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#aviation Astrochiver @veesicks🔁#Shorts SD-3 60. Almost 15 years in #aviation, first one I've seen. #clt #kclt #planespotting #avgeek #souglyitscute
Hainan Airlines @HainanAirlines🔁Meet our 737 MAX! Welcome to the newest member of our big Family! twitter.com
#aviation Indian Aviation Interviews @Unnatigds🔁#yqbaba #aviation #career #dreams

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#aviation Inspira Viagens @InspiraViagens🔁Photo By Karlitin Santiago | Unsplash
#airtravel #aviation
The FAA @FAANews🔁 Administrator Michael Huerta met with leaders in to foster continued collaboration in the areas of aviation and twitter.com air traffic .
Hainan Airlines @HainanAirlines🔁Look at our new bird the So excited to extend our fleet! twitter.com
Team Airsoc @TeamAirsoc🔁 - Forget the Ashes, see Airsoc.com which Australian airport has brought the region victory in ... twitter.com
Team Airsoc @TeamAirsoc🔁 - Adelaide, Melbourne an Airsoc.com d Vancouver airports begin the holiday celebrations with t ... twitter.com
Team Airsoc @TeamAirsoc🔁 - New airline routes lau Airsoc.com nched (05 December 2017 – 11 December 2017) twitter.com
1stHeadlines @AviationHeds🔁Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune: New location being considered for airport terminal . More #Aviation #news - tinyurl.com
Patrick Coulter @patrickcoulter🔁FlightSafety Gets FAA Nod for First Pilatus PC-24 Sim -24
Richard Tuffin 🌈 🌈 🌈 @RichardTuffin🔁An C-130J Hercules pass over Mt Ainslie in 14/09/17.

Nivedita Bhasin @nivedita_bhasin🔁 ..as we go on a journey to experience the world of @ twitter.com
#avgeek @avgeekretweeter🔁 West Wind Aviation ATR-42-300 goo.gl #Aviation #AviationPhotography #Photography #AvGeek
Tessa Priddy @GodlyWriter🔁 Flying Sports Car Coming in 2018 luxurylifestyle.com #flyingcar #automotive #aviation #sportscar
F&C Group @fncgroup_ph🔁Approaching Mt twitter.com
Trev Batstone @trev_batstone🔁Plane carrying 25 people crashes near northern Saskatchewan airport cbc.ca #aviation
SLMRSL sub-Branch @SLMRSL🔁RAN Squirrels during a display at the Australian International Airshow at Avalon 28/02/15.

Nick @ConcordeNick🔁West Wind Aviation ATR-42-300 goo.gl #Aviation #AviationPhotography #Photography #AvGeek
Nivedita Bhasin @nivedita_bhasin🔁 , AP, speaking and encouraging the girls of the to take up professions in and twitter.com
BT Asia-Pacific @BTAsiaPacific🔁. could be set to announce new non-top flights to next week, which would be its longest flight, flown by its aircra twitter.com ft
Brandon Farris @brandonsblog🔁: , the newest boeing 737-900ER for this afternoon. … instagram.com
ThisSideUpAviation @HUrrICaN3zzz🔁An Aerial View of the “Aviation Training” hangar.. its turning into quite the place 😎 … instagram.com
FlyPastRush @PlaneThought41🔁That Spitfire in the hands of Matt Hall at Temora 11/11/17.

Arif Lutfi @lutfi_94🔁Fly birdie fly and flaunt the big flower in the morning sky! 🌸 (📷: ayit.spotter)
Brandon Farris @brandonsblog🔁: the next hainanairlines boeing 737-800! … instagram.com
Aircraft Sales @AircraftSales🔁eBay: Airplane-Helicopter Fuselage - Static Display - Great for Advertising! rssdata.net twitter.com
#avgeek @avgeekretweeter🔁 No fatalities, that's good news. #aviation #avgeek #northernflying twitter.com
Steve McCollum @Steve2McCollum🔁Less than a month until the SureFly's maiden voyage at CES! It will be quite the unveiling.
Larry S @Bushav8er🔁No fatalities, that's good news. #aviation #avgeek #northernflying twitter.com
PlaneSpottingIsCool @PlaneSpotIsCool🔁 SD-3 60. Almost 15 years in , first one I've seen.
Praful Anchaliya @Prafsa🔁The latest The Social News Daily! paper.li Thanks to @SarahDawood #twitter #aviation
Kay Designer 🌎 @KayDesigner🔁Watching 's Stefan Hokut and Class online for . "Scans are not Drawings!" :-)
Pierre Michaud @PierreMichaud14🔁 Bombardier Nearing First Flight of Global 7000 FTV5 @Bombardier_Aero @bombardierjets #bizav #aviation ainonline.com
Mark Chua @theshutterwhale🔁Qantas to Increase Frequency of Flights between Singapore and Australia; Jetstar to Decrease twitter.com
Ralph™  @RalphMeza🔁Reposting :
Eye in eye with the engine 😍

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