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Jozzi @jozzi_official🔁*Hits Blunt*
I wonder if Stevie Wonder and Wonder Woman Would have kids,will it really be Wonderfull enough.
Wonder Woman Lucca @Veggiesaurz🔁 'WONDER WOMAN 2' Confirmed to Be Set in the Eighties
Deborah Peterson @Timofeev_m🔁com fuck with pakistani girls wonder woman porn movies paties sex sex teen russian soft core erotica
Emma Scott @ananda_boys🔁tano naked heather porn video pleaser sexy naked wonder woman wrestling porn star dean arab sex
Priti Gandhi @MrsGandhi🔁As per Saroj Khan, exploiting a women means giving her livelihood. With a repulsive mindset like this, no wonder the twitter.com graph of crime against women is where it is today!!

This woman just lost all the credibility she had earned.

DC @DCComics🔁Madness. Destruction. Slaughter ... and Darkseid's the architect. Gear-up for the "Amazons Attacked" finale with ' twitter.com s exclusive preview of WONDER WOMAN #45:
J.R. @JDotRasTaa🔁She Was One W/ Bein’ A Woman, Aimin’ & Strivin’ To Be An Impactful Woman At That. Her Fierce Feminism Was There, & W twitter.com anted That To Be Her Image For Her Solo Career.
Def Makes Me Wonder How’d/Where She’d Be Durin’ Today’s Movements & Such.
albs @albertoutsold🔁Wonder Woman by JoJo #np on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com
The Mad Titan @Holidill🔁The Justice League of America, 1997.
Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern.
Noncompliant @djshiva🔁"We only have the girls' toy," the woman at says. "It's for girls only."

"No she isn't!" I'm stunned. "Wonder Woman's for anyone who likes action and superheroes!"

The staff smile, amused, but I'm not speaking for their sakes.

My kids are listening.

Bienvenida @Bienven79931492🔁I am a woman and I am full of wonder cherets is my fav chill since August before releasing


Uniform Watch @UniWatch_🔁BBTS - Batman v Superman - Wonder Woman SWAT Shield ref.gl
Alucard @HIMEL_BAHAR🔁Wonder Woman: If only Aresia could have learned to see the noble qualities in you men.

ohene yaw @JefeQuayson🔁@Ghostt614 Nah they invincible, they can even beat Wonder Woman
Zainab @bus_kerdou🔁Did you know that a woman can die during childbirth?

I wonder if it's worth it. My mother assures me that it is. But I have doubts.

Fatoumata @Efyonce_🔁Women’s world is filled with love, understanding, protection that doesn’t come because they need sthg from you, but because they care. I get scared when a man offers to help, because I always wonder what I have to give in return, I feel relief when a woman offers to help
Alicia @Late70smodel🔁My second special show out of the day are for 3 awesome talented warm hearted people. Please subscribe to their channels and support them
My wonder woman (is to it on yt), love ya Lara😍😘
a great man and supportive friend
a generous man and helpful
Babygirl @jossynme🔁Y’all take a look at the woman I stan. Gorgeousness overload!! Melanin popping. so fine she’d make a gay niccur reconsider. Ahhh no wonder these haters stay mad pressed and obsessed. Nkem.. akwanwa do You!!!
Colby @colby_as🔁I am a fan of 3 a-listers on screen. They are spending billions on these movies, out faces up there that the audience twitter.com likes. The supporting cast f Wonder Woman was cringe inducing
LosAngle @Los_Angle🔁The ULTIMATE Wonder Woman Trivia Challenge - is.gd - twitter.com
Sickdude 💀 @TheDarkPieRises🔁 Aquaman, Wonder Woman 2, and Shazam recap from CinemaCon last night: batman-news.com
@Lil_Books @Books_Lil_Loves🔁I’m sure she could, but it’s still disturbing this man felt it was okay to step up to a woman he doesn’t even know. M twitter.com akes me wonder how he treats the women who have an intimate relationship with him.
Stemot @Stemot1978🔁But the same amount as Wonder Woman, yes? One of the trinity you refer to. The whole fucking argument is nonesense al twitter.com ong with all these bullshit stipulations to excuse Marvels films of the same thing. Tired of going through this with you. Inane.
Dora Jejey @dorajejey🔁Just to say has some words to reignite your Wednesday and remember why we do this crazy thing called theatre.

