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#basicincome HMRobbinCs #I ❤️ EU @HMRobbinCs🔁 Does it have to be like this? #Humanity #BasicIncome
Scott Santens @scottsantens🔁76% of all vacant homes in America are owned by investors — 1.1 million vacant residential investments.

Homelessness twitter.com has increased in America for the 1st time since 2010 — 554,000 individuals nationwide.

Do the math. We need funded by .

Rosie Buck @RoseBuck_🔁 Elon Musk : "We Will Need Universal Basic Income" #BasicIncome
#basicincome Vivienne van Leuken @TwitViv🔁 #BasicIncome is accepting the fact that there's more to life then the accumulation of wealth.
Scott Santens @scottsantens🔁We lose more money from overworking and lack of engagement than it would cost to implement an unconditional basic inc twitter.com ome. Think about that for a moment. UBI would increase our productivity by increasing work engagement and decreasing burnout.

Scott Santens @scottsantens🔁The free market Adam Smith Institute () says there is rising evidence for unconditional basic income (UBI) and calls twitter.com on governments across the globe to experiment with the idea.

Laurent Weppe @Laurent_Weppe🔁Radical plans to pay everyone a guaranteed income just got surprising support
André Forastieri @forastieri🔁Here's a great resource by answering most of the questions you'll have about a universal
Aaron Doty @AaronADoty🔁Study the concept of unconditional :

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iWolz™ 🍉 @iwolz01🔁Universal basic income is how we get technology to work for all of us.
Laurent Weppe @Laurent_Weppe🔁The question is no longer "how can we afford a "
the question is "how we can afford not having one"
Butt Ugly Art @maestrocanada🔁No I'm not a union member,
Never have been
I'm a complainer
& an American cashier
Elizabeth Czepiel @LisaCzepiel🔁"If everyone had an unconditional , who would do all the shit jobs I don't want to do?"

Here's an idea:

Stop offering shit wages...

Joe Zickafoose @JoeZickafoose🔁From an early study of to a sub-Saharan , see how we've grown the evidence base.
Hannah Barrows @HBarrows7🔁When I first began studying I concluded we were going to need it tomorrow. With further study I realized we needed it yesterday
Paul Glendenning @SilentHowls🔁Universal and universal provide people with real freedom.

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Basic Income @BIvsAI🔁 The momentum for universal basic income continues
#UniversalBasicIncome #UBI #BasicIncome
Rob Bruce @trebor155🔁Just read that again. The - a very prominent right wing think tank in the UK, just backed UK twitter.com
Scott Santens @scottsantens🔁Study the concept of unconditional :

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MyEarthYourEarth @EarthMineYours🔁'A Gift Economy Could Change the Food System' via Civil Eats - civileats.com
Mathematica @MathPolResearch🔁From an early study of to a sub-Saharan , see how we've grown the evidence base. twitter.com
Steve @producersteve🔁 @agoingaccount @xychelsea @AVK48 No reason #BasicIncome and #JobGuarantee should be considered mutually exclusive
Couldbe Yue @CouldbeYue🔁The momentum for universal basic income continues
#UniversalBasicIncome #UBI #BasicIncome
Mark White @jmwhite2🔁Ministers should consider implementing universal basic income, says free market think-tank - The Independent twitter.com
Citizen I @Brett_W_Walter🔁A right-wing think tank is now supporting Universal Basic Income – but they’ve missed the point...


Which is why the left must get vocal about in the 2020 elections

A Drake @A_Silver_Drake🔁Just blogged about my new job with and particularly about my first week with and what I did with it! mentions and
Austin Belali @BrotherAustin🔁I wish this got as much coverage as #basicincome. I genuinely wonder why it isn’t? twitter.com
Sven Camenzind @sven_camenzind🔁Forcing people to do any job just to survive is a shocking waste of human capital. Humans are not robots.

🗨️Frances Coppola

Julie Gunn @Julie4Peace🔁Radical plans to pay everyone a guaranteed income just got surprising support #BasicIncome @scottsantens mirror.co.uk
Elizabeth Pendleton @bettyp711🔁Winston Churchill knew all about the idea of a land value tax. Do you? weforum.org
John Clarke @JohnOCAP🔁 mirror.co.uk
The right wing is the latest among our enemies to endorse the concept of . When the lion is anxious to move over an twitter.com d make some room, it's time for the lamb to develop a capacity for critical thought
Dr James Luchte @JamesLuchte🔁 A #basicincome experiment, in #Wales - yup. twitter.com
John Griffin @operationtoga🔁Margaret Thatcher: “The heresies of one period,” she said, always become “the orthodoxies of the next”. The end of w twitter.com ork as we know it will seem unthinkable – until it has happened."

Michael Dooley @MichaelDooley_🔁Toward a better future for all, faster.
Stephen Sheehan @StephenSound🔁Interesting thread on UBI (Universal Basic Income). #BasicIncome
#PoorPeoplesCampaign 👇 twitter.com

🤖 Basic Income Robot @AutoUBIAdovcate🔁What they want it, and money and attend school.” #BasicIncome universal basic income grant.
Rete Reddito Italia @BinItalia🔁Universal is a distraction from the post-work agenda. I agree. And vice versa. Basic income: pro-good work, pro-economic security.
José Antonio Artusi @joseartusi🔁Universal gives people the freedom they need to innovate and create real value for society in the age of automation.

Butt Ugly Art @maestrocanada🔁Rich ppl
Union ppl
Poor ppl
Unions ↔ you'll stay weak as long as I'm a cashier & you only support ↔ $15 twitter.com for me & $150 for you.
Rich ppl are gonna squeeze you
maija kale @maijyta🔁 The #Finnish #basicincome experiment is now at the halfway point. What happens next? finland.smh.re
paul Daniel Blake @paul8ar🔁Retweeted Anthony Painter (@anthonypainter):

Universal #BasicIncome is a distraction from the post-work agenda.... fb.me

Butt Ugly Art @maestrocanada🔁No program/policy is a substitute for money.
Poverty is urgent, don't prioritize policy that "might" make you 💰 1 twitter.com or 4 or 5 or 20 years from now
Poverty ↔ urgent

Butt Ugly Art @maestrocanada🔁Democrats ↔ you don't control government
Spend everyday telling voters which policy you support, not trump twitter.com bashing
That's all we want to hear, policy

exploited wage-slave @jdx1138🔁People love to make the argument against , especially job guarantee advocates, that UBI would be unsustainable due to reduced productivity. But what's unsustainable, and truly stupid, is thinking everyone should work 40 hours/week 52 weeks/yr for maximum productivity.
Lee Edward McIlmoyle @LeeEdwardMc🔁It's a bad trend when 'freedom-loving' politicians misuse words to deliberately confuse and mislead their constituent twitter.com s into allowing them to restrict your inalienable rights and freedoms.
Julie Gunn @Julie4Peace🔁Ministers should consider implementing universal basic income, says free market think-tank #BasicIncome independent.co.uk


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