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YouTube Music Live Digital Entertainment @LiveDigitalEnt🔁 YouTube Music Relaunches as Paid Service to Rival Spotify, Apple Music
Luke Waltham @lukewaltham🔁When FAKE LOVE drops, remember that we need to:
•Buy it on iTunes and Google Play Music
•Stream it on YouTube, Appl e Music, Spotify
•Shazam it when you listen to it
•Request your local radio stations to play it (work with fellow ARMYs)

YouTube Music G A B R I E L I V L I A N @gabgrostior🔁 Google introduces YouTube Music and YouTube Premium
YouTube Music Craig 📷 @Painkillaah🔁 Google's YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are launching in Canada in 2018
Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet🔁"Though YouTube promoted Childish Gambino’s music video — which contains several scenes of violent imagery —Watson’s own video was sanctioned by the platform, despite the fact that he censored the violent scenes."
Allum Bokhari @LibertarianBlue🔁So here's 's current policy.

1. Music video featuring pistol shots to the head - fine, age-appropriate, advertiser-f riendly
2. Political commentary on said music video - not fine, not age-appropriate, not advertiser-friendly, REEEE GET OFF MY PLATFORM ALT-RIGHT SCUM

Rajini Mohan Rfc @MohanRfc🔁 1.5M+ Views & Counting.. Music of #Kaala is captivating ears all over!
Vertical @vertical86🔁I liked a @YouTube video Dose Up- HELL YEAH!! (OFFICIAL MUSIC 2018) STONE WINE RIDDIM
Dena S Hidayat @dennarengga🔁Very professional video by "ICO Review".
It has a nice intro and background music as well.
Strongly recommended to all Russian speakers.

PumpMyRideee @DiscoL0L🔁I liked a @YouTube video THE FORTNITE SONG Feat. MineCraft Awesome Parodys (Official Music Video)
Johnny (G) Scott ™ @CorOfTheSUN🔁The B-52´s-Follow Your Bliss #Music
Lee Gillaspie @LeeGillaspie🔁How is it art? It's political propaganda in a music video and the other is a video exposing it and giving the facts.
Mr. OK @Onegai_OKSensei🔁 Youtube Music—Google’s answer to Spotify and Apple—launches next week. Here's what you need to know
Yecheskel Herskovic @cheskyher🔁@GooglePlayMusic Hi I have Google play music family plan, will I be grandfathered to YouTube premium(red) meaning ad free, originals?
Niccolò Biancalani @nbiancalani🔁YouTube Music Is Here for Your Apple Music Dollars via @gizmodo
The Nice Centurion🌹🏛🦄🌹 @nice_centurion🔁Please Watch and RT
Calling All Astronauts - Are 'Friends' Electric? (Official Music Video) Taken from our new "Influences EP" available to download on March 30th Music

MARCELLO FARIA @DJOSOMBRAS2🔁JetLag Music - Trem Bala feat. Ana Vilela | Original Mix | Clipe Oficial via @YouTube
Teodor Agape @fa5d3c4611f749e🔁Am apreciat un videoclip pe @YouTube, Lost Frequencies ft. James Blunt - Melody (Official Music Video)
Steve Kitch Mastering @SteveKitch🔁YouTube have announced announces new streaming service called "YouTube Music". Google Play Music will eventually be d iscontinued. Read more here:

HDG GrizzY @newmoneygrizzy🔁I liked a @YouTube video Lil Baby "Southside" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)
Maja/jackson cimfan❤ @Maja0141🔁Netta - TOY - Israel - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2018
The Dapper Fishy @FishyPlays🔁All while Youtube sent a strong message to their creators that they're worth 1/5th of what their music video market i s, all while they demonetize as many creators as possible. Don't pretend everything is fine.
MARCELLO FARIA @DJOSOMBRAS2🔁JetLag Music - Trem Bala feat. Ana Vilela | Original Mix | Clipe Oficial
bschwitty @bschwitty🔁Okay. I think I’m a YouTube Red subscriber (that was my intention when signing up) and have access to Google Play Mu sic... so nothing will change for me...? Including the price...?
Cathy Frasier @NGCONE🔁So...
How many times have you watched the new music video?

Watch it again! would want you to. 😉

ReadySetMusic @ReadySetMusic2🔁Use to write about MOX Sessions #01!

