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Popular tweets tagged with Witten:
Jillian @Jillian_Witten🔁 me trying to escape despacito throughout the entire summer
WittenWittenWitten Jillian @Jillian_Witten🔁 This is twitter....
Witten Adam Bertucci @AdamJBertucci🔁@BarstoolBigCat how pissed am I allowed to be that the Jason Witten "fumble" on the lateral me to lose in fantasy.
WittenWitten Pimp Daddy Ram @N0TRamsey🔁When you lose on the last play of the game cuz they want to charge Jason witten with a fumble on a lateral play.
Witten Mexiquan @Mexiquan🔁Guy busted through #tsa checkpoint @DallasLoveField @dallascowboys #witten shirt, caught.
Witten NFL @NFL🔁START: Charles Clay
SIT: Jason Witten

Week 5 Start 'Em/Sit 'Em (Tight Ends):

Green Bay Packers @packers🔁Kentrell Brice breaks up the pass for Witten and the Cowboys will send out their field-goal unit! #GBvsDAL #GoPackGo
Tony X. @soIoucity🔁you knew that lateral situation was over soon as they threw it to -50 speed witten
Drew Becker @DrewBecker24🔁 Witten is always super reliable, i will be shedding tears when he retires some day.
Ezzelino da Romano @7thcirclering1🔁 Jason Witten's YAC is just how far he goes when he falls over
Frontline Fantasy FB @FrontlineFF🔁It looks like each player was credited with the yards they gained during the play. Jason Witten was credited with the fumble.
Ramon @ratedR89🔁 Please stop leaving the middle of the field open for Witten.
Mike_in_Vegas_ @Mike_in_Vegas_🔁@GetYourShyneBox I will also send you a Jason Witten jersey though. I mean I'm not an animal.
A @CirAndrew🔁@DeAngeloRB Tell guys like Gore, Witten, Brady that...surely not your lack of skill right?
Craig C @CulbySay🔁Not sure what they have Terrance Williams making a 7 yrd turnaround route covered by a linebacker. That's a route f or Jason Witten.
JRvW @jrvan07🔁@ZachAJacobson Zone on Witten, watching his slow ass catch the ball standing still and then being tackled is infuriating tho. Just play man!
robert landsbach @landsbach🔁@MatthewBerryTMR fanatasy question Jason Witten lose a fumble today ?
Adam @i_am_adamn🔁 Witten has the agility of a vending machine, but dude stays open
Angle4u999 @Angle4U999🔁So far blaming Garrett for Rodgers w/ too much time, Jerry for sun getting in Witten's eyes thru windows. Marinelli can't beat the Packers!
⚜️Ivan West⚜️ @cisivanwest🔁 No se a WITTEN
Lee Harvey @MusikFan4Life🔁Jason Witten : 8 catches for 61 yards
Dez Bryant : 5 catches, 52 yards & 1 TD on 8 targets
Brice Butler : 2 catches for 57 yards
Jason Donnelly @JCDJR2601🔁When you lose on the last play of the game cuz they want to charge Jason witten with a fumble on a lateral play.
Tortured Cowboys fan @TheGrain82🔁@robphillips3 how do they feel about Witten getting tackled on consecutive plays in that playoff game?
Neither was called.
Jimmy Riccardi @JimmyRiccardi🔁Awesome. Witten getting charged with a fumble on lateral play just cost me my fantasy game. Good time. Once again: is fantasy football fun?
Jorden Howard @skaterFORever11🔁@dallassportzone @SportsCenter Switz, cole and witten could be great on 3rd down
Good Guy @Basktballgenius🔁God, Faith, Family and Community
Nominated for the Jason Witten College Man of the Year Award yesterday! Proud of you son.
James Watson @LmDuppins🔁 Receptions through 66 career games:

