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Witten jacob hale❄️ @jacobhale_🔁I need a TD to witten 😭😭 this is so close
Brice Butler @Brice_Butler🔁Witten’s knee isn’t down where the announcers are saying It is... his knee isn’t hitting the ground it’s on top of 42’s arm
Nick Eatman @nickeatman🔁Witten is still asking the refs why there was no call on the hit to Dak's helmet? #cowboyswire
New England Patriots @Patriots🔁. joins Tony Gonzalez & Jason Witten as the only tight ends in NFL history with four 1,000-yard receiving seasons. twitter.com
Brett @ASUboy19🔁. joins Tony Gonzalez & Jason Witten as the only tight ends in NFL history with four 1,000-yard receiving seasons.
. @Offparoletx🔁Jason Witten doesn't want it to go to overtime because he's got a big all-staff meeting at the Service King he manages in Flower Mound in the morning.
Sean D&S Sports @SeanPlichta🔁@dmcreek These are the refs that initially thought Witten got the first down which clearly he didn’t in live action so...
Sleepy Floyd @zaccrain🔁Jason Witten doesn't want it to go to overtime because he's got a big all-staff meeting at the Service King he manage twitter.com s in Flower Mound in the morning.
P.M. Hart @pmh9946🔁@TheFakeESPN After they tried to give Witten 3 more yards than he actually got.
Glenda Kaye @P0kerPsych🔁 1st down high throw
2nd down inside zone run (!!)
3rd down Witten short of the sticks
★ Daily ✈️ Planet ★ @9JEDweCAN🔁 3rd and 10
Thrown to Witten who gets close to the 1st down
HULK HOGGIN @FlyLynofCoke🔁Throwing to Dallas future HOFer TE Jason Witten on a crucial 3rd down is ALWAYS a good idea.
Mike @NoleFan06🔁I was down by 1 going into tonight's game and had Witten and Morris to play; he had Sean Lee. I'm still down by 1. L twitter.com uckily I have Jameis tomorrow night.
Eric @SchnixB04🔁@annkillion Also, Witten gets consistently better spots from the refs than any player I’ve ever watched. #thefix
Mike DeSorbo @mike47725919🔁You could clearly tell by the yellow line on the field for us viewers that Witten was short of it, give me a break @NFL
Dean Rasheed @DeanS_B🔁He definitely did and got an ass slap from Witten after he gave the first down. twitter.com
Mark Salomon @thetwilightsown🔁@Chad_Earl @SNFonNBC @ZCoia Then force a challenge like they did to the #RAIDERS on the obvious non-TD with witten
no one @Coal_Signs🔁End of 3, Let’s Finish This ✭

17 10

•Prescott: 13-21, 130 Yds. 1 Rush TD. 2 INT’s.
•Morris: 11 Car. 54 Yds.
•Witten: 3 Rec. 38 Yds.

