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Angelmbrooks @angelmbrooks2🔁 Every time I see young Hollywood #lhhmiareunion #LHHReunion #lhhmia
A M A R A @AmaraLaNegraALN🔁Now for Those That are really questioning if I slept with Young Hollywood please really think about it... Do you think I really Would? 🤔🤣
Dulce Maria 🌻🌼 @monachopsis_gal🔁 Every time I see young Hollywood #lhhmiareunion #LHHReunion #lhhmia
✨Shontrell✨ @_OnlyNitra_🔁 I'm waiting to see Veronica and young Hollywood get dragged #LHHMIAReunion
Chirlane McCray @NYCFirstLady🔁A princess, a warrior, a tech whiz, and a mental health advocate. Thank you, , for your bravery on and off screen.
VICE News @vicenews🔁We brought , and together to talk about in young Hollywood. Watch the full segment here:
Majic 94.5 @majic945🔁‘LHHMIA’ Reunion Recap: Young Hollywood Tries To Make Amara La Negra Look Crazy Again
Alan Haywood #FBAE @spanner5232🔁Actresses sleeping their way up the ladder in Hollywood. Wall to wall coverage on the BBC. Weinstein. Thousands of very young children raped and brutalised by Pakistani rape gangs in Telford. Zero. Zilch, nothing on the BBC. The state of news today in UK!
✨Shontrell✨ @_OnlyNitra_🔁 veronica and young hollywood are TRASH #lhhmiareunion
stephanie @stephanieluvszs🔁Young Hollywood really don’t know the difference between Race, Nationality and Ethnicity. Please educate yourselves before y’all be out here looking like his ignorant uneducated ass.
Jxnny @Pedrojenny99🔁People who don’t need to return next season:
1. Veronica
2. Veronica & Young Hollywood
3. Pooch & Prince
4. Chinese & Boo boo Kitty
5. Malik & Jeffrey
6. Veronica

stephanie @stephanieluvszs🔁 When young Hollywood is saying amara is ghetto but not Veronica ? See that’s the racist shit everyone talking about #LHHMIA
✨Shontrell✨ @_OnlyNitra_🔁before veronica and Young hollywood even get there chance to talk I want them to shut tf up

✨Shontrell✨ @_OnlyNitra_🔁Young Hollywood looks like TRASHHH! 🤷🏾‍♀️.. idk why he combed his hair forward like that..
✨Shontrell✨ @_OnlyNitra_🔁Patiently waiting to see if any of these black people on the stage will check Veronica Vega and Young Hollywood

Ariana Tillman @_ArianaKani_🔁 Sooooooooooo young Hollywood doesn’t think Veronica is ghetto but Amara is? Okay. #LHHMIA
Coco @coquettish___🔁She slept with Young Hollywood? Yeah I no longer feel bad. She used that racism shit for a storyline :/
trap god hobari @chaze_cha🔁Watching Young Hollywood speak is like getting hit over the head with a brick, nigga is dumb asf
@Noticortas @Noticortas🔁Young Harvey Weinstein: The Making of a Monster - The Hollywood Reporter
Jennifer @JenEKinnaman🔁This is why actors need to stop encouraging young people to be like them, "be promiscuous", "live 'their' truth".😡 The point of STD tests is to tell you if your irresponsible behavior has finally destroyed your , not a cure!🙄
Be the 💎

. @alexcisnichole_🔁i cant be the only one that noticed young hollywood & veronica vega look like they brother & sister lmaoooo #LHHMIAReunion
James Lórien 🦋 MacDonald @happeningfish🔁It was 1993; acted by major Hollywood stars who are straight, and specifically about the death of an otherwise privil eged gay man who contracted HIV. But I was so young and so outside the scene I benefited a lot from its "accessibility" to straight culture. It was a gateway film.
Nabukenya. @Mothoni_🔁 was young Hollywood killimongering Amaras chocolate cakes into smithreens or what? I heard him talk pillows n clips then nikahang...
Danny @hentaihoneyy🔁This is what gets me. Veronica & that other lul girl claimed they were SO upset about what young Hollywood said about Amara. But as SOON as Veronica got mad at Amara, she made it clear what Amara went through was ONLY AMARA’s problem. But we all niggas? Okay sis.
Kyle Parker @Dream_Catcher52🔁I’ve been waiting for this Amara La Negra and Young Hollywood round 2 confrontation. If he thinks he’s going to play OUR girl...

Patricia Cousin @pcgood53🔁Young man, this is very true. Realize that this is just a political move. The Dems don't care about any group unless it goes to their narrative & keeps them in power & confirms their elitist attitudes. This permeates the fake news channels, Hollywood and most politicians.


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