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#WorldPopulationDay#WorldPopulationDay 🚩Vasudev Yadav4⃣Hindus🚩 @SumitVasudevYa7🔁 @sudhirchaudhary @UN Population Jihad.... #WorldPopulationDay
#WorldPopulationDay Kelechi @kelechiahaneku🔁 EU #population up to nearly 513 million #worldpopulationday
Luis DIAZ @LuisE_DiazS🔁 If Germany were 100 people 🇩🇪 #WorldPopulationDay
#WorldPopulationDay RHUganda @RHUganda🔁Also had COL. ENGOLA SAM :Minister of State for Defence at our stall during #WorldPopulationDay #WPDUg18 #WPD2018
#WorldPopulationDay saroj kumar sahu @sarojku87041085🔁 #WorldPopulationDay
Family planning is a human right.
Sadhguru @SadhguruJV🔁With technology, we have taken death into our hands. It's time to take birth too in our hands & address irresponsible twitter.com reproduction, one of the biggest challenges of our times, to save the planet. -Sg
Sudhir Chaudhary @sudhirchaudhary🔁Reminder on :Population is the mother of all problems in India.Poverty,unemployment,reservation,crime all are the by twitter.com products of population.Still its the most ignored issue by politicians,writers,film makers.Because it lacks glamour&votes.
Flipkart @Flipkart🔁It's getting a little too crowded for everyone. We need to give this some thought before it's too late. twitter.com
Nabil Al Sharif, Dr. @NabilAlSharif🔁Need for access to ‘safe, effective’ methods stressed on via twitter.com
poonam dasi 0000. juarnlist... @RampartapD🔁
The only reason for the degradation of human society is that people don’t have fear of God.Without the fear one cant do the bhakti,and when we don’t do bhakti of God,WE DON’T GET THE BENEFITS.
by doing right worship given by Sant Rampalji.
Dr. Katie L. Burke @_klburke🔁Energy production requires water. Clean water requires energy. How will we overcome this feedback loop in a warming, increasingly crowded world?
Jean-Pierre Zeelie @jp_zeelie🔁Few sexually active adolescents are using contraception: 60% in developing areas (23 million) have an unmet need for modern contraception
Umarge Anna @umargeanna🔁Addressed the “Population Stabilization: A Right & Responsibility” workshop on the occasion of & shared the importance of population stabilization for human development & improvement in the quality of life along with attaining Universal Health Coverage.
भक्त श्री परशुराम का @HaritashSanjeev🔁Today is

India needs a

भारत की जरूरत

Sarah Renner @rennersb🔁“The reality is that no country has emerged frm poverty in the last 50 yrs w/o expanding access to contraceptives.” on why matters to families, communities & entire countries.
Aishatu @AishatuLMamudu🔁Today is .

Over 200 million women of reproductive age in developing countries who want to avoid pregnancy are not using a modern contraceptive method.

When women can plan their fertility, they can plan their futures.

Bharatam 10K @BharatamKuldeep🔁With technology, we have taken death into our hands. It's time to take birth too in our hands & address irresponsible reproduction, one of the biggest challenges of our times, to save the planet. -Sg
Chitransh Mathur @ChitranshMath10🔁 One Thought One Change सोचेंगे तो बदलेगा! for our
Bhali Daasi @BhaliDaasi🔁
We are sure that Sant Rampal ji followers will truly show the world that Real worship of God has all powers as they have true God blessings with them
Please join them
Dlalanathi Play @dlalanathi🔁You can't plan for a nation that hasn't planned for it's population. Family planning translates to both economic and social growth of a country.
Chitransh Mathur @ChitranshMath10🔁World Population Day at Rakabdaar Bareilly
One Thought One Change, सोचेंगे तो बदलेगा

Rakesh Kumar Tyagi @RakeshKumarTy16🔁'Family planning is a human right'. We must overcome the cultural and societal barriers and educate the adolescents in our country for a better future ahead.
Bharatam 10K @BharatamKuldeep🔁RT if You support and want the Govt. of India to enact 👉 'Population Control Act'.

Nicolò Palermo @Ninno0279🔁Can you imagine what the structure of your country’s population could look like in 2080? If not, we can help. Check out our interactive pyramid released on 2018
maz weeks @maz_paris🔁Happy . You are one of 7,635,316,000 humans on our planet. The world population grows by 226,184 humans every day. Can humanity handle this growth? Check here:
Kathryn @Kathrybeyin🔁It's today and one year on from our global summit on where commitments and pledges were made to bring the choice of contraception to millions more women worldwide.

