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#alpolitics Steve Marshall @SteveMarshallAL🔁Enjoyed my day at the annual Chili Cookoff benefiting the Exceptional Foundation. #alpolitics
Josh Moon @Josh_Moon🔁Forgive me for being angry in this column but the Medicaid work requirement really, really pissed me off. twitter.com
#alpolitics David Wisdom @WisdomAU🔁 We enjoyed seeing some of our friends at the @SenTomWhatley Annual BBQ #alpolitics
#alpolitics Young Alabama @YoungALpodcast🔁We enjoyed seeing some of our friends at the @SenTomWhatley Annual BBQ #alpolitics
Howard Koplowitz @HowardKoplowitz🔁"People in Alabama love their guns, but they also love their children": Doug Jones says Alabama is ready for backgrou twitter.com nd checks, raising age to 21 to buy assault rifles.

Brian Lyman @lyman_brian🔁“The 10 that were most vulnerable (to a trade shock), because of their economic reliance on exports, were in Indiana, twitter.com Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Alabama — all states Mr. Trump carried.”
Jesse T. Smith @Jesse_TSmith🔁The state requires schools that teach sex education to include and emphasize “abstinence from sexual intercourse.”

twitter.com News Flash: It’s not working.

“Alabama reported about 554 cases of chlamydia and 173 cases of gonorrhea per 100,000 residents.”

Victor Monjaras @Journeyman15🔁 Translation: Alabama Has The Worst Two Party’s In America. #alpolitics twitter.com
Jesse T. Smith @Jesse_TSmith🔁Translation: Alabama Has The Worst Two Party’s In America. #alpolitics twitter.com
Deb M. @AUdebm🔁⏰Please take time today to follow/support another excellent candidate.


👉🏻Help AL send Jason to Montgomery
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Meet Jason

Christopher Ekstrom @csekstrom🔁Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks: “The purpose of the Second Amendment is to ensure that we have a republic”
Frannie James @KudzuFrannie🔁Follow to see how they are helping women in Alabama make history!
AL House Democrats @ALHouseDems🔁 of Birmingham, Asst. Minority Leader for our House Caucus, telling that we are going to get more Democrats elected twitter.com in 2018.

David Money @JudgeDMoney72🔁Great observation! In Henry Co our cost of regional juvenile detention as tripled in the past five years. And we’re n twitter.com o closer to identifying, addressing and solving the fundamental cause of the problem.
Shelby County AL GOP @ShelbyCountyGOP🔁Conservatives need to get out and vote! America is on the right path again because patriots voted in 2016. Let's figh twitter.com t to stay on the right path.
Shelby County AL GOP @ShelbyCountyGOP🔁No. 14 #Auburn clinches share of 1st #SEC title since 1999 s.al.com Congrats @AuburnMBB. #alpolitics
Isner for Congress @TabithaK🔁Tomorrow I will join the Bridge Crossing Jubilee. I look forward to sharing that experience with my son. Parents, te twitter.com ach your children to honor this rich heritage and find their own place in the movement to dismantle systemic racism.
Brian Lyman @lyman_brian🔁. captured some moving images of John Lewis and Susan Bro — the mother of Heather Heyer, killed in Charlottesville la twitter.com st August — at the start of the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee today.
Barb B. @BarbB39🔁I’m happy to see supporting Alabama thanks you!
South Alabama @South_Alabama🔁The latest The South Alabama Update! paper.li Thanks to @icymi_news @AlabamaMedGroup @mlh_holmes #alpolitics #womeninart
Josh Gauntt @joshg_TV🔁Out of all the issues facing the state of , lawmakers debated a bill that would require your vehicle’s headlights to twitter.com be turned on from sunset to sunrise
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁We must not give up hope that our country's lawmakers will eventually be able to implement the will of the people. twitter.com
Jason Fisher @Fisher4Senate🔁We need real leadership in Montgomery that changes the culture of our government and brings folks together instead o twitter.com f tears them apart with corruption, insults, and regressive legislation.

Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁Do you believe U.S. main stream media is being mocked all over the world? I have not investigated but I think that i twitter.com s highly doubtful. Do you want to do a fact check with me?
Sheri Dorsey @sheridorsey101🔁Our sure are screwed up & nothing proves it more than this. Why would someone be fired & get rewarded for their job with a fat pension??
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁POTUS has right to say below. Please apply the point I am making to below. I say there are Trump supporters who accep twitter.com t below uncritically and that prevents reasonable rational conversation with such supporters.
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁AL Republican reps in Congress adamantly refuse to engage in diagnosis of why health care costs in U.S. are so much h twitter.com igher than in other in other countries. … …
John Gunn @JuntoGunto🔁How CEO's compensation at Michigan BCBS is public on.freep.com yet Alabama BCBS's isn't (at least since Goat Hill Gang passed la twitter.com w in '15) seems notable.
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁I am not questioning POTUS free speech rights. You are not responding to the point I am making. You can say it is hap twitter.com pening or it is not happening and, if it is happening, say either no problem or it is bad.
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁Grassroots Supporters should consider employing organized direct tweeting to voters. twitter.com
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁FYI Alabamians who are interested: there is out of state calling into #pa18 for Conor Lamb. #alpolitics twitter.com
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁I continue to contend that the extremes on the two political sides control the politics, and this prevents Congress f twitter.com rom agreeing on immigration legislation that a large majority of Americans would find acceptable.
OIT In flames @oitinflames🔁Secretary of OIT allows change management to spiral out of control. With everything deemed top priority there is not twitter.com enough staff to placate the demands for data. How is that good leadership ?
Isner for Congress @TabithaK🔁DACA protections were originally supposed to expire this Monday, March 5. What is going on with DACA now? Today I sat twitter.com down with Dreamers in the Wiregrass to discuss the ongoing struggle.
Nathaniel White @Real_NateWhite🔁When a bunch of campaign managers get together and make a candidate take the picture... Great time at the Whatley ann twitter.com ual bbq!
Amelia Sweeney @adisasterreally🔁Our sure are screwed up & nothing proves it more than this. Why would someone be fired & get rewarded for their job twitter.com with a fat pension??
alina stefanescu @aliner🔁Who plays the lottery, and why I think #alpolitics is pandering to corporations by using lottery to fund education. journalistsresource.org
Lee County (AL) Dems @LCDCAlabama🔁Time for some new leadership! #alpolitics
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁Is gun control going to be tricky issue for Democratic candidates in AL in 2018? #alpolitics twitter.com
Alice Martin @AliceMartin4AG🔁Perfect weather to gather w/friends at the Annual Whatley Family . Thanks for the invite to the “ultimate southern twitter.com cultural experience”!
Rufus T. Firefly @BamaIndependent🔁Since the steel plant in Calvert imports steel from Mexico and Brazil for fabrication for use in US manufacturing wou twitter.com ld it be subject to tariffs?
Margie @lakelady568🔁 Awesome segment @PeteHegseth #WeStand #alpolitics #NationalAnthemDay
Sonny Brasfield @sonnybrasfield🔁Legislators looking to reform juvenile justice shouldn’t overlook the “REAL” problem.
Why not address the existing twitter.com law that allows juveniles to sit in regional detention facilities if removing them would place an undue burden on the state?
GUMPTOWN MAGAZINE @GUMP334town🔁Vote Tiffany McCord for District Judge Place 3 on June 5th! … instagram.com
R Street Institute 🚫👞🐍 @RSI🔁If 's legislators want to raise taxes, they should cast a vote. Instead, they cut a deal between public employees and twitter.com the state's liquor bureaucracy to avoid accountability. State Sen. 's bill aims to stop it.
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁Well, my serious question or problem is that D. Trump calls them Fake News, many of his supporters believe him, and t twitter.com hat creates difficulty in conversing with said supporters and reaching agreement with them about truth and facts.
Brian Lyman @lyman_brian🔁On another trade front: Losing NAFTA would be so bad for Alabama’s auto industry that’s it’s one of the few places y twitter.com ou’ll see Alabama Republicans engage in (extremely mild) dissent from the Trump agenda.
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁Notwithstanding there is lots of free speech, I think Trump has impaired the ability of people to reach agreement abo twitter.com ut truth and facts, and that is bad.
Rob Shattuck @RobShattuckAL06🔁@BrendanKKirby @jpepperbryars @yhn @realDonaldTrump Do you believe CNN, NYT, etc. are Fake News? #alpolitics
Megan @themegskipper🔁So excited to be a part of 's inaugural class. Women are leading the change in AL. Watch out for us! twitter.com
Young Alabama @YoungALpodcast🔁 soundcloud.com Check out our latest episode! We discuss the failed Richard Shelby resolution and the tone of Tommy Battle’s gubern twitter.com atorial campaign.
Richie Beyer @wrbspearpoint🔁Robert Mariner with USDOT addressing the TSC about grant opportunities for local governments twitter.com
Web! for AL House 96 🌹 @webforAL🔁 Yes!!! Teachers in poorly-funded states unite! How about #Alabama next? #alpolitics twitter.com
🌳MattyMcMattface🌳 @theMattyKakes🔁Roy Moore's Facebook post begging for money is so pathetic. After the election I thought we should leave him alone a twitter.com nd let his humiliating loss be his punishment, but after reading this I hope he ends up broke and homeless
Walt Maddox @WaltMaddox🔁I enjoyed today’s roundtable discussion with political and spiritual leaders at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Selma. I twitter.com t was great to be with @ronsparks1952 and Hank Sanders. Looking forward to the rest of this important weekend in Selma!
Anne @aliens8myKat🔁@TPM @RoyMooreSenate sending thoughts and prayers... #ALpolitics
Greater B'ham Dems @GBDems🔁Hello all you HD-46 District voters in Homewood, Mtn Brook, Bluff Park and parts Trace Crossings. If you don't alread twitter.com y know , say "Hi!" She's your outstanding candidate to volunteer for, to follow, and to support. Flip 46 to Blue!
Josh Moon @Josh_Moon🔁No one really believes Roy Moore is broke. But lots of us believe he should absolutely run for governor as an indepen twitter.com dent. Run, Roy, run.
Alabama Arise @AlabamaArise🔁Parents who work just 20 hours at earn too much to qualify for Alabama . Imposing work requirements would create a c twitter.com atch-22 for thousands in deep poverty, taking away their health coverage no matter what they do.
Alabama Arise @AlabamaArise🔁 work requirements would hurt Alabamians in extreme poverty. Speak out against this cruel catch-22 plan at 2 public f twitter.com orums next week:

