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#ahcj17 Pia Christensen @AHCJ_Pia🔁Not gonna lie - I'm not going to miss the grand staircase one little bit. #ahcj17
#ahcj17 Светланка @kancumpfiswea11🔁 First conference, complete! Thanks #ahcj17
#ahcj17 Pia Christensen @AHCJ_Pia🔁#ahcj17 is over ... and people are still asking @kwstark questions about hospital finances. #ahcjfinance
#ahcj17 Andrew M. Seaman @andrewmseaman🔁Catching @ReliableSources at the Orlando airport on my way home from a journalism conference. #ahcj17
#ahcj17 Christine Herman @CTHerman🔁So great to meet everyone on the @SideEffectsNews team at #ahcj17 in Orlando! Had a blast :) Safe travels, everyone!
#ahcj17 laurenwhaley @laurenwhaley🔁.@ProPublica represent. With the inimitable @charlesornstein. #facts #ahcj17
#ahcj17 Mental Health Editor @cynchazen🔁 Dr. James Levine: Some data on excess sitting/inactivity #AHCJobesity #AHCJ17
Ginger Christ @GChristCLE🔁Safe travels home, new friends! #ahcj17
#ahcj17 Roxanne Khamsi @rkhamsi🔁 @WalshChilders ... and here's at least some of the compelling evidence ... #AHCJ2017 #AHCJ17
Blacksnow Boutique @BlacksnowBouti🔁@biticonjustine #AllCanBe BlacksnowBoutique freestyle artist on YouTube. #earthday2017 #ahcj17 #jamesjigallery
#ahcj17 BabyBoomerWriter @BabyBoomerWritr🔁 Making sense of relative and absolute risk: Our primer can help #ahcj17
#ahcj17 Francisco Marty, MD @FranciscoMarty_🔁 Where do your healthcare dollars go? #ahcj17 #ahcjhospital
Gideon Gil @GideonGil🔁Ellie Hollander: meals on wheels serving 23M fewer meals today than 2005; federal funding hasn't kept pace with need. #ahcj17
Charles Ornstein @charlesornstein🔁In Kansas, if you don't have kids, you're not eligible for Medicaid. If you have kids, have to make less than 33% of poverty level. #ahcj17
ClearHealthCosts @chcostsThanks! 🔁 .@kwstark gives well-deserved shout out to @chcosts for helping consumers figure out true cost of care. #ahcj17
Kimberly Wright @kimberlyKPAH🔁OPD Capt. Sue Brown at talks about our Crisis Intervention Team, which helps get mentally ill help they need instead of jail.
🔆 🔆
#Bazemore #JoeyBarton #ahcj17 @xSpaz666__ @givesharry
Phil Galewitz @philgalewitz🔁Thanks #ahcj17! An amazing Orlando conf. Great to meet new and old friends, learn and get inspired by terrific journalists. See ya next year
Zarifa Roberson @itsanidealworld🔁 2015: 3.2 Trillion #healthcare expenditures in U.S. Cc #ahcj17
Emily Gurnon @EmilyGurnon🔁 "How did you respond when your editor asked to have it for Sunday?" "No." - @EricEyre 😂😂😂#ahcj17 #ahjcprojects
Bernadette Keefe MD @nxtstop1🔁2015: 3.2 Trillion #healthcare expenditures in U.S. Cc #ahcj17
Emily Gurnon @EmilyGurnon🔁.: We don't want to tell our grandkids we wrote 300 stories a year, but told stories that made a difference.
NJIT DSS @NJIT_DSS🔁 #AHCJ17 #AHCJpain panel: Daniel Carr, President American Academy of Pain Medicine. #ChronicPain is a disease.
NJIT DSS @NJIT_DSS🔁 #AHCJ17 #AHCJpain panel: Jodie Berry says pain is invisible. If people can't see it, they don't always understand it.
NJIT DSS @NJIT_DSS🔁 #AHCJ17 #AHCJpain panel: Daniel Carr, MD: Three words the world should know about #ChronicPain: suffering, agony, treatable.
