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#YDADAL Dana Lynn McIntyre @newsiegal🔁 Thank you for speaking at #YDADAL, @BetoORourke!
#YDADAL Leo Martin @leowmartin95🔁Me and former Missouri SOS and senate candidate @JasonKander #ydadal
#YDADAL YDA SUNSHINE @YDA_Sunshine🔁All we wanted to do was spread sunshine 😢🌞 #YDADal
#YDADAL Greta @GretaVickers🔁 Long time reproductive rights champion @BetoORourke made an appearance at #YDADAL today ✌🏽🇺🇸
#YDADAL Kirsti Holland @Kirsti_Lynn🔁The struggle to keep moving along is real here. #YDADAL
#YDADAL YDA SUNSHINE @YDA_Sunshine🔁Having fun during long conventions is important, but please drink responsibly! 🌞 #YDADal
nasty sam @feminisam🔁 #YDADAL right now
#YDADAL YDA SUNSHINE @YDA_Sunshine🔁Following procedure is important! A little extra time to ensure voting is fair and just is worth it 🌞#YDADal
#YDADAL Nate Hall @natechall🔁you guys this bingo card isn't union printed #union #unionbug #ydadal
this is bull 😉
#YDADAL YDA SUNSHINE @YDA_Sunshine🔁DM us your positive stories about @youngdems so we can spread the sunshine!! 🌞#YDADal
Travis M. Scott @TravisScottKY🔁If someone brings up one more procedural vote....#YDADAL
#YDADAL YDA SUNSHINE @YDA_Sunshine🔁Shout out to @_MorganWJ for volunteering to do this work! 🌞#YDADal
#YDADAL Texas Latina List @TexasLatinaList🔁 Come on down folks! We're right up front in the Dallas Ballroom! You can't miss us... #YDADAL
#YDADAL Travis M. Scott @TravisScottKY🔁 All we wanted to do was spread sunshine 😢🌞 #YDADal
Jason Kander @JasonKander🔁Wow. The Young Dems are ready to roll. Great crowd in Dallas. Now off to the 14th Annual Iowa Democratic Wing Ding! Seeya tonight!
ANTONIO ARELLANO @AntonioArellano🔁Thank you for a beautiful night ! Remember, millennials have the monumental opportunity to define America. Use your p ower!
ANTONIO ARELLANO @AntonioArellano🔁I'm so humbled by the love in the room. Mil gracias @youngdems for inviting me! #YDADAL #Texas
Haylee Hilton @HayleeHiltonMN🔁Congratulations to Nate Hall on his election to Secretary of the Labor Caucus!
Andie Whitaker @AndieWhitaker🔁Every YDA meeting I tell myself I'm going to try to use Twitter again because all the other millennials are doing it. #ydadal
Ethan `~` @ethant_tweets🔁 Time to vote for YDA President. #ydadal
(((Ben Cohen))) @BCohen87🔁This has been a lot better for me since @iKnowShayna made me a mimosa. #ydaDAL
AK Young Democrats @AKYoungDemocrat🔁There's a petition for a resolution to condemn the white nationalist demonstrations. National Committee Ppl & Pres pls sign. #YDADAL
Matthew Kochevar @VoteforKoach🔁Time to vote for YDA President. #ydadal
YDA SUNSHINE @YDA_Sunshine🔁ANNOUNCEMENT: Doors will be sealed in 5 minutes: 1:15 pm. Make sure you get back to vote!! 🌞#YDADal
Tony Cani @tcani🔁@jessicaxan @joliver07 @garymoody @laurenbworley No real reason, we just aren't delegates. It is a shit show out there. #YDADAL
Ethan `~` @ethant_tweets🔁"Of anyone has duct tape to keep my smile on, I would appreciate it." #YDADAL
Ethan `~` @ethant_tweets🔁5 minute recess #YDADAL
YDA SUNSHINE @YDA_Sunshine🔁Isn't is great that delegates are willing to delay eating to make sure people with flights today are still able to p articipate? 🌞
Ethan `~` @ethant_tweets🔁All non-delegates are being made to leave the hall. #YDADAL
CLWright @WrightLyrics🔁. to a room of at : "YOU have the power to redefine what it means to be an American! And we will!"
Tyrell Aagard @tyrellaagard🔁Descending into procedural hell. #YDADAL
Christopher Anderson @cjanderson1988🔁This committee was an honor to serve on, here are the amendments offered and accepted on Ohio's behalf:
Ethan `~` @ethant_tweets🔁Chair: How about a lunch break?
Everyone: Boo!


Lynnette Hull @MissLynnetteH🔁I love ya'll - coming back from Texas (#YDADAL) tomorrow - I'm glad that the @RedRockDems Brunch is successful!
Stephen Rudman @RudmanEsq🔁Did the honorable delegate from MA refer to her state as birthplace of democracy? The PA delegation has some words to share on that #YDADAL
KY Young Dems @KyYoungDems🔁 If y'all don't settle on down, we're coming out of retirement #YDADAL #allthememes
YDA Shade 2.0 @YDAShade2🔁This is probs taking so long because half the room is plastered #YDADAL


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