Graham: 333
Gronkowski: 313
Gates: 305
Ertz: 279
Gonzalez: 273
Witten: 266

Pal @unsuiii🔁@ShannonSharpe Witten better
Kassem Rizk @Krizk3🔁@kjboussy_21 I'd do anything for a tight end other than Ebron zbaili. I'll take witten at 46 over him.
Lynn Koenen @cckoonie🔁@DailyNorseman I've seen people with a walker move faster than witten. Still gets open somehow.
SUICIDAL DALLAS FAN @EVERYTHING1TAY🔁 I honestly don’t understand how defenses leave Witten wide open all the dam time 😂😂😂
Deplorable Chance @Champceb🔁@FanDuel if Jason witten fumbled it wasn't a lost fumble bc Travis Fredrick recovered and advanced the ball then fumbled himself !?
Joey James @jamesjoeyjames🔁Hey not trying to tell you how to do your job, but you should take 2 points away from Witten on that last play. Just saying @ESPNFantasy
Orbit Storm @iOrbitStorm🔁He literally threw the same curl route to Witten for most of the game. It’s why a similar pattern by Williams was ju mped for that INT. 🚮
Ernest Wilkins 🇺🇸 @ErnestWilkins🔁I don’t care if it’s a zombie Nazi Bull Connor, I’m voting for whoever will ban that horrible Jason Witten Geico commercial forever.
Tyler Brissey @StateofMiami89🔁@MatthewBerryTMR thoughts on Witten being charged with the fumble?
Troy Jones @bigboi0200🔁That Jason Witten commercial is so weird. Buy insurance cause dude can run through bags in a t shirt?
wd ka @wdkahlig🔁Fuck it that's it I'm buying that jason witten geico song
Vinnychestnut @Vinny_ferrara_🔁That Jason Witten commercial is so fucking cringeworthy
Juliet Rodriguez @julietttaaaaa🔁 Jason Witten is the Tim Duncan of the cowboys
Joshuaaaa Ryannn💋 @Joshua_RD14🔁In 2016 Garrett had a 🔥🔥 O-line, Bryant, Beasely, Williams, Witten, Dak, & Zeke but still lost to GB in the playoffs.. Defense still sucked.
NEERAJ SAINI @neerajsainiMD🔁@MatthewBerryTMR ESPN scoring shows one fumble to Jason Witten on the last play. ESPN should also add the yards at which he fumbled.
Joseph Tuttle @tuttleshak🔁 Witten given a (-2) for a lost fumble on that last play of the game @FanDuel is totally retarded! #FantasyFootball
Luke Eckert @LEckert2🔁We need to trade Witten to the Patriots. Coffee Black his ass, he deserves a ring.
Jim Wright @TruthSeeker559🔁It’s the weak we scored 31 points. We have a high school secondary
Ron @Jumpmanronnie21🔁@ochoa__06 @Danny_Boyy22 Man we dont have time, witten getting old and dez is falling out of his prime
B. Descott @MzNurseBee14🔁@Newt980 Fuck all of them except Dak, Bease, Witten, and Zeke(today)
Joshuaaaa Ryannn💋 @Joshua_RD14🔁In 2014 Garrett had a kick ass O-line, Witten, Bryant, Beasley, Williams, Romo, & Murray but lost to GB in playoffs.. The defense sucked tho
tommy nguyen @toommyboi🔁Bro that's it, Cowboys need to only run or pass the ball to Dez or Witten in the 4th quarter
Jeff W. @TheJeffW🔁@DougieeFresh25 I thought was Witten when it first happened. Honest truth.
CT C @CTontheranch🔁@BryanBroaddus Witten is slow of the ball and can't get to blocks, how much longer can he play
Vince Lewellen @Zip_Em_Up🔁@IanKenyonNFL Witten threw an illegal forward pass. Game was already over
Michael Nitz @mknitz87🔁Lol, Witten got -2 for that lost lateral at the end. Thankfully I had already lost my game.
Jose Hernandez @CoachJoseNG🔁Just think Witten dropped pass and TWill miss that gave a TD up, took more points away from us. Still not enough with this D
DFS_BEAR @DFS_BEAR🔁Jason Witten got credited a fumble for that last play are you joking...
