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Ricky Mendieta @RickyMariposa🔁 Child molesters for Jesus #ALSen
#ALSen Michael Vasquez @MrMikeVasquez🔁 Fox News Poll: @GDouglasJones leads @MooreSenate 50% to 42% in #ALSen.
#ALSen Fox News @FoxNews🔁Fox News Poll: @GDouglasJones leads @MooreSenate 50% to 42% in #ALSen.
#ALSen ⚡️Gideon Henry⚡️ @GideonHenry🔁 Judge Roy Moore in 1982 chopping wood at his home in Etowah County, Alabama
#ALSen #RoyMoore
#ALSen The Briefing Room @TheBFRoom🔁FOXNEWS: Fox News Poll: GDouglasJones leads MooreSenate 50% to 42% in #ALSen.
#ALSen Annelize Bester @THUTO🔁FoxNews: Fox News Poll: GDouglasJones leads MooreSenate 50% to 42% in #ALSen.
#ALSen G. Ashley Hawkins @g_ashleyhawkins🔁Fox News Poll: GDouglasJones leads MooreSenate 50% to 42% in #ALSen.
Doug Jones @GDouglasJones🔁Our campaign is gaining momentum & supporters from every corner of Alabama.

We’re 26 days out and preparing for the twitter.com final push.

If you’re voting for me on December 12, can we count on you?

Howard Koplowitz @HowardKoplowitz🔁.: "Alabamians will be the ultimate jury in this election- not the media or those from afar." twitter.com
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁NEW: Roy Moore’s 6th victim came forward today for him groping her while in his law office. Moore was married at the twitter.com time.

'He didn't pinch it; he grabbed it'

Kurt Bardella @kurtbardella🔁New Today asks "Why the Hell is Still Defending " - my thoughts: twitter.com
Codman Robert @robert_codman🔁Judge Roy Moore RT

Good morning, Alabama!
Day 3 of New York attorney Gloria Allred's refusal to turn over h twitter.com er fake yearbook for third party examination.

Nadine @NadineH98🔁 What’s going to happen in Alabama? #ALSEN #psc110 #psc115
Geoff Wagner @GWagner42🔁 My latest... #ALSen afa.net
Ben Wetmore @benwetmore🔁 I'm gonna tell you who needs to step down, that's Mitch McConnell. #alsen
RockersDenStore @RockersDenStore🔁 Send a message to the DC swamp and corrupt MSM! Vote Roy Moore!
Irredeemable_D.Sharp @sh_irredeemable🔁Let me improvise for Mitt:

Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections. I believe Leeann twitter.com Tweeden. Her account is too serious to ignore. Al Franken is unfit for office and should step aside NOW!

Roy Moore

I love America @purplephun🔁GADSDEN MALL MANAGER Barnes Boyle: Roy Moore Was Never Banned, Never Accused of harassing ANYONE.
Maeve Magdalen @MaeveMagdalen🔁Even a bad atty like wld have seen /D.A. for what it was The perp is unfortunately a twitter.com
Hope Springs @HopeSprings13🔁@thehill Finally some sanity: "innocent until proven guilty, but not electable until proven guilty." Nicely done @GBYRs. #ALSen
Nicole Pauline @NicolePauline17🔁Are you really using this shit as justification? My signature changed over the years. I DO believe you signed that bo twitter.com ok, but again, it wouldn't matter because our writing changes over time!
Hebrew Hand Grenade @Jarhead_Jew🔁@daveweigel The scales over your eyes seem to be loosening ...

Now apply this newfound awareness to the #RoyMoore #ALSen hysteria.

Anthony Gruszka @A_Gruszka🔁@MooreSenate Pedal to the metal against all these lying #DemocRATS #AlSen
Aman Johal @AmanJohalGFA🔁Trump was just asked if he thinks accused child sexual predator should get out of the race. He wouldn't answer and still won't even condemn the behavior that Moore is accused of engaging in.

...too close to home?

