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yu darvish Azizi Othman @AziziOthmanMY🔁Yu Darvish may have been tipping his pitches in nightmare World Series performance read.bi
Andy McCullough @McCulloughTimes🔁Rich Hill on stepping off to let the crowd boo Yuli Gurriel: “That was my silent gesture” to condemn Gurriel’s insult toward Yu Darvish.
Victoria🍭 @victoria_mijita🔁 Yuli Gurriel tips his helmet towards Yu Darvish before his at-bat.
yu darvish Max Fletcher @maxfletch🔁 Congratulations Yu Darvish on the MVP award for the 2017 World Series!
Andy McCullough @McCulloughTimes🔁Rich Hill was very unhappy with Yuli Gurriel's gesture to Yu Darvish in Game 3. Hill stepped off the mound so the fans could boo more.
Jeff Passan @JeffPassan🔁Game 3 Yu Darvish: That was really, really bad.

Game 7 Yu Darvish: Hold my beer.

Kent MacKenzie @OldTimeHockey86🔁 Any word if ISIS claimed Yu Darvish’s performance yet?
Fidel Garza @Fidel__Garza🔁Yu Darvish may have been tipping his pitches in nightmare World Series performance read.bi
J.Diaz.. @Jesse02496639🔁 Vin Scully on Dodgers Pitching: 'I Better Not Give Any Opinion!' tmz.me
Comer @komz34🔁 Yu Darvish leaves the World Series with a 21.60 ERA
John Dehmer 🇺🇸 @jsd808🔁@shier_michael Sadly a wasted season by management. Yu Darvish had no business being out there last night.
My-Key Z @MikeyHZ🔁 Yu Darvish you are banished from LA
emily ❀ @emily_fassl🔁Good morning to everyone except Yu Darvish
The 110 Nation, LLC @110nation🔁Astros beat Dervish (again) to become World Series Champs. fb.me
Mike Miller @yankee2479🔁 Game 3 Yu Darvish: That was really, really bad.

Game 7 Yu Darvish: Hold my beer.

MLB NewzBot @MLBNewzBot🔁Yahoo! Sports - newzbots.me - Why Did the Dodgers Lose World Series 2017? Yu Darvish Is Now Public Enemy Number One in L.A.
drakkarpapi @KingMatttt🔁Dodger fans not defending Yu Darvish from racial slurs today I see
JR SoloMan 5000 @J_waitforit_R🔁 Yu Darvish for Astros world series MVP!
Scott Stocker @StockerBaseball🔁 businessinsider.com

We are creatures of habit. Know yourself, know your opponent, know the pattern.

Dex_Da_Don_Dadda @daculinaryvlrgo🔁What dodgers will be saying to Yu Darvish bout new contract and Texans will say to subscriptions of (They supported Dodgers)
MiaLoy @gsnap_abk6🔁I'm happy the Astros won, but it's horrible the way people are treating Yu Darvish. #Deplorable
Whazupnaija @Wazupnaija🔁L.A. Shouldn't Hate Dodgers' Yu Darvish, Says NBA's Al Harrington - whazupnaija.com


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