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#WingsUp Khristopher @EAKhris🔁 LET'S GO!!!!! #WINGSUP 🦅🦅🦅🦅
#WingsUp Roderick Franklin Sr @Rodfranklinsr🔁 This is a GOOD looking group!



#WingsUp#WingsUp#WingsUp#WingsUp Matt Dexter @MattDexter5🔁 The home of @TTUSoccer #WingsUp 💜💛
Kris Collett @khcollett42🔁Me walking into work this morning with my Tech shirt on. #WingsUp
OhioValleyConference @OVCSports🔁No OVC baseball team had ever advanced to the Super Regionals ... UNTIL NOW!

Congrats on beating Ole Miss to advan twitter.com ce to play Texas this weekend.

David Hess @hess_express28🔁Program and conference records being shattered this year for and ! So proud of all these guys and their work so far twitter.com this year and leading the charge, keep rolling fellas!
Tennessee Tech @tennesseetech🔁Only the best from @TNTech_Baseball!
💯⚾️ #wingsup #WeAreTNTech twitter.com
Shawn Sickler @SicklerShawn_ES🔁#WingsUp A great day to be a Tech alum - that’s Tennessee Tech NOT Texas Tech #NoBueno @espn twitter.com
Michelle Price @tn_price🔁2 of 2 best coaching in college baseball, family atmosphere, commitment to team goals but most importantly genuine love for one another by all team members. I am so proud of every member of this team and blessed to be a part of it! from the bottom of my heart

William Tollett @BTollett1🔁Welcome the winners home tomorrow! Fans, join us at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the Tech baseball field. Team expected to arrive about 4. Park in the new lot behind Tech Village.
emily @_emilybrooks🔁No OVC baseball team had ever advanced to the Super Regionals ... UNTIL NOW!

Congrats on beating Ole Miss to advance to play Texas this weekend.

Notable Handy Jar @JonEBradley🔁I do not care one bit about Baseball, but let’s go Tennessee Tech! #techyeah #wingsup twitter.com
Shawn Sickler @SicklerShawn_ES🔁The good news is College Football is 88 days away #WingsUp :-) twitter.com
Anacia @_AWXXIV🔁Everything about the
program is 1st class from players to coaches. And it all starts at the top. Can’t tell you how happy I am for & this Tech team!!!
Jeannie Smith @mrs_smith251🔁⚾️Welcome TTU Baseball⚾️
Let’s show them how proud Cookeville is of their success!
Welcome the winners home tomorrow! Fans, join us at 3:30pm on Tuesday at the Tech baseball field. Team expected to arrive about 4. Park in the new lot behind Tech Village.
Brian Rohr @brianrohr🔁WATCH 👀 Post-game press conference following Tech's 2-3 win over Ole Miss with head Coach , junior (OF/RHP), and seniors (1B) & (3B):
Matt Dexter @MattDexter5🔁While is highlighting us on I feel like it might be a good time to highlight our Athletics Facilities
gruss75 @gruss75🔁Congrats !! 4 games in 2 days? No problem!! Supers here we come!!
Milford Schools @Milford_Schools🔁Milford Lady Eagles Youth Basketball Camp June 11th, 12th, and 13th! This camp is for those girls entering grades 2-8. Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

Milford Schools @Milford_Schools🔁T/F: Congrats to Armstrong, Craycraft, Dickerson, Fernandez, Hughes and Miller recognized All-ECC in track and field! 🦅
Milford Schools @Milford_Schools🔁Milford High School Department Of Athletics And OHSAA Honor Outstanding Seniors From Class Of 2018! 🦅
Ryan Moore @_RyanDMoore🔁FINAL | defeats 2-1 to advance to the Oxford Regional Chanpionship for a rematch against

BRILLIANT effort from who goes COMPLETE GAME!

Tech the 1st team in history to reach 50 wins!

william chatmon @WillChatmon🔁I bought tickets for Darius Rucker St. Jude’s fundraiser weeks ago. I spent the whole night in the lobby watching TTU Baseball on my phone!! Super Regional here we come! Congrats ! !
Kor-Yay Tray-Jo™ @krt60🔁Congratulations to & for taking home All-Regional Honors!

BIG shout out to Chase Chambers for being named the Regional Most Outstanding Player!

emily @_emilybrooks🔁Tech just smacked one of the nation's top baseball teams in Ole Miss around for 9 innings. Keep on the gas fellas! 🤙🏻
Shannon Byrum Sears @sbsears65🔁😡 no respect or education on Do your homework baseball announcers! We are Tennessee Tech!
Evan Morgeson @EvanMorgeson🔁One of my favorite thing from coming from is unlike being in the SEC or any other conference is that when a school s twitter.com tarts making a run through the NCAA tourney every school/athlete in this conference gets behind that school instead of trash talking them.
Garen Eggleston @garen_garen🔁Think the national media will take notice of baseball now? Just beat the #4 ranked Ole Miss twice in one day. Texas is next.
Great year for these young men. Keep kicking their teeth in boys!
Phil Kaplan @philkaplan🔁. beats to advance to the Super Regional via tennessean.com
Ben Downs @BenDownsACMAVS🔁Come and help us welcome the Tennessee Tech Baseball team home tomorrow! We'll gather at 3:30 p.m. at the Tech baseball field. The team is expected to arrive about 4.
Mike Organ @MikeOrganWriter🔁.@TNTech_Baseball beats @OleMissBSB to advance to the @NCAACWS Super Regional tennessean.com via @tennessean #WingsUp
Bill Powers, Ed.D. @DrPowersKHS🔁Proud alum! is headed to the and the continues!
Andre Porter @andre_porter🔁 Only the best from @TNTech_Baseball!
💯⚾️ #wingsup #WeAreTNTech twitter.com


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