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Worldwide Threats nope🙈🙉🙊 @nopeallthenope🔁 Worldwide threats hearing before Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
NBC News @NBCNews🔁LIVE: Intelligence chiefs testify at Senate Intel hearing on worldwide threats.
Richard Burr @SenatorBurr🔁REMINDER: The Senate Intelligence Committee will hold an open hearing tomorrow morning at 9:30am on World Wide Threat s facing the U.S. and our allies. The heads of CIA, NSA, FBI, DNI, DIA, and NGIA will testify. Follow here to stream live:
Worldwide Threats Christine Quinzy🇺🇸 @cq2101🔁 "Worldwide Threats" Keith Ellison of the DNC

..and Hamas

Mark Warner @MarkWarner🔁WATCH LIVE: Senate Intelligence Committee open hearing on worldwide threats.
0x0sec @0x0sec🔁REMINDER: The Senate Intelligence Committee will hold an open hearing tomorrow morning at 9:30am on World Wide Threats facing the U.S. and our allies. The heads of CIA, NSA, FBI, DNI, DIA, and NGIA will testify. Follow here to stream live:
Alice @plumcomm🔁NOW: CIA Director Pompeo, FBI Director Wray and other intelligence officials are testifying at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on worldwide threats.

Tune in to MSNBC for live coverage.

Sharlyn Ayotte @blindambition🔁 will take place in NYC on March 16, just days before the Russian presidential election. Listen to expert analysts discuss Putin's global vision and the threats it poses to democracy and freedom worldwide. Learn more at .
maggie_reardon @maggie_reardon🔁At the Senate Intelligence "Worldwide Threats" hearing, cybersecurity was a bigger concern than weapons of mass destruction:
🌺jess🌺 @__RedLily__🔁The director of national intelligence and the leaders of CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, and NGA are about to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee:
Allen & Overy @AllenOvery🔁A&O Risk Note for institutions - threats and opportunities arising from recent legal developments worldwide.
(((Karen))) @BluAngel54🔁 Livestream: Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on Worldwide Threats


hbmcg 🦈 sharks rule 🦈 @hbmcg🔁 LIVE: Senate Intel hearing on worldwide threats continues
jane ryan @cleansweep42🔁Senate Intel Committee Global Threats hearing starting now -- heads of all intel agencies there to testify. Now that the US woman are done crushing the Russians/not-Russians in hockey -- you can listen in!

Winston Smith @halahel777🔁.@ABC Senate Intelligence Committee holds hearing on worldwide threats.
Batchelor Law Firm @BatchelorLaw🔁Top intelligence community officials tell Sen. they stand by 2017 intelligence assessment on Russian interference and see no change in Russia's efforts to target U.S.
Mola Lenghi @MolaReports🔁Often lost in the politics of today: FBI, CIA & National Intel directors testify on global threats to U.S. @CBSNews
(((Josh Manning))) @joshuamanning23🔁Hey at least it’s just a hearing for you. These sorts of worldwide threats were my every day for over a decade. It’s exhausting.
Josh Zernechel @jzbuckI🔁 LIVE: Intelligence chiefs testify at Senate Intel hearing on worldwide threats.
Christine @1chefdiva🔁“Frankly, the United States is under attack,” Dan Coats says. “Some of these actors, including Russia, are likely to pursue even more aggressive cyber attacks with the intent of degrading our democratic values and weakening our alliances.”
TRUMP FORCE ONE 🇺🇸 @smart_whit🔁. is using his time at the DNI Worldwide Threat assessment to ask about Rob Porter, because priorities!
TRUMP FORCE ONE 🇺🇸 @smart_whit🔁Wray: Seen "No" evidence of political bias. Really? You have an ongoing IG investigation, multiple resignations, demotions. C'mon now.
TRUMP FORCE ONE 🇺🇸 @smart_whit🔁Remember when Senate Intel asked about Ben Rhodes inability 2 get a security clearance? No? Me neither. H/t
Tamara Davis 🇺🇸 @warriors_mom🔁Happening NOW: Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Director of CIA Mike Pompeo, & other Intelligence Community senior officials present the WORLDWIDE THREAT ASSESSMENT of the US Intelligence Community.

Watch live:

BaliPromotionCenter @translatorbali🔁US Senate Intel. Committee hearing on worldwide Threats. DNI Dan Coats, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, NSA Director Adm. Mike Rodgers, FBI Director Christopher Wray and others testify at Senate Intel hearing on worldwide threats. …
Bangladesh News 24 @bdnews24🔁Intelligence agencies expect Russia to target midterms: A new US intelligence report on worldwide threats says Russia likely to target midterms More
Jennifer Alexis Frees - Classical Silver Flute @Frees_2018🔁@CIA What Intelligence Community? What Records? What Threats? What Worldwide?


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