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#Worldcon75#Worldcon75#Worldcon75#Worldcon75 Neil @luckykaa🔁#Worldcon75 last few pics.
#Worldcon75 Weisyl @XenWeisyl🔁 Impromptu badge from @Agent_Elrond at our #worldcon75 panel. ❤️
#Worldcon75 Monty @bouncy_elf🔁The subtitles are causing no end of hilarity at intervals.. #Worldcon75
#Worldcon75#Worldcon75 Daveface @WorldCon @DavefaceFMS🔁I do value these friendships I'm making at #WorldCon75
#Worldcon75 RillaRoro @rillaroro🔁Now just waiting foehn the results. Picture from before going to stage. #Worldcon75
#Worldcon75 Jeremiah Reinmiller @jreinmiller🔁So long #Worldcon75. It's been great. See ya next time.
#Worldcon75 Fred Coppersmith @unrealfred🔁Farewell, #WorldCon75! You were mostly lovely!
#Worldcon75 Isobel Bryce @bryce_isobel🔁 Author and publisher enjoying the weirdness that is #Helsinki #Worldcon75 @GRRMspeaking
#Worldcon75#Worldcon75 Columbina @EccentricFlower🔁 Masquerade Entry No. 9: Anne Davenport; Entry Name: "Louhi and the Sampo" #Worldcon75
#Worldcon75 Ashley Morton @ashesm83🔁 "You have to choose your impossibilities." — Robert Silverberg #Worldcon75
#Worldcon75 TimeForCakesAndAle @TFCAA🔁Ahh happiness. At Domo in downtown Helsinki.
#Worldcon75 Will Bradshaw @willjbrad🔁Final art haul from #Worldcon75 - not bad for under €130. 😊
#Worldcon75 @hiddeninabook @hiddeninabook🔁 Ingenious low tech solution to make sure you join the right #worldcon75 queue!
#Worldcon75#Worldcon75 Playfully Grownup @PGH_by_Eppu🔁 Nobody told me there'd be actual aliens. #Worldcon75
#Worldcon75 Bastian's Books @bastiansbooks🔁 Jon Snow at the #Worldcon75 Info Desk - don't ask him about anything, he knows nothing
#Worldcon75#Worldcon75#Worldcon75 Sub Pop Records @subpop🔁 @clppng playing at #Worldcon75
#Worldcon75 M 'Loviatar' Hiltula @Pharasma🔁Received this veeeeery suspicious ribbon... #Worldcon75 #TampereIn2032
#Worldcon75 🐲Badfangirl🐲 @toriKh🔁 So I guess this explains why there aren't any more #HarryPotter movies... #Worldcon75
#Worldcon75 🐲Badfangirl🐲 @toriKh🔁 The fish eat well here! #Worldcon75
#Worldcon75 Boaz Karni-Harel @boaz_karni🔁Kjell Lindgren is the nicest astronaut ever. #Worldcon75
#Worldcon75#Worldcon75#Worldcon75 Will Bradshaw @willjbrad🔁The promised #TheHugoAwards Base pictures. I think this might be my favourite base ever. #Worldcon75
clarkesworld @clarkesworld🔁One of the things I would have done at #worldcon75 was personally encourage more international submissions.
Kayti Burt @Worldcon @kaytiburt🔁"I think friendship is anti-capitalist ... The togetherness is the point." 😍 in the Female Friendship panel at
John Scalzi @scalzi🔁Apparently my cats are being talked about on a panel at #WorldCon75. As is right and just, as they are frickin' adorable.
Donaupiratin @donaupiratin🔁 The Best in Show at #Worldcon75 Masquerade!
Nightmaritus @Nightmaritus🔁Waiting for the storm.. errr, I mean train. Day 4 wrapped, anxiously waiting for day 5 #Worldcon75
Sami Sundell @sami_sundell🔁Just left #worldcon75 after listening to magnificently talented @Ada_Palmer and Sassafrass. Probably the highlight of the whole con for me.
Clarrie Maguire @problem_chimp🔁Masquerade Entry No. 1: Olivia Flockhart with Ian Flockhart; Entry Name: "When Halley came to Jackson in 1910"
Timo Kyttä @TimoOK🔁I published a few #WorldCon75 pics to Flickr: #scifi #worldcon #helsinki #conference
Rachel S. Cordasco @Rcordas🔁Another streamed panel from that was great - "Language Creation on Fiction" (I must return to conl angs!)
Playfully Grownup @PGH_by_Eppu🔁Day 4 of #Worldcon75 is about to end and I've already dreamt of the con twice during its run. Once more tonight before the final day?
Worldcon 75 @worldcon75🔁The Best in Show at #Worldcon75 Masquerade!
David D. Levine @daviddlevine🔁Worldcon Spokane: Fire
Worldcon Kansas: Air (storm)
Helsinki: Water (storm)
Worldcon San Jose: Earth?
Worldcon Dublin: Custard?
WisCon @WisConSF3🔁"Were it not for James Tiptree, Jr. all the best new SF writers of the 1970s would be women"

