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Popular tweets tagged with You Already Know:
You Already Know Luzza ✨ @LNcanda🔁 When the shoes already know you can't afford them
You Already Know Hannah Stiegler @hannah_the_stig🔁WE KNOW YOU R DATING. JUST ADMIT IT ALREADY. @zane @AndreaRussett
You Already Know jahdies. @trulydiesx🔁You already know. ❤️🙏🏼👼🏽 #GOAT
You Already Know . @Minaj99love🔁 Watch @Fergie and @NICKIMINAJ's “You Already Know” video.
You Already Know jacque @fergadore🔁 Current mood:
You Already Know Sarah Fay @sarahfayboston🔁At the #EmotionAISummit where they already know how you're feeling
Engage for Education @engagefored🔁It's already day 3 of #MathsWeekScot - watch Ajay talk about why #mathsmatters and let us know why you love maths!
WIRED @WIRED🔁You know how climate change *could* affect the earth, but this is how it already has.
Fergie @Fergie🔁thanks for all the #YouAlreadyKnow video love!! watch it on @vevo if u haven't yet 🖤🖤
billboard @billboard🔁Fergie drops "You Already Know" video with Nicki Minaj
Jim Sias @JimSias🔁@thatgirlondeck @jemelehill Jemele -- you know I already loved you, and beers were already on me. But I got you covered for life now.
Perry Swack @p_swack🔁@ChefBoyarski116 You already know! Excited to join the #Twitterverse. And as always... #CaptainDsWouldBeTooNice
Daud @imdaudi🔁 Facebook makes you hate people you already know and Twitter makes you love people you've never met.
Brandt Guidry @bguid11🔁@BrentHollier21 @DevanGeorgia @cadboud08 Haha you already know!
Matias @Mcunga25🔁 When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.
equestrian bitch. @LEMONONIKA🔁Nicki Minaj rapping her 'You Already Know' verse with at her Mac Cosmetics event today. 💞

brianaaaaa @LOVE_PINK1124🔁You already know 😂 @JakeMcgarr
. @Minaj99love🔁WORLD PREMIERE: Watch the official music video for Fergie & Nicki Minaj's 'You Already Know' on VEVO now: 💣

emmaa @emmie_22🔁 If you doubting, you already know
Costa🍀 @jordan_gdc🔁What can you show me that my heart don't know already ?
Kiersty @whattheHALE92🔁You know it's going to be a long day when you've already drank 32oz of coffee before 7:15am
. @Minaj99love🔁Fergie And Nicki Minaj Show Off Their Squat Skills In The "You Already Know" Video
ysay @FaiteTresreyes🔁 What is the point on trying if you already know the outcome?
Michael TMYLM💋 @devonovato🔁thanks for all the video love!! watch it on if u haven't yet 🖤🖤
Katie Flynn @katethegreat85🔁Fergie - You Already Know ft. Nicki Minaj #newfave 👄💖 @NICKIMINAJ #queennick i
Kawky @kawanabe_kyosai🔁 Excellent read. Did you know every leave vote has already cost UK economy £88,235.29?
Bina Ry @binary9999🔁@gaystarnews @Madonna @ladygaga @katyperry So you know already?
DonQuixoteDoflamingo @mygod_s🔁 Fergie drops "You Already Know" video with Nicki Minaj
FlightRefunds @Flight_Refunds🔁 such a shitty airlines... it 7:30am and you know that my flight at 6:30pm is already 2h late... WTF... just fix that. Loser
Woody's World @WoodysWorld3🔁Did you know that Medicare already carries $58 trillion in unfunded liabilities...... Obama gutted Medicare..... this cannot be sustained.
Douglas Marquardt @DBMarquardt🔁When someone gives you an advice you already know, don't say "I know." Say "I agree" & thank. No one wants to feel dumbass 4 trying to help.
Queen Mariah @temmysanwo🔁 When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.
kashima[TS] @PrettyxSoldier🔁"What do you want to say!? 'Killing is bad'!? You want to say we're monsters!? We already know that!" - Reiner Braun
. @Minaj99love🔁Watch the official music video for Fergie & Nicki Minaj's "You Already Know" now: 💣
Mrs Rams @trmakgatho🔁 When people start off "No disrespect" you already know the rest of what they about to say is damn disrespectful.. 😒
lola @abnp96🔁Prolly sound crazy but you already know that 🤒
GivBeats @dontcausdrama🔁😭You already know
Sandra Doyle @sandra_d19🔁 When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.
be honest, what would you do? 😂😂, y'all probably already know my answer
SusanDC @Susan_DC🔁Can't wait! If you aren't coming here, I'm going there! I know I'll need more copies than I've already ordered becaus e tears will ruin some.
Sophia @Ja_Cynda🔁Do the right thing even when you already know the outcome...
Alasdair Lord @Alasdair_Lord🔁COME ON BBC & CO.


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