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Yankees Rubén @rdperzm🔁 It's official and it's happening. The Yankees have acquired Giancarlo Stanton.
Yankees Cameron McCarthy @CMac91🔁 Thanks for everything, Starlin. We wish you nothing but the best of luck!
Yankees brianna @saul_brianna🔁 It’s been waiting for you.
Yankees B.Y. @BiancaAngelica_🔁 The Big Apple just got BIGGER.

@Yankees officially acquire @Giancarlo818 from the @Marlins.

Yankees New York Yankees @Yankees🔁It’s been waiting for you.
New York Yankees @Yankees🔁The Yankees today announced that they have acquired outfielder & cash considerations from the in exchange f twitter.com or 2B Starlin Castro, minor league RHP Jorge Guzman & minor league INF Jose Devers. Stanton's introductory presser will be live on Yankees FB @ 2p.
Jon Heyman @JonHeyman🔁Major press conference planned for Giancarlo and yankees tomorrow in Orlando to kick off winter meetings.
Cory Van Hassent @CVH_Haskell🔁Starlin Castro could be frustrating at times, he swung at virtually everything, but when he got hot watch out. Castro erased a couple of seasons of worthless second basemen during his time with and for that fans should be grateful.
Half E @EthanKraus🔁The acquire INF Starlin Castro, RHP Jorge Guzman and INF Jose Devers from in exchange for OF Giancarlo Stanton
Jason Van Arkel @JVAPxP🔁Of course, you sent him to the dumpster fire in Miami, so your well-wishes aren't gonna mean much. twitter.com
Eric @emichael888🔁IT'S OFFICIAL!

announce they have acquired OF Giancarlo Stanton & cash considerations from the Miami Marlins in exchange for 2B Starlin Castro, minor league RHP Jorge Guzman & minor league INF Jose Devers, per .

Avin Grewal @Mufc804🔁The Yankees today announced that they have acquired outfielder & cash considerations from the in exchange for 2B Starlin Castro, minor league RHP Jorge Guzman & minor league INF Jose Devers. Stanton's introductory presser will be live on Yankees FB @ 2p.
Maktar Assadi @maktar_assadi🔁@Faho0odywbas @Yankees Torres will be the 2nd basemen but only after May, that way he’ll be in Yankees control for another year.
Tanner Glass @Uzzo72🔁The New York Yankees today announced that they have acquired outfielder Giancarlo Stanton and cash considerations from the Miami Marlins in exchange for second baseman Starlin Castro, minor league right-handed pitcher Jorge Guzman and minor league infielder Jose Devers.
Delusional ® @CMO2_🔁The Yankees, who led baseball with 241 homers last year, will be the second team in MLB history to acquire the league-leader in HRs after leading the league in HRs.

The last team? The 1920 Yankees, who acquired Babe Ruth. (via Yankees PR/Elias)

Brandon 🤫 @RealMemeL0rd🔁
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Canes Football SZN @YankeesGalaxy🔁@MLBONFOX @TheJudge44 @Giancarlo818 @Yankees Combined they will hit 140
Bill Feehan @BillFeehan🔁O boy O boy, Go Yankees twitter.com
Joseph @dachoseone34🔁@YankeesPR @EliasSports @Yankees How many strikeouts to lol
Rex Solano @Solrhtqj65🔁The way I look at it, Marlin owner Derek Jeter is not building the team to be a contender but rather to dismantle it twitter.com in a way making the other team competitive like what he is doing for the NY Yankees.
Blake @blakebryan33🔁600+ strikeouts... Yankees should be scared twitter.com
Jordan Nic @JayDoggy32🔁Gonna miss you Castro.. twitter.com
#beatsdropcancer @dmitry_kras🔁It’s been waiting for you.
Intro presser for will be live on Yankees FB at 2pm EST.

Now that he's twitter.com a Yankee, do we call him mike again?

salvador @sadsongsal🔁. acquire OF Giancarlo Stanton, cash from for 2B Starlin Castro, RHP Jorge Guzman, INF Jose Devers.
⁶God @matt_petruzzi🔁I don’t know what I loved more about this weekend, getting Stanton, braying the breaks off of the AGAIN, or knee twitter.com injury?
eric ramirez @ericericcram🔁My fellow Yankees fans it's official the have acquired the press… instagram.com
Kash🤑💸PHI(11-2) 🦅 @_GrindHard615🔁With Stanton (59HR) and Judge (52HR), the 2018 will be the first team to open a season with the Majors’ top two home run hitters from the prior year since the 1966 Giants had Willie Mays (52HR in 1965) and Willie McCovey (39HR in 1965).
Sai @snspacer31🔁Ohtani got nervous and forgot what he was going to say bc he was too nervous at his Angels press conference. Lolol Definitely not soft
Rob @SirCuttsman🔁When Yankee fans realize this statement was nothing more than a long con by Cashman: twitter.com
Cox&Smallwood LLC @FlassKnows🔁The Yankees getting Giancarlo Stanton, makes me want to vomit... literally sick to my goddamn stomach
Conor Myles @MylesSheet🔁You can’t turn down an opportunity to add a player of Stanton’s caliber for next to nothing like the Yankees did. Thi twitter.com s was an acquiring A-Rod type power move.
Vincent R Cocozza @Coco8309🔁In 2017, Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge, and Giancarlo Stanton combined to hit into 37 double plays, strike out 491 times, twitter.com hit 144 home runs, and drive in 336. This is with Sanchez only playing in 122 games. Man, the Yankees are going be entertaining in 2018.
JOHNNY RED @JRED164🔁Yea @Ama__Pee u can forget bout your boy Stanton now... lol he joined the good side twitter.com
Annalise @lssantora🔁Remember how important Boone said relationship with Sanchez will be? 1 reason Bard was hired as bench coach. He's a former catcher, but also both advanced scouted and was immersed in analytics with . He will be key person with Sanchez.
Mushin @MetalMushin🔁Yankees subtracted HR totals of Castro, Holliday, and Todd Frazier, and still ended up with more now with Giancarlo alone (244 to 241)
john cena @INTERYAMAN🔁It’s time twitter.com
J$weat @J_FromThaBay🔁The Yankees winning the world series watch 😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽🤗
aortiz @25Aortiz🔁Brian cashman’s extension has been agreed to. It’s $25M plus for 5 years, putting him in upper echelon of baseball execs, below friedman and theo but few others. Just finishing paperwork.
Croquetas @jmoney_v6🔁The 2018 Yankees will be the second team in MLB history to acquire MLB’s home run champion after leading the Majors in team homers the prior year (the Yankees acquired Babe Ruth following the 1919 season).
Sean McDowell @Primo_Sean86🔁The NY Yankees strategy for success is the same as the GOP approach to healthcare : Just don't be poor.


Srikar Dhanakoti @SrikarDR🔁The will be the eighth team in MLB history to open the season with an MVP and a Rookie of the Year from the prior season, and the first since the 1989 Oakland Athletics had 1988 AL MVP Jose Canseco and AL ROY Walt Weiss.
E🏌🏻P @NorthForker12🔁 Here is the full Stanton trade press release, if you're interested in such things: atmlb.com


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