— James Blish

CyberKat @yuenkat🔁I missed the masquarade, but got home before the storm. Today the best thing was #theastronaut #KjellLindgren He is lovely! #Worldcon75
David D. Levine @daviddlevine🔁I have been hanging around with writers, celebrities, award winners, and an astronaut. How is this my life? #worldcon75
Eeva Nikunen 🎨 @eevanikunen🔁My 'Heart of the Night' original oil painting is currently on display at the art show. I just love these antique sty le frames.
Worldcon 75 @worldcon75🔁Best in Show at #Worldcon75 Masquerade is Olivia Flockhart - competing in the Novice category instead of Child at her first Worldcon!
Playfully Grownup @PGH_by_Eppu🔁Reminder for panelists. Slow down when talking. This is a multi-lingual crowd & fatigue makes 2nd language comprehension harder.
PJK @spongepaddy🔁Managed to sit through 8 #Worldcon75 panels today, and my arse, it must be said, has turned to concrete.
Worldcon 75 @worldcon75🔁Best Workmanship: Leena Peippo. #worldcon75
@hiddeninabook @hiddeninabook🔁 Don't forget, you can watch many of our #Worldcon75 events on our YouTube channel:
Worldcon 75 @worldcon75🔁Best Overall Effect to Rachelle Hrubetz, Most Excess to Anna Davenport. Best in Open Category: Miki Dennis. #Worldcon75
Outi Suppanen @OutiSuppanen🔁#Worldcon75 best in show workmanship goes to @Shetai ! #masqueradewc75
Karl Dandenell @KDandenell🔁Thunderstorms over Helsinki! #worldcon75
Howard Tayler @howardtayler🔁For real, the #WorldCon75 crew is trying their hardest, and they've put on a great show. I just happen to be completely out of spoons.
Worldcon 75 @worldcon75🔁Open category: Best Prop goes to Anna Davenport, Best Performance to Rachelle Hrubetz, Use of Materials to Ronja Valasma. #Worldcon75
Worldcon 75 @worldcon75🔁Best Novice goes to Lassi Aalto! #Worldcon75
Dave M Roberts @DMRobots🔁Now back at the hotel watching Morlocks. An astounding bad re-imagining of The Time Machine. With Finnish subtitles #Worldcon75
Gregory Bossert @gregbossert🔁Met this evening. Enjoyed his panels at ? You should read his story "Spinning the Thread."
Malcolm F. Cross @foozzzball🔁Had a successful panel on the furry fandom here at #Worldcon75!
Dave M Roberts @DMRobots🔁6 panels, 1 talk & an art presentation. Trolls, Nordic horror, translation, dragons, Arabian fiction & the Weird. Not a bad day #Worldcon75
Sara Norja @suchwanderings🔁Wow that Sassafras gig at #Worldcon75 was astonishing. @Ada_Palmer is a woman of so many talents I feel dizzy.
Robot Archie @RobotArchie🔁 @chesneycat @worldcon75 ALERT. New storm front nearing #Helsinki. Will hit at 10 pm #worldcon75
Worldcon 75 @worldcon75🔁Final Workmanship award in the Novice class: Suvi Kauppila! #Worldcon75
Outi Suppanen @OutiSuppanen🔁Major Sassafrass-crush over here. #Worldcon75 #masqueradewc75
Susanna @Nokisuu🔁Full house for Authors and their cats with and Lettie Prell.
Worldcon 75 @worldcon75🔁Next Workmanship award: Lassi Aalto for Best Prop! #Worldcon75
Fred Coppersmith @unrealfred🔁With these storm warnings, if I'd stayed for a drink at #WorldCon75, I might've been stuck there all night. Not that that's a BAD thing...
FauxFungus @FauxFungus🔁 My new music love is Sassafras #WorldCon75
Worldcon 75 @worldcon75🔁First Workmanship award: Olivia Flockhart for Sparkliest Outfit! #Worldcon75
DenizenOfTheUniverse @mangozoid🔁 We congratulate @Dublin2019 for their successful bid for Worldcon 2019 - Dublin 2019, An Irish Worldcon! #Worldcon75
Nightmaritus @Nightmaritus🔁My new music love is Sassafras #WorldCon75
Natania Barron @NataniaBarron🔁I clearly was very excited to see everyone. Great meetup at (and photobomb)
Emma Maree @Worldcon @EMaree🔁

