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Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁FBI Director Wray testimony under oath suggests @PressSec Sanders is lying. twitter.com
Icarriedawatermelon @bourdainstalker🔁Christopher Wray basically testified today that the White House was informed of Porter's spousal abuse allegations for approximately a year before getting rid of him.

Make NO mistake about it. This is devastating to Kelly and to the President and his staff

It's also sickening!

Ken Dilanian @KenDilanianNBC🔁Sen. Jack Reed just got FBI Director Wray and other intel chiefs to admit that the president has never asked them to twitter.com focus on or disrupt Russian election meddling.
Matthew Miller @matthewamiller🔁Devastating timeline from Wray on FBI reports to the WH on Porter - partial report in March, final report in July, r twitter.com esponse to follow up requests in November. The WH knew for almost a year and did nothing.
Diana @sickandtireddc🔁So FBI Director Wray thinks that Companies should have back doors so that the FBI and Government can Spy on Americans... Now they'll claim it's for Terrorism issues, but with what we've seen from the FBI and Department of Justice, does anyone trust them at this point?
Brandon Bowers @mjbrandonbowers🔁The @WhiteHouse is sinking further in their own corruption.


Deplorable Cajun MAGA! @Christi38880673🔁FBI Director Wray: People who do things "by the book" don't need to write memos saying they do things "by the book."

Susan Rice is an tool.

JosephB @canadajoe1🔁FBI Director Wray said that Donald Trump knew since last March that Porter was a wife beater but completely ignored i twitter.com t. This shouldn't surprise anyone the way that Trump has treated women and how he sees them as less human. Bet many of Trump's own wives were his punching bags.
Super Ruby Liz @RubyLuckyLiz🔁Senate Intel Committee hearing on Global Threats & National Security is starting.

Witnesses include:

-DNI Dan Coats
-CIA Director Mike Pompeo
-FBI Director Christopher Wray
-NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers
-DIA Director Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley
-NGA Director Robert Cardillo


Cheryl @CherylC2017🔁Wray continues to say Nunes memo left out key facts and was inaccurate - and says FBI “provided thousands of documents that were very, very sensitive ....” and it’s “hard” to distill it down to 3.5 pages
Barbara Bradshaw @arcadianwoman🔁Jack Reed asking the intel chiefs whether Trump has personally directed them to take steps to stop Russia meddling in the 2018 midterms. They’re giving nuanced answers. “Not specifically directed by the president,” Wray said.
Jonathan @Dalekdukesboy🔁FBI Director Christopher Wray defends agency against allegations of anti-Trump bias during Senate hearing Says he believes the FBI speaks through their work, cases, & victims then explain all of those & what Comey did with Hillary & FISA warrant 🤔
Positively Hillary @YesforHillary🔁Sen. Jack Reed just got FBI Director Wray and other intel chiefs to admit that the president has never asked them to focus on or disrupt Russian election meddling.
Philippe Gelie @geliefig🔁FBI Director Chris Wray says the FBI submitted a partial report on Rob Porter's background check in MARCH. A completed report in late JULY. Shared follow-up info in NOVEMBER. And closed the file in January.
Momma Bird ❄ @picklepants715🔁FBI Director Wray and other intel chiefs also admitted that the president has never asked them to take any action against Russian election meddling, under questioning by Sen. Jack Reed.
Chris Wales @c_wales1🔁FBI Director Wray contradicts the White House's account of Rob Porter’s background investigation, revealing the bureau had finished its report long before Porter was fired over allegations of domestic abuse.
sanyya gardez @sanyya🔁Sarah Sanders yesterday contradicting Chris Wray’s timeline: “I can tell you that we were — the process for the background was ongoing, and the White House had not received any specific papers regarding the completion of that background check.”
Harry Turtledove @HNTurtledove🔁"Wray’s FBI timeline makes one thing clear: the Kelly coverup is unraveling right before our eyes," a White House official tells Axios.
Debra Lewis @deblew27🔁FBI Director Wray on Rob Porter background check:

• Submitted partial report in March
• Completed background investigation in late July
• Received request for follow up, provided info in Nov.
• Closed the file in Jan.
• Received and passed on new info earlier this month

🌊RiseUpBlue265🌊 @iyamtoo🔁 FBI Director Wray testimony under oath suggests @PressSec Sanders is lying. twitter.com
Alistair Denniston @osslausanne🔁Serious Q: Did we really need FBI Director Christopher Wray's TL to confirm Rob Porter is playing victim, wife beater supporter Gen John Kelly is a liar, WH Sarah Sanders lies & sneaky af Hope Hicks pretty much knows where all the bodies are buried?
Kai @KaiCisz🔁Another lie from the White House to cover their endless F-ups...
FBI Director Wray contradicts White House on Porter investigation
Judgey Little Troll @realityCheck101🔁1. Wow.

Trump's hand-picked FBI Director just revealed that the White House has been blatantly lying about the Rob Porter domestic abuse scandal

🌊BlueSade🌊 @BlueSade7🔁FBI Director Wray just blew the WH cover story re. Rob Porter out of the water. His response suggests the WH had a sense of the troubling allegations since March 2017. They closed the file on Porter last month.
Susan Decker @suziduzy🔁Timeline FBI Director Wray just laid out:

March: Partial background report on Porter
July: Completed background report
Nov.: Provided follow-up info
January: Closed the file

Raj Shah said last week Porter's "background investigation was ongoing" when allegations became public.

