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yankees Yanks News Online @YanksNewsOnline🔁
The Yankees lack a reliable lefty specialist, but they probably don’t need one either
Jack Kelly @compliancex🔁Boston Red Sox Used Apple Watches to Steal Signs Against Yankees
yankees Zesty NY Yankees @zesty_yankees🔁MLB trade rumors: Orioles dealing Manny Machado in offseason? Yankees, Mets, Phillies in…
yankees Yanks News Online @YanksNewsOnline🔁
Jacoby Ellsbury and Chase Headley: from liability to dependability?
By Ryan Chichester...
yankees Shawn Manfredo @ShawnM14🔁@Yankees fans are outraged over possible rule breaking? Hmm
Jennifer Young @w0w____🔁 @Orioles He puts more Yankees to bed unfulfilled than Ambien and Viagra.
yankees Yankees 101 @Yankees_101🔁Report | Yankees mistook Doug Fister mouthguard for earpiece #yankees #nyy #MLB
yankees Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Red Sox caught using Apple Watches to steal signs from Yankees, per @nytimes
The New York Times @nytimes🔁Exclusive: The Red Sox were caught using an Apple Watch in the dugout to steal signals from the Yankees
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁The Red Sox have admitted that they used electronic communication to steal opponents' signs, according to the NYT.
W @WalterGa🔁Remember that time that the Yankees told on the Red Sox for a player wearing a mouthguard on their ear?
Dan Currie @poeboston🔁After @RedSox's sign-stealing, @MLB needs to curb the game's growing tech sector via @usatoday > #bospoli
Thomas Ortiz @zitro2788🔁@davidortiz I'm a Yankees fan but we share a last name, I cud never root against u. You were an amazing player! I miss watching u kill us.
Cameron Vinson @Cameron_Vinson🔁Yankees tried to rat out the Red Sox for Doug Fister wearing an earpiece, only problem is that it was a mouthguard

Jack Alex Stuart @jackalexstuart🔁@MattBNC that's why yankees are so mad all the time.
Antonio Mendes @Antonio_PinPros🔁I give you all one more day of the FSL then it's evacuation time
Season finale for the Tampa Yankees here we go👌🏽
Max Pellegrini @maxpelle🔁The story isn't that Red Sox r accused of cheating. It's that someone finally found a biz use case for Apple Watch.
Steve Andrusko @SteveAndrusko99🔁@kickisaacout Yankees will be in the wild card game!
Linda Keating @Educate4ward🔁MLB trade rumors: Orioles dealing Manny Machado in offseason? Yankees, Mets, Phillies in…
Michael @_MichaelPaul91_🔁 BREAKING: #RedSox look to have been caught cheating.

