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#XMen pinches furros @JuanakinJMS🔁 Last cover for 2017. #XMen Days of future past by John Byrne.


#XMen#XMen NegaduckEX @DocThuggly🔁 Because I can’t just let things go. Erase erase erase #erase #storm #xmen
#XMen Zakk @ZakkisBatman🔁Storm by Jim Lee
#XMen Cadence Comic Art @CadenceComicArt🔁 That black eyed thief.
#gambit #xmen #inks
#XMen METHSALSA @methsalsa🔁You, too, can be Wolverine in 4 easy steps! 😂 #Marvel #XMen
#XMen Imperius Rex! @ImperiusRexShow🔁Cyclops’ reaction to Nightcrawler’s response is priceless.
#Xmen #whaaaat!?
#XMen ❄Sami Snowsa❄ @TheAssassyn1459🔁 Goblin Queen painting done for fun.

#GoblinQueen #Xmen #Marvel #MadalynePryor #MarkBrooks

#XMen#XMen#XMen We ❤️ Marvel @bpdmarvel🔁#Marvel Legends Weapon X #Wolverine Figure ToyBiz #XMen 2004 #eBay
🌐 marvel.bestpricedealz.com
#XMen#XMen#XMen Rodger A Miller Jr @RodgerAMillerJ2🔁 #Marvel Legends Weapon X #Wolverine Figure ToyBiz #XMen 2004 #eBay
🌐 marvel.bestpricedealz.com
#XMen Illustrator Monk @illustratormonk🔁Quick Beast sketch #XMen #marvelcomics
#XMen TonyGregori @ ECCC 1601-ish @TonyGregori🔁Rogues #XMen #Rogue
#XMen Comicbook.com @ComicBook🔁New reports suggest Fox is planning 3 #XMen movies EACH YEAR in 2019 and 2020!
Comicbook.com @ComicBook🔁Marvel Announces New Multiple Man Series from and (Exclusive) comicbook.com tter.com/i/web/status/968209091473629185" target="_blank">twitter.com
Kilo Harrison @kil071🔁Check out | Kilo Harrison | Psylocke Original via ebay.com
Lera Muzyka @LeraMuzyka🔁Look how my digital art skills improved! It’s a one year difference! It’s still not complete but the difference is h twitter.com uge! I can’t believe it myself.
Wakanda's 2nd Favorite Podcaster 🙅🏾‍♂️ @indoob🔁I gotta admit. Despite my issues with : The Last Stand, the "Fire vs. Ice" battle was quite a fan-service moment that made me feel giddy
COSMIC COMICS! @CosmicComicsLV🔁Our pals reviewed X-Men Red, in the Shadow of the Phoenix by & from :
Issue 1 is available now at in ! twitter.com
Crystal @Corystalia🔁XM Studios Jean Grey Phoenix 1:4 Scale
YearlingNose0 @YearlingNose0🔁FOX can't add in Warlock to the New Mutants movie without Cypher.. would be like a peanut butter sandwich without j twitter.com elly and still call it a PB&J sandwich.

Choddy :) @CHODDYville🔁The "You've abandoned us all" scene from : Days of Future was one of the most amazing confrontational moments I've seen from an X-Film.
NotTheGreenGoblin @TeamSymbiote🔁 time in a bottle. The first thing that I'd like to do is to save every day 'til eternity passes away, just to spend twitter.com them with you!

fernando guzman @rock1er🔁. is developing a Silver Surfer movie, plus more X-Men movie updates!
Am I On The Air @AmIOnTheAir🔁.@20thcenturyfox is developing a Silver Surfer movie, plus more X-Men movie updates! #SilverSurfer #XMen comingsoon.net
#WhoWouldWin @WWWHeroPodcast🔁: vs. (TAS)

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Gil Macias @gilmacias78🔁More shots of my new suit, made with leathery lycra. Can’t wait for
The Comics Bolt ⚡ @ComicsBolt🔁Fox Sets Three Movies For 2019 & 2020; ‘’ In Development! (via ) twitter.com
Z @Zepht🔁 We are missing X-Men in games. If you can't make a new X-Men now, just bring a good port of a X-Men Legends Collecti twitter.com on
Z @Zepht🔁@CaptainRogers97 @xmentas @xmen_universe @Marvel need to learn that we want this team back @MarvelGames #XMen
Comic Style Geek @ComicStyleGeek🔁Fox Planning Three X-Men Movies a Year in Both 2019 and 2020. twitter.com
Will Pheesh @WillPheesh🔁G’Night, All!

and the 1-4 by Claremont, Mantlo, Guice, Wiacek, Jones, Sharen, Ferriter, Higgins, Rosen, Parker twitter.com

old mack @jpuvh🔁New reports suggest Fox is planning 3 movies EACH YEAR in 2019 and 2020!

Nocturnal Brownie™ 🦉 @MoodySith🔁New reports suggest Fox is planning 3 movies EACH YEAR in 2019 and 2020!
Ironsaber @IronSaber486🔁 Here my design of #Storm from #xmen #xmenstorm next up: Jubilee instagram.com
slobeck @Sl0beck🔁True Story. In the 80's, right after he had handed over the rains of at , I asked if he was ever going to illust twitter.com rate any Xmen spin-offs....
Jr @C6bb6_🔁Unleash your POWER 💚🔥💚🔥💚🔥💚
T'Challah The Kosher Panther @ChecKtheCircuiT🔁Today: An explanation of Nimrod’s abilities & his origin, up to his battle with Master Mold!


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