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xfinity Copado💪🏾 @Xfinity_Exotic🔁 Uh oh.. 😂💀
xfinity Lanhoj @TheRealLanhoj🔁Sneaky of @Xfinity to name their App "My Account" ...


Nancy 🖤 Mohamed @tdesignerwth🔁My LinkedIn Premium subscription costs the same as Xfinity’s Internet service.

Which to choose, which to choose…?

xfinity Chad McGuire @cammac388🔁 Is that @Blaney in the stands at today’s @NASCAR_Xfinity race at @poconoraceway?
xfinity Freebies 4 Mom @Freebies4Mom🔁Kids LOVE Inside Out�Rice�Rollers #ad @comcastcares @XFINITY @xfinitylatino #xfinityBTS�
Dale Earnhardt Jr. @DaleJr🔁Doesn’t appear the Xfinity package from 2017 Indy affects the action at Pocono. Race looks exactly like most Pocono races.
Xfinity @Xfinity🔁The legendary Roots crew performing LIVE! #RootsPicnic @TheRoots
FOX: NASCAR @NASCARONFOX🔁All he does is WIN. Retweet to congratulate Kyle Busch on his NASCAR Xfinity Series victory in Pocono!

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anette @nettewysocka🔁 drunk ppl at xfinity be like
Annie Jantzen @AnnieJantzen1🔁@suenj1023 @Sean_C_Larkin @LivePDNation @OfficialLivePD I’ll have to check if I have Not on Xfinity. Thanks for the tip!
Stacie @stacie_just🔁@NASCAR @KyleBusch Hopefully not, he dominated there yesterday during the Xfinity race, I wanna see him wind he’s my Driver
mellbeans @Mellbeans🔁 hey so why am I paying for your service when it doesn't work.. least you can do is give me back Cartoon Network sin ce I haven't been able to watch TV or use my internet.
Ky @K_Arianna_🔁Just bought tickets to see @SamHuntMusic and @KipMooreMusic in the pit at Xfinity... IM DYING IM SO EXCITED
Kerry Brewer @art_yarn🔁Busch is at the 50+ place in Xfinity points, so it doesn’t really matter. IMO, Busch has no business in the Xfinity Series, anyway. Even as childish as he is, he still races on a bit higher level and needs to stick with the MENCS.
MJ @Speedlvr🔁@NASCAR_Xfinity @poconoraceway Wow. So surprised.
Natalie Volpe✨ @nataliiee94🔁@paigemurpphyy Maybe xfinity after Taylor !!!
Tiffany White 🤨 @TiffanyW_412🔁@scottaw Yup. Noticed the extra Xfinity wifi SSID in my WiFi settings. Yuck.
Michelle Futo @MichelleFuto🔁@kelligemmer @Xfinity WOW! This is a shock. I hope we have the same positive experience when we move next month!
Chris Harrington @mookieghana🔁@IBringtheFlavor It’s in the cabinet. Still have XFINITY and Roku for all my media needs.
Guy Mills Jr. @ernie282849🔁Are cup teams the only ones who've been caught failing tech at the end of a Xfinity race this year... As in the winne r?
Andy Webb @AndrewMarkWebb🔁Next-to-last day of our road trip. My lady & I are at her mother’s, 600 miles away from home. They’re, seems to be a great time to escape...I mean, catch up on my DVR recordings! 💻🛋🙌🏼😅

Sonja Aliria @Aliria12🔁 Xfinity foots bill so Metro can stay open an hour later for Game Four of the Stanley Cup Final
Peter Stratta @peterstratta🔁@Franco52 He has 31 Cup wins, I hadn’t thought of his Xfinity wins until now but that’s an even better point
paul wojciechowski @pwojo50🔁RT to vote for "So Much More Than This" for and get Hyped for Grace going on tour with starting Jun 5th 2018 @ XFINITY Theatre Hartford, CT
Kelli Gemmer @kelligemmer🔁When I first moved to Tallahassee years ago, Comcast was the biggest struggle and pain when moving. These past few d ays, it has been quick, easy, and on-point customer service. Props, , major props!
Carina Chavda @CarinaChavda🔁I’ve been on the phone with for the past hour ALL I WANT TO DO IS CANCEL MY ACCOUNT but they’ve passed my call on t o 6 different representatives - and now they’re saying the cancellation department is closed on sundays!
Tiffany White 🤨 @TiffanyW_412🔁The absolutely horrendous speed of this stock ISP router has me setting up my Airport Extreme. The speed on Xfinity routers is gross...
Trooper85751 @st85751🔁At tweetup, NASCAR president spent time asking fans what they think about hot topics (Cup drivers in Xfinity? Taking wins away? Rules package?) and answering questions.
Q's dad! @solarcellXIII🔁@kennagq I just found out that xfinity is not available in my area, any other recommendation?
Q's dad! @solarcellXIII🔁Is Direct TV any good? Xfinity is not available in my area.
Erika @MzErikaBoopz🔁 still have the same movies under free movies...that sucks...they haven't upgraded the flicks n a good lil min ugh, almost a year
Laura Morales @MoralesLauraE🔁Hey #Nashville check out this cool @Xfinity store
maddy @aesthetaecally🔁for me i think it’s channel 197 which is the Food Network, but i have Xfinity / Comcast and it might be a different c hannel for other tv networks
terrance willenborg @terryjoel1🔁Xfinity Arris TG1682G Wireless Cable Modem Router on eBid United States | 171603889 - via @eBid #eBid
reilly the positive sign girl @burakovskyeet🔁ESKETIT THANKS XFINITY
RMNB @russianmachine🔁Xfinity foots bill so Metro can stay open an hour later for Game Four of the Stanley Cup Final
TheStartingGrid @StartingGrid_🔁@NASCAR_Xfinity @poconoraceway Cheater got caught finally
Teresa Murphy @TmmMPS🔁Best Wishes Class of 2018! Special note of thanks to Xfinity Center, Band, Orchestra, Senior Choir, Junior Class Off icers, Admin team, Faculty & Staff and our MPD who produced & delivered a beautiful graduation ceremony.
velda mcclung @VeldaMcclung🔁 Companies should stop using computers to solve issues in place of live customer service (phone).

@Xfinity Just sayin’...

Xfinity Racing @XfinityRacing🔁Can the closer finish off another win?

takes stage two at . Stream the final stage live on FS1 >>

Allison Nicole ♐️ @llison_nicole🔁i got free tickets for actually good seats at xfinity for friday but probs still gunna be drunk on the lawn anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️
Noah Celfo @Noah_Celfo🔁 Karen Rice: have you seen xfinity wars yet?
Quan Nguyen @newen66🔁 for the second time in 48 hours, Comcast xfinity service is down in the Atlanta area..HINT: not my TV or connectio ns as it shows on the screen..what is going on Comcast?
Trav🐐 @jdt8388🔁NEWS: No. 18 car fails post-race inspection after race at .


alisha✨ @Carmelsundaee__🔁Finna snap on xfinity
Minnette Davila @minett3🔁If anyone has been wondering about Xfinity Mobile. They have my vote. I just got my first whole month bill........... $9.83, $7.50 of that is the payment on the phone that I'm buying from them. No matter where I go, I'm...


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