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wizards Keeper of Porn and Sex Toys at Hogwarts @GoatMamaWizard🔁 @wizards_magic Where are the female pro tournament Spikes in this video?
Audrey @audgbecker🔁 The Harlem Wizards came to visit Henning today! @CA_Henning
wizards MidAtlantic Ortho @MAtlanticOrtho🔁 That's right. We are essentially smile wizards. #Manhattan #orthodontist #wizard
wizards Crown Wizards @crown_wizards🔁 Free Meek Mill
wizards @khosy @NomkhosyK🔁 Semi Final draw!

Cape Town Roses v Coal City Wizards

Thunderbirds v Bloemfontein Celtic

wizards Zesty TrailBlazers @z_trailblazers🔁Jusuf Nurkic Injures Ankle, X-Rays Negative blazersedge.com
wizards MTS eBooks @MysThriSusReads🔁Follow @WitchWizBooks for highly-rated eBooks in the Witches/Wizards genre on Amazon genrejungle.com
SLAM Magazine @SLAMonline🔁Bradley Beal has 34 of the Wizards’ 75 points 👀👀 (via @WashWizards)
Washington Wizards @WashWizards🔁One for the record books for 🐼.



Seth Mandel @SethAMandel🔁The federal bureaucracy is populated with antidemocratic overgrown children who were elected by no one and dress like twitter.com wizards. The “deep state” isn’t the problem. The state is.
Nace coker @NaceCoker🔁I’m uncomfortable with Wizards folks using the same Twitter account in which they promote the brand to also broadcast their personal political opinions. Not only is this unprofessional, it is unnecessary. I do not see how it serves me or the game I have loved my whole life.
roque rodriguez @Planeswalker69🔁I mean. It’s their business. They can choose what to stand for. If you don’t like it there’s the door. I’m sure you c twitter.com an find some other company that aligns more with your views.
Kork @9887776a🔁We’ve got one character who does everything wrong and yet gets all the credit for their success. He doesn’t seem to c twitter.com are and the others .. aren’t happy about it. The DM (me) is very thankful
Cardoso ✌💣 @naohanomenenhum🔁 "Hey I'm Selena Gomez from wizards of waverly place and you're watching disney channel" 😂 twitter.com
Patrick☘️ @Westside_Nose🔁I️ named 3..But @andkevin_ is also a LEGIT Wizards fan, even tho I️ don’t fuck with him until NFL season is over
Axe Bonald @CornhuskerMax🔁Sometimes you just need to violate the International Confederation of Wizards' Statute of Secrecy
Chiara Salvatore @chiarasalvatore🔁So many job ads for code ninjas, wizards, and warriors... but none for clerics.

This is why your entire startup is going to get eaten.

fullcourtpress @presspodcast🔁'Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 44 – Team Updates for 76ers Cavaliers Wizards Celtics' by Full Court Press | F twitter.com or the Intellectually Curious NBA Fan | National Basketball Association Fans
Anette Fekete @SweetAnette96🔁Selena Gomez’s ‘Wizards’ BFF Jennifer Stone Says Sel Inspired Her To Reveal Diabetes Diagnosis hollywoodlife.com via @HollywoodLife
Jalen @Dreadhead_Jay🔁 If you had to watch the redskins wizards and nats and capitals year round you would be too twitter.com
Maria Frondosa @henfrondosa🔁Day 6! Win a Foil Oath of Chandra.To Enter, & to enter.Winner will be announced the following day. Good Luck all!! Extra Entry at FB page
Lauren @mechasuit🔁Had an interview with Wizards of the Coast earlier and I feel good about it. 💪🏻
Little Shop of Magic @ShopofMagic🔁It's a good thing our Wizards built that second gondola because these brown boxes you see here are jam packed with n twitter.com ew, unpainted miniatures from . Stop by the shop and check them out today!
Matt Norman @Matnor1872🔁@djt11101980 @RedPillCentral @wizards_magic @TheQuartering All he needed I'd guess.
Rodo (Broken Brain) Hernandez @GenDovinBaan🔁When a company like Wizards uses "diversity and inclusion" as an excuse to shove Political Idoligy into the TCG and b twitter.com asically back a witch hunt as a person that's been critical of Wizards, I'll serve by speaking out.
zack absher @zackabsher🔁I loved the chapter about tools and kits and how to implement them in the game. Before it was just something your cha twitter.com racter had and then forgot about. Also name tables! As a DM that isn't good at coming up with names those tables are a god send!
Crown Wizards @crown_wizards🔁 When people make fun of your physical appearance it's almost always because of their lack of intellectual ability.
Bullets Forever @BulletsForever🔁 Bradley Beal's 51-point explosion was sensational, but it isn't his best role.