Noma, you’re a Wonder Woman. Thank you for being you and blazing that trail.

Kimberly Davis @Kimb3rlyDavis🔁How nice of you to praise Flotus. Maybe now she will voluntarily hold your hand. I doubt it though. I often wonder twitter.com how difficult it must be for you as president to NOT have a different woman in your bed each night. Pretty sure Flotus wants no part of your fat ass!
Matthew Forbes @VaughanPappy🔁@karmicangel You would also appear to be Wonder Woman!
Ti Bradshaw @TheBrushOfTi🔁Smiling eyes - this portrait shows a wealthy young woman who lived and died in Egypt c. 100 AD. I often wonder what her life was like and what she would think of our world today. From the necropolis at Hawara in the Egyptian Fayyum.
🌊🌊November2018🌊🌊 @rayraydono🔁@janelleNBC @maggieNYT They are disgusting, weak excuses for men. No wonder they can’t get a woman...
Kathy O'Neal @BungieKat🔁People wonder why I, as a Muslim Woman, don’t trust Liberals.
Watching Liberals defend homophobia lets me know that if Muslims REALLY needed help there would be none.
Minorities are tools used by Democrats but they don’t actually care about us.
Why I’m Republican.
ComicsVerse @ComicsVerse🔁Review: The Battle For The Amazons’ Souls Concludes in WONDER WOMAN #45 monkeysfightingrobots.co via @monkeys_robots
Ram Lomarda @ramlomarda🔁 And Wonder Woman with the wardrobe malfunction. Best part of #InfinityWars twitter.com
Nadia @BayraGarak🔁SImply INCREDIBLE. The real life Wonder Woman. Wow! twitter.com
Alice Parkin @aliceeparkin🔁I mean embarrassingly (with perhaps the exception of Wonder Woman) it's still probably the most interesting film set twitter.com in Ancient Greece that's ever been made...
TheFliteCast @TheFliteCast🔁Branagh did the first Thor film. I've seen what he did with the character and would have appreciated more of that. I' twitter.com ve never seen what Patty did with it and I don't want to because I want her to continue doing Wonder Woman now. Pretty simple, Stu.
Roman Fedotov @rfedotov🔁Wonder Woman actor Gal Gadot tweets praise for her new Huawei Mate 10 … from an iPhone by 9to5mac.com
AntiRacist Anglo @SirAnglo🔁Wonder Woman, if she exists, has no claim on a role. Nor must society contort itself and spend it's coin in making ar twitter.com rangements for a day that might never come.
Anderson henry erick @Andersonhenrye1🔁 I'm following you if didn t know my dear. Just wonder isn t your to brothers. You N those 2 guys really dose look si twitter.com milar of how you look. You N other 2 boys that ate with you looks so happy together. Thank you so very much for sharing with us. Your very brave woman👌🏽
Imago Medical Apps @imagoApps🔁From : As the only black female psychologist in the department of psychiatry at Northwestern University, black women often come to me in secret, feeling alone and embarrassed. They wonder why they can't just "get over" their trauma and pain.
BetaNipson @BetaNipson🔁Gee, Castro sounds just like Comey "going after" Hillary Clinton -- she's evil, but so what? I wonder if this punk's twitter.com smug arrogance comes from being so high on the SJW Victim Chart -- Muslim woman of some tannish color.
Tomisin @MsTomeeseen🔁 Wonder woman would save a Nigerian elder and he'd ask why she stopped bullets with her left hand. twitter.com
Avengearls Infinity War @BreakABone🔁DAMNIT
I saw this
And now thought it would have been amazing if continued the animated series w/ diff leads
Superman: twitter.com The Brave and the Bold
Wonder Woman: The Brave and the Bold
Have a similar recurring cast of heroes like Booster, Beetle, Arrow etc
lil spoon @charliekeans10🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be TPW Weekly 25/04/2018 - Wonder Woman Coaster POV; Fast & Furious Universal Opening &
Bryan Babb @bryanbabb316🔁@shoe0nhead I, too, have seen the trailers for Wonder Woman, Ghostbusters, Atomic Blonde, etc., etc.


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