Red Arc @rEDSimple92🔁I liked a @YouTube video Way Down We Go By Kaleo (Logan Trailer #2 Music)
Jacky 💛 @Jacky11saenz🔁Riverdale, Stir Fry, High School Musical & more...check out 3rd Periods PE music video 💛💙
lastofme @lastofme2🔁I liked a @YouTube video Bondage Music Radio - Edition 185 mixed by Pornbugs
albeitpandas @nat_williss🔁When FAKE LOVE drops, remember that we need to:
•Buy it on iTunes and Google Play Music
•Stream it on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify
•Shazam it when you listen to it
•Request your local radio stations to play it (work with fellow ARMYs)

Nataliaa @natalia__luna🔁Snow Tha Product, Castro Escobar - Gimme Time (Official Music Video) via @YouTube
InasLxxm @InasLxxm🔁New special video!😂


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Roman Leopold Music @RomanLeopold🔁Taimane - Wicked Game (HI Sessions Live Music Video) via @YouTube
MMMETATRON @JAMESPARTCH🔁#Song Sunset 420 blvd MMMetatron #spokenword #RockAndRoll #Metal #music #musicians - via @YouTube
McAMONG @hakeisolai🔁Saya suka video @YouTube Faded - Kim Petras ft. Lil Aaron (Official Music Video)
jeana derbyshire @jeana4derbyshi1🔁
Feel it with your heart. !
Future Of Dark Deep House Music.
EDeepMsc - Introduction - Quality music reaching Feel it with your heart.! ⚡️💣
via via

Myoui Madara #WhatisLove? @madara_myoui🔁'Wake Me Up' on Japan 🇯🇵 charts:

#3 YouTube [-1]
#10 Apple Music [+13]
#21 iTunes [+20]
#26 Spotify [+35]

Apple Music:

Kim seokjin 🐹❣ @Kimseok71124452🔁📝ARMY REMINDER:

☑️stream BTS songs on all music platforms and on YouTube

☑️RT, like, comment on their tweets

☑️TAG 💖

Shirley Baker @ShirleyB_Music🔁It’s been so long since I’ve heard this song! #morethanmiles #brantleygilbert
하드음악봇 @F_music_FM🔁Genre: Speedcore
Artist: RedOgre

Victor Sinclair @posimperative🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist The Beloved - The Sun Rising (Official Music Video)
A List Music Promos @alistmusicpromo🔁Need a music promotion on Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud or YouTube? Retweet/like this tweet and we’ll DM you, or DM us first! These promos are free for a very limited time, so get yours now!
Forest Spirit @EarthenBlueSky7🔁Bananarama - Venus (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
#THE_1-8-7_RAPPER @SLAMMER_187🔁If you can relate? Pls share ; Official Music Video via @YouTube
Darksparx @Deansouter1🔁Music Video time May 17, 2018 at 04:45PM #darksparx #synthwave
Confetti @Igotswater🔁YouTube Red is changing.

Soon, YouTube Music: $10 per month.

Add $2 to that and you get ad-free YouTube and originals.

You have to get the $10 YouTube Music to get the $2 YouTube Premium.

SoldiersSlaves @toxicleaders🔁COUNTRY MUSIC STAR RANDY TRAVIS DUI VIDEO via @YouTube
nik/novakovic @novakovicmusic🔁Nik Novakovic - Hope (Official Music Video) via @YouTube #Deadpool
Festivál Foley @AxelFoleyMN🔁Axel Foley - Festi Season (Official Music Video): via @YouTube
DARV @ParadiseInside🔁Forest II & III
by Peter Davison off Forest 1981
Parts 2 & 3 14mins
music: via
伊藤哉人 @8lS6e3kJA7WVcim🔁【MUSIC VIDEO】
KOWICHI & ZOT on the WAVE / Self Made
Official Video 公開🖥

SLAYGI BEAR 🐻|#MTVLAKPOPREDVELVET #CookieJar 🍪 @Chelelites🔁Let's get Red Velvet their third million-view music video, by streaming "Bad Boy"! The video is currently sitting at 96,018,155 views!!
>> <<
Jeff Adriyan @Rockslashjeffry🔁 to our latest music video! What song from Reaching Into Infinity would you like to see a video for next?

Trey Libra fka Jacob @treylibramusic🔁New song up on my website.


