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MicroStrategy @MicroStrategy🔁. Unveils Holistic Map for Organizations to Build an : ir.microstrategy.com /web/status/953405636573675520" target="_blank">twitter.com
MicroStrategy @MicroStrategy🔁Thanks to all who attended World 2018! Check out photos from the event here: flickr.com tps://twitter.com/i/web/status/953860115337129985" target="_blank">twitter.com
R Ray Wang (王瑞光) @rwang0🔁MyPOV: massively invested in a new customer success program with education, support, and consulting. focused on usin twitter.com g the intelligent map to help everyone get to intelligent enterprise.
MicroStrategy @MicroStrategy🔁A picture's worth a thousand tweets! Check out the photos from the World welcome reception, datathon, Urban Fun Run, twitter.com today's keynote & more here:
Holger Mueller @holgermu🔁Tune in Friday for at 11 AM PT! Interviews with & cc: twitter.com
Southport @SSG_BI🔁Thanks - glad we could be such a big part of World this year. See you in Phoenix in 2019. over and out. twitter.com
Nadim Hajje @nadimhajje🔁Got signed copy of Moneyball from THE Billy Beane today. Thanks for the past two days of learning and engaging with twitter.com others that have great passion for analytics and of course Microstrategy!
Maria Herranz @hearmaria🔁I have one more session to go but the last of the day are being fully packed! Hibbett Sports: Going off the grid (rep twitter.com ort) now in Track 13!
(((Jennifer Rosenberg))) @Rosenbej🔁See what our customers are doing with analytics. Well done in your presentation. twitter.com
Ryan Blackwood @r_blackwood🔁City of Austin uses MicroStrategy to engage with 15,000 employees across 30+ departments and drive higher staff sati twitter.com sfaction, productivity and program/project efficacy. Great example of analytics on employee feedback and survey data.
Datastrong @datastrong🔁Quick! Only a few minutes to get to Datastrong's "How analytics is being used to eradicate and epidemic". You won't w twitter.com ant to miss it! See it at Brera 4.
Maria Herranz @hearmaria🔁Honored to host presentation today in my track! Thanks Moshick and Yaar to collaborate with our events once again! twitter.com If you are looking for the best session at 2:50, this is the one!
InfoCepts @InfoCepts🔁Attendees of presentation can grab a copy of the complementary 'InfoCepts - MicroStrategy Life cycle Automation Suit twitter.com e' facts Geeta right after the presentation in the room itself or at the InfoCepts booth. World 2018
Doug Henschen @DHenschen🔁Tune in Friday for at 11 AM PT! Interviews with & cc: twitter.com
InfoCepts @InfoCepts🔁Are you in Gracia 6 yet. session on Sox compliant Automated Release Management solution is on. World 201 twitter.com 8.
Kevin Fattor @kfattor🔁. and present augmented reality solution and connector for twitter.com
Maria Herranz @hearmaria🔁Playing BI is very simple, but playing simple BI is the hardest thing there is. This is what PostNL says and they hav twitter.com e showed how we do with
InfoCepts @InfoCepts🔁The surprise, the emotion and the realization of winning a big big prize money.
Congratulations Prathibha Sriram, fro twitter.com m HMS, for winning the raffle of $2500.
World 2018
Southport @SSG_BI🔁 Ed G., did you just say “...along with the Southport Jedi...? Thanks for the compliment. May the reports be with you twitter.com .
Meta Zuiddam-Hoeboer @MetaZH🔁PostNL presents at MicroStrategy World how they use MicroStrategy to get insight on day-to-day parcel operations. twitter.com
Vijay Anand @VijayAnand180🔁 walking through all the transformations you can perform with the data wrangling, available w/ Desktop and Web twitter.com
Brett Roth @Roth_Brett🔁 shows off how they use "R" to predict the future and make data-driven decisions! World 2018! twitter.com
Third I @ThirdITweets🔁Learn about how to integrate and for real-world apps, Come to our session 2.15 pm Gracia 7. twitter.com
Southport @SSG_BI🔁Starting in 1 hour: Alliance Bernstein’s journey to mobile with SIMON. See how helps financial companies like AB win twitter.com with .
InfoCepts @InfoCepts🔁WE HAVE A WINNER : Prathibha Sriram
Takes the $2500 BIG BIG raffle at booth World 2018. twitter.com
Constellation R @constellationr🔁Tune in Friday for at 11 AM PT! Interviews with & cc: twitter.com
(((Jennifer Rosenberg))) @Rosenbej🔁Way to go - such a great presentation today! 10.10 provides enables the . twitter.com
Pratyush @PratzWits🔁Long queue to get a signed book from at the World 2018. The keynote has just snowballed the response.

It's crazy. twitter.com And this is just one-third of the queue. Where are you, the man of the hour??

InfoCepts @InfoCepts🔁More folks sporting the tee. Looking good fellas. Time to get lucky too. Raffle anytime. The big lunch hour, get you twitter.com r tees out and wear them proudly. Chance to pocket $2500. World 2018.
Remember, you need to be wearing the tee to win BIG.
Maria Herranz @hearmaria🔁Track 13 is being the healthcare track this morning! Now room is full hearing from Optum Analytics and their identifi twitter.com cation and stratification strategies at
MicroStrategy @MicroStrategy🔁 inspiration Billy Beane: “Let’s ignore our eyes and our guts and make our draft decision based entirely on .” twitter.com


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