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Karen Brown @KPefferBrown🔁 Congratulations @Unforget_org for winning #A2GSS #A2Optimize
#A2OPTIMIZE Katy Thomas Fike PhD @Katy_Thomas🔁 And the conference begins... thank you everyone for attending! #A2OPTIMIZE
Katy Thomas Fike PhD @Katy_Thomas🔁 Congratulations @Unforget_org for winning #A2GSS #A2Optimize
#A2OPTIMIZE Katy Thomas Fike PhD @Katy_Thomas🔁 "In a world of machines, humanity is the killer app." - @briansolis #A2OPTIMIZE
#A2OPTIMIZE Ali Nayyar @Ali_HHNYC🔁 Great speech by @ChipConley of @Airbnb on #EmotionalIntelligence @Aging20 #A2OPTIMIZE
#A2OPTIMIZE Denise Yarmlak @medtechbiz🔁 Congratulations to Global Startup Search Winner @Unforget_org @Aging20 #A2OPTIMIZE
#A2OPTIMIZE grandPad @grandpad_social🔁 The judging has begun for the Global Startup Search winner. #A2OPTIMIZE
#A2OPTIMIZE C.R. English @crbenglish🔁 Risk and new care models in #seniorcare panel @Aging20 #A2OPTIMIZE @daughterhood @BayadaHHC
Jettie Eddleman @JettieEddleman🔁 Congratulations @Unforget_org for winning #A2GSS #A2Optimize
conciergedoc @DrFerdowsi🔁This. A crucial point we must not lose sight of, especially as technology becomes even more pervasive in our lives.
Dementia Pathfinders @DPCIC🔁Wow, so *cool* what is doing with social VR in to support mental wellness!
Lye Peng @lyepengchia🔁 Important reminder from of why Alzheimer's is the most expensive condition to treat - people live in average for 20 years with the disease, drugs are basically useless.
essentieltremor @essentieltremor🔁 Next: @steadiwear steadies your hand if you have #Parkinsons or another tremor. #A2OPTIMIZE
essentieltremor @essentieltremor🔁 The tremor reducing device is a "Steadiglove" steadiwear.com it's battery powered. #A2OPTIMIZE
Yasmin Shah @yzlamas🔁Natalie and Yasmin present about how member Villages of are tackling isolation with High Touch services. twitter.com
Senior Housing News @srhousingnews🔁Kashtin Fitzsimons presents on Scaling emergency call system and the data behind it at Aging 2.0 Optimize. twitter.com
Deborah A. Rozell @designed4all🔁Yves Behar asks: Why do robots need to take on a human form? doesn't have to look like a robot.
CaregiverAccelerator @CareAccelerator🔁Our Monica is at #A2OPTIMIZE this week talking about solutions for family caregivers. twitter.com
Viral Thakker @vthakker🔁Humbled to see amazing innovation happening in one of the most underserved category.
Ashish V. Shah @avshah🔁Great breakout session at w/ and Charity Hefley-Leigh
Ali Nayyar @Ali_HHNYC🔁Our co-founders are here at by . Drop by and check out our latest prototype!
‘ike Hawaii @ikehawaii🔁This is our first year attending Aging2.0 and we are taking away so many gems! Awesome conference !
Katy Thomas Fike PhD @Katy_Thomas🔁Quote of the day “Good design is how you treat your customers”
Katy Thomas Fike PhD @Katy_Thomas🔁Proud to be partnering with here at . Their grand challenges are at the heart of what is about.
Katy Thomas Fike PhD @Katy_Thomas🔁Excited to see at the event this week!
SOPHIE ✏️ @sophieokolo🔁Excited to present at in this afternoon's breakout session "Cities as Incubators for Successful Aging" at the beautiful War Memorial Building.
Generations Now 📈🌠 @Getgenerations🔁Building tech for 50+ ? Snag your free product development book #A2OPTIMIZE innovatorsanonymous.com
Stephen Johnston @sdbj🔁 wraps up. Hands down one of the best events I have ever attended! Congrats team (esp Ms.Amazing Grace!) 🎉👊🏻🥂⭐️
Arpeg @arpeg_rj🔁Great Workshop Session: Designing your digital proudcts at Aging 2.0 - Listen To Your Data


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