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WikiLeaks patricia estupinan @monestupinan🔁 How did WikiLeaks become associated with Russia?
WikiLeaks R.T. MCCLURE @rtmcclure🔁 "Raise your hand if you used Wikileaks to steal the election"
WikiLeaks ΟΣΥΜΑΝΔΥΑΣ @Rachel_O🔁 The top of this Assange/Wikileaks promoted site (as "Seth Rich" speaking from beyond the grave.)/2
WikiLeaks Slate @Slate🔁WikiLeaks was really, really dumb to send Twitter DMs to Donald Trump Jr.
WikiLeaks outsh1ned @outsh1ned🔁Seems like that Wikileaks 'putintrump' website password was a press hand-out
Julia Ioffe @juliaioffe🔁SCOOP: Turns out Donald Trump, Jr. corresponded with Wikileaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. My latest.
Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr🔁Here is the entire chain of messages with (with my whopping 3 responses) which one of the congressional committees has chosen to selectively leak. How ironic! 1/3
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁Based on these new Wikileaks disclosures, it is now even more confusing when folks chant LOCK HIM UP. Do they mean M anafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, Flynn, Page, Stone, Flynn Jr., Kushner, or ?
Nazrul Islam @nazrulklgassam🔁 (WikiLeaks Set Off an Attack on Our Trump-Russia ...) has been published on - Via
Jennifer Li @artistjennyli🔁WikiLeaks messaged Trump Jr. about the launch of just eight minut es before it posted the password for its millions of followers
Daibellaaa @Daibellaaa🔁Hi ,

America just found out your son was secretly communicating w/ Wikileaks.

Smart people realize, Russia & you used Wikileaks as a cut-out to release Hillary’s stolen emails.

Welcome home & get those orange jumpsuits ready!

Russia + Wikileaks + Trump = JAIL

Purbita Detecha @purbitadetecha🔁 (WikiLeaks Set Off an Attack on Our Trump-Russia ...) has been published on LFN - Via href="" target="_blank">
Rose Tyler @badwoifonbass🔁Donald Trump Jr.’s communication with Wikileaks is just the latest known contact between President Trump, Russia and Wikileaks.
Avery Chasten🇺🇸 @AveryChasten🔁Under Intense Pressure to Silence Wikileaks, Sec of State Hillary Clinton Proposed Drone Strike on Julian Assange

Buzz Martin @RealBuzzMartin🔁WikiLeaks set off an attack on our Trump-Russia project—right after talking to Donald Trump Jr. about it
Jonny Oates @JonnyOates🔁BREAKING💣

and trick the MSM into covering...

💣ASSANGE reveals was the INFORMANT💣

in your browser👇🏻

👉🏻RETWEET for 👇🏻

Newscenter PHL @newscenterPHL1🔁WikiLeaks is shown informing Trump Jr of a new anti-Trump website, urging his father to tweet about WikiLeaks's Clinton files.

Earlenepifer @earlenepifer🔁How The Mainstream Media and the Liberals acted as soon as the Don Trump Jr conversation lead straight to Seth Rich....
becci french @becciroake🔁Playing catch-up on Brexit-Trump-Russia? My piece from May. Read it before Cambridge Analytica (of FBI & Wikileaks fame!) sues into oblivion. They're trying to shut this - me, us - down.

D Allen @H3asw🔁Look out Donna!

Ms Porpentine @RecipeSoup🔁The Colonel Klink of the current administration. #Wikileaks #PenceResign #PenceRussia TrumpRussia
Stew Nelson @TheSuitSalesman🔁If someone believes in a conspiracy theory involving WikiLeaks, Trump and Russia for which there is zero evidence, they will see everything skewed that way.

For example, people commonly repeat WikiLeaks never publishes damaging information about Russia, which is false

Barbara Davis @davisb29000🔁Honestly, I used to believe in WikiLeaks. shows a conspiracy ... and that Wikileaks is an absolute fraud
Savannah Johns @Savs15Johns🔁 This is pretty good!
Woman Voter @WomanVote🔁WikiLeaks Set Off an Attack on Our Trump-Russia Project—Right After Messaging Donald Trump Jr. About It - Mother Jones
Indyairhostess @KathleenMaryMor🔁Thank you again & Julian Assange for exposing where we learned the horrifying truth about.. Etc..
Chris Eckersley @TrippettaRaffe🔁 Trump mentioned Wikileaks 164 TIMES in last month of election
Troll account @trollalilum🔁@J_amesp "If it says 'From Wikileaks', then who else the perpetrators could be ?!"

J.J.Patrick, master criminologist.