NFL World @NFLWrld🔁Bradley Beal's been great without John Wall, but they still need each other goo.gl
Action Jackson @domojackson7🔁 51!! Bradley Beal scores 51 points as the Wizards defeat the Trail Blazers, 106-92. #GatorMade
Hannah💫 @pkcloudniner🔁@Wizards_DnD bard colleges are 10/10 always, esp. college of glamour!
#WhoopThatKnight @NotZBo🔁Now attempting to work out the logistics of going to DC next week for the Grizzlies Wizards game. It's gonna be hard twitter.com to justify travelling 3 hours minimum with a shit ton of DC and Hampton Roads (and maybe Richmond) traffic on the way up.
SB Nation NBA @SBNationNBA🔁Bradley Beal's 51-point explosion was sensational, but it isn't his best role.


Kyle Vogt @kylevogt🔁In spite of the Apocalypse () coming to L.A., is on at 6PM PST today! twitch.tv twitter.com
Gail pfeiffer @pfeiffer_gail🔁The federal bureaucracy is populated with antidemocratic overgrown children who were elected by no one and dress like wizards. The “deep state” isn’t the problem. The state is.
Brandon Beal @BrandonBeal20🔁. 51 point was within the flow of the game, patient, took what D gave him,did not pound or dominate the ball, and took good rhythm shots. Truly Amazing Performance
Vinny @Sailboatstudios🔁The could use Carroll to replace Markieff. Monroe is an improvement over the aging Gortat. Evans can keep the 2nd u twitter.com nit afloat.
M.R.J. Smith @m_r_j_smith🔁@commandcast @wizards_magic @maro254 @GavinVerhey Looks like fun I’m glad I bought a box.
Dann May @gameartcreative🔁My Kickstarter Wizards Dice set finally came from ! They're so pretty! 😍 new DM dice… instagram.com
Dvo_kd @dvo_kd🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Washington Wizards vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights / Week 8 / Dec 5
Amutha Jeyarajan @AJeyarajan🔁Just come across a lovely little review of my story Sand Wizards by Elakiya at . Nice to know children appreciate my serious stories besides the funny stuff!
Wizards of the Coast @Wizards_Help🔁Depending on the account type in question we'd recommend getting in touch at or 800-324-6 wizards.custhelp.com 496, we'll verify some info twitter.com rmation and resolve whatever is causing that issue!
Jolly Ol St Nick - SoyBoy Justice Warrior @nicknprince🔁That's so 2016 twitter.com
John-Paul Stonard @johnpaulstonard🔁We're looking for an Exhibitions Assistant to join the Gallery. Learn more about the role and apply here:
ToeKnee @TonyHarlandBro🔁A wonderful world is waiting while weapons wage war we're weeping, who's winning? we wish them well while wicked wiz twitter.com ards webs were weaving. They whip us until we're weezing, our words of wisdom won't weaken.
Dungeons & Dragons @Wizards_DnD🔁Catch an all new episode of today on at 4pm PT followed by Fury's Fate at 6pm PT! twitter.com
Patrice @mikeroftholmes🔁@Wizards_DnD As a player the Rogue Inquisitive and Bard College of Swords. As a DM the crafting rules and rivals stuff.
roque rodriguez @Planeswalker69🔁@dambromarcosio @Spike_Valentine @wizards_magic “I’ve never experienced (blank) therefor it must not exist!!” Typical 🙄🙄
Incredulous @DimaagLagao🔁@toddgrunlien @BenYoungerman @PressSec @POTUS Yea, real racists have grand wizards
haley mac🍒 @bbyygmac🔁@snadams126 Wizards of waverly place movie
Seth / Galushi @GalushiTheDwarf🔁@Wizards_DnD I really enjoyed the section on designing complex traps!
Matt Norman @Matnor1872🔁@wizards_magic So when are you going to address your card quality
Mythic Outpost @MythicOutpost🔁Day 6! Win a Foil Oath of Chandra.To Enter, & to enter.Winner will be announced the following day. Good Luck all!! twitter.com Extra Entry at FB page
Lizzie@終わらない仕事 @maoulizbeth🔁drakengard 1 chugs because...it just does lol. yeah you get about 20 at a time but the non active soldiers dont chug twitter.com it like the wizards do lol
roque rodriguez @Planeswalker69🔁Answer the question tho. What are your positive contributions? How have you helped ? twitter.com
OneAlliancemedia @1AllianceMedia🔁We've pulled the builds just now to update wizards and servers to many people cashing in on our work

