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Mbah Justice Akuro @mbahjustice🔁A run down of what the #USEmbasador to #Cameroon had to say concerning Cameroon and #Ambazonia
Ambazonia Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁 After haven used on the citizens of , they now want to pretend as if they care. The devil is a liar. Stop the use of in
Ambazonia Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁 The gov't has activated the use of in . Stop in .
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁 A run down of what the #USEmbasador to #Cameroon had to say concerning Cameroon and #Ambazonia
Ambazonia Grace @azanuhairdesign🔁 She is burnt alive with her kid in Ambazonia. The AU and UN are quiet. The world is quiet why?
Crisis Group @CrisisGroup🔁Risk of conflict escalation in ahead of 20 May National Day as some separatist leaders demand:
➢ All Francophones t o leave regions
➢ Encourage all Anglophones living in French Cameroon to return to “Ambazonia”
Freedom Activist @FreedomActivis1🔁For the first time in world history, the U.S. Ambassador boldly calls out the word "AMBAZONIA" in the heart of the Unity Palace, Cameroun's Presidency. State TV, diplomats & state officials watched him speak for Ambazonia rights. Smoky Ewane George almost grabbed a cigarette.
Cle Ch @Ambacl2017🔁Active genocide in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia by Dictator Paul Biya of French Cameroun & his terrorist soldiers. More than 40villages burnt down. Someone speak up please!
Otto Chengwa @cheoza81🔁

Soldiers of of
Tortured to dead a civilian from the Anglophone region under false pretext of a suspected separatist.

Weyih ambalander @EmmaWeyih🔁 of has finalize the use of his chemical weapon on and disguised it as monkey pox which is found only in and of where genocide is persistent. @
Myenne Hanson @MyenneH🔁Instead of supplying jets to Ambazonia to air-drop health kits & food to internally displaced persons living in Ambazonia bushes, the U.S. Ambassador offers brand new fighter jets to a 87-year-old brutal dictator to air-drop bombs on women & children. What an Ambassador!
Weyih ambalander @EmmaWeyih🔁From the torture to death of , to the dead of pregnant women and neonates in bushes and ye burning alive of elderly people by using , no be caught in from 30/05/18.
Mbaku Adamu @AdamuMbaku🔁Can the world stand up for the oppressed people of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia?
Jilius 001 @JuliusAmbe🔁This is an all inclusive dialogue according to dictator for the military to burn down villages and people in then stand to take trophy photos.
Mbaku Adamu @AdamuMbaku🔁State of the Nation Address.
His Excellency Dr. Samuel Sako Ikome addresses the Nation.
Watch complete video using this link:

Mbaku Adamu @AdamuMbaku🔁How many more people will the world want to be killed before they could call of LRC to stop genocide on Southern Ca meroons Ambazonia?
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁History will never forget that in 2016, the coffin revolution of set the ball rolling for the nation. Because of carnage spearheaded by la Republique, there has been pain and suffering. We once more ask why r u mute
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁The battle is also social.

If has not yet blocked you on Twitter, it means your tweets are toy gun shots or you've not been saying the truth.

We will govern from !

Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Dictator ’s military using public style torture & brutality on a in
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Stop Genocide!
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Killed in because he is an . do something now about the in .
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Watch the military has done to the people of Kake in . How can dialogue with with this kind of atrocities.
Chris Caspa @CaspaChris🔁After collecting golden statues from terrorist leader Biya, UNSG and Commonwealth SG Patricia Scotland grant Biya right to decimate Ambazonia especially youth, women and children.
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁More deaths from and continues with on innocent civilians have your say
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Thank u u are doing a wonderful thing for and the world at larg. The world needs pple like u. No man can pay the acts of goodness more the joy of a clear conscience. May Almighty grant u what u wish for urself. Please keep it up. As we fce
AfricaNow! Online @AfricaNowOnline🔁// land is an anglophone southern state in the Cameroon that seeks independence from the predominantly Francophone Republic of Cameroon.
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Genocide Committed By President
On The People Of Southern Cameroon

Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁In my opinion I think it is important to know the arrest of these leaders just brought more in more harm than good in the resolution of the political crisis

Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁On going in by military on citizens of . In 2018, and the is mute? Do something NOW! ,
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁The allegations of torture and killings is on the English speaking Cameroonians and Not the Francophones.
The Australian govt should repatriate the Athletes. They all Francophones and very safe in their homeland.

Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁US Ambassador Peter Barlerin: "The govt has committed summary executions. Detaining people (Anglophones) with no access to lawyers, families and red cross. They have been guilty of burning villages and looting.. there has been hate speech on both sides..
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Cameronian authorities are failing to respect both national and international laws by holding people secretly without charging them#KilimanjaroDeclaration
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁The Southern Cameroon National Council (SCNC) is non-violent movement. Motto; ‘The force of argument, not the argument of force.’)
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁The genocide of biya against Ambazonia is taking turns he has ordered his military to kill even women as well below a man and his wife were slauhtered by biya's tribal military men
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁While the international community remains quiet to d in , we're left with no other choice but to retaliate in Self Defense.

speak up or for ever remain silent. What happened to d "NeverAgain" after Rwandan genocide?

Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁In northern , killed May 17 2018 at night by using terrorist . See the number of on 1 man
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁This is What AMBAZONIANS ARE GOING THROUGH
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁This is how the terrorist army of treats citizens.
Stop the ongoing on citizens.

Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Congratulations to the Ambassador to for the ongoing by on the Federal Republic of Ambazonia in his to Republic. Blood shed on daily basis, Again, was an atom
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁 in and the world is again silent. We should stand up for justice anywhere, inactivity makes you an accomplice to injustice. are a people and have the right to defend who they are
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Burning of villages in the English-speaking parts of aka by 85-year-old of .
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁. . . .

US Amb Peter Barlerin has reiterated to that donated aircraft not to be used in #

Not enough! . . should arm and train Ambazonia defenders.


Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁 continues to torture civilians in Bamenda forcing them to admit crimes they know nothing about. All these only help to swell the ranks of .
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁 crisis depends national Episcopal conference call for mediation from third parties.Since OCT 2016 military loyal 2 87 years who has been in power for 36 years has killed hundreds of citizens with report confirming others were burnt alive
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁The French handpicked dictator is the Hitler in Africa.

Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Another corpse discovered in Bafia inside the bush. La Republique summary executions continues in Ambazonia. We have become guinea pigs. Tweeter warriors let's inform the world and continue the documentation. RIP comrade

Mark Bareta

Sampeace Brown @sam7pb🔁 Good move @realDonaldTrump @StateDept
Free #Biafra #Ambazonia very vital, #EndtheKilling
truth patson @Truthpatson🔁République du is celebrating 20th May as the day they conquere & colonised as their Slaves in Foumban, by violating the 1961 Terms of Reunification
~Comrade on speaks onthe significance & illegality of 20th May to
theresia ngangmi @bingangmi🔁Address of the nation, a new state of by the Acting President Dr Samuel Sako.
theresia ngangmi @bingangmi🔁The carnage in continues daily as the genocidal dictator sends his forces to slaughter us. Yet the world stays silent as mothers mourn the loss of the children daily. Why has the world abandoned us?
MillyC @milly4red🔁Muyuka in lockdown. Nothing breathes. La Republique terrorists invade homes, kill civilians, attack banks & chase women and children into bushes in Penda Boko. No fly can be seen in the entire village. Muyuka is very close to Buea, Ambazonia's capital.
Eva Kiku @KikuEva🔁LRC military at work in Bafut Northern Zone of Ambazonia


Eva Kiku @KikuEva🔁Instead of repatriating the billions of state funds stolen from Ambazonia & kept in Western banks including the USA, the U.S. Ambassador to Cameroun is instead pointing fingers at some of us who fled the country because our stolen state funds were used to make us unequal.
Eva Kiku @KikuEva🔁State of the Revolution with
20th May Gone and NEVER again in
Date: Tuesday, May 15th, 2018
Time: 9pm (Amba Time) Live on
Eva Kiku @KikuEva🔁MORE villages burnt by of army supported by of This is against of the 1977 prohibiting can not continue to stay mute to
Eva Kiku @KikuEva🔁An innocent Anglophone man being tortured by gendarmerie officers after being abducted on suspicion of being a member of Self Defence forces

Eva Kiku @KikuEva🔁Ongoing GENOCIDE in
As the world sleeps of unleashed his terrorist military to burn, kill,rape,maimed and destroy everything

Iyke Obodoekwele @GodsLazi🔁Just Across the Border in (), Ethnic Cleansing is being committed by Paul Army Thugs on a daily basis & just like the world the TOOTHLESS are keeping MUTE!
Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁The allegations is against the English speaking Cameroonians who are being persecuted by the evil regime. The athletes are all from French Cameroon and are very safe. Go ahead a repatriate them.

Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Dear , it will never be business as usual in . We are aware of the role played by in the current Crisis in Cameroon. In

Corine Donard @CorineDonard🔁Bawack Samuel and Ashu Priciilia both unarmed killed in Etoko 18 May 2018 by the terrorist wich're on a mission in .
We Ambalanders will resist.

VCF Inc @verlafrankline🔁Live Radio
Ambazonia Voice 👁️✊✊✊? ?
kingsly M. @kingsuh1🔁You burnt our homes, our parents, our communities in and the International community calls you a peaceful country? If the world will not listen to our million calls, we rise and defend ourselves.
Otto Chengwa @cheoza81🔁

Soldiers of of
Tortured to dead a civilian from the Anglophone region under false pretext of a suspected sepa ratist.

gtengen @tengengodwill🔁"Nobody In The World, Nobody In History, Has Ever Gotten Their Freedom By Appealing To The Moral Sense Of The People Who Were Oppressing Them" Assata Shakur.


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