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Fadia Hamdi @fadia_hamdi🔁 “I am fed up of this war” Ammar, 6, displaced after two years of war in #Yemen #ChildrenUnderAttack
RT @RT_com🔁VIDEO: Tens of thousands march in #Yemen against Saudi-led #airstrikes
#Yemen Maria @JusticeinBah🔁 One US official description of #UAE role in #Yemen. "We love them, they are little Sparta"
Jawknee H @johnnyhoel🔁 Hundreds of thousands protest Saudi-led military intervention in Sanaa #Yemen
UNICEF @UNICEF🔁: As war enters 3rd yr number of children injured & recruited nearly doubles in 12 months
UNICEF @UNICEF🔁Relentless fighting & destruction for over 2 yrs in has left struggling to cope
Peter Pyke @PeterPyke🔁according to report several acute malnutrition rises by 200% after 2 years of war in

razamirkhani @razamirkhani52🔁ANALYSIS: Here’s how to blueprint the most effective Iran policy
guenot michel @guenotmichel🔁Check out our interactive map showing stories behind 7 million people on the brink of famine.

@changingourmindset @changermindset🔁In , over 160 hospitals & health centres have been attacked since 2015. A lack of fuel & supplies has forced hundreds more to close.
Maria @JusticeinBah🔁 U.S. boosts military backing for #Saudi-led coalition in #Yemen via @WSJ
FERFER @FAREANGEL🔁#SouthYemen was 1st progressive ME country. After unity with impoverished North #Yemen, poverty spread south
Giovanna Li Perni @gioliperni🔁Attack on refugee boat looks like another war crime in
Why are US, UK, France still supporting 's war?

Waseem Afzal @wafzal🔁NB. re attacks on civilians in , etc 'US' warplanes could be flown by British pilots, given the extent of inter-operability
uprchlíci@imigrace @FUTURUMBOHEMIA🔁 Thank you so much 🌹🌹🌹
The #Voice of #Yemen in #NYC 👇🏻👇🏻
Jennifer for #Yemen = #Together 4Yemen
رشا قنديل @RashaQandeelBBC🔁: As war enters 3rd yr number of children injured & recruited nearly doubles in 12 months
uprchlíci@imigrace @FUTURUMBOHEMIA🔁In there is no sunni or shiei nithr or as the Saudis lies, using to achieve other Goals
Dr.osama @dentistprotect🔁2 years of the war, girls like Asma lost her house& the opportunity to go to school. War doesn't only destroy lives but also dreams!
Burn It Down @BurnItD0wn🔁MASSIVE rally in today against Saudi Arabia's war on the poorest Arab country and barely any mention at all in the mainstream media!
صقر الجنوب العربي @aby12vib5🔁#SouthYemen want #SAYexit

North #Yemen only offer "Unity or Death".
The driver for the #Yemenconflict


Waseem Afzal @wafzal🔁: 2 years of conflict leave almost 19m ppl in need, 7m starving. Yemenis need peace and our assistance.
Detc RU Khidmat @detc_ru🔁 Yemen At War: Is the world catching on to Saudi Arabia’s crimes? #yemen
Gary J. @FlyingWarden🔁Reports that multiple ballistic missiles fired from toward Khamis Mushait, Arabia were intercepted
TeamConfronters @TeamConfronters🔁More than 2000 murdered in by the Saudi regime using US and UK made weapons

たかし @arantakashi🔁A drone footage of a huge rally in the capital Sanaa to mark start of war on on 26 March 2015
МИД РФ Смоленск @MidSmol🔁‘Enough is enough!’: Protesters hit streets of Sanaa against Saudi-led airstrikes in (VIDEO)
たかし @arantakashi🔁Yesterday's protest was the biggest since the beginning of war on
must stop selling weapons 2#KSA
We want 2 live n peace
Abdul Wahed Al Zumor @al_zumor🔁 is providing health care in . is engaged in drug smuggling
عـﻤروسكا .. ♬ @OX_OW2🔁What to find out about the #Yemen war from #SouthYemen's prospective?


ISRAEL BOMBS BABIES @Col_Connaughton🔁The Real Truth On Donald Trump That Everyone Needs To Realize NOW!!! #yemen #drones #terror
Anthony Avice DB ♔ @StoicViper🔁I am following the #Raqqa and #Mosul offensives. Also watching what's happening in #Yemen and #Turkey.
🎗الجنوب العربي وطني @Azo0o38🔁If #SouthYemen won war in94 it would have seceded not take control of unified #Yemen.Unity: a north interest
Chang Mei Wan @mw4reds🔁Barbaric Saudi Arabia has launched over 90,000 air strikes on since March 26th, 2015--that's an average of 123 air strikes everyday!
Mohiy Hamid @Mohiy7🔁Help break Network Media blackout: Tell 5 people that has been & is being STARVED by bombing & blockade since Mar 2015.

Tiyahjah @tiyahjah🔁 This is a terrific report on the water shortages in that lead to the civil war:
Mohiy Hamid @Mohiy7🔁A moving account of from the perspective of a Yemeni woman. Written by
genghis galahad 🗽🐦 @genghisgalahad2🔁In depth look at famine in and looming famines in via
Saad Alsubaie @alsubaie_saad🔁 U.S. boosts military backing for #Saudi led coalition in #Yemen via @WSJ
Хуссейн фадл @qassimkaka🔁The 23years of forced unity, North #Yemen forces killed thousands of people from #SouthYemen, some by torture
Mohiy Hamid @Mohiy7🔁2 years of bombing& blockade on .

We need more popular pressure to

Peter Pyke @PeterPyke🔁Every 10 minute a under age of 5 is dying in ! The illegal blockade must be lifted to save millions of lives!

Mohiy Hamid @Mohiy7🔁Muhammad Ali Carter () speaking at our march for the children of
Michael O'Neill @MichaelUNDP🔁 looms in & NE unless there is major & rapid increase in assistance:
Michael O'Neill @MichaelUNDP🔁Massive scale up of international support needed to avert in NE :
maryemnaqvi @maryemnaqvi🔁Today marks 2 years since began it's war against . The US and UK have transferred over $5bn in weapons to Riyadh since then.
Imad Abi-Saleh @imadofas🔁Yemen-is keep coming to participate in a protest against regime's war on
Chanting stop the war.
Ein ★ Nordmann @Herr_Nordmann🔁Alya is a Yemeni woman who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to call for in . Here's her story:
John M. Peterson III @jtfpeterson🔁Seeing a lot of questions on . Few answers about what to do with , , etc. Here's a start


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