Wont be for mu twitter.com ch longer we are working on tighter security and new wizard as we speak

Wizards of the Coast @Wizards_Help🔁Absolutely! If the missing player is ok with the game going on without them for a week then it'll just be up to the twitter.com DM to do some on-the-fly balancing!
NBA Beazt @nbabeazt🔁Bradley Beal scores a career high 51 points to lead the Wizards to a win against the Trailblazers (106-92) twitter.com
Christian Flach @ChristianMFlach🔁Now also available on web: ! Really looking tom95.itch.io forward to getting that big guy spICEd up for our first update after voting ends!
roque rodriguez @Planeswalker69🔁You can make that choice when you run YOUR OWN company. In the mean time, it would serve you well to let other people twitter.com (and companies) to have their list of priorities.
24 Celebrity News @kajla4456🔁Selena Gomez’s ‘Wizards’ BFF Jennifer Stone Says Selena Inspired Her to Reveal youtu.be via @YouTube
Sancocho Panza @joenuh24🔁@GhanaNYC And for the few that were, how many were picked by the Wizards? Hmm
Johnny Lovely💰 @Johnny_Brav00🔁Yes sir Wizards all day 💯? twitter.com ?
Rusty James Stevens @rustoleum22🔁While you were sleeping, Bradley Beal went off for 51 to lift the Wizards to a big win on the road over Portland
anna @annahealy19🔁Reminder that JK Rowling a grown woman multi millionaire blocked me for calling her made up character in a book about wizards a specky cunt
Richard Kivett @TheRealRedDolph🔁 I am trying to log on my Planeswalker Point page but can't remember my password. I tried to have the email sent to twitter.com reset password but have not received an email about this. I fear that you may have an old email address on file. I can't send an email to this problem
Justin @justintricate🔁 hi wotc-- I am resetting my modo password, but do not have access to the email address it's under any more (it was m twitter.com y college email.) I tried calling, but it's apparently closed at 1:40central? any help to remedy this?
KO_Naylor! @DerrickThePlan🔁People forget we basically didn't have IT for that entire series. His hip was destroyed after game 7 against the wiza twitter.com rds. So don't be too proud of that victory.
Keeper of Porn and Sex Toys at Hogwarts @GoatMamaWizard🔁@TheCarlReed @wizards_magic can't tell if sarcastic or serious
Darin @Zasstryn🔁@Wizards_DnD New sub classes, spells, and the background tables
M4JOR Sports @THE_M4JOR🔁Best NBA OVER bets:

1. Suns 16-10
2. Warriors 14-10-1
3. Kings 13-10
4. Cavaliers 13-10-1
5. Bucks 12-10
6. Hawks 12-10-1

Best NBA UNDER bets:

1. Trail Blazers 17-7
2. Wizards 16-8
3. Grizzlies 15-7-1
4. Thunder 15-8
5. Heat 14-8-1
6. Spurs 15-9
7. Bulls 13-9

Nxnooooooooooooooooo @nxnooooo🔁"Hey I'm Selena Gomez from wizards of waverly place and you're watching disney channel" 😂 twitter.com
Sarai Daniela🖤🖤 @analco_sarai🔁Magical merch for all wizards, witches, and muggles! Shop 30% off Harry Potter online + visit us in stores to shop buy two get one free.
Foster @Kryska_117🔁The extra options for your characters backstory, like secrets and superstitions. I think that makes it even more in-d twitter.com epth. Just wish we could have a character sheet that supports the new Xanathar stuff
Nicole Hunsicker @Nicken_Chicken🔁Good. You guys already tend to push yourselves to the limits on a regular basis to put out so much amazing cont twitter.com ent. It would kill me to see someone even just sick from your dedication to the show/streaming in these hellish conditions <3 have a great session :] 👍🏻
YNX212 @YNX212🔁Great article to read about Foundation Co-Chair !

The Hand of Fate @HandOfFateGames🔁@Wizards_DnD The spells! We even made some free maps for temple of the gods, Druid grove, and mighty foretress.
Marti @PERRIEVS🔁 “Childhood tv show?
-I love “Wizards of Waverly Place””


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