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#BBAD#BBAD#BBAD WaaambulanceNYC @WaaambulanceNYC🔁Goodnight from Kaitlyn,Rockstar, & Steve. #bbad #bb20
#BBAD#BBAD Sam @lolllsamiii🔁 Hayleigh & Tyler are basically “Nicole & Hayden” 2.0

😂😂 #BB20 #BBAD

#BBAD Greg Wild @Greg_Wild🔁SHAGGY IN THE HOUSE!! HA! 😁 #BB20 #BBAD
You @_riq14🔁 Every single #NightOwl after seeing what came out of #BBSteve's ears... #BBAD #BB20
#BBAD TK @AmazingDogBear🔁 Week 1 #bb20 #BBByTheWeek #bblf #bbad
Orwell @BBADOrwell🔁Every single #NightOwl after seeing what came out of #BBSteve's ears... #BBAD #BB20
Orwell @BBADOrwell🔁Hoo needs sleep? #BBAD is back TONIGHT 1a/12c, only on @PopTV! #BB20
Orwell @BBADOrwell🔁Welcome, new . Don't freak out - the are FINISHING a Comp. This happens every now and then. We until we go Live. twitter.com
BB Tea #BBTEAInc #CBBUS @BBTeainc🔁Thats where they deserve to be. Im sorry but dont root for people bc of their skin color, sexual orientation or gende twitter.com r. Swaggy is cocky as fuck! Isn’t that why y’all hated Paulie? And Bay is just annoying!
Where Is Your Scooter @JonnyDeLaSanta🔁Lmao at Scottie saying that the only reason they would want Steve to go is if they're tryna go after him next lmao..a twitter.com in't nobody worrying about you
BB Tea #BBTEAInc #CBBUS @BBTeainc🔁@BardiYonce @BB_Updates No No No dont start pulling the racist card just bc you dont like them #BB20 #BBTeaInc #BBAD
Greg Wild @Greg_Wild🔁Steve is trying really hard to make himself appear as less of a threat than Sam.

But even if I didn’t know his real twitter.com occupational past (cop), I still wouldn’t trust him over Sam at this point.

I hope Sam stays.

İvan. Aleksandr @vanAleksandr1🔁From the sounds of the House Guest that veto comp was straight outta !!! is going to make em EARN THIS 500K.

Where Is Your Scooter @JonnyDeLaSanta🔁So here in the west coast they cut the part where JC grabs Tyler's private... That's a way to avoid more backlash #BBAD
Jeanette Grdina @greeneyegemini1🔁@Kassting from the "sounds of this FIRST veto comp, this is one season I think I'll have #NoRegrets not trying out for😉 #BB20 #BBAD
Greg Wild @Greg_Wild🔁Swaggy C’s real name is Chris Williams.


David Hao @xiaohaowl🔁Life’s short. . Watch Big Brother After Dark late, night every night - starting next Thursday on Pop.
cathiriley9 @cathiriley91🔁What’s happening on big brother after dark? #BBAD
Jeanette Grdina @greeneyegemini1🔁"We have to win this next veto" might as well be #Butfirst #BB20 #BBAD
Jeanette Grdina @greeneyegemini1🔁I certainly hope ( jk) that @RachelEReilly has FedEx'd Tyler a life vest...
Andrea Gomez @AndreaGomez137🔁I legit stayed up until 3am watching #BBAD

This is how all my nights are going to be for the rest of the summer😊

Greg Wild @Greg_Wild🔁My biggest problem with Swaggy C so far is when he refers to himself in the third person.

Instead of saying, “I don’ twitter.com t do that” he’ll say, “Swaggy C doesn’t do that.”

As he would say himself, “That shit drives me crazy.”

Eric E. Hurley #Johnlegere SuperFan @Hurlamania🔁They're being yelled at for giving such a horrible performance on Big Brother after Dark twitter.com
Jeanette Grdina @greeneyegemini1🔁It's that time of year again... Get fat and stay awake all night long!
Greg Wild @Greg_Wild🔁Is JC’s favorite phrase “Do you know what I’m saying?”

And actually, NO; half of the time, he speaks so quickly, I h twitter.com ave no idea what the hell he’s saying.

Rollie Rabin @QtpieRollie🔁@LilLyssaLynn I mean does JC think he's Elton John? I'm just one hour into the show thinking this. #BBAD
KJJ @NC_Lady100🔁 They all can go! #BB20 #Level6 #BBAD #BBLF twitter.com
Eric E. Hurley #Johnlegere SuperFan @Hurlamania🔁Good #NightOwls Luv ya #BB20 #BBAD #OGNO


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