month.
Amber Smith - DoD @DoDOutreach🔁Thanks for ! We’re here for you 24/7/365 ready to return the favor.
Denver VAMC @VADenver🔁Chief of Mental Health Joanna Kadis interviews with about today's Mental Health Summit.
Furst In Counseling @FurstCounseling🔁 Never stop caring for those who are willing to give up everything. Keeping Communication open is the key to giving hope.
PT_US_Congress @PT_US_Congress🔁NEWS: @DeptVetAffairs is a opening Veterans Crisis Line call center at the Topeka VA. #BeThere
DoD Manpower @asdmra🔁It's Month. Time to raise awareness of suicide prevention & learn how to for each other.
4HeritageMoms @4HeritageMoms🔁 is my top clinical priority at , and I need you to help us for
Furst In Counseling @FurstCounseling🔁Never a more timely panel discussion - Facing The Opioid Crisis.
Furst In Counseling @FurstCounseling🔁 Remember that @800273TALK is here for anyone struggling emotionally, 24/7. #BeThe1To #BeThere #NSPW
Troy Swezey @troyswezey🔁We can all make a difference through everyday actions. Learn how you can for and Servicemembers:
Ed Rodriguez @EdRodriguezDC🔁TY VSO partners & - committed to - preventing suicide
VA Neb-W. Iowa HCS @VANWIHCS🔁Your actions can save a life. Showing you care can make a big difference in someone's life. for and .
Firey Innocence @Firey_Innocence🔁 to provide hope to surviving families of suicide loss. (Thread)
morgan @morgan_said🔁 NEWS: @DeptVetAffairs is a opening Veterans Crisis Line call center at the Topeka VA. #BeThere
TriWest Healthcare @TriWest🔁The Be There - Phoenix resource fair has just begun at the Phoenix VA. We hope to see you there!
Suzanne Faha @SuzanneFaha1🔁Like PT, creating regular time frames for mental health & wellness decreases stigma & ensures it's a priority.
TAPS @TAPSorg🔁View, share more stories of hope & find resources at . to change the narrative around suicide.
✡️ hates nazis🏳️‍🌈 @zenhussy🔁If someone you know is thinking about , just . Listen to them without judgment and with empathy.
RockyMountain MIRECC @RMIRECC🔁We know of no other medication routinely used for a non fatal... Facing the opioid crisis
ASU GDSA @AIGA_ASU🔁Come join us tonight from 6-8 at Kern a Little Closer! Free food, vinyl workshop, games, and great people! #bethere #graphicdesign
STUDENT COUNCIL @CKSSstudentco🔁Great turn out today, over 80 students!😱🙌🏼 Can always use some more Spirited Spartans if ur still interested! Wednesdays, rm205 #BeThere 😊🎉
SalvationCBS @SalvationCBS🔁Tonight the writers will be live tweeting. C u then!
Claire Henline @CarCarTweets🔁Mental health important as physical health. It's all health, wellness, readiness. Give/make time to maintain both.
RockyMountain MIRECC @RMIRECC🔁#MHSummit17 bringing it all together: address chronic pain thru a trauma informed model #BeThere
Poonam Alaigh, MD @USHVHA🔁TY VSO partners & - committed to - preventing suicide
Peak Military Care @PeakMilitaryNet🔁"Facing the opioid crisis" is the last pannel discussion for today's . Many important issues discussed today
Move Forward @Move_Fwd🔁Today, & signed the Declaration to for
RockyMountain MIRECC @RMIRECC🔁#MHSummit17 the recovery model embraces idea of improving function in patients w chronic pain, not necessarily stopping all pain #BeThere
MO DMH @MentalHealthMO🔁Every action counts. Learn how you can #BeThere for #Veterans and #Servicemembers
NAACP Unit #6806 @NAACP_UH🔁6pm!!! Hope to see you there!!! #Bethere #uh21 #uh20 #uh19 #uh18
TAPS @TAPSorg🔁Like PT, creating regular time frames for mental health & wellness decreases stigma & ensures it's a priority.
Denver VAMC @VADenver🔁Never a more timely panel discussion - Facing The Opioid Crisis.
HuronCoVetServices @HCOVSO🔁We're encourage to reach out to other to let them know they are not alone. . What should they know first?
TAPS @TAPSorg🔁Thank you to for having me train their staff on safe messaging today!
Tom Cruz @TCruz76🔁Panel on Engagement of Families in Suicide Prevention w/ as moderator
Taniece Cox @tscox15🔁It's Suicide Prevention Week & UAO encourages you to & know the warning signs of suicide.
NavyNavStress @NavStress🔁Your actions can save lives. #BeThe1To #BeThere #1SmallACT #EverySailorEveryDay

TAPS @TAPSorg🔁Anyone can do push-up; Action requires you step-up. How we talk about suicide, willingness to & listen saves lives, reduces stigma.
Speedy_Bobcat @Speedy_Bobcat🔁: Your actions could save a life. Learn more: FB Live on with @AMVETSNational
TAPS @TAPSorg🔁One of most effective small ways to take action & make a difference in : safe messaging!
NODEGroup @Node_Group🔁This is your day esteemed Taxpayer. Demand for accountability as we promote voluntary compliance!
Christopher Atkins @ChrisLeeAtkins🔁Want to for & during Month? Learn how:
Melissa McHarg @MelWellVets🔁 In the Company of Heroes: The Personal Story Behind Black Hawk Down
Melissa McHarg @MelWellVets🔁 Boots on the Ground: A Month with the 82nd Airborne in the Battle for Iraq
Melissa McHarg @MelWellVets🔁 The Invisible Front: Love and Loss in an Era of Endless War
The App Association @actonline🔁Defense Suicide Prevention Office's Dr Keita Franklin outlines prevention efforts for service members & .
megan zaleski @meganzaleski_🔁 🌞🌊Ranger Nation this weeks theme against kenston at home will be beach theme!!!! #bethere 🌞🌊
RockyMountain MIRECC @RMIRECC🔁 Dr Weinhold: trauma exists on a spectrum: stress, trauma, shock. Must use multiple tools to match situation


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