NJIT DSS @NJIT_DSS🔁 20-35% of youth worldwide suffer from #chronicpain. --Dr. Salamon tells #AHCJ17. #AHCJpain
NJIT DSS @NJIT_DSS🔁Dr. Salamon tells panel: Many factors are associated with , for instance fatigue, stomach pain, & headaches.
Daylina Miller @DaylinaMiller🔁 Sam Steinberg: "Never pay a hospital bill that comes to your house without investigating first." #ahcj17 #AHCJhospital
Scleroderma Care @sclerodermatt🔁The latest The Scleroderma Care Daily! Thanks to @LIVESTRONG_COM @becjo #ahcj17 #ahcjresources
Jen Lu @jenpenned🔁Had to miss the session on hospital data due to a 5:12 am red eye, so v pleased to see the tipsheet online before I 've reached home!
Dr. Deb @acainfolady🔁Oral health implications for ACA repeal/ Medicaid cuts are scary as well:
Erin L. Boyle @erinLboyle🔁My thoughts exactly! My first #ahcj17 was fabulous, can't wait till next year
HFI @HFIhealthcare🔁 story suggestions: Reporters should write about social determinants of health
ReblandoPR @ReblandoPR🔁 story suggestions: Reporters should write about social determinants of health
Sarah Despres @sarahdespres🔁 The safety & effectiveness of regenerative medicine varies on a product-by-product basis. #AHCJ17
Amina Zec @MlnaaaXOXO🔁. is an evidence-based intervention. Including a randomized controlled clinical trial.
R. Adams Dudley @RAdamsDudleyMD🔁Flights to and from Orlando have lots of cute kids on them #ahcj17
mb_dnp @mb_dnp🔁1 year of costs the same as 1 DAY in the hospital for a vulnerable older person: Ellie Hollander
Roberta Lavin @RobertaLavin🔁Public health experts discuss ‘infectious nature’ of violence at #AHCJ17 -
Ken Warnock @KenWarnock🔁 Here's some fast facts on U.S. hospitals (ownership type, etc.) from @ahahospitals #ahcj17
Healthcare Business @healthcarebiz🔁Knect365 | Healthcare Policy Daily! Thanks to @wilbanks @GertyZ @tvjrennie #digitalhealth #ahcj17
c. berry lee @cberrl🔁 Sitting - the many ways it is not good for us. #activeliving #activeworking #AHCJ17 #sitting
Andrea Hofelich @hofelicha🔁Tnx to all the folks w/ AHCJ for hosting another great & informative mtg! Safe travels, everyone! #ahcj17
ElizabethWhittington @eyoste🔁 Every $25 spent on home delivered meals means reductions in nursing home care. #ahcj17 @_MealsOnWheels
Mental Health Editor @cynchazen🔁"The stigma is one of the biggest barriers," reported one person living with chronic pain.
Mental Health Editor @cynchazen🔁Role of psychology in treating . Perception vs reality. Dr. Salamon at panel.
Mental Health Editor @cynchazen🔁At , science writer speaks about patient activism. About Vance: .
Mental Health Editor @cynchazen🔁Providers “drop bills on people like confetti” said during great discussion on final day of Always check before you pay.
Heather Guenther @guenth38🔁That's a wrap on my first #ahcj17 conference. Loved meeting so many smart, talented reporters. Future of the field is in great hands
Lei Ellingson @lei_ellingson🔁 Thank you, @KattiGray, for this #AHCJ17 panel on mental illness. cc @CarterFellows
Tweitzel @Tweitzel🔁 Hospitals ❤️ the #ACA because it increased utilization. ⬆️utilization =⬆️revenue for hospitals #ahcjhospital$ #AHCJ17
Jake's Journal @JakesJournal🔁Thank you for another fantastic four days!

Already excited to continue our conversations next year, but first...a s alad and a nap.

Daylina Miller @DaylinaMiller🔁. + collaboration gets >100 member station stories/yr on natl. air & .