Monnie Wills @Monniewills🔁 The Roy Moore debate is over. #alpolitics #ALSEN alreporter.com
Gloria Murphy @Pappenjazz🔁 IfADecentMan Like LosesElection, It WillGiveTheGreenLight2The GloriaAllreds, MSM, , Est e.g. I.e. DeepState2 CO twitter.com NTINUE 2Lie/Manipulate/DirtyReputations/DestroyLivesAtWill!
Deb M. 💪🏻 @AUdebm🔁 Editorial Board endorses 👏🏻

Alabama it's time we stand on the & vote

👉🏻VOTE: twitter.com

Linda Ennen @imtan2🔁 “One has to ask if there is any politician more selfish than Roy Moore right now?” #ALSen redstate.com
Solo @SoloChooWookie🔁Good morning Judge Bad Touch! Year 40 of you being a child molesting perv and refusing to admit the truth. twitter.com
Michael @CoolChange80🔁@WayneRoot Mitch McConnell , Karl Rove, and Rupert Murdoch Better Get Use To Hearing The Name
#SenatorRoyMoore ! #VoteRoyMoore #ALSen
John☝🏻Wesley🇺🇸 @realJohn_Wesley🔁We missed yesterday’s podcast due to sickness in the Wesley household. Tomorrow’s podcast will be up at normal time. twitter.com Take time to listen in.
Kaye McDonald @ARRESTBHO🔁 Presumption of innocence.As an American, it is your birthright. It's Judge Roy Moore's too. #ALSen pscp.tv
Bill Clunie @billclunie🔁A couple more years we won't have to deal with messy Senate races. Trumpigula will just appoint a horse to a vacant S twitter.com enate seat.

Shane Goldmacher @ShaneGoldmacher🔁 Tina Johnson, one of the women accusing Roy Moore of sexual harassment is on Megyn Kelly's show right now #ALSEN
Merlin @MerlinGyr🔁 theplainsman.com The youth of our state have spoken. Vote #DougJonesDec12 #ALSEN
Lori Hack @lorihack_az🔁Careful hypocrite! … King David - A man after God’s own heart was VERY flawed ... ... Who isn’t flawed and in need o twitter.com f DEEP forgiveness? I will wait. Also, bearing false witness is HUGELY evil.
Carl Cole @CarlCole3🔁 Jones’ presentation and demeanor were ... Senatorial. #ALsen #alpolitics twitter.com
Rick S @KIRRSF🔁Our President sets the example from his playbook on how to respond to accusations like Roy Moore from his past. But h twitter.com e denied to the end and will burn in hell. Trump and Moore and other men like them are worst kind of hypocrites!
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @Nestlesquickga1🔁 you are playing dirty politics...straight of the playbook. We will need your resignation Senator.
Alexis Levinson @alexis_levinson🔁Tina Johnson, one of the women accusing Roy Moore of sexual harassment is on Megyn Kelly's show right now #ALSEN
Jenn Ratcliff @Jr3597🔁A powerful endorsement from Steve Duncan.
Thank you, Steve. I won’t let you down!

Hebrew Hand Grenade @Jarhead_Jew🔁Cool - so you’re not only calling for to be held accountable for actions he admits, you’re also denouncing the false twitter.com allegations, defamation, and innuendo being thrown at Awesome! Finally some integrity and intellectual honesty from the Left.
HG⚔Commander Paylor⚔ @CMDR_Paylor🔁This is a beautiful ad and testament to country over party. This is how politics should be run. No attacks. No divisi twitter.com veness. No hate rhetoric, just factual reasoned thought. Bravo!
Steel Magnolia @Rebeccasez🔁Do evangelical voters abandon principles regarding preferred yet seemingly immoral candidates? Why?

Liste twitter.com n: Do Religious Voters Excuse Immorality? -

(((RB Blair)))❄️ @TuxcedoCat🔁If you’re holding a “women for #RoyMooreChildMolester” press conference, you’re losing!

#ALSenate #ALSen #GOPfascists #GOPhypocrisy

bwix @sadiewix🔁 This piece from @DD_MarySell is typical of her top-of-the-shelf work. decaturdaily.com #ALSEN #alpolitics


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