USA @usajobsfirst68🔁FBI's Wray contradicts White House on Porter background check yahoo.com via @YahooNews
HowTooMAGer @Goathouse53🔁FBI Director Wray
Exposes more Trump, Kelly and Sanders lies.
GOP is morally bankrupt.
GOP is unfit for office.
Deplorable Latina @Iza77789584🔁Sen. Tom Cotton asking FBI Director Wray about Russian oligarch & Putin ally Oleg Deripaska & if Chris Steele was employed directly or indirectly by him at the time he was running the so-called Steele dossier. Info on Deripaska-Steele connection -->
Pink Star @Alpha_Lady1🔁Has FBI Director Wray announced that McCabe, Strzok, and Page are suspended yet or that he's looking into Comey's classified leaks?

Because until he does that he has zero credibility

Paul BrowningⓂ️ @tempaul2004🔁Devastating timeline from Wray on FBI reports to the WH on Porter - partial report in March, final report in July, response to follow up requests in November. The WH knew for almost a year and did nothing.
Rosanna @rosannar63🔁FBI chief Christopher Wray, under oath, contradicts the White House's story on Porter. Wray says White House knew of findings for months, as we and others have reported.
COUNTRY GIRL @ZiggyinHeavon🔁Will FBI Director Wray or DNI Coats admit the US government has never inspected the DNC servers to determine if any hack was made?
aint that the truth! @niaganora🔁 Analysis: FBI Director Christopher A. Wray’s implicit dig at President Trump wapo.st
Dave @Dave34341717🔁I'm tired of hearing and writing about Peter Strzok & Lisa Page. They are still getting paid. In a corporate setting they would be shit canned ... along with Wray for NOT firing them. No accountability at FBI. Why Americans have no faith in it.
buildingbetterlives @tantestrain🔁Obama Claimed That He Won't Talk To Comey About Pending Investigations ..Yet Lisa Page And Susan Rice Tell Us He Lied

But Let Trend #1 🙄

Don Lueking @dlueking🔁Did Wray really say that he has seen no evidence of bias at the FBI? Did I hear that right? @POTUS
Jimmie Carter @C81704146Jimmie🔁Although you would never know it from Director Wray, the FBI has a credibility crisis due to astonishing leadership abuses under Obama/Comey/Mueller.
D’plorableCndnChic 🇨🇦🇺🇸 VEE @zooie222🔁Chris Wray trashes media and social media about FBI allegations of misconduct.

My vote is he’s on the right side o twitter.com f justice.

Timing is everything.

Sandy Iannazzone @sjianna🔁Trump has NO respect for our government secrets, his White House is FULL of folks w/o security clearance. But, her emails!! Wray is crushing Trump's lies.
Chip Spice Superstar 2.0 @BarryHammock🔁📷 FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday contradicted the White House version of events surrounding... tmblr.co
Michelle Hart @michellehart99🔁Under questioning from Cotton, Wray declines to discuss whether FBI considers Steele dossier “salacious and unverified” and whether Oleg Deripaska worked with Steele: “That’s not something I can answer.” Says he may be able to talk more in classified setting
🦖Godzilla Enthusiast @TrexPushups🔁 FBI director contradicts White House's Porter timeline
sherry williams @sherryw329🔁 FBI Director Wray tells intel hearing FBI continues to have “grave concerns” about Nunes memo.
Michael Swartz @Maswartz226🔁JUST IN: White House official says, "Wray’s FBI timeline makes one thing clear: the Kelly coverup is unraveling right before our eyes."
Bruce Knotts @brucefk49🔁Kelly's enemies ready to use FBI testimony against him lnkd.in
Howard Stark @HowardStark2018🔁The FBI's job is to provide the White House with information. They did their job.

FBI Director Wray has exposed the lying timeline of the White House re: Rob Porter.

It is the White House's job to act on said information. They failed. And lied.

JoJo @NotreDameBaby🔁OMG... These Democrats are complete Morons.. This is a Senate Intelligence Hearing, and these morons are asking FBI Director Wray questions about Rob Porter... Pathetic.
Elizabeth Pegues @elizabethpegues🔁Wray just contradicted WH timeline on Porter saying FBI “completed background investigation in late July.” WH spox Shah said last week background investigation was “ongoing.”
Katrifice @Katrifice🔁CroMAGAnon: The FBI is out to get Trump! Look at this guy Christopher Wray, he's a Comey Clone! Deep State!

Me: Uh, Trump appointed Wray.

CroMAGAnon: See, the thing about Obama is...

David de Sola @daviddesola🔁 White House official: "Kelly coverup is unraveling" axios.com
#NOTRUMP @Conwaytheseahag🔁 Director Wray won't answer Tom Cotton's question re the dossier being unverified in a public hearing so...
Rhodes(hard)Scholar @detroit_rachel🔁 may influence 2018 : Dan Coats, top US spy - Vox

“Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, assesses that Russia sees the 2018 elections as a “potential target.”

JustBrenda @Purrcival🔁To: FBI Director Wray, DNI Coats, Mike Pompeo, Tom Cotton,
Jeff Sessions, ...
L Wms @lanitaz123🔁Sen. raises topic of security clearances, asks FBI Director Christopher Wray:

Was the FBI aware of allegations related to Rob Porter and domestic abuse?
Was the WH informed?
When were they informed?
Who was informed?
What was their response?


AGirlHasNoName @JaneNel34178882🔁FBI Director Wray reinforces what those of us living outside of the MAGA bubble already knew:

* The WH has been lying about Porter

* The Nunes Memo is complete BS

Gina Brown @mzgee41🔁Is it me or Wray seem a little extra spicy in there.... he's pissed off and with good reason. The very person that appointed him is damaging his ability to protect America. Anyone unwilling to see that side of it is truly lost. i.e. trump supporters.


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