Here's some of the progress so far...

R. Vinayakan Aiyër @vanderlust🔁Total number of smartphone users will hit 2.6 billion soon; roughly, every second homo sapien (above the age of 15) will have access to a smartphone and internet! The impact of such mobility and connectivity on human evolution is probably incalculable

Wellbeing Foundation @wellbeingafrica🔁Quality healthcare means different things to different people, so it is important to hear directly from women about t twitter.com heir priority for their own RMH. During , we asked our mothers .
UNITED FOR DIVERSITY @UDIVERSITY🔁When a woman can plan her family, she can plan her life. emphasizes that family planning is a human right.

MyHoodMyHome @hood_home🔁We're proud to support on the campaign! Add your voice & let the world know what quality reproductive & maternal healthcare means to you at
Ear Plug @PlugYourEarSSs🔁Today marks and we're back with another Quiz! Test your knowledge on populations around the world using !
Kathryn @Kathrybeyin🔁We are LIVE at the Conference - Family Planning is a Human Right - holding at Sheraton Hotels and Towers in .

Kathryn @Kathrybeyin🔁 is a -
Talk to us about and on 08000022252 or with us anytime via on 09080022252
Prodie Santé FR @ProdieSant🔁We will reach a population of 8.6 million people by 2030, 9.8 by 2050, and 11.2 by 2100. The goal is to raise awarene twitter.com ss regarding the growth, the problems related to the world population, and the importance of healthy lifestyles.
Kathryn @Kathrybeyin🔁 - is a ... the discuss should never end. We're up for a tweet chat powered by and at 3pm today. Join In, ask your questions.
✌ Đhârmëñdrä Đãśś☻👌 @The_lord_kabir🔁

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj says that if the children studying at school listen to the satsang of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on Sunday,their ideology will be completely changed and they will abandon the evils and will worship God.

Ravi Batra @RaviBatra🔁World Population Day is marked today (July 11). In terms of population 🇧🇾 ranks 92nd in the world, 17th in Europe and 6th in the CIS. More statistics can be found here:

KazakhWorld @KazakhWorld🔁Today is ! 18+ million people from 125 groups call Kazakhstan home. Values that are shared by all Kazakhs are tolerance, harmony and mutual respect across all ethnicities and . Everyone is welcome to !
Thiago Luchesi @ThiagoLuchesi🔁Few sexually active adolescents are using contraception: 60% in developing areas (23 million) have an unmet need for twitter.com modern contraception
TCHANDO Michée @MicheeTD🔁As we commemorate this year’s , I stand by her right to . Happy 15th birthday & we continue work towards better implementation
Tina Assi @TinaAssi🔁On , ICYMI: Between 2010 and 2014, 56% of all unintended pregnancies ended in , highlighting the continuing need for investment to meet women’s and couples’ needs
Bahsan Ahmed Said @bsaid6🔁Marking the ! with Minister HE Shire Haji Farah honoring our outgoing Head of Office for the role plays in population & development matters
TCHANDO Michée @MicheeTD🔁Spread the word! In honor of we launched our Facebook event page. Find it at @InternationalConferenceonFamilyPlanning2018 or <>
Suryadev Pd @PdSuryadev🔁Today's news highlight the growth & the deteriorating crises in .Both are inter-connected and should deserve priority attention by all of us.Instead we are wasting too much time on petty issues and sensational so called breaking news.

The o info system @TheOinfosystem🔁World population growth is expected to peak by 2070. Here are 10 essential facts to know on
Magool @MagoolEndFGM🔁 is a violation human rights. Almost every country in which FGC occurs is in the bottom quintile of the Human Development Index; in most cases, they are also countries with the highest projected birth rate over the next decade. 1/3
Midwifery Action @MidwiferyAction🔁To celebrate we are joining and asking globally when it comes to quality reproductive and maternal healthcare services. Watch out for their answers today and over the coming week and let us know what you want too!
Karachiite @shahrukTweets🔁I just travelled through one of the least populated areas in . But is one of the most populous countries in the world. Today’s celebrates as a . Only when women can plan their fertility, they can plan their future.
Neha Karkara @karkaraneha🔁

9 standards to uphold the human ri un.org ght to
Good quality
Informed decision-making
Privacy and confidentiality

Barkhurdaar... 🇮🇳 @BloodyKamina🔁 Who called it #WorldPopulationDay and not Allah Miya Ki Dein Day ?
#Tufanyebiz @PataSokoKE🔁get this new mosquito killer lamp on a discounted price of just 1500 shillings only. contact me at 0712581561
"Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter"
"Gor Mahia"


🚩Vasudev Yadav4⃣Hindus🚩 @SumitVasudevYa7🔁Hindus giving birth to only 1 or 2 children & are worried about educating them. But 'Peacefuls' worried about how to take over the Nation by increasing their population. Education & development has no significance to them.