Stream & Dow nload


Photo by: 39 Lashes Ph otography

Sapphire @hppinsss🔁been noticing a lot of frantic ppl lately being worried that i’m gonna quit youtube for music??? and i just wanna clear up that i will never do that. sure, my life may change, and is changing (as lives do), but i will never. ever. abandon the platform that made me. love uuuuu <3
Brotips @brotips🔁Google Hopes New YouTube Music Service Is A Spotify Killer, Offers Song Recommendations Based On Your Activities And Location
Towondagrant @towondagrant🔁Xscape - Memory Lane ( Official Music Video ) Xscap3

So I’ve been thinking that the next music video Little Mix releases, we should attempt to get at least 15-20M views within 24 hours! It would become huge as it’d be on YouTube trending, and
speedytux @speedytux🔁YouTube’s streaming music service is launching next week

Darren Leite Beattie @tlchristianity🔁"Suffering served as kind of a learning experience for God. Such words may seem faintly heretical, but I am merely f ollowing phraseology from the book of Hebrews."-Philip Yancey

Go to & you'll find links to YouTube music videos!

Shilpa Vaghadia @5hilpa🔁Spending my afternoon listening to music. Ended up back in the ! .. my fav band from back then!! Had the lol!! 😄 '

ㅊ ㅂ @cybbh11270506🔁Daily reminder for EXO-Ls:
-Stream Monster ⚠️
-Collect Ever hearts on Kpop star app
-Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other international platforms
-Shazam EXO everyday
-Vote for EXO
-Hype them up 🔥

#15MinutesEP @ProeticSA🔁Drop an email, lets work🙏 (REFERENCE LINK: )

Debut EP out now:

Music video for lea d single feat. drops to morrow (Friday 18 May 2018)

Daddy LongLegs @sirSTIXyicky🔁Stix - While U Sleep (Music Video) ft Josh Knight via @YouTube
J-Skillz @ApnaJSkillz🔁Those who know, have seen my videos & screenshots of the service which we kept on the down low... now it’s official

just changed the game

alejandra chva @chva33🔁 Black Sabbath => Killing Yourself To Live
1973 #Rock #Music Show!
ㅇㅇㅈ @uijin0761🔁 j-hope 'Daydream (백일몽)' Music Video Out Now

#jhope #HopeWorld #Daydream #백일몽

Andrea Federau @AllesK🔁Happy 70th birthday, Brian Eno! If you don't know this tune with Brian and Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera, it starts with the most kickass riff you've heard in weeks. (Note: should cover this song!)
BOOK IS BUSY @hybridknight🔁YouTube Music, a new music streaming service, is coming soon
MEET Magazine @meetmagazine🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Women's group asks #Spotify to remove #Eminem & Chris Brown's music!
Felix Raja M @FelixRajaM🔁 streaming :
Youtube :
Apple Music :
Saavn :
Gaana :
Ji o Music :
Wynk :
Google play :
Jasmin Nevarez @nevarez_jasmin🔁 Period 2 PE Music Video is dropping NOW! Check it out #leydenpride 🔥🔥 🔥 
Danih jauregui @DanihJauregui🔁Google announces the launch of Youtube Music, the stream platform that will hit head-on with Spotify and Apple Music.
Aqhiz @OfficialAqhiz🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Shoreline Mafia - Musty [Official Music Video]
starboy⚡️✝️⚡️ @tesfayyexoxo🔁I liked a @YouTube video RiceGum - Its EveryNight Sis feat. Alissa Violet (Official Music Video)
Luuvy @raneciel🔁(G)I-DLE's 'LATATA' music video surpasses 10 million views on Youtube in just 2 weeks
T'Challa @kw_arh🔁Worlarmy wossop,, lets name this character in the booze high music video. 😀 ... reply wi th any name that comes to mind
IndependentEar @IndependentEar🔁This looks cool!!
Andrey Bodnik @Andreyhelsc🔁DeepOnion Has the strongest community! It would be mutually beneficial to both for to be listed. It also has many upcoming features as a privacy based cryptocurrency and is Extremely undervalued. Check out the DeepOnion music video: 😎👍👍
Phillip Tracy @Phillip_Tracy🔁omg i'm testing the old youtube music app and its brilliant algorithms started playing Mason Ramsey. i'm shook. Fix t his google, fix this soon.
Haydn M. Ellen @HaydnEllen🔁BBC News - YouTube unveils new music streaming service
Joshua Turner @JoshTurnerNJ🔁@GooglePlayMusic Will YouTube Music have gapless playback?


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