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Wizards MTG and Chill @mtgchill🔁 RT MagicOnline: Team Draft Super League is LIVE!
Click here to watch the semifinals --> …
Dungeons & Dragons @Wizards_DnD🔁Regardless of what you might have heard, we're not casting a big fancy ritual during the eclipse. Nope. Not at all. D on't look over here.
Will Poulter @PoulterWill🔁Bit of a generalisation to make, but I imagine all the kids in Slytherin who didn't graduate as Witches or Wizards became estate agents 🐍
Wizards Magic: The Gathering @wizards_magic🔁US Magic players, remain calm. There's only one sun in the sky today. We're good. #SolarEclipse2017
Mark @MarcoThird🔁 Twitter when Kyrie and Boston can't get out the 2nd round cuz of the Wizards >>>>>>
Brady Klahn @bradyklahn🔁Both teams are going to end up being terrible and he Wizards are going to win the East
Jessie @2_Js_🔁 Kyrie & Gordon goin be goin off... JUST to lose in the 2nd round to the Wizards
Carl Vargas @CarlVargas8🔁Wizards are gonna pull up to Christmas rematch game heated as hell and Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving gonna be like "wat we do"
roleplay @kaseyjones800🔁Biggest winner in the Celtics/Cavs trade? The . Both teams start from scratch chemistry-wise. Wizards core only getting better.
Trevis Waters @MrFantasyGuru🔁UPDATED ODDS
To Win Eastern Conference
Kourtney Young @kourtneyyoung🔁@macwfnz The wizards are going to beat them both!
MELO WITH THE HOODIE @NewJetJoe_12🔁 gotta tweet a pic of jordan on the wizards now
Mike Miller @MikeMil84124709🔁@SoxEnthusiast16 @LankyBranddon @BR_NBA What about the wizards even Cleveland struggled with them plus kyrie can't stop wall
Nature bwoi @uknowjordan🔁Imagine thinking that Kyrie taking that PAL lineup past John Wall and the Wizards.
Slice Penala @SlicePenala🔁"Who's the winner in this deal? The Washington Wizards."

Hold on. Hold on. Hear out on the Kyrie trade.

Steve Boynton @SteveBoyntonVT🔁Wizards
Ben Suarez @bensauce23🔁Wizards and cavs I know....
. @CurseofDC🔁Celtics really traded Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder & BKN #1 pick in draft just for Kyrie I love this as a Wizards fan.
ScorpNov @mrs_scorpiot🔁@RealSkipBayless Celtics will be 4th place behind Cavs, Tims, and Wizards
Trev T @MaesterTrev🔁Wizards you bum
Peyton Finch#⃣1⃣1⃣ @ItsMeWesP_11🔁@TylerIAm Celtics got worse and now Cavs just gotta beat the Wizards
Dungeons & Dragons @Wizards_DnD🔁 Fury's Reach is back in the jungles of Chult again in one hour at 7pm PT
︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤── ---- @OhThatMarco🔁Wizards better
King Leone @Mink_Jenkins🔁@Smoqi_Robinson Let's go wizards smh
Josh Adkins @editornot🔁@JPFinlayCSN No. I feel Raptors/Bucks/Heat/Hornets/Wizards all going for 3rd.
John Hagerty @johnswaggerty🔁I say this as a totally objective NBA analyst and non-homer, but it seems like the Wizards come out as the winners i n this trade
De'Jour Thomas | 🌬 @OfficialDeJour🔁Oh yeah the east is lit!…… but the Wizards still don't have a bench 😔
Klerky @KlerkyTTV🔁I had to do that a few months ago. Afterwards I created a flash drive containing the install wizards for everything o n my computer.
Exotic Blitz @RunJoe77🔁@granthpaulsen Don't be surprised if the Wizards make it to the NBA Finals!!! This move changes a lot of things!
MICHAEL @MikeOfDoom🔁Wizards just sunk lower with this trade
Jason Botelho @Jason_Botelho🔁@Wipps I sadly cannot make it on Saturday night to preview the Celtics/Wizards Eastern Conf Semfinal matchup.
stroka @stroka_andrew🔁Everyone needs to stop talking about this Kyrie and Isaiah Thomas trade, the Wizards still got the best PG in the East.
Gabe @LightSkinLeroy4🔁What elite defenders do the cavs have? Or Toronto? Or wizards?
BabsyBabolet @BabsyBabolet🔁ALDUB Puzzle wizards.. Game na!
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cardo @_cardo17🔁 😂 u sound silly bra Wizards ant rey do nun this year😂 😂
Travis Coffey @Travis_Coffey🔁"The Wizards have no shot because John Wall did the Dougie in 2010."--Cowherd, probably.
eyvuh @_avaparker🔁Actually! After conferencing with my personal basketball connoisseur, I've decided my home team of the Wizards might be a better fit. Thx!
Clem🛫 @_clemonade🔁@MitchelIl @cavs T wolves and wizards still a threat tho 👀
Steve Renner @steve_renner🔁Wizards in 5
⛳️ 🏌🏽 @SL_Cricket_Fan🔁Kyrie traded for IT, but the best PG in the East still plays for the @WashWizards #DC #Cavs #Celtics #Wizards
Exotic Blitz @RunJoe77🔁@longveezy @RealSkipBayless The Cavs won't make it past the Wizards in the playoffs. Thomas doesn't want to be in Cleveland.
#HustleU 😎 @kenn_PHE🔁@AyoooNick Cleveland Toronto Wizards fuck arine and the bucks will get a dub on them
Parker @SoxEnthusiast16🔁@MikeMil84124709 @LankyBranddon @BR_NBA Ok and we beat wizards last year ur point?
damion_TRE'VON @datkid_damion🔁Wizards beating celts in the playoffs this year hate to say it cause Gabe a fan
J.J. @CarbonPrimo🔁Wizards Starting 5

PG- John Wall
SG- Bradley Beal
SF- Otto Porter
PF- Markieff Morris
C- Marcin Gortat

Yea we good.

Ced💰 @Gloupced🔁@IMDG_JAKE Jacob stop you tweaking 😂 bucks too young and wizards can't beat the Celtics and raptors are pure ass 😂
E-House @ecasa_24🔁@TheeDWade I mean yea but I was more referring to the PG battle between the two. Wizards gonna be mediocre since no major offseason moves
Dre Smith Jr. @DreSmithJr🔁gotta tweet a pic of jordan on the wizards now


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