Impose 'Two Child Policy'.

🚩Vasudev Yadav4⃣Hindus🚩 @SumitVasudevYa7🔁India will be home to world's largest Muslim population by 2050, but is the country ready for the change? ji.
🚩Vasudev Yadav4⃣Hindus🚩 @SumitVasudevYa7🔁By 2100, Hindus will be in minority & Peacefuls become majority in India. Only in India, Peacefuls can be seen, In other countries, we can find, them in Zoo or Museum.
🚩Vasudev Yadav4⃣Hindus🚩 @SumitVasudevYa7🔁 Who is Producing speedily ?

Vote & RT Plz..
#WorldPopulationDay #PopulationDay #Population

RHUganda @RHUganda🔁Light moments with Director General Dr. Jotham Musinguzi,Dr. Betty Kyaddondo Family Health Department Director and twitter.com Executive Committee Chairperson Mr. Godfrey Nabongo
RHUganda @RHUganda🔁Had whose message for stood strong on girls staying and finishing school convincing girls to take their destin twitter.com es into their own hands
Origins @OriginsOSU🔁 is a perfect time to take a look at this fantastic graphic from on what’s wrong—and right—with the .

AheadLab @aheadlaboratory🔁It's
50 years ago, was declared a
Yet, 214 million women still lack safe & effective family planning—which is also central to women’s empowerment, reducing poverty & achieving the /

Sufi @SufiOnAir🔁Aryan looks super excited about the . He has taken , when are you doing it? Post your video with if you want to for twitter.com our . One Thought One Change .
BanffCommunityHouse @BanffComHouse🔁"Although children [under 15 years] are only [27] percent of the [world] population, they're 100 percent of our future and we cannot afford to provide any child with a substandard education." - Ed markey
지민 @btsbiebss🔁It's getting a little too crowded for everyone. We need to give this some thought before it's too late.
Levente Littvay @littvay🔁Think you know world populations? Take the World Cup Population Bracketology test census.gov
stephen wegner @swegn001🔁A population is considered stable when it has a Total Fertility Rate of 2.1. Much of the developed world has a TFR below 2; developing world is on the same path. The implications of the coming demographic crunch …
Christy Calderwood @queencalderwood🔁In college, they told us that Ag Producers would be responsible for feeding 9.7 billon people by 2050

They never said we’d get paid for it

K Sampath @samarunai🔁The world is getting overpopulated and we need your attention. This , raise awareness about global population issue and family planning.
Umesh @GuyBehindBeer🔁 If you are reading this on #WorldPopulationDay then you are part of the problem
Steven Byers @SMByersOly🔁 And the answer is... 2 billion! Thanks for voting everyone #WorldPopulationDay
Steven Byers @SMByersOly🔁Today is ! Take our quick poll:
In 1950 there were fewer than 1 billion children (aged 0-14) worldwide. How many children does the estimate there will be by 2100?
Satish Sharma Manager @ManagerSatish🔁An annual event, observed on July 11 every year, which seeks to raise of issues such as the importance of , , , and . Best wishes to everyone on the occasion of .
CSWD at GWU @cswdgw🔁This , learn we're testing programs 2 facilitate safe transitions 2 adulthood in & empower adolescents economically & socially
Grain SA @GrainSA🔁By 2050 experts estimate we will need to feed an additional three billion people. But how? Our President Liam Condon explains why we must produce more sustainably in order to safeguard our natural resources for future generations:
Abubaker @bubaker35🔁Much appreciation to Bobi Primary School for their stand
participation yesterday
OldKanye @hanansiham🔁This , it’s 50 years since family planning was declared a human right. Yet millions of girls and women still don’t have access to the information and services they need to choose when to have children. 👉👉
Chandan Maurya @Chandan06080513🔁If Common Education till 14 yr,UCC, Population Control Law is not implemented then 1947 will be repeated before 2047. Atleast think about our next Gen.

Smt. tight Lid @DheeliDhakkan🔁Who called it #WorldPopulationDay and not Allah Miya Ki Dein Day ?
rajendramohan sinha @7131c3db22bb49b🔁By the way India’s population is 1.35 Billion today according to . India has 17.74% of the total world population with just 2.4% of the world’s geographical area.
sujeet choudhary @sujeet3010🔁India in 1940s

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