Lil Ugly Dude @prthegreat609🔁And Witten slapped the ref on the ass after he called 1st down lmao unbelievable
Brigg Bates @briggbates🔁why didn’t we throw to witten on the play action rollout
Ryan Daniels @RyanDaniels95🔁This is the play right after Oakland had to challenge a spot because Witten was clearly a yard short of the first, not sketch
5-9 @2018finnasuck🔁The cowboys need to go the falcons route with Julio and go get a stud wr..it'll help prolong dez's career..and it's t twitter.com ime to move on from Jason Witten reliable is nice but Dak needs playmakers
Jmuoio88 @jmuoio88🔁Hand the ball off to Jason Witten..he’ll get in
Mark LeNoir @MarkLeNoir79🔁@JMac_1776 yeah after he gave witten whole yard on the spot
#GoPackGo 😴hibernating😴 (7-7) @Ray72law🔁It's more like
Dak = Overrated but still better than most
Zeke = Above average RB
Dez = Overrated af
Witten = Reliabl twitter.com e TE
Just an opinion though lol no need to roast me.
Steven Van Over @StevenVanOver🔁Solid call overturning Witten 1st down by refs ... now if they can just figure out what a catch is ... #NFL #DALvsOAK
Ashley Panteah @1stnameashley🔁 Witten is The Man. #CowboysNation ✭
Ricky @rickyabbott18🔁Jerry Jones, throw away all our wide receivers, except witten. And sign OBJ and Josh Gordon please
RAIDER JESSY @RAIDERJESSY🔁Even the placement of the ball was shit. Witten’s thigh was down way before his damn knee!
Jolly Vegeta ✭ 7-6 @ASteezin🔁Witten
Hoodiez @Hoodiez26🔁@M4nnyFr3sh_ Same reason they gave Witten damn near a whole extra yard on that last play before Oakland challenged it
Matt Williamson @Mwilliamson46🔁@CowboysNation Witten butt Tap lol
BigBossReezie @WhoBeenDrinkin🔁Jason Witten be targeted like 15 times tho
SM4RTS @MLGSmarts🔁@ViBeEzCoD Blind for calling witten down a full yard ahead of where he was.
Anthony Foster @AntFosterTom🔁A lil geometry in the Dallas and Raiders games lol. Jason Witten told the ref to hold the first down marker at a 90 d twitter.com egree angle to check for the first...... First down! The refs have sum tough calls to make.
Ryan Secoy @RyanAlanSecoy🔁Ole wiley vet Jason Witten gonna get this tuddy!!!
Garvin @taylorgarvin2🔁Literally Witten is me twitter.com
George Martin @Traneofthought_🔁Again, Karl Joseph was the one who blew it this drive. If the guy can’t run with Witten, who can he run with?
Rich Hopkins @RichHopkins🔁That Witten catch gives me a victory straight up this week in - though I had already qualified for the championship twitter.com round that adds up the NEXT two weeks. But that index card 1st down was baloney.
♎️montrel.deshaun.young @TRizld10🔁 Witten with some Yac
Austin Caffey @ACmeRollin🔁@ehlermade @zg5 Gene knew Witten was about to end his life if he screwed us over with a call for a second time in 3 years..
Javier Gonzalez @The6th_Espada50🔁The ref called that a first because Witten looked like he was gonna give the refs those hands!!!! #DallasCowboys #DALvsOAK
HO-HO W-HO-LESOME 🎅🏾🎄 @suttonimpaQt🔁I think Kevin Dyson was as close to scoring that TD in superbowl 34 as Jason Witten was to getting that 1st down #DALvsOAK
han @hannahkrams🔁idk who i love more Dez, Dak, or Witten
Jemma 🤘 @jems_tx🔁Seeing Jason Witten get mad at a referee was the hottesr thing I've seen in a while 😍
Joe Malfa @MalfaJ98🔁On that Jason Witten catch, I took a 99.5-98.6 lead in the semi-final of one of my fantasy leagues (no loss of points twitter.com for fumbles, so I’m safe). Sorry , heck of a battle.

The win puts me in 3 championships next week 💍💍💍

Darren Leurer @fbiagent4hire🔁@BigReginaRick I'm not sure what's going on to be honest. First the forward spot on Witten and then this 😒
George Martin @Traneofthought_🔁The play was made by Witten beating Joseph. Bad coverage, even worse tackling.
AJ Harris @AJTheManChild🔁Dude, Dez is a 4.7 40 guy now AT BEST. The Giants’ practice squad DB was locking him up last week. The slowest skill twitter.com player on offense is Witten. Dez is the slowest WR.
SeattlePatsFan @SeattlePatsFan🔁Gronkoswki joins Tony Gonzalez & Jason Witten as the only tight ends in NFL history with four 1,000-yard receiving seasons.

Raven 🎄🤪💖 @raven_charmcity🔁 Witten!!! #DALvsOAK
jason hodges @JasonChanning🔁 Did Witten get the first?


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