Michael Saraceni @HoriSmoku_1911🔁yankees got sucker punchin' gary sanchez and now they tattle-tale about fister's mouthguard? jokers.
maya @mayalafleur11🔁Sources: Yankees complained to MLB when they thought Doug Fister had audio device. His mouthguard was around his ear
EDF @EileenDiana🔁Tonight's match DelPotro vs Federer should be good...I think the Yankees need a rest after last night's loss..yes, sp eech shd be good...
🌚 @blk_tray🔁i truly was a fan of the players being a bulls, cowboys, yankees fan in compton
Briabear @GirlHusker84🔁Double the birthday, double the fun. Happy birthday to two of our favorite , Clint Frazier & Tyler Austin! 🎂🎈🎂🎈
Jay Sanchez @ImJayyBby🔁@manny2_fresh Not me, it's those darn Yankees hahhha
Yogi Berra @YogiBerra_bot🔁I'm a lucky guy and I'm happy to be with the Yankees. And I want to thank everyone for making this night necessary.
olu @olulfc🔁 Exclusive: The Red Sox were caught using an Apple Watch in the dugout to steal signals from the Yankees
Dan @MrDaS13🔁@Sweetness489 @ESPNNewYork Haha I’m not a Yankees fan dummy
Yanks Go Yard @YanksGoYardFS🔁#Yankees chance at title more real than you think
Camden SRH @CamdenSRH#Orioles 🔁//" target="_blank"> " #SportsRoadhouse
Camden SRH @CamdenSRH#Orioles 🔁 Orioles down Yankees in 9th, 7-6; drop 3 1/2 games behind Red Sox " #SportsRoadhouse
Rich Justice @richrake🔁The Boston reportedly stole the New York ' signs ... but that, by itself, isn't illegal. @zavely🔁 You could see our company at Yankee Stadium! Help us win Fiverr & the NY Yankees’ Game Changer Contest!
Brendan Foley @TheTrueBrendanF🔁@MisterGreggles @gholson We season ours with the harvested blood of Yankees fans.
NellyNel @NellyNel51573🔁@zesty_yankees And he can have 13 maybe bring some pride back to the number #justsayn
Shawn Donnan @sdonnan🔁Yankees actually filed complaint with MLB...
🐐SZN @RealMattyIce33🔁 MLB also reviewing video evidence of Yankees using YES cameras to zoom in on Sox coaches pre-pitch in games in NY.
Ryan Kenyon @RyanKenyon88🔁The @Yankees couldn't beat Doug Fister so they accuse him of getting audio signal from above 😂? ?
All Sports Film Fest @SportsFilmFest🔁To tie 1906 Cubs and 2001 Mariners all the Dodgers have to do is go 24-0. Don't look at me like that, Dave Roberts
Tate Floyd @Tfloyd_2🔁Yankees GM Brian Cashman is coming on the show Friday to talk WatchGate, and we're giving 2 Yankees tickets to a lucky retweeter/follower!
NellyNel @NellyNel51573🔁@zesty_yankees Yanks must get in on this
david matafka @DMatafka🔁Boston Red Sox Used Electronic Devices to Steal Signs Against Yankees #COMMON #OldSchool Everyone tries this
Michael Barton @MBarton1475🔁Trade him to the Red or Yankees. They'll take care of this.
Billy Judge @BillJudge1🔁Big game for the @Orioles tonight against them dam Yankees! #LetsGoOs ⚾️
Zach Wetterling @WettSpoon🔁@thisisthetarter @Yankees This team is giving me so many headaches!
Alejandro Casañas @AlejandroCasaas🔁 The Yankees thought Doug Fister was wearing an earpiece to steal signs. The real answer was ... gross.
Orioles SportSpyder @OriolesSpyder🔁[MASN] Orioles lineup vs. Yankees - School of Roch #Orioles @NYYINSIDER🔁New post (The real problem cheating Red Sox leave for MLB to fix) has been published on Felix ... - #yankees @NYYINSIDER🔁New post (Best part of sign-stealing ‘scandal’ is Red Sox-Yankees bickering) has been published on Fe ... - #yankees
Dave Tarter @thisisthetarter🔁@WettSpoon @Yankees Can't believe we blew that game and Adam Jones dropped an easy fly ball!
Maureen @netzermo🔁@Yankees Happy Birthday @clintfrazier & @T1721Austin #BABYBOMBERS
Donna Chapman @OQ0wNhRfneZJqrZ🔁 Yankees 24th 1-run loss this season. That's the most in the AL.
Boris Chutney-Ferret @toughrussians🔁GLORIOUS LEADER Kim Jong-Un will pay for wall encasing 🇺🇸 in $💰 but yankees must stay home and never come out again. Deal? HARD LABOUR 4 🇨🇦
Mohammad Jawad A. @MohammadJawad🔁Here's how the Red Sox used video and Apple Watches to steal and relay signs against the Yankees.
Ryan Spagnoli @Ryan_Spags🔁The Yankees Went Full Roger Goodell And Made Up A Cheating Scandal To Direct People Away…
Jason Wells @jas0nwells🔁John Heyman, time to be put out to pasture. Hottest take since MJD picked Reid over the Hoodie #RedSox #Yankees #Applegate
Bobby Ryter @BobbyRyter🔁@Buster_ESPN So with RISP and looking in from 2nd base we are 5-70 vs. Yankees this year. Me thinks they would have been better not knowing
jason spisak @jason_spisak🔁Someone finally found a use for the Apple Watch

Tricia Mathison @TriciaMathison🔁
@brianmctaggart @JuliaMorales
What do y'all think about this?
Gerardo Ruiz Massieu @GRuizMassieu🔁How Red Sox Used Tech, Step by Step, to Steal Signs From Yankees
Patrick PatDaddy @Jesus_maan🔁I'm seeing this, right? An MLB manager, Joe Girardi of the Yankees, piloting an aircraft, during an inning while managing
Joseph Canari @JoeCanari🔁@RonFromLasVegas @RobManfred @Apple As a Yankees fan just fine em.
Evan @Tsuneyy🔁Yankees tried to rat out the Red Sox for Doug Fister wearing an earpiece, only problem is that it was a mouthguard:
Mark Converse @TheRealFam13🔁 @thurrott Next up: "Boston Red Sox Used Apple Watches to Steal Signs Against Yankees. Patriots: Hold My Beer."
Blake Schuster @Schustee🔁The Red Sox used an Apple Watch to cheat. The Yankees allegedly used their own cameras to do the same. New crime call s for a new punishment.
The Big Inning @big_inning🔁Last night, a new star has arisen in the universe....

Yankees ⭐
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Twins 0.5 GB

....the others.....

jason @Jasonjeterpep🔁@DonLagreca I'm pretty sure it won't matter but I'm sure that I can get 100000 Yankees fan to sign a petition to fire Joe
Vincent @vincent5127🔁@LFCass Lol I go every met home game orioles phillies yankees nationals redsox all nearby


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