Huge appreciation needed for Sassafras for keeping the show going for what is clearly longer than they intended.

Michael Lee @michaellorg🔁It's super fun to be in a place filled with happy fans that previously you'd only seen several times empty. #worldcon75
Crystal Huff @crystalvisits🔁I love hearing , , & Michael Mellas sing, and especially today, "Somebody Will" made me cry.
Will Bradshaw @willjbrad🔁Update: got back fine to accommodation. Enjoyed the dramatic end to #Worldcon75's final night.
Japsu @ssspaju🔁 So why is @NiTessine not dancing on stage at Masquerade right now? #Worldcon75
BaldNewWorld @BaldNewWorld🔁Felt bummed to miss ,but this pic of USJ at from my publisher made me feel like I was there in spirit😀
Hugo Award book club @Hugo_Book_Club🔁Worldcon Spokane: Fire
Worldcon Kansas: Air (storm)
#Worldcon75 Helsinki: Water (storm)
Worldcon San Jose: Earth?
Worldcon Dublin: Custard?
#RESIST Lord Dumpnut @DodgerWA🔁 "I've published papers on animal locomotion, and I assure you, tripods can move" #worldcon75 #gondorneedsnocontext
FauxFungus @FauxFungus🔁So we are literally not allowed to leave right now due to weather warning. I guess we're going to the party tonight after all.
M 'Loviatar' Hiltula @Pharasma🔁So why is @NiTessine not dancing on stage at Masquerade right now? #Worldcon75
Jo @ Waltcon @JolixJoverflow🔁*sends up flare from Winter Garden* #worldcon75
Sharon Dennett @SDennett🔁@ruthmidget #Worldcon75 were they on hand to put away afterwards?
Daveface @WorldCon @DavefaceFMS🔁#WorldCon75

Huge appreciation needed for Sassafras for keeping the show going for what is clearly longer than they intended.

Peter Tieryas @TieryasXu🔁Felt bummed to miss ,but this pic of USJ at from my publisher made me feel like I was there in spirit😀
Jules Jones @bookfetishist🔁Heading for my room. Migraine aura makes parties not a good idea. But it's been a fun day at #Worldcon75
Eve @ Worldcon 75 @swangels🔁After stage phase we had this fan photo moment and I like it how I got a comment from the director person: "Perfect poses!" #Worldcon75
Daveface @WorldCon @DavefaceFMS🔁They can't keep singing forever.

#WorldCon75 #RunesNeeded


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