Monday, 3/5 @ 11 AM: AIDT Auditorium, Montgomery

Tuesday, 3/6 @ 11 AM: Hoover Public Library, Hoover

Woke Nick Saban @WokeNickSaban🔁Yes!!! Teachers in poorly-funded states unite! How about #Alabama next? #alpolitics twitter.com
🔥🌊BamaWatchtower 💥❄️ @BamaWatchtower🔁Please help and donate to . AL is kicking 1000's off Medicaid and we need people who will fight for those who can't twitter.com fight for themselves!! Donate at or
Free The Drinks! @drinksreform🔁If 's legislators want to raise taxes, they should cast a vote. Instead, they cut a deal between public employees and twitter.com the state's liquor bureaucracy to avoid accountability. State Sen. 's bill aims to stop it.
AlabamaSchoolBoards @AlaSchoolBoards🔁AASB Executive Director is providing attendees with an update on the 2018 Legislative session. twitter.com
Theresa Pratt @TheresaPratt01🔁Victory for in Alabama. Thank you for breaking this very important story for
Biggomamma @biggomamma🔁Some in the ALGOP wanted to censure Senator Shelby, this week he showed why that was such a bad idea
RitaSparks4 @RSparks4kids🔁Up in Montgomery, AL. It’s time to support the unique learning needs of gifted students. twitter.com
Mitch Reid @BamaConservator🔁Concern expressed to about hunting over bait bill. Seems like a bad idea given the catastrophe that Chronic Wasting twitter.com Disease would have on deer hunting and conservation in Alabama
Jason Fisher @Fisher4Senate🔁The title of this article doesn’t tell the real story. Read it and see for yourself. It should be called “How to M twitter.com ake Your Poor People Poorer - The GOP’s Practical Guide to Making Terrible Policy Decisions for Political Purposes”.

QBallSull @QSull🔁@EdKrassen Time for Roy Moore to pull himself up by his bootstraps and stop begging for money. #RoyMoore #Alabama #alpolitics #
Jeff Poor @jeff_poor🔁‘It hurts my feelings’ — Monroe County, Ala., sheriff on allegations of jail food money improprieties yellowhammernews.com #alpolitics
Miss Dixie Stank 💅🏼 @DixieStank🔁Forgive me for being angry in this column but the Medicaid work requirement really, really pissed me off.


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