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Elo @MusicalElo🔁 The Women's March convention headliner:
👻Imani Gandy👻 @AngryBlackLady🔁A white dude is delivering the opening speech at the first women’s convention in 40 years.

Such progress. Wow. freep.com

Sarah Lerner @SarahLerner🔁The Women's March convention headliner:
Charlotte @TheMuseCompels🔁 The Women's March convention headliner:
Tom Watson @tomwatson🔁The crowd is hushed.
The lights come down on 1st women's convention in 40 years.
And there is a 75-year-old white man twitter.com shaking his finger.
pipedownsparky @screamycovfefe🔁This is the level of respect the Women’s March convention has for women’s voices. So y’all can do it without us.
Jamie Bryant @jambie61🔁Women's Convention. Sanders Rape Essay. twitter.com
Irate Plebeian @postabsurdist🔁"Why is Bernie speaking at Women's convention? We want women!"
*says and are also speaking*
"Well not those women!"
Nancy E. Patterson @SaysEdwina🔁 change.org


Bookish 📚 @BookishOne44🔁A white dude is delivering the opening speech at the first women’s convention in 40 years.

Such progress. Wow.

Anna Kosturova @annakosturova🔁Women’s convention- let’s have the straight white old guy give the opening speech!
William Frances @arleta_james🔁@thehill Why would I want to hear a man give a headline speech at a women's convention?
cathy Rhodes @zackmomma🔁If you’re angry as I am about the Women’s Convention choosing Bernie to headline instead of any number of qualified women, read this thread.
Susan Gross @pricklyeater🔁Sorry. I'm not attending a women's convention where the opening night speaker isn't a woman. Perhaps consider these choices next time.
DMB @DebbiebB15🔁Women's Convention doesn't need Bernie Sanders an old white sexist Man to speak at opening night. He doesn't support women. Offensive.
Caz @Apt814F🔁The crowd is hushed.
The lights come down on 1st women's convention in 40 years.
And there is a 75-year-old white man shaking his finger.
Caileigh Scott ♀✊ @CaileighScott🔁The man who called Planned Parenthood “the establishment” will deliver the opening speech at the Women’s Convention. Very progressive! 🤦🏻‍♀️
Zilla @Zillablue🔁 Women's Convention @DNC. @TomPerez @womensmarch Take note. #NoBernie2020. Women don't support him. twitter.com
Just Me 🍩🖕 @SimpleWonders82🔁 Perhaps they should call it the Women's Convention on Wall Street?

#WomensConvention twitter.com

SouthernMom🙋🏼 @NCAlwaysWithHer🔁Women, femmes and allies, DON'T join them.

When you can't find ONE WOMAN to headlines a Women's convention, they a twitter.com re not our allies.

Pat Stone @PatSton58668260🔁Why is a man, any man, delivering the opening night speech at women's convention. Do you believe they would return f twitter.com avor? Why not a woman.
Bruce Godfrey @BruceGodfrey🔁2017 Women's Convention has Bernie Sanders as its keynote speaker.

At least the stripper at the 2016 LNC stage was actually a libertarian.

Silent Echo @susiebo14🔁Why is Bernie Ssnders, or any man for that matter, opening the Women's convention instead of the many qualified women in the world? Asinine. Would never attend.
Jamie Bryant @jambie61🔁Women's Convention twitter.com
WeAreFuse @WeAreFuse_🔁I respect Bernie on a lot of issues but to have a MAN who sneers at "identity politics" open a WOMEN's convention is mind boggling


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