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Will Smith Butterflies WG Inc. @ButterfliesWG🔁 Will Smith releases live video of his new single 'Get Lit' with DJ Jazzy Jeff:
Will Smith Dream&Create 🔵 @L1LBANG🔁Will Smith shares your first look at the "Aladdin" cast together
Will Smith 1 NEWS BLK @channel1blk🔁blackvoices: Will Smith shares your first look at the "Aladdin" cast together
Will Smith az-emarketing @azemarketing🔁Will Smith Just Shared The First Cast Photo Of "Aladdin" And I'm Not Crying, You're Crying
Will Smith 미카엘 @Michael_kr1🔁 ICYMI: New Details on Live-action #Aladdin Have Been Revealed!
Will SmithWill Smith ∧∩∩∧🌈 @annaabuzan🔁 omg.. Will O. Smith and Jada N. Smith
Will Smith 5th Member of Jodeci @Lex_indacut🔁 Will Smith shares your first look at the "Aladdin" cast together
Will SmithWill Smith The Meme Meister @Meme_man11🔁 Wait, Will O. Smith... Jada N. Smith.. BRAH
Disney @Disney🔁Meet the cast of : Will Smith (Genie), (Aladdin), (Jasmine), and Marwan Kenzari (Jafar)! 🎬:
IndigenousX Pty Ltd @IndigenousXLtd🔁So Dick Smith won't vote for One Nation, because he's not racist, but he will donate $2 Million to them? That makes sense.
E! News @enews🔁Will Smith just granted one of our three wishes and shared a cast photo from the set of Aladdin:
ThirtyClip 🤘🏾⛵️ @MaliiikC🔁Jaden And Willow Smith Were Named After Their Parents First Name And Middle Initial.... Will O. Smith And Jada N. Pinkett 🤷🏾‍♂️
Diana @dianatrrri🔁Did everyone's high school have a sci-fi literature class where you just watch will smith movies or just me??
Allan-Walter-Wilson @Shilowilson🔁Will Smith calls his Aladdin castmates 'new family' in candid cast pic @DailyMailCeleb
WDAS-FM @wdasfm🔁 Will Smith Releases Live Video of His New Single -->
Janine Moyse @Kernowmummy🔁 directed by Guy Ritchie & starring Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott & Marwan Kenzari. underway
Tryska & Kyari @ValkyrieSisters🔁Meet the cast of : Will Smith (Genie), (Aladdin), (Jasmine), and Marwan Kenzari (Jafar)! 🎬:
mala ramrattan @Malaishana1🔁 Will Smith is giving a first look at the cast of #Aladdin on the movie’s set!
shewaye shiferaw @shewayeshiferaw🔁We told you that by killing 7, all the 7 millions will rise. Faurevi it's time to go. wants freedom.
Manstar25 @manny_tomlinson🔁Getting Genie with it — Will Smith shares the first cast photo from the set of the live-action
Emaisarah @EmaisarahHanani🔁The cast of Aladdin live-action. Mena Massoud (Aladdin), Naomi Scott (Jasmine), Will Smith (Genie) & Marwan Kenzari (Jafar).
Slayoncé @_BHRiS🔁Why didn't anyone tell me Will Smith was playing genie?!!
Bill Reddinger @Bill_Reddinger🔁My latest on the importance of economic culture. Ropke, like Smith, thought the market had both positives&negatives.
lexx🍭 @Lexiiiiii_smith🔁 pray for the islands that will get hit before florida since y'all seem not to care unless it the US
Smith The Poet @smith_poet🔁Why name hurricanes soft names like jose? Name that shit hurricane death megatron 300 and i gurentee everyone will evacuate immediately
Hiroko Luv @HirokoLuv🔁I find it funny how some 'hip hop' fans find Will Smith shit. To me his stuff, besides being timeless, it's better than most 2016/17 shit
610 Sports Radio- KC @610SportsKC🔁Will A New Alex Smith Show Up In New England? #Chiefs
J T Paul @JTPauls🔁 It's been 10 years since Will Smith dropped new music and now he's dropped a new EDM track.
Marquita @butterfly8871🔁Will Smith just shared the first cast photo of "Aladdin" and I'm not crying, you're crying
Bruce Merrin @celebspkrs4u🔁Will Smith Posts First 'Aladdin' Cast Photo From Set via @thr Spectacular
Camilizer❤️ @Camilizers03039🔁Oh my God??? 😍 Will Smith!!!!!!! Im a stan 😍 he's gonna be the Genie!!!!!! Aladdin just got better. I love genie!!!!!
Aurora Loves Camila @CabellosEffect🔁Oh my God??? 😍 Will Smith!!!!!!! Im a stan 😍 he's gonna be the Genie!!!!!! Aladdin just got better. I love genie!!! !!
Samira Houssein @samira_hn🔁1 Legend 2 Will Smith( I am legend) 3 Tarzan 🤔 (donno why Tarzan)
Tony Brown @QuietStormHost🔁Will Smith Releases Live Video of His New Single -->
winYourSelfBack @NJoash🔁Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of...
~Will Smith

Eddie $landerdoes @RyanPrime_🔁as long as Sean Smith is logging heavy minutes at corner it will be problematic
Jennette Smith @jennette_smith🔁 Why is #HurricaneIrma so scary? This will help you understand. @TB_Times
MegaCon Tampa Bay @MegaConTampa🔁For its second year, is hosting including and and many more cool guests!

MovieGossipCafe @MovieGossipCafe🔁New post (Will Smith's Net Worth ★ Houses ★ Cars ★ Earnings ★ Mobile House ★ Wife ...) has been published on - @JustJared🔁Will Smith is giving a first look at the cast of #Aladdin on the movie’s set!
TEXAS WON'T GO BLUE @TEXASWONTGOBLUE🔁10 AM ET and still no compliance. Amy Smith, it is your turn now.

12 noon ET will be the next dox unless the offenders comply.

John Yost @angelinhostage🔁I blocked Jayden K. Smith. I will continue to be vigillent and listen to my friends. I care about the safety of my friends.
Mike Cecconi @Cecconi140🔁@sschreiber13 Watching idiots who hated Duda realize what they lost for Dom "another single" Smith will be one of the few joys for a while.
Aaron Pruner @AaronFlux🔁"Getting Genie with it" is something Variety legitimately just said in a tweet about Will Smith and . *jumps out the window*
April Smith @April_L_Smith🔁"Communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and global citizenship are skills that will help Ontario students thrive..."
antoniovasquez @chino140🔁Why Hollywood hates Will and Jada Pinkett Smith !... via @YouTube


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