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#Wikileaks Jenkers News (ENG) @jenkers_en🔁#WikiLeaks slams #CIA director for trying to 'stifle speech'
#Wikileaks#Wikileaks サイダーラジオは今日も言いたい放題 @applecider52🔁Remember My Lai Massacre!

#CSR #WGIP #WikiLeaks

#Wikileaks news_sense @owhy3🔁 #WikiLeaks 'hostile intel,' Assange & his followers 'demons' - CIA chief
#Wikileaks Global Revolution @jacobflowers🔁 Look deep my friends #syria #Afghanistan #nomorewar #peace #war #Tulsi #wikileaks #
Hobart @JesusDaniGomez🔁 BREAKING: #WikiLeaks releases 'Hive', latest in #Vault7 series
#Wikileaks Louise Mensch @LouiseMensch🔁Director Comey should make #Pompeo resign @CIA IMMEDIATELY #wikileaks ARE state actors
Louise Mensch @LouiseMensch🔁If you want the thread where we went from has Russian servers to SSL keys here it is cc
Louise Mensch @LouiseMensch🔁#Wikileaks ARE state actors and gave @hostkey their SSL keys. OSINT ftw cc @stuxnetsource redpill us if you can
FREE ASSANGE @AssangeFreedom🔁'Instead of attacking WikiLeaks, fix what it exposed' ~ US Colonel Ann Wright - Stripes #wikileaks #military
Mother Fucker Jones @Mtherfckerjones🔁MORE: launches public assault on , & during speech
Scott McCollum® @scott_mccollum🔁.@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @vp @KellyannePolls Real in Pompeo and get him off the back of #Truth #WIKILEAKS It was the DNC who leaked!
Patriot Off Da Train @jamesirving2🔁The trump admin turning on is the clearest indication they are not friends of we the people. How can trumpers suppor t this?
anne lankford hayler @annehayler🔁 unleashed a tirade against , but won’t let him forget when he & 🏛 felt differently

Billy Clark III @itsjustbclark🔁#WIKILEAKS "Hive" Aka...see my bio for future
Newsography @newsography1🔁Microsoft’s Hololens Is an Absolute Game Changer
#tech #breaking #wikileaks
Billy Clark III @itsjustbclark🔁#WIKILEAKS Hive is just releasing evidence behind "Stuxnet" 😂😂😂😂😂
Billy Clark III @itsjustbclark🔁Say what you want about They helped save America from President Hillary Clinton by revealing her true character.
Billy Clark III @itsjustbclark🔁Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to ..... NOT RUSSIA.

Seth Rich was murdered .. shot in in the back.

No robbery. Wallet intact

Billy Clark III @itsjustbclark🔁1. dropped in
2. now attacking
3. report that

Let's get crackin on #3

Hobart @JesusDaniGomez🔁 MORE: #Hive is back-end infrastructure malware w/public-facing HTTPS interface - #WikiLeaks #Vault7
Marsha @sis500🔁Don't care which party is in charge nor which country if representatives of the people did their jobs correctly wood not B needed
Plmnmo @Plmnmo🔁 leverage and advocate thru out the campaign. Win. Illegitimately. Now they 'reject' Wikileaks
Janet Siegfried @jplanetgap🔁It wasn't a coincidence that first went after Hillary the very same day Trump's Access Hollywood tape with Billy Bush went viral.

The they won't tell you... 9968768" target="_blank">

G-Money @ecorse1🔁If you want the thread where we went from has Russian servers to SSL keys here it is cc
Liberty or Death @0Libertyordeath🔁#Wikileaks: The Tunnels The U.S Bombed In #Afghanistan Were Built By The #CIA & the #NYTimes mentioned this in 2005
Holly F Resist @hollyoptix🔁 ARE state actors and gave their SSL keys. OSINT ftw cc redpill us if you can
parker_vmg3 @parker_vmg3🔁#Australia #Auspol #Tasmania #Bond007 #TasiPol Makes you feel like a #spy reading on #wikileaks
FreedomFighterReport @FFRNewsNet1🔁The latest #FFRNN #WHISTLEBLOWER JOURNAL! Thanks to @Advo_Gatinho @podobensky @klonokid #wikileaks #whistleblower
Sop Saka @khunjohnnz🔁Now Trump's CIA Dir attacks the main source of truth
Trump has gone back on all promises
but Trumpsters happy with a bomb
Patriot Off Da Train @jamesirving2🔁@Democrat_4Trump And to keep the fake trumpers narrative going they will soon turn on #Wikileaks like the Trump administration has. So sad
Deplorable A.B. @In66gal🔁I trust and 100X more than the CIA! Time to burn that sh*t to the ground!
Bitcoin @QcanApp🔁.

Use Macs.

BHartman96 @Milly_voter🔁If you respect Julian Assange and the work that he does, please RETWEET to show your support.
TrutherbotOmniscient @TrutherbotJKR🔁 7 Things That Happened After #WikiLeaks Dumped The @CIA Hacking Files:
Wanda spangler @Wandaspangler2🔁Please research Read make a show "Elites" Edition
C.A.R @7dnetwork🔁DETAILS: 'walks like a hostile intelligence service, talks like a hostile intelligence service' -
FREE ASSANGE @AssangeFreedom🔁CIA is hated globally by freedom loving citizens! Editor Julian Assange is loved globally by freedom loving citizens! #Wikileaks
Currie Dobson @Ventuckyspaz🔁 Release MOAL
JeaniegirlDC @jeaniegirldc🔁 #BREAKING: #WikiLeaks realeases 'Hive', latest in #Vault7 series
Tribune Now @tribunenow🔁Talk Show with Mark Sargent
Social Stocks Now @socialstocksnow🔁Talk Show with Mark Sargent
Me @Itstime4funMe🔁@CrimeWatchDaily Please research #pizzagate #pedogate Read #wikileaks #PodestaEmails make a show #HansenVsPredator "Elites" Edition
Rejento @Rejento🔁Hillary Clinton in one email is told by Jake Sullivan that Al Qaeda is on the U.S. side in Syria. THAT ends regime change talk
Me @Itstime4funMe🔁 we know a lot of predators for u to publicly bust! Just research read
James Ortega @rlocone🔁The #CIA is really, really mad at #Wikileaks
Me @Itstime4funMe🔁@chrishansen @DiscoveryID Please research #pizzagate #pedogate Read #wikileaks #PodestaEmails make a show #HansenVsPredator "Elites" Edition
Wanda spangler @Wandaspangler2🔁 we know a lot of predators for u to publicly bust! Just research read
Me @Itstime4funMe🔁@chrishansen we know a lot of predators for u to publicly bust! Just research #pizzagate #pedogate read #Wikileaks #PodestaEmails
Литвине́нко, KGB @VCBestor🔁Please watch & RT!!
Please sign & share the petition!!
Redrum @poisbleus🔁Without would Democrats know how Bernie Sanders was cheated out of nomination by 🤥
Teresa Perkins @tessperk🔁Full doc: CIA orders to hack Le Pen & other French presidential candidates by via
M Bolg Heather @m_bolg_heather🔁 Exposes “HIVE” & of Director |


Girrali 😎 @Girrali🔁No deal to to expose criminal officials that sabotage nations for profit.
PUBLISH OR PERISH @Salamander_5000🔁Did you see Pompeo used 1 article in to try to call ' release a nothing burger?


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