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#alpolitics Anna Kate Patterson @AnnaKateTTVN🔁 After a stunning Senate defeat, what's next for Roy Moore? trib.al #alpolitics #alsen
#alpolitics JBZY @jamaalbaldwin🔁 This is the front page of The Birmingham News for tomorrow morning: #alsen #alpolitics
#alpolitics Hayley Paterson @bartebepxlvh🔁 Help Make America Great Again!
#VoteMoore #MooreSenate #ALSEN #ALGOP #ALpolitics
#alpolitics 왕보귀 @baoguiw🔁 And finally: The @MGMAdvertiser’s front page this morning. More to come. (5/fin) #ALSEN #alpolitics
ALGOP @ALGOP🔁If you have any issues or problems at your polling place today, please call our ballot security hotline at: 844.488.8 twitter.com 776

ALGOP @ALGOP🔁Alabama, the ONLY conservative candidate - needs YOUR vote today! 🇺🇸

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TheAmericanJacket @AmericanJacket🔁The latest The American Jacket Company Daily! paper.li #sagawards #alpolitics
Charlie Kentnor @ckentnor🔁The latest Sonoita Newes! paper.li #alpolitics #breaking
ForestView TeaHouse @FV_TeaHouse🔁I was really hoping that no one saw me with these two. I knew I should’ve stayed in the stable.
Talut @Talut🔁The latest Talut Daily News! paper.li #sagawards #alpolitics
TISEL MILAN VUKOVIC @TISELcleaning🔁The latest NOVINE - PAPER! paper.li #alpolitics #alsen
☆Edukate_Me☆ @edukater1🔁Folks rolled Auburn's Toomer's Corner after Alabama grad Doug Jones won his Senate race: trib.al
Gary Dunavant @Garybham🔁 This Roy Moore video statement is straight up looney tunes bananas. #alpolitics #ALSEN youtu.be
Romy Beat @RomyBeatShop🔁The latest THE CYCLICAL CRISIS :! paper.li #alsen #alpolitics
なつみ (Natsumi) @natsumikanez🔁 The latest INFOWEB NEWS! paper.li #alsen #alpolitics
Carmen Resists @goprapebuster🔁Here's what Senator-elect Doug Jones said about Alabama and the Toyota-Mazda plant trib.al
Darby Fowler @darbyjalyn🔁 Let's talk about gerrymandering.

#alpolitics twitter.com

Saudi Gazette @Saudi_Gazette🔁: ’s loss may trigger a breakdown in whatever little trust remains. — twitter.com
Drick Perry @drickp🔁The latest Drick's Rambling Journal! paper.li #ad #alpolitics
Ellis Davis @bubbledavis1🔁The latest Rude Awaking~ Garden Valley Digital! paper.li #brexit #alpolitics
Brian Lyman @lyman_brian🔁@campbellnyt @RichardFausset And an equally good one from @jessbidgood on how women voted in #ALSEN: nytimes.com #alpolitics
Brian Lyman @lyman_brian🔁A great #ALSEN read with a wealth of info on GOTV efforts from @campbellnyt and @RichardFausset. nytimes.com #alpolitics
HamdanCommunications @HamdanC🔁The latest Hamdan Communications! paper.li #alpolitics #alsen
WHYT📍 @itzwhyt🔁The latest Daily Burgle! paper.li #alsen #alpolitics
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LaQuita M. Holmes @LaQuitaMHolmes🔁The latest Revolutionary Times! paper.li #alpolitics
Kathryn Madland @notpd4patriot🔁Amazing. Let's all strive to be 1/10 as good as Ms. Hardy.

Tru @TruBlokBoys🔁The latest World Media! paper.li #sagawards #alpolitics
Maddalena Faedo @MaddalenaFaedo🔁The latest Mediatica! paper.li #alsen #alpolitics
Michaelbuzz @michaelbuzz🔁The latest Michael Today! paper.li #alpolitics #alsen
Kareem Crayton @KareemCrayton🔁Nope. I didn’t hear that. Now I DID hear more than a rumor about one of the candidates. Like 30 people spoke to it twitter.com . A few news outlets reported it. Folks like the governor believed it, but voted for the guy anyhow. He lost.
Kareem Crayton @KareemCrayton🔁Memo to : Now that is all over but the shouting (yeah, lots more is coming), the ppl need answers: Did Coach Saban twitter.com win the write-in race??
Rami الديزل @RamiWaheed🔁The latest The Rami Waheed Daily! paper.li #alsen #alpolitics
Silvestre Boit @silvestreboit🔁The latest Silvestre Online! paper.li #alpolitics #alsen
Eascogal Archie @EascogalA🔁Congrats to newly elected Sen. Doug Jones! Now, the Senate needs to seat him immediately.
Stephan Dekemper @SDekemper🔁The latest The Dekemper Manual! paper.li #netneutrality #alpolitics
Jaih Kaine @I_Ntwrk🔁The latest Eye Tech Sercure! paper.li #alpolitics #alsen
UniteWomen AL @UniteWomenAL🔁 And HEARTFELT thanks to the thousnds who voted, called, knocked on doors, gave rides, donated, marched, lent their voices to, and other made happen the best Hanukah present EVAH!!
Sean Goldie @sean_goldie🔁The latest B2B Sales Today ! paper.li #alpolitics #alsen
Rafael Williams @WhoisRafael🔁The latest The Rafael Lifestyle Daily! paper.li #alpolitics #thirstmas
michael deberry @OldSkoolTarHeel🔁 .@ChairmanLathan releases a statement following election results. #ALsenate #ALpolitics yellowhammernews.com
jeanne brock @JeniMj74🔁 He's not heard from Roy Moore, he said. #alsen #alpolitics twitter.com
Kareem Crayton @KareemCrayton🔁One more lesson, on the hobby of “hater-ation” on AL D’s: Trust me, I get it. But next time you get the urge, think twitter.com abt 12/12 and remember: The party is the *people*. Go ahead and be the party you want to see.
Tuscaloosa Dems @TuscaloosaDems🔁Let's talk about gerrymandering.

#alpolitics twitter.com

Old Geezer Radio @OldGeezerRadio🔁The latest Old Geezer News! paper.li #alsen #alpolitics
American Dad 🇺🇸 @okiedokiepokey🔁Major takeaway from the Town Hall, in Oxford, Alabama. Mike Rogers wasn't elected, he was anointed.
Chuck Raasch @craasch🔁 Noted Alabama expert Bernie Sanders. #alsen #alpolitics twitter.com
Mike Faulk @Mike_Faulk🔁Noted Alabama expert Bernie Sanders. #alsen #alpolitics twitter.com
Rufus T. Firefly @BamaIndependent🔁@WarOnDumb Who are plays Omar Little in this real life drama? #alpolitics
David Scott @dscottsf🔁 There was a change in Alabama last night. And it's one that could stick around. #alpolitics #ALSEN alreporter.com


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