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#alterconf MartinM @hrafnsgaldr🔁 Here we go. Super important for communities. #alterconf
#alterconf Aaron Lee Dowell @aaronleeDOwell🔁 "technology has a savior complex" -- @kthomas901 at #alterconf.
#alterconf Alberto Roca @MinorityPostdoc🔁#Latinx representing @ #AlterConf San Francisco w/@deldelp @dimasguardado
#alterconf Deldelp Medina @deldelp🔁When you start your day listening to @kthomas901 & end it with cupcakes. Thank you @ashedryden
#alterconf Adriana Pérez @alt_adri🔁 The truth about 🦄🦄🦄 spoken by @thathijabae 💜 #alterconf #sketchnotes
#alterconf 呂兆風一 @sunnz🔁 Do NOT use the 🤮 emoji in code review. -- sandya sankarram at #alterconf
#alterconf Heidi @ home! @wiredferret🔁 Dietary requirements table: vegan, vegetarian, trans woman #Alterconf
Sarah Federman @sarah_federman🔁 raised the bar by demonstrating you can have a diversely attended, high quality conference while:
1. Paying staff/speakers/organizers
2. Being accessible (ASL, transcriptions, food, transport)
3. Providing security

The ripple effects will continue.

Ayodele (eye-ya-deli) @ayodeleohh🔁 "VCs are more willing to fund joke apps than those that befinit marginalised people." - @kthomas901 #AlterConf
Ash 🌈 @hesitentwaylien🔁 “You cannot keep pushing for more diversity while labeling marginalized people in tech as oddities”
- @thathijabae
Oscar Vargas Torres @oscarvarto🔁Slide from : "Unhelpful: Ignoring toxic behaviors from high performers." Also: reconsider whether they are high performers at all -- or simply substituting confidence for competence.
alinapaz @alinapaz🔁Feeling so fortunate to've taken part in the beautiful moment in time/culture called 💖 Thank you Ashe for all you've done for us!
Mark Morton @PontoonDock🔁This article about toxic developers was shared at yesterday, and I feel articles like this are so important as a way of getting people talking about these people more openly.
adult human female @annejumps🔁Technology can provide awareness and benefit lives, but it cannot fix the systemic issues that exist

Alice From Online @AliceFromOnline🔁This article about toxic developers was shared at yesterday, and I feel articles like this are so important as a way twitter.com of getting people talking about these people more openly.
kate rotondo @krotondo🔁Bottom line from ’s “Creating Apps for Marginalized Communities“ talk: Tech provides awareness & can benefit lives, but it CANNOT fix systemic issues. We need to support those that ARE solving them.

The revolution will not happen on the App Store.

David «ban Nazis, impeach Trump, sack Boris» JONES @drjtwit🔁 You are the expert of your own experiences. #AlterConf
Dexter of CCCB @cccbdexter🔁Insights from at on how to have a healthy code review culture 💜
Deldelp Medina @deldelp🔁@ashedryden You elevated conferences @ashedryden
Deldelp Medina @deldelp🔁Thank you @ashedryden #alterconf was smart, interesting, kind, loving, intellectual
challenging, inclusive & very very well organized.
Deldelp Medina @deldelp🔁@2plus2make5 Your presentation put into words what I have been thinking about. Thank you for your work. #alterconf
Amy Lam @amyrlam🔁Thanks to all the #AlterConf tweets for this one medium.com
Just an American @cron42🔁So far seems to be a conference for white liberals to talk to each other and pat themselves on the back for not being like their conservative counterparts.
Wolvaen 🐺 @wolvaen🔁Sandya recommended this article - bookmarking for later! “Toxic developers considered harmful” by Joseph Gefroh
Raven Anarchy @RavingAnarchy🔁There are a number of college women at today and it suddenly dawns on me how rare it is to have tech conferences where students routinely participate as equal peers — on stage & in hallways — of working professionals. (And vice versa. We need more of this.)
Alexandre Freire @freire_da_silva🔁So far, the theme from is that you belong. Yes’m You.

There are people who have your back. There are people who want to help. Tech’s roots in patriarchal white supremacy can’t be denied, but they can (and are, slowly for sure) being uprooted.

Craig S. Cottingham @CraigCottingham🔁I’m suddenly feeling really uncertain if this came through at the end of my talk, so I want to clarify this now.

White liberals (myself included) play a large and active role in white supremacy, and honesty we’re not all that different from white conservatives.


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