Jeramie Wilburn @Bulldawg_84🔁@gmfb !!!Aaron"Tank"Jones!!WOW I was losing then he took me right to the top and a little help from witten and bryant!!#championship
Brad Wingo @ChiefVolFan20🔁 Fuck, they charged Witten with a fumble. That's a shot in the foot for my fantasy team.
Smokey #HireChip @VFLSmokey🔁Fuck, they charged Witten with a fumble. That's a shot in the foot for my fantasy team.
nick @NickPalma13🔁 you knew that lateral situation was over soon as they threw it to -50 speed witten
Jillian @Jillian_Witten🔁I have never seen a more suspicious looking owl. One cannot imagine what nefarious deeds he's about to commit
cowboyStar4ever @mikeejohnson45🔁@nickeatman Why hell they resign TWill hes awful...and witten need retire we need athletic TE hes a slow statue out there
RobertJacobD @robbjd02🔁 Jason witten is the only NFL player who collects Social Security before he has retired. Fucker older than me.
Bryce Bean @Bryce_Bean🔁Dak/Zeke/Witten/Beasley/Dez all deserve better
THE_TUGFROMCANTON @Tugfrom1059🔁@jtz0316 Sorry man. Just got back on Twitter. I would have played Witten. Idk how they both turned out
Tom Gower @ThomasGower🔁Oh, hmm, check that then. Play was a pass, so people before the first fumble get receiving yards. Witten, Perry, Fred erick get fumbles.
Jeramie Wilburn @Bulldawg_84🔁@MatthewBerryTMR !!!Aaron Jones!!I was losing then he took me right to the top and a little help from witten and bryant!!#championship
Your Highness @DruTheBlackGuy🔁@ESPNFantasy hey you better score the last play Dallas Green Bay givin Witten the fumble not the yards smh
Kyle, Badgers Fan @kyleinmke🔁i wonder if there are any fantasy games that are flipped on the fumble that jason witten was credited with on that final play
τ ε λ ε ι ω ο ι ς @the_REALization🔁 Jason Witten's juke move is just standing still and hoping guys miss.
Patrick Gathron @PatrickGathron🔁Cowboys overusing Elliott, depending too much on a 35 year old Jason Witten and a raggedy defense. I smell 8-8
A. Daniel Coto @Acotoz🔁that lateral foolishness at the end of the game cost me 2 points, Witten fumbled?? #DALvsGB
Tom Riddle @brennen_baker🔁They gave Witten a fumble lost on that last play.....come on
fernando @thechosenfern🔁Jason Witten deserves a super bowl ring
Nick Daniels @NickDaniels91🔁Somebody needs to tell Jason Witten to stop celebrating touchdowns that give Aaron Rodgers the ball back with over a minute left.
Jillian @Jillian_Witten🔁She is clearly very uncomfortable
Jimmy Alonzo @JAlonz0🔁Could’ve scored if we didn’t throw it to Witten @dallascowboys @JasonWitten
Nut$a¢k @Austin_Strassy🔁Why would you have witten on the field in a lateral situation
Will Eckhart @willeckhart🔁Thank God espn fixed their stats and docked witten 2 points for that last fumble
Mandye Cook @mandye_cook🔁It’s a damn good thing Jason Witten isn’t out qb, LOL
ismåel @Villa_808🔁 Witten for QB
Creator 🦇 @artbyhype🔁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 jason witten cant throw4 sh it 😂😂😂
Clay @MenteClay🔁 slow ass Witten fucked up the trick play l
Smokey #HireChip @VFLSmokey🔁I'm not a football expert, but I wouldn't have had Jason Witten in on that play. I would have put Ryan Switzer in and just gone w/o a TE.
fr👁️nk @realfrankbrank🔁Who wins in a race.. Witten or Pujols?
Bryan J Ngati @BryanNgati🔁 Witten is 🐐
Bryan J Ngati @BryanNgati🔁 Some day the Packers will learn to cover Jason Witten. By then, he will have retired.


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