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Gym Motivation @GYMM0TlVATl0N🔁 25 years ago, the New York Yankees drafted a kid by the name of Derek Jeter ⚾️💯
Yankees Wuatqu Saufzo @Wuatqu__Saufzo🔁Babe Ruth autographed baseball!! Yankees rover.ebay.com
Joshua @the_realjoshua🔁 Bronx Bombers exposing that Astros Pen. #ALCS #Yankees
Southpaw_mo @zmoore7🔁 25 years ago, the New York Yankees drafted a kid by the name of Derek Jeter ⚾️💯
Yankees Zachary Yabroudy @ZYabroudy🔁 "I want to thank Joe for his 10 years of hard work and service to this organization." - Brian Cashman
YES Network @YESNetwork🔁18 years ago today...

The won the last baseball game of the 20th century, sweeping their way to a 25th World Series twitter.com championship.

Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal🔁#Yankees sent E-mail to every club today granting permission to contact their coaches for any job. Might need to build entirely new staff.
New York Yankees @Yankees🔁The accolades are starting to pile up for ! Congrats on being a finalist, buddy! twitter.com
BearsHawksSoxGoBlue @georgyjj09🔁One name I’m hearing in connection with ’ job: Jerry Hairston Jr. In similar mold to Hinch, Roberts, Cora; won WS in 2009 with NYY.
Ricky Olivo @rickyolivo323🔁@SportsCenter Hahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!! Yes I’m a Yankees fan, lil salty still. Looks worse bcuz they won the game
Kaleb Scary Horton @kalebhorton🔁One problem with having southern blood is that no matter how progressive I get, I remain only barely capable of trusting yankees.
Arvind Ethan David @ArvD🔁Tonight, for the first time this season, fans who are also fans don't need to make an impossible choice.

So tune twitter.com in at 9pm for EPISODE 3, y'all.

Brent Robertson @barobertson75🔁Babe Ruth instructs Teresa Wright on how to properly throw a baseball on the set of The Pride of the Yankees, 1942...
Michael Rokicki @Michael_Rokicki🔁When it comes to who the next manager of the #yankees will be, I say in Cashman we trust.
The Adam @GreatFerrari64🔁18 years ago today...

The won the last baseball game of the 20th century, sweeping their way to a 25th World Series championship.

Thelmo Cordones @TCordones🔁No time to sit him. will have to work through his slump or join Hall of Famer Dave stats in world series with . twitter.com
herk @herk87🔁I can’t wait to see what stiff the @Yankees bring in here to manage this team #gimps
Matthew @Matthew_Rose37🔁Florial, ranked No. 3 on Top 30 & No. 78 overall, now batting .364 in . Gameday:
WizofdaOZ69 @DJOzzyOz🔁 I can’t believe the Yankees fired Girardi
Kevin Thomas @ClearTheBases🔁 Yankees third base coach Joe Espada has interviewed with Astros and Red Sox for coaching openings.
Brian Peters @BrianCubs2016🔁@Ken_Rosenthal At least if he got the Yankees job, he'd stop running his mouth about those damn Dawdgers.
MLB NewzBot @MLBNewzBot🔁Yahoo! Sports - newzbots.me - What does the news of the Yankees and Joe Girardi parting ways mean to the Miami Marlins? Nothin
Jennifer Liuzzi @JLiuzzi🔁Really Jody ? Billy Martin had no ties to the Yankees prior to managing? I think you better check that again @WFAN660
Joshua @the_realjoshua🔁If I had to chose between Altuve and for Its Judge. Tough choice but AJ, More HR, RBI's, Runs and better OPS.
Noah #PinstripePride @NoahBroderick_🔁 R U Kidding... #MLB #Yankees twitter.com
Michael Coppola @CoppolaMichael_🔁@BronxBomberBall AJ Hinch to the Yankees ?


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