5FtOh @nahlaw🔁Time to #LockHimUp #GTFO GreedyFamWillPay. Donald Trump Jr. Communicated With WikiLeaks During Campaign via @NYTimes
sydney drover @sydney371🔁Re-read. Seth Rich is alive, fake murder.
Colleen @ColleenEC10🔁Trump campaign talking with foreigners about disrupting U.S. democratic process. Not within a mile of OK.
BlessedAmerican @cindylou9541🔁 #Wikileaks Proves Primary Was Rigged: #DNC Undermined Democracy
Pussy hat Canada @HatCanada🔁Ever notice how every time there's a new revelation in the Trump/Russia/Wikileaks ordeal Pence magically appears in front of a camera somewhere acting all stupid and befuddled?
REDEEMED del ninyo @del_ninyo🔁Type “” into your web browser RIGHT NOW‼️

WikiLeaks has revealed that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC & Podesta emails.

The Shit Just Hit The Fan - BIGGLY‼️

you were played!

heartofgold @bighearted68🔁Please research before you tweet. The RNC actually payed for the dossier before Trump won the primaries. They did not want him. After he won the primary, Hillary's campaign bought the results.
Cyndee @Cyndee00663219🔁. is thinking that he will be pardoned, BUT he just gave evidence against .
"And in keeping with Don Jr.'s strategy of not knowing when to shut up, yesterday, after the story broke, he tweeted out the full conversation."

Sam J DeMeo @saminhim🔁Tick Tock. Hilary Comeuppance 🗣

In Jan 2017

The FBI & NYPD opened investigations into the for laundering money for TERROR GROUPS??

👉 Lock her up! 👈

LiberalNavySeal @LiberalNavySeal🔁Fmr. CIA Director Michael Hayden says Donald Trump Jr.'s exchanges with WikiLeaks "takes your breath away"
Mary Waters @marywaters61🔁As people on the right smear teen victims of , and Republican lawmakers try to figure out how to give tax cuts to billionaires, we learn that there was coordination between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks.
Another day in America, 2017.
Nisha4real @Nisha4real2🔁Russia ➡️ WikiLeaks ➡️ Trump

1. Russia hacked DNC.
2. Russia gave stolen emails to WikiLeaks who released them.
3. Cambridge Analytica requested stolen emails from WikiLeaks.
4. Trump Jr secretly corresponded w/ WikiLeaks.
5. WikiLeaks was an intermediary b/w Trump & Russia.

Efraim Michael @EfraimMichael🔁 How engin eered against ,a member state using 2 make it look like an exposes role of diplomats in region
Heshantha Fernando @Hesh78SL🔁 WikiLeaks is wiki-leaked. And it's still not even a proper wiki anyway via @theregister
Daniel Tochinskiy @DTochinskiy🔁No surprise that the CIA supports election rigging. It has attempted to rig at least 81 elections, not including coups, according to Carnegie Mellon.
Laurie Sylvia @sylvia_laurie🔁DID YOU KNOW

In Jan 2017

The FBI & NYPD opened investigations into the for laundering money for TERROR GROUPS??

⏲️ ⏲️

rogerb621 @rogerb621🔁 Watch @MotherJones tomorrow morning—we have a *very* interesting story coming on Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks
UtopiaGodzilla @UtopiaGodzilla🔁 I'm beginning to think Julian Assange and Wikileaks might not be motivated by pure love for transparency and freedom.
Chris Eckersley @TrippettaRaffe🔁My legal team just briefed me on how Don Jr conspired with Wikileaks, Assange and Russia. BUT ALL I could think about was the courtroom sketch they showed me of Paul Manafort & Rick Gates. The court artist drew their hands SO BIG!!! I hope Don Jr and I get the same court artist!!
Randal Mathews @rascalmat🔁I knew that "rigged" shit was suspect when trump said it on the campaign trail.
Why else say that and wikileaks advised to do so.
That's coordinating with a non state hostile foreign agent.

pre-existing dem @absinthe🔁 Rosie offers a poignant analysis of Trump, Jr's contacts with Wikileaks...
Donnie @maslow66223🔁Blows my mind how the MSM will cover Don Jr. responding to a Wikileaks DM for a whole day but will say absolutely nothing about the corrupt Uranium One deal.
Pat McGowan @GowanPat🔁Special Counsel might want to protect , but Judicial Watch believes the American public deserves answers about ’s vendetta against President .

Shannon @shanohshay🔁Trump tweeted this last year, 15 minutes after secretly asked Don Jr. to get his dad to mention the "many great stories the press are missing" from the leaked Podesta emails.
Ingrid Starr @foreveringrid🔁Sounds like WikiLeaks really is going after Donald for Putin. Get it? Vladimir pretends to serve Donald Cake while i t is Limburger and Donald is going for it. Holy Dungheap how reckless Donald is, is scary
Lucille @Lucille77316971🔁Here is the entire chain of messages with (with my whopping 3 responses) which one of the congressional committees has chosen to selectively leak. How ironic! 1/3
Heather McMeekan @webmiss007🔁Do not let this get lost in the Wikileaks/Jr kerfluffle. Sessions is reportedly considering appointing counsel to go after Trump’s political opponents - just as the President demanded.


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