Katherine Hempstead @khemp64🔁GOP Inaction Keeps Obamacare 'Fragile' via
Beat Debt Collectors @BeatDebtCollect🔁Proud to accept award for NBC News breakout EpiPen coverage. Thank you to allergy families, docs who shared struggles w price spikes
Julie Roles @JulieRoles🔁Ellie Hollander: social isolation poses a high risk for poor health = smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
John P Erwin III MD @HeartOTXHeartMD🔁 Most recent MD participation rates in by state
Bram Sable-Smith @besables🔁Sam Steinberg: "Never pay a hospital bill that comes to your house without investigating first." #ahcj17 #AHCJhospital
Heather Stauffer @HStaufferLNP🔁Medicaid plan administrative costs: 5% for state agencies, 15% for private companies, speaker tells journalists.
Leah Rosenbaum @leah_rosenbaum🔁. offers site showing hospital-inspection reports, including violations: .
Jonathan LaMantia @JonLaMantia🔁#ahcj17 ends on high note w/ great session by @kwstark on hospital finance. Tips: Look at audited financial statements & ask about payer mix
Real US Patriot @txmagca🔁 .@kwstark on hospitals: "They drop bills on people like confetti." Don't pay until asking questions. #ahcj17
JoyRobertson @JoyRobertson🔁UNBELIEVABLE #ahcj17
Joyce Copeland, MD @DukeFMStudents🔁The latest The Duke FM Student Daily! Thanks to @GrahamCenter @blackweldermd @NatashaBhuyan #ahcj17 #earthday
cwroth @cwroth🔁Last session of #AHCJ17 (hospital finance) and the crowd is at least half public radio reporters. Keeping local journalism alive. #pubradio
Durrie Bouscaren @durrieB🔁.@kwstark on the beauty of bond rating reports for hospitals: "They do the work for you! All you have to do is call their asses up!" #ahcj17
Kristofor Husted @krishusted🔁Happy birthday to @WMFEHealthNerd and what a baller job on helping put together this #ahcj17 conference.
Jaclyn Cosgrove @jaclyncosgrove🔁Great #ahcj17 conference! Met some hilarious, kind journalists and now have a long, long list of (new!) story ideas. Thanks, Orlando!
Slim Habit @SlimHabit🔁"Politicians have figured out that hospitals are where the money is," says . "They're way ahead of us." $
Ivan Oransky @ivanoransky🔁"One patient, for instance, just left after spending 10 years in a New Jersey hospital." via @kwstark #ahcj17
Samantha Horton @SamHorton5🔁@cwroth @SideEffectsNews I really enjoy the hospital quality data session that was right before! #ahcj17 #AHCJquality
Ivan Oransky @ivanoransky🔁"Never try to read a [hospital] financial statement on your own at night," says @kwstark. "It's not going to work." #ahcj17 #ahcjhospital$
Charles Ornstein @charlesornstein🔁"Never try to read a financial statement, alone, by yourself at night. It's not going to work," says @kwstark. Seek help. Agree. #ahcj17
Common Raven @Bewickwren🔁 High-deductible plans are causing bad debt problems for hospitals. Worth covering for reporters. #ahcj17
Sabriya Rice @sabriyarice🔁Providers “drop bills on people like confetti” said @kwstark during great discussion on final day of #ahcj17 Always check before you pay.
Scott Hensley @scotthensley🔁Often OH at @NPR, "Let's get one of @ggrayson's reporters to do it." A compliment but doesn't really work that way. #ahcjnewscollab #ahcj17
Charles Ornstein @charlesornstein🔁.@kwstark on hospitals: "They drop bills on people like confetti." Don't pay until asking questions. #ahcj17
Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre🔁 .@CMSGov posts raw cost report data here: #ahcj17
Charles Ornstein @charlesornstein🔁.@CMSGov posts raw cost report data here: #ahcj17
Joe Balintfy @JoeBalintfy🔁Thanks @AHCJ! I had a great first meeting. #ahcj17
Charles Ornstein @charlesornstein🔁.@kwstark says Medicare cost reports can help cover hospital finances. Try or #ahcj17


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